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Organized Garage Slat Wall

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a good weekend!  If you’re shopping the N sale here are my recent posts for easy access:

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*If you’re interested in just seeing my favorite items quickly you can click on the header at the top of my blog titled NORDSTROM SALE where I have the items linked that I’ve bought and love!  I’m updating it daily as things come in that I’ve ordered.  I’ll share a few more favorites soon.  Happy shopping! :) 

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

Now it’s time to talk garage organization!  It has been a while!  I first shared my attempt to begin organizing my garage in the Spring of 2016.  Then later that Fall after LOTS of purging and categorizing I came up with a plan for how I wanted to organize everything and we had a local company install cabinets, drawers and two slat walls.

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

These pics were taken right after the cabinets were installed.  Kole was so little!  I had every intention of getting right to work organizing ALL the things in our garage but life got in the way!  I semi stuffed things in our new cupboards and around the perimeter of our garage and there it all sat.  It sat unorganized and messy for FOUR years!  With more random piles forming every month.  Fast forward to 2020 and a little thing called quarantine when life/kids’ activities finally slowed down long enough for me to prioritize this space again.  It took a world wide pandemic. ;)  So happy to report that our garage is FINALLY organized.  I’m excited to share details with you all and today we’re starting with the slat wall!

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

This is what it looks like today!

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

Finally being put to good use. :)

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

The actual slat wall was put up by the company who installed our cabinets but you can find similar options to install yourself here and here.  I didn’t order any organizers at the time to use for the wall so the time consuming part for me was figuring out what items I wanted on this wall and then searching for the right baskets, hooks, etc. to make it happen.  I knew it would take some planning and searching and honestly I think that’s part of the reason I kept putting it off!

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

But once I just STARTED everything came together pretty quickly.  I wanted this wall to be a spot for items that we use often and need quick access to.

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

The first three small wire baskets on the top hold sunscreen, disposable face masks and gloves (hello 2020) and the headphones my kids use in our car when we travel.  I’ve especially loved having sunscreen in this location this summer!  It has been so handy to grab it quickly on our way out the door when we’re heading out on a hike or bike ride.  I bought 4 larger baskets and the top two hold new pool toys we haven’t opened (I’ve never had a good spot for these!) and our bike helmets.

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

The bottom 2 large baskets hold my reusable shopping bags (smaller bags are inside the large striped bag) and duffle bags my kids use for sports stuff, going to a friend’s house, etc.  We love having our mudroom for shoe storage but because we’ve been doing so much hiking and biking lately we constantly have muddy shoes sitting by the mudroom door.  I was so excited when I found this slat wall shoe rack!  I put two of them together and it has worked so well!  Perfect spot for our dirty shoes so I can keep the mess out of the house and off of our front porch. :)

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

The small wire baskets going down the wall in the middle hold ponchos, knee pads/shin guards, and tennis balls.  My youngest two are on a tennis kick this summer. :)  I knew I wanted my outside broom on this wall because I sweep our garage and front porch often.  I decided I deserved a new broom after my hard work on the garage so I did some research and ordered this broom.  I loved it so much I ordered another one for inside my house.  I think my previous brooms I had used for over 10 years!  I also ordered this step ladder and told my entire family that it is for INSIDE USE ONLY!  I always use a step ladder for cleaning and decorating – short people problems ;) – but the one I was using before we also use outside and I wanted my own that would stay clean for just inside use.

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

After doing more searching and research I decided these simple hooks would work best for smaller items on this wall.  They came in a pack with all different sizes which was perfect!  I ordered and tried a few different hook options for my ladder and items on the other slat wall and liked these heavy duty storage hooks the best!

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

They are perfect for larger, heavy items.  I had extra room between the baskets and my broom/ladder so I put our umbrellas out here too.  So nice because it freed up space in our mudroom lockers.

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

Most items on this wall we are using daily or weekly and this set up has been SO handy!  I love having quick access to everything with it all up off of the garage floor.  I’m sure over time the contents on this wall will change, but we’ll always love having a spot like this for random items we use often.

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

We have another slat wall on the opposite side of our garage so I used that side for tools and our outside ladders.  We honestly don’t have much on this wall because I took a HUGE pile to Goodwill.  We weren’t using most of our old tools and why did we need 3 shovels and 4 rakes!?  I did keep the old broom on this side because I’m determined to keep this garage clean now that it’s so organized!  I need to be able to sweep any section at a moments notice.. ha.

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

I was going to hang our larger outdoor ladders but decided to just slide them up against the wall instead.  Simple and done!

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

We are still LOVING this sports equipment organizer and it’s back in stock!

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to have our slat walls and our sports equipment organized.  Our floor is completely open and empty for cars (no more piles!) and I feel like I can breathe in this space!

Organized Garage Slat Wall (Sunny Side Up)

We have lived with an unorganized garage for so long and honestly this makeover has made such a huge difference!  My kids and Kenny have been RAVING about this.  Which is saying a lot because they are used to me organizing things and aren’t usually all that phased by my “afters”.. ha.  They all love how clean it is, that they can easily find what they need and how spacious the garage feels now.  We are in and out of our garage so many times during the day (like most of you I’m sure!).  Pulling in and out of this space feels like a breath of fresh air now that it’s clean and organized.  WHY did I not finish it sooner!?

I know why.  Because garages are a lot of work to clean and organize!  They require time and energy.  This project was so much work but I can tell you that now that it’s done it was 100% worth it.  I’ll share the inside of my cupboards and drawers and how we are storing everything else soon!

Are any of you tackling your garage right now?  Here’s hoping you come out smiling!

And that it takes less than 5 years. ;)


xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Organized Garage Slat Wall

  1. We are going to install a slat wall this weekend – once we finish painting! This gives me some good ideas. I pre-bought about 100 hooks and baskets so I can organize and gab what I need as I go and then return what we don’t use. I am so excited. Question – where do you store all of the bikes, scooters? Do you have a shed for that?

    1. Hi Liz! Yea! So exciting! That’s exactly what I did.. ordered lots and returned items I didn’t end up using. How I’m storing bikes/scooters is coming up in my next garage post! :)

  2. That looks so good, Erin! My husband is dragging his feet on organizing our garage so I keep showing him pictures of beautiful garages like yours hoping that inspiration will strike. I know he’d be so happy if she’s not digging through piles!

    1. Thank you so much Megan! My husband was the same way so I finally just took over! So much of the stuff in our garage is his so I had to have him “ok” everything I got rid of, but then I just organized his stuff we kept and showed him where to keep/put everything! I’m not very patient when I want something organized.. ha. Best of luck getting your husband motivated! ;)

  3. It looks great! Do you have a separate storage space for power tools, paint, car maintenance (oil change supplies) etc, or are all of those things in the cupboards?

    1. Hi Luisa! Thank you! Most of that stuff is in my cupboards and I’ll be sharing how I’ve stored all of that in my next posts! Coming soon. :)

  4. Looks fantastic, Erin! Congratulations! My garage envy is rising. LOL It looks so CLEAN. That just wows me. Ours is so dusty. I’ve thought about cleaning it. And then feel completely overwhelmed and the thought skitters away. Maybe someday I’ll try again. Thanks for sharing your lovely, empty looking garage! :)

    1. Honestly Jeanne that has been me for over 5 years! I just kept putting it off because I didn’t know where to start and it felt SO overwhelming and dirty! I’m going to share some tips that helped me after I share the rest of this space. It’s doable! But you definitely have to be motivated and that’s easier said than done right? :)

  5. Looks great! I love all the baskets on your slat wall. Our garage was a mess but my husband was a rock star and organized it at the beginning of quarantine! With all of his tools and sports equipment, I let him take over! 😜 Where did you put your bikes? Those are never easy to store. You really are the organizing master!

    1. Oh my word Leah.. YEA! Your husband is a rock star for sure! Definitely keep him around. ;) So happy for you that he did it all! I’m sharing our bike system in my next post! Thank you.. so happy you like it! :)

        1. Hi Amy! I wish I remembered the color! I just picked the one that matched the grey on our walls the closest. Sorry I’m not more help. You will LOVE having epoxy! :)

  6. Love your garage! We’re in the middle of redoing ours now and I love you paint color – could you let me know the name of the color you used?

  7. Hi Erin! You’re garage is amazing! I just had my garage painted and the floor epoxied. I can’t wait to start organizing! I pretty much just ordered everything you used for your slat wall:) The only thing I can’t find are the large baskets. The link takes me to hooks, not baskets. Do you have the right link for those? Thanks so much for your help!!

    1. Oh the best Kristi! So exciting! Doesn’t that feel so good!? YEA! I’m so happy my posts were helpful! If that link to the large baskets isn’t working they must be out of stock. Shoot! I’m actually working on a garage organization tips post for next week so I’ll see if I can find them anywhere else or something similar and I’ll link to them in that post if I do! If you find anything that works let me know too. I’m so happy for you to get your garage done! It honestly has been the most rewarding organizing project I’ve ever done. :)

  8. Will you please share where you bought your garage flooring?It looks like a coating of some sort, or panels. I want to redo our garage but can’t find what I want. Your’ garage looks great.

    1. Thank you! Our garage floor is Epoxy! We had it professionally installed but you can also do it yourself. We didn’t feel confident enough in our own skills to pull it off but I know a lot of people who do! :)

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