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Boy’s Organized Bedroom

*This post is sponsored by Walmart and affiliate links are used.  All opinions and product selections are my own!

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Well!  I’ve spent my fair share of time in Kole’s bedroom this past week!  I’ve been slowly cleaning out our playroom toy closet and moving all of Kole’s toys to his bedroom. The girls have outgrown all of their toys and when Kole’s friends come over they use the playroom for the Xbox, swing and foosball table (hangout room!) but they come to his room to play with toys.  His bedroom was getting messy with the transfer and even though I have donated our fair share of toys he doesn’t play with anymore, it was clear that we were still going to need a few more storage options for the items we wanted to keep!

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

You can tell in this quick cell pic that Kole was a huge help with this little clean out/refresh as always.  Can you spot him in all of his motivated glory?  Ha.  My kids are all getting older and I know my days are numbered with toys for Kole so I try to encourage creative play with him as much as possible.  Especially now that we aren’t doing as many after school activities.  Anything that will keep him off of electronics a little longer is a win in my book!  Walmart was the first place I started looking on-line for solutions because they have so many fun, inexpensive options for kids’ furniture and storage.  I’ve been a fan of Walmart’s kids’ selection ever since I decked Kole’s room in all of their Drew Barrymore Flower Kids’ Space Prints. :)  Ready to see some “afters?”

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Astro Boy Galaxy Party/Moon Phases/Solar Orbit/Badger Multi-Bin Storage Cubby}

His room is as organized as it has ever been!  Can you see my favorite new addition to this space?

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Isn’t this storage cubby perfection!?  I’m seriously so excited about this!  I used to have a metal bin in this spot for stuffed animals, but the decorative rope wouldn’t stay on, it was scratching the paint on his wall and it didn’t hold much.  This is SUCH a better option.  It holds so many stuffed animals in the bottom section and is perfect for his overflow of books and toys on the top.

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Moon Phases/Badger Multi-Bin Storage Cubby}

Plus it just looks cute!  He wanted only his most beloved books on this new shelf.  I’d love to say that those consist of classics, but nope.  Plants vs. Zombies and Dog Man are what he reaches for the most.  Ha.  Kenny is also reading the Percy Jackson series with him at night and he loves those too.  These Badger Cubbies come in other colors and in different styles.  I love this grey color for Kole’s bedroom and think they are such a smart solution for kids’ toys!  You can stack them or put two side by side for even more storage.

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

We gave his pull out window seat drawers a good clean out.  I’m using two of them for large toys and the other two for blankets which freed up so much space in his closet!

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer}

I needed a solution for all of the small toys he loves to play with and I ended up going with a long time favorite some of you might remember from our previous house.  I had this exact toy storage organizer for my girls!  It was pink and green and we used it in our old playroom for years. :)  When I saw it in grey and white I knew it was exactly what we needed in his bedroom.  These are the BEST for small toys!  This organizer makes it so easy for kids to see their toys and keep them categorized.  Easy to access and even easier to clean up!  The bins are perfect for small things like Legos, blocks, toy vehicles, small dolls and action figures, etc.

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Nice and contained!  Organized solutions like this make me absolutely giddy.  You too? :)  Another bonus is that Kole is playing with these items so much more now that they are in this spot and easy to see instead of tucked away in a bin in the playroom.  (Out of sight out of mind.)  Funny how kids are like that isn’t it!?  You move their toys to a new spot and it’s like they are brand new again!

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{10 Gallon Handled Rope Tub – set of 3}

I also ordered a set of these fun navy rope tubs for extra storage.  Such a good deal for 3!  This tub is holding all of Kole’s Plants vs. Zombie stuffed animals (sigh).  It was a stage!  A long stage and they are not my favorites but Kole adores every. single. one.  He actually worked hard to earn money for about half of them.  The only toy that has ever motivated him to ask for extra chores!

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

This little hallway leads to his closet and bathroom and is nice and wide.  I’m so happy we were able to use some of that extra space for toy storage!

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Retro Lightning}

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{closet BEFORE}

Kole’s closet had seen better days and was definitely due for a clean out and update so I was excited to tackle it while I was working on his bedroom.

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{closet AFTER – Casafield Velvet Kid’s Hangers}

It’s so clean and beautiful now!  I keep walking inside just to look at it!  And to hang out with the singing angels of course. ;)  I started by going through all of his clothes.  He has outgrown so many items.  Look at the sad selection of winter clothes on top.. ha!  Just a few long sleeved tops next to his school uniform shirts for next year.  I switched out all of his hangers and that alone made a huge difference.  The green hangers he was using before were from his baby nursery!  I bought 2 packages of these velvet kid’s hangers and I’m so happy with them!  His clothes are getting bigger but I wasn’t ready for adult size hangers for him.  These hangers are the perfect size and I love that they have the bar on the bottom so I can use them for dress pants too.  They are lightweight but sturdy and easy to slip clothes on and off.  I love fuzzy hangers but some make it hard to get clothes on easily!  That was a concern because Kole puts away all of his own laundry.  I want it to be as easy as possible for him and these pass the test.  Win!

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

*Ignore the bad lighting on top.. the paint is the same color as the bottom half of his closet!  Just a darker space that’s hard to photograph. ;) 

I also ordered several sets of these navy RiverRidge Bin sets (just $9.99 for a set of two!).  The 4 across the top are empty at the moment (so glorious right?) but will be handy to have when I need extra storage for him.

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

The 4 bins inside of his closet cubbies are labeled “Keepsakes” for random items we want to save and “Too Big and Too Small.”  If I find clothes/shoes that Kole loves I always buy one in the next size up because I can’t keep up with how fast he grows!  Nice to have a place for items that he still needs to grow into and items that are too small.  He’s always getting dressed and saying “mom.. this shirt is too small!”  Now when that happens he can just drop it in the bin and when it’s full we will give the clothes to cousins or take them go Goodwill.  Organized systems make life so much easier don’t they!?  I’ve been wanting to do this in his closet for years and just never got around to it until now.

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

I also put one more large navy rope bin in the back corner for a laundry hamper.

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

While I was at it I vacuumed out and organized his drawers.

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Feels so nice and clean with room to breathe!

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

The rest of his room still looks pretty much the same.  I’m excited to switch out his bedding for a fun change during the holidays. :)

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Lab Equipment Chart/An-Atom-y of an Atom}

Organized Toys Boys Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Astro Boy Galaxy Party}

But our favorite Astro Boy with balloons won’t be going anywhere.  Neither will the sloth his grandma gave him.  These two beloved friends will be staying put.



xoxo, Erin
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28 thoughts on “Boy’s Organized Bedroom

  1. Erin…all of your organization in Kole’s room looks SO GOOD!!! You are inspiring me to get into my 12 year old son’s room and get to work! Thanks for all the great ideas!!

    1. Oh you are the sweetest Hali! Thank you! I’m so happy this was helpful. Always a huge win when our son’s rooms are clean right!? They can get out of control quickly! xo

  2. The room looks awesome, Erin! You did a great job with it. He’s definitely in a transition stage, huh? I remember the open bin storage from when my girls were little. Great system. I’m sure it felt amazing to have this job done. I really like the artwork you have found for him, too. I have a feeling my daughters would like them in their room! Very cool. Thanks for sharing, Erin and job well done!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! That bin system is the best for small toys isn’t it!? I love that you used it too! It definitely feels good to have this room done. Means I can finally finish our playroom closet which has been in a mid transition mess for months. Always a project! ;) I hope you have a great day! xo

  3. Looks awesome! Where did you get that wood and pipe bookshelf? That would be so perfect for my boys bedroom to display their 1001 lego sets that they never want to take apart. Ha! And their plant vs zombie books. Yes, I am so over those books too! My 4 year old daughter is the one running around playing zombies in our co-op pre-k class because of her brothers books. Sigh.

    1. Thank you so much! Oh my word.. the plants vs. zombies struggle is real isn’t it!? Ha! When Kole was 4 he was playing with my little ponies because of his older sisters. ;) The pipe bookshelf was from Restoration Hardware. :)

  4. Just love it. The ceiling fan that you have, does it give off good light? We need to replace the one in our boys room and I really like this one.

    1. Hi Erin! It actually doesn’t! Kole has other lights on the ceiling in his room so we don’t use his fan light much. It has a light on it but not enough to light the room.

      1. Ok, thanks for letting me know. It would have to be the main source of light in their room. Bummer. Thanks again.

  5. You’ve done it again, Erin! A perfect boy’s room. Love your sweet kiddos – some day they will realize what a blessing it was to grow up with an organizing Mom! You’re teaching them skills that will follow them the rest of their lives!! My favorite photo is he one showing Kole stretched out on his bed while you work!! :)
    By the way loved the story about your two new trees!! Can’t wait to see what you do with them!! Hallmark just published their Christmas movie listing starting in Oct – WOO HOO!!

    1. Patty what a sweet thing to say! Thank you! I hope they are picking up on a few tips. We’ve clearly got a ways to go with Kole’s overall motivation.. ha. ;) I’m so happy you like his room! Your Hallmark update just MADE my day! Seriously so excited and READY for it this year!! Bring it on! :) xo

  6. Hi Erin, great job, his room looks great! I am also clearing out my kids rooms and doing some redecorating as they transition. I love the fan light he has, do you remember where it is from? Thanks for all inspiration!!

      1. Thanks Erin, I think I found it! Craft made Bellows Stainless Steel 48-Inch Dual Ceiling Fan and LED Light Kit, what would we do without google?!

  7. His room looks wonderful. It really makes me want to get all of my boy’s bedrooms into shape! Can you tell me where his awesome nightstand lamps came from? They fit perfectly into his room. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  8. I love that Astro Boy wall print! May have to grab one, although it would actually be for my granddaughter – she and I are such space fans!

    1. Seriously it’s one of my favorites! So cute in a kids room – I love the colors! How fun that your granddaughter is into space too. I love that you two can share that together!

    1. Hi Renee! Kole’s bed was from PB kids but they don’t sell it anymore. His nightstands and dresser are from Restoration Hardware. :)

  9. Hi Erin. Everything is so awesome. I have 2 boys and want to replicate this exact room with 2 beds. I understand the bed isn’t made anymore but do you remember what the style is called?

  10. Hi Erin,
    Sorry this is so much later than your post, but I love the organization so much, it is a fave. I am just curious if you happen to know the dimension of the closet. Thanks so much!

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