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Recent Home Updates!

*This post is sponsored by Nordstrom and affiliate links are used.  All opinions and product selections are my own!

Happy Friday!  It has been a week over here!  My girls started High School on-line at home and while we aren’t running around as much it still felt a little crazy getting everything figured out.  From class schedule issues to tech issues to time to get back in strict routine issues.. we’re all feeling it!  I couldn’t help being a little bummed for my girls on their first day.  They miss their friends and the social side of school so much!  They are for sure doing school at home for the first quarter (end of Oct.) and then their schools will reevaluate.  I hope they can go back at some point this year.  Kole starts on Sept. 8th and things are looking good for him because our numbers have dropped and he’s in a smaller school with a good plan in place to keep the kids spaced apart.  I will cry tears of joy if he can go back!  I know you moms of Elementary school boys are all feeling me and nodding your heads right now.. ha. ;)

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)

{Hydrocotton Hand Towels/Hydrocotton Washcloth}

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale ends this Sunday (SO good this year!) and today I’m sharing a few other home favorites I picked up that are still in stock!  These simple white towels were one of the first things I snagged because we can always use white towels.  I’ve been slowly transitioning to all white towels for my girls for every day because it makes the laundry so much easier to just toss them all in together!

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)

{Hydrocotton Bath Towels}

These towels have amazing reviews and so far have been a hit with my girls!  They are so soft and plush!  I just bough another set for my bathroom today before they go back to full price.

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)

I picked up a few hand towels for my powder bath too.  :)

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)

{Lyla Knit Throw Blanket}

I’m using this stunning throw as part of my fall decor this year.. so beautiful and soft!  It comes in 3 colors (this is the beige oatmeal) and is one of those throws that looks perfect draped over a chair but is also cozy enough for movie night on the couch.  My favorite type of throw. :)

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)


El’s bedroom shelf got a quick re-fresh this week!  We took everything off when we re-painted her room last year and then I never got around to styling it again so it has basically looked like this for months now.. a nice dumping ground for her stuff!

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)


Here is the after!  So much better.

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)

{Palm Trees and Sunset art/Ceramic Pineapple Jar Candle}

I ordered this fun Palm trees and sunset art to be the focal point on her shelves.  It’s so beautiful and will go well with the other prints we are putting on her wall.  I also fell in love with this ceramic pineapple jar candle the second I saw it on sale this year!  Such cute decor for summer or a girls’ space.

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)

Other than those two new items I just shopped my house quick to see what I could come up with!  This honestly took 30 minutes and made my wonder why it took me so long to get around to it.  I’ve learned that it always helps me tackle a project when I have at least one new item to use.  Have you ever felt that way?  Something new that I’m excited to decorate or organize with makes a project feel fun instead of a daunting chore I’m dreading and putting off.  It can be a simple $10 candle or bin but it always motivates me!  Ellie’s palm tree artwork came in the mail and I was instantly excited to style her shelves.  Funny how that works.  I’ll have to explain to Kenny that really it’s a good thing I love to shop because for me shopping = productivity.

Not so sure he’ll buy into my new theory but I swear it’s true!  Ha.

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)

I love this print so much I ordered a few other beach themed prints to try around the house.  I also ordered this Wild Poppy Framed Art for Fall! These are my favorites..

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)

{Tufted Lattice Duvet Cover and Sham Set}

We also bought El a new duvet cover from the sale!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fun white duvet.  I wanted this same look in the comforter (you know how I feel about duvet covers lately!) but it was sold out in the size we needed.  El has always had a duvet and doesn’t mind them so I ordered this for her and we are so excited about it!

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)

I have always been a huge fan of white bedding because you can add so many different pillows and throws to create a new look any time you’re ready for a change.  The diamond pattern on this duvet is so much fun!  It adds such great texture and style.

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)

Plus it just screams clean!  Ellie really wanted a lot of white in her room so that’s what we’re going with.  The ballet slippers art has been there from the beginning (bought if for her when she was 10 and we moved into our house) and it works well with the white/soft pink color scheme.  We might switch it out for something more “teen” or leave it.  We haven’t decided yet.  I would love to get a rug for her room and a bench for the bottom of her bed but El is funny and doesn’t want them!  Crazy girl.  I wanted to do a wall treatment in this room too and she wasn’t having it.  I’m still trying to convince her that we need the rug and bench, but at the end of the day it’s her room and I want her to love it.  Kenny always tells me “you get to decorate the rest of the house.. let the girls do what they want in their bedrooms!”  And I say “Ok girls!  Do what you want!  But let’s maybe change your paint to this color and add this and swap out that… trust me you’ll love it!”  Ha.

I just can’t help it. :)

Home Updates (Sunny Side Up)

I still need to find something for the top of her shelf and we have something fun planned for that wall space on the other side of her closet, but her room is slowly coming along!  (I shared her new frames and mirror on the other side of her room in this post.)

Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Mara Texture Comforter and Sham Set}

Nothing like new bedding.  I’m still so excited about my new comforter too!  I shared more details in my last post.  There are so many good items in the N sale for HOME this year!  Still marked down through Sunday!  I hope you find something on sale that you’re excited about too. :)

Below are some of my fashion favorites that are still in stock!

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Kaylah Pointed Toe Bootie/TB Leigh Lug Sole Bootie/Derika Leather Boot/Davis Knee High Boot}

So many cute shoes this year!

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Open Stitch Cardigan/AG jeans/Derika Leather Boot}

This cardigan is darling and just $31!  One of my favorites from the sale.  I’m surprised it’s still in stock!

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{mock neck bubble sleeve top/AG jeans/Carson Convertible Leather Crossbody Bag/derika leather boot}

LOVE this black Madewell top!  It’s such a great fit.. perfect length and will go with anything.

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Zella Crop Leggings/Similar Jacket}

These leggings have been a staple for me for years!  I wear them every week to exercise/clean/run errands.

Nordstrom Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Madewell Fringe Hoop Earrings}

My favorite earrings from the sale are still in stock!

I’ll add links to a few past sale posts with favorites below if you want to snag something before Sunday night when prices go back up!  The N sale is just too much fun isn’t it!?  I look forward to it all year and I’m sad to see it end!

I have a feeling Kenny feels differently. ;)

(*I linked a few of his favorites below too!)



Fashion Friday N Sale Round-up #2

Fashion Friday N Sale Round-up #1


xoxo, Erin
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23 thoughts on “Recent Home Updates!

  1. Hi Erin, It is amazing how a little tweak to a bookshelf and of course the new bedding can make a room feel brand new. It looks great. I’m loving the pops of pink!

  2. Great post, Erin. I’m sorry your girls had issues starting school. We got lucky here and it seems to be running smoothly. I don’t know if it’ll work for your sweet girls, but I suggested to my senior student to have a Zoom for lunch with her friends. They are operating the day just as if they are in school with having to be “in class” at the times the classes will run on campus, so they have the same lunch period every day. My daughter has “met” up with her friends for lunch just like they get together at school. Seems to be a good way to connect and be silly if they want. Not sure if that would work for you guys, but thought I’d pass that along. Your daughter’s room is looking lovely. Where does all her stuff go? Maybe it’s not something you pictured, but my kids have trophies they’ve earned on display and framed art that they have made hanging and books they love on their bookshelves. You probably have spots for that, too and just don’t show it for privacy reasons. Just curious though. So glad you have had such fun with the Nordstrom sale. Looks like you have some real winners added to your collection. :) Happy weekend!

    1. That is such a great idea to have your daughter eat with friends Jeanne! Love that! My daughter’s friends are spread out too far for that to work but they see each other a little after school! Our numbers have come down a lot so I’m hoping at some point they can go back to school – at least for a couple of days a week! We’ll see. We have a lot of shelf space in Ellie’s closet so that type of stuff is all there. She used to have it displayed in her room but didn’t want it out anymore because she wanted her room to look “more grown up and less cluttered.” Ha. I came up with lots of cute ways to display her dance trophies and stuff but she didn’t want to! She’s a tough client. ;) Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo

  3. Love your daughter’s Headboard for her bed and bedside tables. Where did you get them? My daughter is wanting a new headboard and bedside table for her room.

  4. I just ordered those tan suede Vince camuto boots! Hope it shows that I clicked on it through your site so you get credit. Hoping the 8.5 fits since it runs small. They didn’t have an 8 available. They are so stylish! And I love boots 😊
    That’s what’s I get for waiting so long! Ha

  5. I love her bedroom. Getting ready to paint my daughter’s room and she wants grey also. What is the color that you used?

    1. Hi Brenda! We used our main house grey and just lightened it 50%! Do you have my printable with my house paint colors? That main grey formula is on it. You can get my paint printable by signing up for my e-mail list at the end of any blog post if you don’t have it already! :)

    1. Hi Nicole! We used the same grey we used on most of our house and just lightened it 50%! You can get my paint printable by signing up for my e-mail list at the end of any blog post if you don’t have it already! There is also a link in today’s garage blog post. :)

  6. Hi Erin!
    Been meaning to comment on that garage of yours.
    3 words: ENVY, ENVY, ENVY!
    NEVER going to happen here! I love yours, anyway!
    I agree, it is such a large space to be wasted on JUNK, but in my case, as I am sure the case of many other readers-
    A mans “treasures” are often just so much darn” junk” to the wife!
    Here in the N.E. there is a type of garage, actually the one WE have-
    It is a 2 1/2 car garage, w/2 doors, and since none of us have a 1/2 car :-D most of them just become larger junk areas than a standard 2 or 3 car. ACTUALLY, the orig. use of this type of garage was for a golf cart, cycles, or small, compact car, like a VW Bug, to be parked piggy back w/one of the other cars. Since it is the norm here for 2 1/2 car and 3 1/2 car garages, rather than 3 or 4 car garages, you would think that there would be more Piggy Pack parking, or at least FAB storage areas. NOT so. Mostly just like ours. Too much UNORGANIZED junk(can I say “Man JUNK”?) and nary a piggy back parked car to be found! The 3rd car(and MAYBE ALL cars)are in the driveway!
    Oh, well, I will enjoy YOUR pics of YOUR WONDERFUL work in YOUR Wonderful garage!
    Better than the “D” word, right????? Right!
    Sharon, New England
    PS. Keep the Ballet shoes litho up in your daughters room! PERFECT for ALL ages!

    1. Sharon you make me laugh! Loved you comment! Ha ha. “Man junk” is definitely a thing and the struggle is real! Our garage is for 4 cars and I honestly didn’t think there was any way we would EVER fit 4 in it because we always had so much extra stuff taking up one whole section. I think that’s the norm! I had to so ruthlessly purge to get our garage looking like this! And it took me YEARS. So I get it! Now let’s just hope I can keep it this way.. that’s challenge #2. ;) I love that ballet pic too! Will probably keep it.. it’s the sweetest. :) xo

  7. I think you should convince her to upgrade from the ballet picture so you can sell it to me :) My 5-year old ballerina would love it! and I love the simplicity :) Thanks again for sharing – good luck with school!! Here in Iowa we are required by the Governor to go in-person at least 50% of the week. My daughter is in a small parochial school so it’s much easier to be in-person full-time with a face shield. So far, so good!

    1. Oh love that you have a sweet little 5 year old ballerina Stacey! Treasure this time with her! I’m so happy she can go back to school. I think Kole will be able to go back too (same situation where he is in a small school).. much easier to just have them there and spaced apart with masks. I hope she has a good year! :)

  8. HI Erin!! Too funny! I, too, go through this with my now 17 year old daughter. I would definitely decorate her room differently!! I would have fewer items on the walls and be more organized : -) I have to hold myself back when I go in there, to not move things around! My hubby reminds me too that it’s her room. Oh, I love the new white duvet cover. I hope the school year has started off great for your kiddos?! My daughter starts school tomorow (senior year). xo

    1. It’s hard when they have a mind of their own isn’t it!? I miss the days when they were little and I could do/buy anything and they loved it! I hope your daughter has a great first day! Does she get to go back? My girls are in a good routine with school at home. I’m hoping they can go back to school sometime this year. Fingers crossed! xo

  9. I love white towels too. I also have been transitioning to white sheets as well. Like you said, it makes laundry so easy, and you can wash them in hot water and bleach when you need to do so. I use matelasse on my bed and my daughter’s bed for the same reason – you can accessorize with so much. Now, my son would not be happy about it if I did that in his room.

    Keep the ballet picture. My daughter has she has ever worn tied to the top of her antique white cast iron bed, and she will be 21 next week. One pair is actually red because we had to dye them for a performance in which she danced. So wonderful memories.

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