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Garage Organization – Bike Storage

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!  It’s so hot on the coast right now!  Major heat wave moving through and I know many of you are feeling it too.  We’re pretty much living in the pool, at the beach or just sprawled out on the couch with the air on and zero energy.  Ha.  My girls have one more week of summer left (Kole has two more weeks) so we’re trying to enjoy it as much as possible.  I’ve loved our low key summer days, but I’m looking forward to some cooler temps and more of a routine.  It feels like we’ve been in summer mode for 5 months!  Because we kind of have. :)

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Organized Bikes (Sunny Side Up)

Talking garage organization again today!  I’m so happy I finished this project before the crazy heat came!  So far we’ve covered details on my organized slat wall.

Organized Bikes (Sunny Side Up)

Along with details on how I organized our sports equipment.

Organized Bikes (Sunny Side Up)

It’s time to talk bike storage!  I can honestly say that over the past few years I have lost more hours researching bike storage than you could ever imagine!  Well.. you all know me pretty well by now so maybe you can imagine. ;)  I’ve come up with so many different ways to store our bikes and before Covid hit I was planning on hanging them (staggered) on the middle wall section of our garage in-between our cabinets.  BUT.  Covid came before I got around to hanging them and suddenly we were home more with so much extra time in our schedule.

So we started hiking.  And riding our bikes.  EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Organized Bikes (Sunny Side Up)

I changed my mind about hanging them (at least for now) because I wanted us to all have easy access to them daily.  Especially Kole who rides his scooters and bike multiple times a day.  I just knew that if they were hanging on the wall it would be a pain to constantly get them down and hang them back up while we are using them so much.

Obviously I took all of these garage pictures without our cars inside.  It’s a little tight with all of our vehicles parked in the garage, but there is room to get the bikes in and out and around the cars.  We are making it work!  If we get to a place where we are busier again with activities and not riding bikes as much I might hang them like I originally planned.

Organized Bikes (Sunny Side Up)

We ordered this floor parking rack and love it!  You can add racks or take them off depending on how many bikes you have and you can also adjust the height of each individual rack.  It’s very durable and steadies the bike as soon as you place it inside the rack.

Organized Bikes (Sunny Side Up)

We’ve had these interlocking scooter stands for years for the kids’ razor scooters.  My kids have LOVED their razor scooters!  My girls are too big for them now, but we kept all three because Kole rides his scooter daily and his friends often borrow the girls’ old scooters to ride with him when they come over.

Organized Bikes (Sunny Side Up)

So funny because I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago and just last week we bought a few new bikes!  Ad and Kole both needed bigger bikes and I got a bike (haven’t had one for years!).  Now we can all ride together. :)  Our bike rack looks a little different now so I’ll have to take a new, current pic.  We added one more rack and the bikes are bigger and everything still fits nicely.

Organized Bikes (Sunny Side Up)

Before I really deep cleaned and organized our garage we didn’t have room to store our bikes this way because there were piles of random things everywhere!  It feels so nice to finally have everything cleared out other than the cars and bikes.  I was ruthless with this garage and got rid of so many things we didn’t really need!

Organized Bikes (Sunny Side Up)

The bikes I kept.  Kenny was probably surprised I didn’t haul them and the cars to Goodwill with everything else.

I thought about it.


Organized Bikes (Sunny Side Up)

How do you organize your bikes?  Hanging from the ceiling?  On the wall?  On a shelf?  With a hook?  Or a classic rack?  On a pulley system?  Using an electric lift?  With a floor bike rack like ours?  (Is it just me or am I starting to sound like Dr. Suess.. “Would you hang them in box?  Would you organize them with a fox?” )

Tell me your system!  Whatever system you’re using I know details all about it.

Even the system of randomly leaning them against the wall wherever they fit.  We enjoyed that system for years.

But our new system is better.



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xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Garage Organization – Bike Storage

  1. Hi Erin! Your new bike system sounds a lot like our old bike system. We had a rack similar to yours only the part that held the tire was a taller piece. I don’t have a bike anymore, but the girls kept theirs in that unit under our carport for years. My husband’s bike used to live in the house, in the room he spends more of his time in. Now the girls rarely ride and they are all leaning in the room we have. in the garage. I have never seen the scooter rack. That would have been nice to have when my girls had those! I counted the bikes and giggled because the picture you showed didn’t have enough bikes for your your whole family. How fun that you are getting a new bike. Oh and I must share…babysteps…I went out to our shed and pulled out and donated the last of my teacher stuff that could be donated and have a big pile of boxes of papers that need to be recycled. Goodness I had lots of worksheets, study guides and the like. Those will go out in our recycle bin a little at a time going forward. Eventually it will all be gone. Maybe I’ll tackle that garage room before the snow flies here. You never know! ;) Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Honestly before Covid hit only Kenny and Kole were riding bikes and just once in a while! Now 4 of us are riding almost every night (El is usually busy with dance and other things). Time to upgrade the bikes.. ha. ;) Baby steps for sure Jeanne! I had so many papers we were storing from my teaching days too (and still have a few left!). I bet that felt so good to round up and donate! A little organizing every day makes a big difference. :) Thank you sweet friend! xo

  2. I love the way your garage turned out. It looks so clean and organized which was exactly what it should be!! My husband heard me oohing and ahhing over the photos so I showed him the pictures. I think he now understands what I look for in a garage!!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I had this vision for a long time before it actually happened.. ha. Garages are HARD spaces to get organized aren’t they!? Nice to have your husband on board! :)

  3. Hi Erin!

    We hang our bikes from the ceiling with hooks. Our garage walls are pretty full with my husbands tools and supplies. He’s a jack of all trades so he works in the garage quite often. I cracked up reading the dr Seuss quote. 😆👌

    1. Ha! Happy you liked that. ;) The ceiling/hook system is such a great way to save space! Perfect to save room for all of your husband’s stuff. xo

  4. Great garage post again, Erin! We are planning on hanging ours with a pulley system during the winter so we can park the second car in our garage when it’s cold and potentially snowy/icy. During the summer we’re going to leave them down on the floor so the kids can easily grab their scooters and bikes and go. I like what you found to keep them “parked” and standing up neatly!

    1. Megan that is so smart to store them two different ways! No need to have them taking up precious space during the months you aren’t using them. Love that idea! Thank you for sharing it! :)

  5. Ours are currently in our utility trailer so we can take all 7 of them to places to go bike riding. Those bikes took up way too much space in our two car garage (our garage that we don’t ever park in…it’s our workshop and storage!) :) I am dreaming of a big three car garage so that we can buy more tools! ……Um, I mean, so that we can park in the garage! That’s what I meant to say! ;)

  6. This made me smile (not in a mean way) because my bike lives in my living room. I don’t have a garage, and bikes get stolen in my town All. The. Time: leaving it on an un-lockable porch was never an option. So it gets houseroom.
    In the winter (Indiana) I put it on a wind trainer so I can still ride. I just prop a book on the handlebars or listen to an audio book.

  7. We have a playground style bike rack in our garage. I think it fits five but we only have four. I actually thought my husband was crazy when her first ordered it two years ago. Now I can’t imagine any other way to keep our bikes! I love the scooter rack and could definitely use one. Our kids me scooters are just flopped down wherever.

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