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Favorite Fall Decor

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

Happy September!  I’m so excited to welcome Fall!  I love summer but by this time of year (and especially THIS year) I’m over it and ready to have some sort of schedule and routine back.  Kole starts school (at his actual school!) Tuesday and I feel like it will be Christmas morning for both of us.  Ha. ;)  I started pulling out a few fun things for Fall yesterday and it cheered me up immensely.  I thought I would share some of my favorite go-to’s for Fall decorating along with a few new things I ordered this year.  In case you needed a pick me up too.


Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

This was my Fall porch last year and my cute striped jute rug and Hey There Pumpkin mat are both back in stock!

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

{Flatweave Stripe Jute Rug/Hey There Pumpkin Mat}

I’ll probably use them again this year and do something similar because I love all of the neutrals with a pop of purple!  Below are some other fun mats I’m loving this year.

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

{Navy Herringbone Rugs/cutting boards herehere/silver pendants/Hicks pendant/round gold tray/faux pumpkins}

A few other favorites I’m bringing back out.. my eucalyptus garland, swags and wreaths.  These exact options have sold out but below are similar options!  I’ve ordered some of these to add to my collection this year and will show you how I’m using them soon.  Also these faux pumpkins are long time favorites that look so realistic!  I always combine them with a few real pumpkins.  How can anyone be sad/mad/depressed when your kitchen is full of pumpkins!?  It’s not possible.  I know because I’ve tried.

Pumpkins are just what 2020 needs. :)

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

I always get asked about my Thankful tray and haven’t been able to find another one like it but isn’t this Thankful serving tray beautiful!?  Perfect for shelf decor and then to use for Thanksgiving or any other meal in the Fall. This 3 foot long serving board would also be so fun to decorate with and display on a table.  Layer in candles and decor or delicious food.. beautiful either way.  I’m also obsessed with these leaf shaped cheese platters!  This photo doesn’t show off my linen glass pumpkin candle holder (to the left on my counter) but it is absolutely beautiful at night when it lights up!  Another Fall favorite.

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

Eucalyptus swags are my best friend in the Fall!  They dress up shelf and counter corners and are perfect to use on tables and mantels too.  Layer in candles and pumpkins and other Fall decor for a cozy display.

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

{Harvest Pumpkin Salad Plates/Cambria Dinnerware/Brass Mirror Tray/Spiced Cider Candle}

Decorative plates are another easy way to add some Fall to your kitchen!  My cute pumpkin salad plates are on sale this weekend!

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

{Sectional/Wool Jute Rug}

My family room last year for Fall.  I pulled in some navy last year but this year I’m going a little more neutral!

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

{Wood Oval Tray/Pacifico Pot/Moroccan Woven Basket}

Always lots of wooden bowls and baskets.  :)

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

I’ll also be pulling out my wheat stalks again!  I love displaying wheat in clear glass jars in the Fall.

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

{Fall by the Lake/Brass candle holders}

I was so excited to pull out this stunning Fall print again!  My family LOVES this as much as I do. Kenny and each of my kids commented at different times on how much they love this picture after I brought it out.  Probably because they don’t get to see this outside in the Fall.  Our palm trees don’t change much.  Ever.  Ha.  Using it in my entry this year! :)

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

Excited about the pillows I’m using this year.  These handknit pillow covers just arrived on my doorstep and are the coziest!  I got them in brown but they also come in a green too.  I have a few options to pair with them that I’ll share soon!

Favorites for Fall (Sunny Side Up)

{Similar – Faux Autumn Oak Branch/Clear Vase}

You can’t go wrong with faux Fall branches and in my opinion you especially can’t go wrong with faux Fall branches from PB!  They can be a little pricy, but I consider them a great investment.  They look so realistic and I use them again and again and again!  Kenny and I don’t always see eye to eye on what makes a good investment but even he agrees with me on this one.

I know this because I just asked him and he nodded and smiled.  He’s watching one of the Marvel movies while I type this post and might have not been really listening to me – just enjoying witty banter between the Hulk and Thor, so I’m taking full advantage and rolling with it.  It’s probably a great time to also mention the new barstools I ordered on-line a few days ago.  I think I’ll do that.

Just waiting for the right fight scene.  ;)

I’ll be back with more Fall decor soon!  Happy decorating!



xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Decor

  1. Ahhh so fun! I cannot wait to see what all you put out this year. Your Marvel movie comments made me laugh. I asked Matt (my husband) if we can watch Black Panther together this weekend! Of course watching for me is more like doing some work then hopping on IG or Pinterest then dozing off. :) I really want to actually watch it tho and appreciate it! We shall see. Happy Friday, Erin!

  2. Looks wonderful, Erin. Oh my goodness, after a super hot weekend coming up where we could hit 100, they are saying that on Tuesday we’ll only hit 50! Can you believe it? Quite the weather roller coaster that is mimicking this year! We’ve had whispers of Fall coming with cooler mornings and evenings. Your decor is looking very lovely. I do really like the wheat in the jar, so pretty and I’m with you and your family about that big framed picture. It’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I hope Kole has a wonderful start to the school year and I really hope he gets to keep going without any interruption. Thanks for all you do, Erin, it’s always a delight to visit. :)

  3. Love it all! Can you share your source for that rattan fruit bowl you had in one picture? It’s so pretty and functional!


    1. Hi Jolie! Thank you so much! That fruit bowl sold out last year! I’ll see if I can round up some that are similar for a future blog post. I get asked about it a lot. :)

  4. Hi Erin, I just love all your fall decor, it is getting me in the spirit of the holidays. After my Nordie purchases I have decided I need a blanket ladder. I like the one you have in your bedroom, do you have any recommendations? I would really appreciate it! You have great taste!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! There are so many cute options out there! I’ll do a collage round-up soon.. I get lots of questions about my ladders so good idea! Coming soon. :)

  5. I tried to order the knit pillow cover but they said that they weren’t shipping that color. I was so bummed because I fell hard for it. I laughed about the barstools. I just bought some new ones and I’m really not to sure about them yet. I’m looking for kitchen chairs. Maybe I’ll love them when everything comes together.
    Happy fall decorating Erin. Cooler weather is coming after this heatwave. I seriously can not wait. XO

    1. Cathy check back.. hopefully they’ll ship that color at some point! So annoying. I bet you will like your barstools better with everything cohesive but I totally know how you feel! Definitely live with them a while. Sometimes I start to love things I hate after a few weeks of getting used to them.. ha. ;) xo

  6. Hi Erin! Yes, I know just what you mean about summer being over-being a GOOD thing THIS year. Something to be said for schedules, right? There has been very little, as far as schedules go, since March, for any of us! You have had the kids at home.
    I am lucky that the last chick is out of the nest, but then there is that other mess-maker in the house 24/7! RETIRED HUSBAND!
    Maybe the return of fall and the Covid numbers stabilizing, will bring back even a SEMI sense of normal. Did you know Retired husbands TRY to decorate? Hmmmm, they also TRY to cook……..
    THIS has NOT been a good thing! :-O AT ALL!
    T.Y. for the inspiration for beginning Fall decorating. It has been rather warm here, and the pool is still open and the beaches
    are still in FULL time use, but looking forward to MOVING on and that 2021 coming in to hopefully bring a NEW start and a MUCH BETTER Spring/summer Next yr.
    Sharon, New England
    What is up these days w/Peaches?
    Not heard anything on him/Her…..
    Mentioned before that I have been there-DONE THAT!
    Me, the “DOG PERSON” w/a daughter fascinated w/ALL animals, inc. Reptiles!
    Making me the “Foster Mom” of an AFRICAN FROG that ended up being a GIANT!
    Named, of course, KERMIT!

  7. Just love all the fall decor ideas! That linen glass pumpkin is stunning – and I’ve never heard of that before, so it’s something to look for. I smile every time you mention Kenny’s thoughts on your purchasing habits…men just have to be guided in the right direction with those things sometimes. Of course they appreciate it once they see it, but don’t always appreciate the cost of making things look so nice! Ha!

  8. Lovely! Wondering how your mums do in that spot because I would love to do this in a similar covered area by my front door but fear they’d die from lack of sunlight.

    1. Mums definitely need sun which is always a problem with my shady porch! My solution is to pull them out of the shade every few days. I water them and let them sit in the sun a few hours before I put them back. I did that last year and they did great! :)

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