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Fall decor (progress so far!)

Well!  It has been a week!  And a few days.  I hope you’re all doing well. :)  We have been adjusting to our new norm around here and it has felt good being back on some sort of a schedule!  I’ll be honest.. getting into a groove and routine with work while my girls and Kenny are still working/doing school from home has been a challenge.  They each pop into my most used “office” (aka the kitchen and family room) multiple times a day and it is making it a little tough to take pictures and share decor.  Ha!  I had big plans of knocking out all of my Fall decor and taking a bunch of pictures and posting a full home tour, but that might not be in the cards this year.  I’m pretty much taking it one day at a time right now so we’ll see!  For now instead I’ll just share what I’ve done so far.  With all of the heartache going on around us right now and our hazy skies that have been a constant reminder of the fires (so devastating) it has been easy to feel down.  It’s so therapeutic for me to take a little bit of time each day to get lost in decorating and feel some excitement for the upcoming season.  Little things like that bring joy and now more than ever we all need something that brings joy in our lives!

I’ll link all sources below but you can also find most items on this Fall decor favorites page. (*affiliate links used)

Fall decor (Sunny Side Up)

{eucalyptus garland (similar garland I’m using in another room here)/eucalyptus wreath/gold mirror (comes in black too!)/faux pumpkins/serving boards similar here, here and here/marble lazy susan here and here/gold round tray/white jar/anthro candle/herringbone rugs/similar faux olive branches}

I was looking for a mirror or something large for my family room mantle and came across this gold mirror.  Too small for over my fireplace but it was the perfect size for over my stove and I’ve loved the change!  It dressed up our kitchen and I love bringing more gold into my home during the holidays.  I added my garland and a few of these faux pumpkins with some real mini white pumpkins to complete the look.  Does my Fall decor give a small nod to Christmas with garlands and wreaths?  Why yes.  Yes it does.  Do I feel bad about that?  Not one bit.  This is 2020 and anything goes.  I’ll probably put up one of my Christmas trees in early October.  Kole can deck it with bats and spiders and I won’t feel one bit bad about that either.

This year we all get a pass.  You do you. ;)

Fall decor (Sunny Side Up)

{marble and gold tray/oil bottle}

You might have noticed in the picture above that I used my lazy susan next to my stove to hold our wooden spoons, salt and pepper, etc.  I loved the look but the elevated lazy susan was too high for my oven hood.  I found this gorgeous inexpensive marble and gold tray that is a better fit for this spot and love the way it turned out!  I always get lots of questions about my utensil crock and it sold out but I found some cute similar options I’ll link below.

Fall decor (Sunny Side Up)

This was my butler’s pantry last year.

Fall decor (Sunny Side Up)

{flour/sugar canisters/similar marble board/white bowl/natural basket/eucalyptus swag/linen glass pumpkin/white jar/similar beads/similar wood bowl/gold pinecones}

I started decorating it this year and then looked at last year’s picture and laughed!  Without knowing or trying I did something really similar.  Guess I have a method and style I gravitate to!  I might add more to this shelf but thought I’d share how it’s looking at the moment.  Also my new indoor step ladder has become my new BFF!  LOVE having it for seasonal decorating.

Fall decor (Sunny Side Up)

{September 2018}

I’m always climbing all over my counters this time of year so you can see why my step ladder and I are so tight. ;)

Fall decor (Sunny Side Up)

I was beyond ready to take down my patriotic summer pics on my shiplap wall in our hallway, but not quite feeling ready for Halloween.  I had a notebook full of 12×12 scrapbook paper (beautiful Fall prints) that has been in my office for years.  I tore out some of the prints and laid them on the floor to arrange them and see how they might look.  (iPhone pic with bad early morning lighting!)

Fall decor (Sunny Side Up)

{hello fall banner/fall scrapbook paper pad/woven ottomans/lyla knit throw}

I can’t even tell you how much I’ve loved this because it instantly brought in ALL of the warm gorgeous Fall colors!  If you don’t have a shiplap wall to decorate this would be a perfect way to update a gallery wall for Fall.  Just switch out your family pictures or regular prints for beautiful Fall paper!  So inexpensive and it makes a huge impact.  I’ve loved my woven ottomans below this wall and added this cozy throw and a Home Goods pillow.  At the end of this post I linked similar pillow options I love!

Fall decor (Sunny Side Up)

If you’re new here (hello and welcome!) I always attach things to this wall with painter’s tape.  You can see that I attached my banner at the top with some command hooks (left those up after Christmas last year!) and more painter’s tape to really hold it in place.  You know the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the dad’s obsession with Windex?  That’s me and my painter’s tape.  (Family joke!)  And yes.. once a teacher always a teacher!  This wall is totally where I get my bulletin board fix for each month.

Gotta be me. ;)

Fall decor (Sunny Side Up)

{wool jute rug/couch/similar coffee table/similar wood board here & here/eucalyptus swag/gold pinecones/candles/woven plaid pillow/bluma hand knit pillow/similar cable knit pillow/knit throw}

I shared this cozy Fall scene in my last blog post.  I’ll take pics of my other pillows and the rest of this room soon!  When I can find a magic 30 minute window with nobody around.  So maybe in the Spring when there is a vaccine? ;)

Fall decor (Sunny Side Up)

Fall decor (Sunny Side Up)

{similar faux branches/white vase/dough bowl/mini velvet pumpkins/linen citris print/brass candlesticks/candles/similar console table/similar baskets}

I also got my console table styled for Fall and this might be my favorite spot so far!  I just love Fall colors!  I added my long time favorite faux branches (these are similar and so beautiful) in my white vase.  This ceramic vase is the perfect size for tall faux branches and because it’s white it has worked and looked good during every season!  I also added a dough bowl full of mini pumpkins (some real and some faux) and then my new linen citrus print.  Isn’t it fun!?  I just attached it with a small, clear command hook.  Simple brass candlesticks are always a good thing and completed the look.

Fall decor!  I love you so much.  Thank you for cheering me up this year!

Your longtime fan,




xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “Fall decor (progress so far!)

  1. My heart goes out to all of the people affected by the devastating fires. That smoke haze and ozone is no joke! We are dealing with it here, too. :( I wish some of that devastating rain in the gulf coast area could migrate over to the fires to put them out! I like how you are working on maintaining your joy. Great idea. And I understand about working around others in the home and the popping in wherever. My girls do that, too. Sometimes when I am not expecting them and they scare me. They get a giggle out of that. LOL My husband has been able to go back into the office, which has helped. And one of my girls has had to computer hop because her college website is no longer loading on her lap top. Got her situated so all is good. It IS hard not to answer sometimes when they are on a Zoom and you think they are talking to you, when they are really answering/asking a guesion. :) I love all your fall touches! I noticed the similarities in the two pictures before I read what you wrote and I giggled at the teacher bulletin board fix. SO true! Keep up the great work, even if you can’t quite get the pictures taken. It’s all good! Have a great day!

    1. Jeanne I was saying the same thing last night! If only we could take some of that rain flooding Florida! It really sometimes all just feels like too much this year. I’m so glad they are getting the fires under control.. absolutely devastating. My parents were getting haze and smoke in Utah too.. it spread far and wide! This morning is the first time I can see a patch of blue in our sky so I’m praying they are through the worst of it but it’s still so hot and dry here. I hear you about zoom! Each morning I go around and close all of the doors because I can hear people talking in every room from the computers. Ha. It’s a little bit of a circus! One day at a time right? So happy your girls are in a good groove! Thank you for your sweet comment.. enjoy your day too! :)

  2. I love it! Fall decor is really cheering me up this year too! It’s nice to have something pretty to look at it when it’s so yucky and smoky outside! Your home looks so cozy :)

  3. Hi Erin,
    Your fall decor is on point as usual! Looks amazing and I’m inspired to start transforming my own home. With everything going on in the world and in our country it is easy to get down. I want to thank you for turning my attention to the beauty I can create and control in my own home. Stay safe, those fires in CA are just unbelievable. Praying for all of you!

  4. You have inspired me! It was so hot here in IN I didn’t even feel like decorating, but this morning it felt a bit crisp! I will get ti work and love the results!!

    1. Thank you so much Anita! I know.. it’s still so hot here too! For us it stays hot until November so I never wait for the weather to cool.. we have to enjoy some crisp Fall air inside with the air conditioning on.. ha. :) So nice it’s feeling crisp where you live! Enjoy and happy decorating! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing – it looks great! I have slowly started putting out a few fall touches here as well, and they make me so happy!

    Question – do you move the wreath when you use the stove? Or maybe it is not as close as it appears in the photo, but I picture it catching fire there 😬.

  6. Erin, everything is just so pretty – as usual!! You have the “eye” for making your home look so warm and inviting.
    I have thought of you so often when watching the news – I’ve cried many tears for the heart wrenching fire destruction, now the hurricanes, and all the unrest going on in our country, along with all the Covid issues. It is overwhelming and so easy to feel depressed and heart broken. We’ve had cooler temps and rain all day in NC – how I wish we could send some of it to CA! I love this time of year and doing some fall decorating does cheer me up a little. Looking at your lovely home makes me smile! Thanks for sharing – my thoughts and prayers are with you and all of CA.

    1. Patty your kind words mean so much to me! Thank you! The past 6 months have been so hard haven’t they!? Overwhelming for sure. I think many of us have cried more tears than usual this year. I’m so grateful you’ve been getting some rain! I hope you’re able to enjoy the Fall and that your family is safe and doing well. It’s nice to make our homes a cozy, safe place to land with everything going on around us. :) Take care and thank you again for such a thoughtful comment! xo

  7. Erin, I love your eucalyptus wreaths and garlands! They add such a warm texture and go perfectly with the orange pumpkins and white of your kitchen. They don’t feel Christmas-y to me, just cozy and natural.

    I live in Germany, and my church has been praying for everyone affected by the fires on the US west coast. I read a few days ago that smoke from the fires has reached Northern Europe! The pictures are devastating, and I was wondering if your family had been impacted. I’m thankful you’re safe. :-) Wishing you more blue skies and clean air! Enjoy your fall decorating! It’s lovely!

    1. Alicia you so incredibly kind.. your sweet comment made my day! I’m so happy you like the Fall decor. And yes! We have been safe but weren’t those fires devastating!? We have had to evacuate in past years because of fires and it’s all so terrifying. Your prayers mean so much. Thank you for thinking of us and for sending such kind words my way! I hope you are safe and well and enjoying the Fall. :) xo

  8. I’m wondering where you bought the two vases on the shelf in your butler’s pantry photo from last year? Your home looks gorgeous for Fall! I love the more neutral colors you’re using. It helps create such a calming atmosphere.

  9. Very artistic and beautiful decor. Goes very well with the neutral wall paints. What shade is the light grey wall paint above the wall panel in the last picture?

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