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Organized Garage Drawers

Hello hello!  I hope you’re enjoying the end of summer or start of the school year (or wherever you’re at with life at the moment!).  I know some of you are shopping the N sale (open to everyone today – woot woot!).  I’ve got all of my favorites that are still in stock linked HERE if it’s helpful!  I’ll also link my N sale posts at the end of this one.  A few of my favorites that I’m surprised aren’t sold out are the Zella high waist leggings and crop leggings, these Ugg slippers (crazy soft!), and this Natori bra (hands down the best and I’ve tried many!). :)

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Today we’re taking a peek into my garage drawers today and then next I’ll share how I’ve organized our cabinets.  Organized drawers make me so happy!  You too!?  It’s honestly such a little lift every time you open one of them.  Not to mention the true benefit of organized drawers – being able to always find what you need when you need it and then keeping those items cleaned up and put away when you aren’t using them!

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

I won’t bore you with all of our garage drawers but thought I’d share this section just to give you some ideas for organizing tools and random garage “stuff.”

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

I assure you that this garage was a hot mess for years!  I snapped a couple of pics with my phone when I was working on these drawers.  They were stuffed full of so much junk with zero organization.

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

I had some leftover craft paper from when my painter’s finished our hallway so I just laid it down and pulled everything out of the drawers.  I scrubbed the inside of all of the drawers with hot soapy water (they were so dusty and dirty) and then I started sorting!  I got rid of what I knew I could and then had Kenny come and tell me what he wanted to keep.  I hear from a lot that women that they feel like they can’t get the garage organized because it’s their husband’s zone.  I get that!  If you have time to work on it together that’s ideal.  But if not, my advice is to just take charge and start!  I did whatever I could do on my own (working for about 30 min to an hour a day) and then I would pull Kenny in for 15-20 minutes here and there just to tell me what I could get rid of or where he wanted me to put things that were his.

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

This is how this section of my garage is looking now..

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

In this large cupboard I’m storing cleaning supplies that we keep outside and our large buckets on the bottom.  Some of Addison’s bearded dragon supplies are on top.

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

I ordered some inexpensive organizers to try and found 3 that I liked the best for tools and other garage items.  This tray with 10 compartments isn’t as deep so it’s perfect for small, miscellaneous tools (nails, screws, drill bits, etc.)  Two of the trays fit perfectly in this drawer and I love having everything so easy to view and find!

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

This tray with 3 compartments is perfect for larger tools.  I’m using it told hold tools like screw drivers and pliers.  We have a couple of hammers that I lay in the back of this drawer too (I had them upstairs when I took this picture).

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

This black tray is deeper so it’s perfect for larger items!

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

I wouldn’t recommend keeping items like this low if you have younger kids!  For obvious reasons. :)

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

The drawers on the right just hold a few other random items.  Honestly I got rid of SO many tools and things we didn’t need and weren’t using.  It’s crazy how quickly junk piles up in the garage!  These drawers were all stuffed to the brim before and now I have room to spare!

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

Miscellaneous garden/paint supplies in this drawer.  Some drawers just worked better without organizers in them.  As long as similar items are grouped together they are easy to find and that was my goal!  Before this makeover it would take us way too long to find something we needed.

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

This is the extra rack that goes with our bike system!  Along with other tools in the grey case.

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

I honestly used to dread getting in these drawers.  It took me so long to find what I needed and they were filthy!  Now everything is nice and clean and has a place and we know right where things are.  The best part is that we aren’t hanging on to so many items that we were never going to use.  A simple makeover with a huge impact!

Organized Garage Drawers (Sunny Side Up)

I hope that gave you a few ideas on how to organize garage drawers!  If you are short on garage space, tools and similar items can also be stored in drawers in your house (laundry room, kitchen, etc.).  That’s how I organized these items in previous homes we’ve lived in that were short on space.

I’ll link the rest of my garage organization posts I’ve shared so far along with N sale links for anyone interested!  Enjoy your day! :)



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xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “Organized Garage Drawers

  1. OMG! What an organized dream! Does your husband do any handy work or painting in your house? My husband is a contractor so we have alllllll the tools and accessories that come along with it. It’s great because he can and will do everything in our house (painting, building, repairing etc) but OMG…the mess. I just toss things on the garage work bench counter top and run :) Kills my OCD anal personality everyday as I walk by with my eyes closed. Thankfully the inside is my zone to decorate and organize all I want :)

    1. Ha! That is too funny Katie! I was actually thinking when I wrote this that there are so many people who use/need WAY more tools than we do! Kenny is a corporate attorney so not so much DIY house stuff going on for us. ;) I will show you how I’ve organized my paint though in my next garage post! Maybe that will be helpful. So nice your husband is so handy. Remember that when you walk by the mess and then organize a bathroom drawer. ;)

      1. The household paint storage is his domain too-not organized in any way that I would like. We do have about 3 million and 1 samples of any and every color I may want to try out somewhere. There are some perks to the disorganized garage! Now I just need to find that right shade of gray with my eyes closed

  2. Your garage looks fantastic, I wish I could send you a picture of mine. We have a garage that is almost 1000 square feet and it is packed to the gills! Not one thing in there is mine unless you count the pumpkin we put out for Halloween! Even my bike was evicted!! My husband won’t get rid of a thing. UGH! I will keep the inside of our house organized and tidy!!

  3. I’m blown away by how clean everything is. I know you said things were dusty and dirty, and I believe you, but the garage from when I was growing up and the garages we’ve had as a couple looked/look absolutely positively nothing like this garage! AND they don’t have drawers like these either. Maybe that is part of the problem?! ;) My dad and brothers and now my husband all work on cars in addition to handyman type things. Their tools get grimy and greasy and boy does that ever transfer to the storage areas. I don’t think you will ever be able to convince me that I should clean those tools for them ona regular basis. LOL But you have given me hope that a garage can look a lot better if you give it some elbow grease. Food for thought for sure. Thanks, Erin. You did a fabulous job in your garage and should feel fantastic about it!

  4. Wow! Love how you’re spreading your organizational magic to every corner of your home. So inspiring, even if I don’t have a garage… but what really surprised me was that there isn’t a label in sight! I thought for sure this would be the perfect opportunity to put your label-maker to use (and they would fit perfectly on the flat top lip of each drawer)! LOL

  5. Organizing and cleaning during pandemic has been on spot lately and I have implemented many of your bright ideas, so Thank you. I can make it as organized as I want and I do, but the problem is the rest of the people won’t put things back where they belong and that drives me bonkers….sigh….so maybe you have ideas as how to motivate my people to “ put it back” in its right place? …sigh…

    1. Thank you Lilly! So happy my ideas have been helpful! The struggle is real with family keeping things organized for sure. Honestly with my kids I just keep harping over and over until they do it right. It’s all about habits so you have to train them to have good habits of putting things back where they go. I use all of my kids’ favorite things for motivation every day! Kole can’t get on the iPad, my girls can’t do things with friends or be on their phones, etc. until their chores are done. They’ve learned that it’s easier to just keep things as clean as possible throughout the day so that they don’t have to do a ton of work every day! Of course they are kids and things aren’t always perfect around here.. but I’m consistent enough with the harping that they have learned some good habits. ;) Not sure if that helps at all but that’s what I do! xo

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