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Friday 5 (on a Saturday)

It’s time for Friday 5!  But on a Saturday.  I really should just start calling these posts “Weekend 5” because I always struggle to get this post done by Friday, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it now does it?  So Friday 5 on a Saturday it is.  :)

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Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Mara Texture Comforter/Moroccan Trellis Wool Shag Rug/Similar Spindle Chair/Eva Colored Glass Lamp/Bliss Throw/Pagoda Wall Mirror/“Morning River” Art/ Knit Ribbed Blanket with Tassels

1 – I got a new comforter!  That looks almost identical to my old comforter!  Ha.  This is the duvet cover we’ve had on our bed for years and I still LOVE the look, but it was starting to look a little worn.  I was going to just buy a new identical duvet cover, but to be honest sometimes duvet covers drive me crazy!  Even with the corners tied I still feel like it’s hard to keep them straight and even.  Our down comforter inside the duvet cover always bulks up on one side so every night I end up shaking it straight before we go to sleep.  (Anyone else struggle with duvets!?)

Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

When I saw this Mara Texture Comforter was part of the N sale I was so excited!  It looks just like my duvet cover but it’s a comforter so no bulking up on one side.. YEA.  We’ve had it on our bed for a week now and I love it!

Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

It’s medium to lightweight so it has been perfect for this time of year (really for all year here in SD).  You could definitely layer it with a blanket if you needed more warmth in the winter.

Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Eye, Cheek and Lip Set

Another recent N sale favorite!  Bobbi Brown is my favorite make-up and this Bellini lip gloss has been my go-to for years so I was excited to see it in a set as part of the sale this year!  The eye shadow and blush colors are beautiful (all the colors I usually wear) plus you get mascara and this cute pink case for travel.  Such a good deal!  My favorite beauty purchase this year.  (Second only to the T3 hair tools I already own.) :)

Here are a few other favorites for HOME that are still in stock!

Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

2 – I won’t go on about my love for Bliss throws again because I know I sound like a broken record, but I did want to share a little tip with them!  Really this tip works with most throws but I’ve found it especially works well with thick throws like the Bliss.

Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

When I’m laying it over the back of a chair like this (or in the corner of the couch) I always twist it in the middle.  Then I tuck it into the chair/couch corner.  It makes a perfect little spot for your pillow and helps create the look you want!

Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

You know.. like it’s casually draped over the chair with no effort on your part whatsoever. ;)

Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

3 – I was getting some fun gifts ready this week for a few close friends and had to share because FALL!  Isn’t this Pumpkin Oven Mitt & Potholder Set adorable!?  All of my friends love to cook so I knew these would be perfect.  I mean even I would want to cook if I had a cute pumpkin oven mitt.  At least for one night. ;)  I paired it with this Pumpkin Clove candle because it smells so heavenly!  Fall candles are the best aren’t they!?  I’m so excited to pull them out!  It’s honestly one of my favorite things about the upcoming season.  I love cleaning my kitchen and then lighting a Fall candle.  Nothing like it. :)

This weekend all Anthro candles are 20% off!  I can’t resist an Anthro candle sale.  I had to order a pumpkin clove candle for me too (another long time favorite is the Spiced Cider!).  Here are a few other cute things popping up that made me even more excited for Fall.  TOO FUN!

Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Happy deliveries. :)  Speaking of happy mail I’m sending out this month, there is still time to enter my August giveaway!  Details are at the bottom of this post if you missed it.

Mask Organization (Sunny Side Up)

4 – I’ve had a few people message me on IG asking how we are storing/organizing our masks so I thought I’d share!  A pretty simple solution, but it’s working well for us. :)

Mask Organization (Sunny Side Up)

The kids keep some of their maks on the hooks in their mudroom lockers too, but our little 1 2 3 sign has come in so handy.  Kenny and I recently ordered two packs of these masks and they are our new favorites because we can tie them around our necks!  So perfect for our evening hikes because we can just wear them around our neck and then put our masks on when we pass people on the trail.  Then we can slip them off and we don’t have to carry them.  A new stylish necklace. ;)   (They come in these patterns too.)

Mask Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Zella Soft Pocket Lounge Leggings/All Day Tee/Delicate Monogram Necklace

5 – Last I’m sharing a few more simple N sale favs that are still in stock!  These are another pair of Zella leggings that I absolutely LOVE.  So comfy and flattering just like most Zella leggings/joggers are.  I’m wearing them with the all day tee.  I tried lots of tees from the sale and had 3 favorites!  This BP tee is one of them.  Great for lounging or layering under cardigans.

Mask Organization (Sunny Side Up)

The leggings have a thick high waist band (sucking everything in!) and then cute pockets on the side.  I would go down one size (I’m wearing xs in these).

Lounge wear (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve honestly had these leggings on ALL week.  I just want to wear them every day!  Wearing them here with a long time favorite INDOORSY top.  So me.  And so 2020!

Lounge wear (Sunny Side Up)

Zella Soft Pocket Lounge Leggings/V-neck Tee/Delicate Monogram Necklace/Ugg Slippers

This is another great tee for lounging or layering.  Going fast!

Lounge wear (Sunny Side Up)

Time out to make someone a peanut butter sandwich. ;)

Lounge wear (Sunny Side Up)

Caslon Rounded V Neck Tee/Delicate Monogram Necklace/Similar Paige Jeans/Chain Pointed Toe Mule/(Similar Mules)

This Caslon Rounded V Neck Tee is another fav!  So comfy and just $12!

Lounge wear (Sunny Side Up)

Tory Burch Crossbody/Similar Paige Jeans/Curved Hem Tee/Delicate Monogram Necklace

I’m shocked that my TB crossbody bag is still in stock!  I love how I can wear it long or short.  There are still a few curved hem tees left too.  This is the top I’ve shared many times before in other colors.  I’m a tad obsessed with it!

Lounge wear (Sunny Side Up)

Tory Burch Crossbody/Similar Paige Jeans/Flutter Sleeve Blouse/Delicate Monogram Necklace

Here’s a pretty blouse on sale that we can start wearing soon!  I love the flutter sleeves and feminine look of this blouse.  It comes in several colors including a fun leopard print!

Alright friends.  That’s it for Friday 5 on a Saturday!  I hope you enjoy your weekend!  My girls start school Tuesday so we are living it up during our last few days of summer.  I’m sure the weekend will include some pool time (it’s still so hot!), a family bike ride and (since I bought myself the candle, not the cute pumpkin oven mit) takeout.



xoxo, Erin
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37 thoughts on “Friday 5 (on a Saturday)

  1. I’ve never owned a duvet so can say, hands down comforter for me. Now if you asked between a comforter and a quilt?? Quilt for the win! LOL Love the colors in your room. Those floral pillows are gorgeous and that trick/tip for the throw is pretty clever. I don’t think I’d have thought of it on my own. Enjoyed all the shares. I’m not a candle person, only because I know me and I’d forget to blow it out, so it’s for everyone’s safety. LOL I might go for the oven mit. LOL Although, take out sounds awesome! Cute sidekick! Hope he enjoyed his sandwich. Good luck to your girls. Mine start next week, too! We have a lot of haze and smoke here from our fires and now some of the smoke from CA is blowing in. Not too much outdoor life is happening. Praying for relief from, well, everything! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for sharing, Erin.

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I love cozy quilts too.. I’ll take them all! ;) I’m so sorry about the smoke! My sister in SLC is getting it bad right now too. We haven’t had any in our neck of the woods because the fires are all north of us. So sad. I hate this time of year in CA when it gets so hot and the fires start. Breaks my heart for everyone dealing with them! I’m praying for relief too. What a year. I’m so happy your sweet family is safe and healthy! xo

  2. Oh I love your new comforter. It looks beautiful with all of the colorful pillows, but where are the pillows you use to sleep on? Do you store them somewhere else? I may just have to add this to my room!

    1. Thank you so much Sue! Usually when I make my bed I put the pillows we sleep on behind these decorative pillows or on the window seats in my bedroom. :)

      1. Thanks for the reply Erin! Just ordered the comforter and I can’t wait for the new update to our master bedroom. Just love your blog.

  3. YAY!!!! One of your design secrets – twisting a throw. Who knew? Not me! Thank you. for sharing! I’m going to give it a go this morning!

    1. I’m so happy it’s not just me Julie! My duvet was seriously driving me crazy. Ha. So happy that tip was helpful! Enjoy your weekend! :) xo

  4. The fall things on your counter made me feel happy!! I will be pulling all my fall bins out 3 weeks from today. I cannot wait.
    I’ve never tried the Anthro fall candles. I’ll have to look into those.
    Happy days are ahead!

  5. Hi Erin! Yes-this mask thing! How do we store them? How many do we NEED? What kind? Diff. masks for diff. purpose? Do they match or clash with your outfit? How to avoid the “hospital look”? and so on and so on……..
    I, like you, THINK I have FINALLY got it down pat. MAYBE…….
    Here in N.E. most states and places of business, you go into, REQUIRE them. Of course there are the ones that THINK that this is some “political thing” and even make fun,(I saw a man, while we were in Ct. with a dixie cup tied around his face with strings) but we moms and grandmothers who are worried about our kids, grands and maybe older parents-it IS a HEALTH thing and a worth while and not such a hard thing to do……..
    Anyway, here in N.E. most folks have MANY masks, a combo of disposable and cloth, and different styles for diff. peop. Head straps VS ear loops, etc. Most of us here use disposables when going into REALLY crowded places or medical buildings, so they can be quickly disposed of, and of course-NOT on the ground! We see them all over the paths when at our beach house. Just TERRIBLE! The cloth masks are great for many outdoor activities, hiking, patio dining, etc. and SOME are actually cute!
    I have so many wall plaques w/hooks down basement, and I plan to USE YOUR IDEA! T.Y.! A Hook for my husband, one for me, one for each daughter and 1 for the 2 little grands, who are old enough now to be under the requirement. Oh, Forgot! I made the American Girl, Mary Ellen, and Bitty Baby dolls masks! Maybe just one teeny, tiny ,extra hook?
    BTW-I ordered the B.Brown make up kit in pink bag! Just HOPING ALL the shadows are NOT sparkle. I usually want MOSTLY Matt. Have been planning on trying B. Brown for awhile now! Do you know HOW MUCH SHINE they have????
    Take care,
    Sharon in N.E.

    1. Sharon I’m so happy the hook idea was helpful! Oh my word.. yes! To all you said about figuring out masks. So crazy it’s the new norm but we are totally used to them now. I’m happy to wear them to keep everyone safe and healthy! I absolutely LOVE that you made the American Girl dolls masks! Oh my word.. that might be the cutest thing ever. My girls would have LOVED that. Yes! You need a tiny extra hook.. ha. :) I hope you love the BB make-up! They aren’t all sparkle! In this set it’s half and half. But even the colors with some sparkle aren’t over the top (I don’t love that either!). Let me know what you think! I LOVE B. Brown. So fun hearing from you! Your fun comment made my day! xo

  6. Hi Erin, your bedroom looks similar to mine! I like the pops of color and I am going to try that in my room! Thank you for all the great tips!!

  7. Do you have a queen size bed and did you buy the queen size comforter? I find that buying a king just seems to cover the bed better, but was curious what you thought with this particular comforter.

  8. I love your bedroom look! Is it a king sized bed? I’m not sure the ribbed blanket at the end of your bed would fall like yours on my king bed. It looks so pretty on yours.

  9. So does the ribbed blanket stretch to go wider? My bed is 70″ across so that leaves 19″ based on the throw being 80″ so that would be 5 inches on each side but looks so much longer on the side of your bed. Your picture looks perfect!

  10. I loved that Bobbi Brown makeup set – those colors would be perfect! But of course it’s sold out now, not a huge surprise. Lots of other fun things in your post, I’m getting more used to the idea of fall coming around…I’m a summer person at heart, though!

  11. Hi Erin! I love the accent colors in your bedroom! Would you mind sharing where you purchased the pillows on your bed! I apologize if you’ve done that in an earlier post! I may have missed it!

  12. Hi Erin! I forgot to ask you where you got those floral pillows that you have displayed on your chair and your bed. I just love them!

  13. Ahhh that blanket tip blew my mind. Like wow, how did I not think of that before. LOL Thanks for sharing! Also, I have to say I love that Kole feels comfortable joining you for pictures on the blog. I hope my 6yr old will also not shy away from pictures with mama as he gets older.

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