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Girls’ Bathroom Decor & Kids N Sale

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I hope you’re having a good weekend so far!  Kenny and I spent the day running errands and catching up on things around the house.  Kind of a work day but definitely productive.  We were able to spend a little time alone together which is always a good thing.  When you have 3 kids a Costco run alone together becomes major bonding time. ;)  I’m looking forward to some down time Sunday!

Teen Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Not long ago I shared my girls’ organized bathroom drawers.  I think we’ve finally found a solution they can maintain because they have stayed organized.  Woot woot!

Teen Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Teen Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

(You can see the rest of their organized bathroom drawers in this post.)

Girls Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I thought I’d share what their bathroom is looking like at the moment.  When it’s clean.  (We’ve tackled drawers but keeping the counter clean is still a work in progress.. ha.)  Above is a picture of how their bathroom looked for years when they were younger.  The little white stools!  We brought those over from our previous home.

Teen Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

They bring back so many memories. :)

Girls Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

This is how their bathroom looks today with a recent re-fresh!  Still simple with just bath mats, soap and a decorative tray on the counter, but a little more grown up. :)  My girls will turn 16 & 18 during this next school year but they will always be those little girls in soft, pink pjs and curlers to me!

Girls Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I ordered these fun bath mats from Anthropologie a while ago for my bathroom but they just didn’t feel right in that space so I tried them out in my girls’ bathroom.  Perfection!  I love them here and so do my girls.  It looks like they sold out in navy but are still available in lilac.   These are some other bath mats I love!  Especially for teen spaces.

Girls Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

These are all items I shopped from my home that you’ve most likely seen before. :)  Round wicker trays are so versatile and look good everywhere.  They are definitely one of my most used decor items!  I linked a few options I love below.

Girls Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

One small detail that adds a lot to this space is the Capri Blue Volcano hand soap and lotion set.  I love this navy and gold soap bottle.  One of my sweet friends gave it to me for my birthday last March and I put it in my main floor laundry room.  (I still need to share that space organized!)  It made such a fun statement that I bought another set for my girls’ bathroom.  I just refill them with basic hand soap from amazon!

Girls Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

You can see both soap bottles in this picture.  We have double sinks in this bathroom but it’s hard to photograph them both!

Teen Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Here is a better look from an older post.  With the stools.  Did I mention I love those little white stools?  Sigh.. 

Girls Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{hydrocotton bath towel/hand towel/washcloth}

My girls’ favorite white towels are marked down for the N sale!  They actually come in lots of colors but I’ve switched my girls over to mostly white towels.  It’s just easier for laundry and they always look good.

That wraps up my girls’ bathroom re-fresh.  Always nice to have kids’ spaces organized isn’t it!?  Since we’re talking kids I’ll add my kids’ favorites from the N sale below.  My girls have grown out of little girl clothes just like they grew out of their little white stools, but I still love looking at little girl’s clothes in stores.  Old habits die hard. :)  I rounded up all of the cute things I would have bought them a few years ago!  I also found some fun things for Kole.  He has grown so much this past year and needed some new tops and definitely shoes!  The boys collage below is everything I bought him including his favorite socks.  We’ve tried lots and they are his #1. :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Girls (

1-waffle bodysuit & pants set  2- two-piece pajamas  3- stripe two-piece pajamas

4-denim A-line dress   5- knit dress   6- smocked cuff side tie top 

7- long sleeve top   8- high waist leggings   9- distressed skinny jeans

10- romper   11- hipster briefs  12 – camo leggings

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Boys (

1- night graphic tee  2- fade graphic tee  3- socks  4- palm rise graphic tee 

5- fleece hoodie  6- classic slip-on sneaker  7- air zoom pegasus 38 sneaker 

8- elite basketball shorts   9- old skool sneaker 

10- sweatpants  11- dunes graphic tee  12- taper fit jeans

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Girls’ Bathroom Decor & Kids N Sale

  1. Hey, good to know a Costco trip doubles as a date night. Get ’em where you can, right? Oh gosh, I remember those stools! Your girls are just adorable! My girls had a tan colored stool. Only one, no double sinks. I actually still have it and use it from time to time! Especially when I need to look out of the window in my bedroom. :) When we had new windows put in several years ago, I discocvered there is more frame than window glass in the style we got and Shorty McShorterson here can’t see out even on her tippy toes because our windows sit higher on the wall in the bedrooms. LOL Thanks for sharing the bathroom, it looks lovely. I really like the round wicker tray and the flowers. Also that little jar/candle (?) with the lemons on it. It looks like a little bit of happiness to me. :) I do have a question for you and it may sound a bit awkward. I know you are faithful about commenting on comments(which I appreciate) and I sometimes reply back, especially if you ask a question. I am unsure if you get those, since there isn’t a response to my reply. So, I just wanted to know if you ever see a reply to your comments? I know you are extremely busy and probably don’t have time to respond to it, but if you don’t see the reply, that would be good to know. Have a fabulous day.

    1. Hi Jeanne! So funny.. I just emailed you and then saw this! :) I do get those comments! I just usually take longer to answer them because I answer follow-up comments through my e-mail (not posted here on the blog) and my inbox is always a little crazy. It just takes me longer to get through e-mails in general. :) But I always get them and love hearing from you! And I kept our stools too btw! Being short I totally get that and use mine often for reaching things on high shelves. Glad I’m not alone. ;) xo

  2. I love the blue soap dispensers Erin! So pretty in this space! They really stand out! And the new rugs tie in so beautifully! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. The Anthropologie bath mat in lilac is actually perfect for my bathroom, and on sale! I think I might just pick that up -thanks for the idea! And the girls in their jammies and curlers – what a sweet memory!

    1. Yea! So happy that was helpful MaryJo! Thank you! And I know.. little kids in jammies always bring back the best memories don’t they!?

  4. Thanks for linking directly to products in your posts. I find the Like to Know links extremely frustrating to follow and hard to make work.

    1. You’re welcome Maureen! So sorry LTK has been frustrating for you! Have you downloaded the app? If not that might be why it isn’t working as well for you. It should be easy to use. Something to try, but I’ll always have links on my blog too if you prefer that! :)

  5. Ok this just makes me sad seeing their bathroom all grown up now too! Those stools! And even the cute PB rugs! I think I remember the original yellow rugs you had, and for sure the old house pink and green bathroom with the white stools! Why are they so big now??!! (Crying emoji!!!!!)

    1. Right!? Crying for sure! I always get so sad and nostalgic looking back.. our kids grew up so quickly! And we haven’t aged a day. Funny how that works isn’t it!? ;) xo

  6. Do you post the what flooring you have used in your bathroom? I’ve tried looking for it maybe I’ve overlooked it.

    1. Hi Tammy! I wrote about it when we moved in years ago (a grey tile in my girls bathroom) but it has since gone out of stock and they don’t sell it anymore. :( I have Carrara marble in my bathroom (not sure which one you were asking about!).

  7. Please can you tell me how you keep the towels white?! I bought some others you recommended from Walmart and I loved them, but they aren’t white anymore, they have some grey design on them, but they’re turning brown. Please share!

    1. Hi Whitney! Oh no! We still use and love those towels. They might not be quite as bright white but they definitely aren’t brown. I don’t do anything special in the wash but I do wash them often. I’m not sure why yours are doing that!?

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