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Trees, sales, pillows and more

Christmas trees! (Sunny Side Up)

Magnolia Wreath  –  Longmont Red Rug

Balsam Green Pine Artificial Tree  – Flocked Long Needle Green Pine Artificial Tree

You guys!  Just 15 minutes ago I ordered two new Christmas trees.  The two in the collage above!  WHAT’S wrong with me!?  We JUST got started on all things Fall and it’s still 80 degrees here in San Diego and I’m over here humming Silent Night.  Ha.  But in my defense they are both so beautiful (aren’t they!?) plus they were on sale!  And the good trees always go fast!  Wayfair is having their Way Day sale (it’s just 48 hours!) and I was getting some “Daily Deal” collages ready for IG stories.  Next thing you know I’m buying Christmas trees and garland!  Total hazard of this job.  I decided to share them here quick because I know these items will sell fast and I love my blog readers!  You all feel like family to me.  And I know you won’t turn your back on me.  EVER.  Even if I’m talking Christmas trees in September.

Right everyone?


A little louder in the back please. ;)

Christmas rug (sunny side up)

 Longmont Red Rug  –  Abbott Dining Table (with zinc top.. now they sell the same table with a concrete top)

I also linked my Christmas rug from last year because it sold out so quickly and is back in stock and on sale!  Seriously so excited to pull this out again.

Christmas trees! (Sunny Side Up)

Norfolk Pine Garland  –   5′ Garland  – Lambs Ear Garland  – Eucalyptus Garland

This garland!  All so good and on sale.  The garland on the top right looks like the faux cedar garland I was obsessed with last year and put all throughout my house.  The two garlands on the bottom are what I’m using now for Fall.  The Eucalyptus garland on the bottom right has been sold out for over a year and just came back in stock!

Fall decor and new barstools (Sunny Side Up)

{eucalyptus garland/eucalyptus wreath/gold mirror (comes in black too!)/faux pumpkins/serving boards similar here, here and here/marble and gold serving tray/gold round tray/white jar/anthro candle/herringbone rugs/faux olive branches}

It’s the garland that’s on my oven hood shelf and it’s so beautiful in person!  I ordered a few more for my family room mantel.  The wreath is back in stock too but you have to get two of them.  (I hate it when they do that!)

furniture sale (Sunny Side Up)

Antonina Desk  –  Meredith Console Table  –  Etagere Bookcase    Durkin Desk Lamp

I’m in love with these 4 items and would buy them all but I already have items that are too similar!  Will one of you please buy them and let me know.  I’ll feel better knowing they are going to a good home!  Especially that console table on the top right!  Seriously is it not amazing!?  (Looks like a smaller version of the console I have in our upstairs hallway.)  The grey desk comes in other colors too and is perfect if you have kids doing school from home or if you need an extra work zone for yourself.

furniture sale (Sunny Side Up)

Metal Basket  –  Traditional Wicker Basket  – Foldable Storage Baskets   – Three Piece Basket Set

I also found so many cute baskets on sale!  I sort of gravitated to them because I’m on an organizing kick again.  I’ve been working on Kole’s bedroom and closet and am so excited about it!  Aren’t these such fun options!?  I especially love the set of 4 square baskets for organizing pantries, closets and cupboards.

After I bought my Christmas trees I knew I had to tell Kenny (knowing full well that as soon as I did all might not be so calm and bright like the song playing in my head.. ha).  I walked into his home office and said “Hi babe!  You look so handsome today.  Ok.. so remember how cool I was when you went on that trip with your friends last year.. and you were gone for SO LONG.  And I was just so happy you got to take a break and get away even though I had so much on my plate.  Remember how fun that was for you!?  I was just thinking about that trip today..   Anyway.. I bought a couple of Christmas trees because remember how the lights went out on that one we had.. such a hassle and I didn’t want you to have to deal with it again.  Always thinking of you babe.  Ok.. I know you’re SO busy so I’ll let you get back to work!”

(Smile and exit room as quickly as possible.)

Kenny and I have been married 23 years this month.  If we don’t make it to year 24 you’ll all know why.

Me and my 43 Christmas trees will all be very happy together. ;)

Fall decor and new barstools (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. sharing a couple more pics of my kitchen because my new barstools came in!  I couldn’t love them more.

Fall decor and new barstools (Sunny Side Up)

eloise woven counter stool

I mean just look at the texture they add to this space!  If you want a quick and easy kitchen makeover start with the barstools!  I can’t believe how much they changed the look and feel of this room.  (I shared a round-up of other similar barstool options in this post if you missed it!)  I’ll give you an update on how they are working for our family in a few weeks.  So far the kids love them and they’ve been really low maintenance.  I just vacuum crumbs off of the seat every few days.  So much easier than my previous barstools that would get crumbs stuck down inside the seat cushions that I had to fish out!

Fall decor and new barstools (Sunny Side Up)

bluma handknit pillow/ similar cozy pom throw/darren textured pillow /gold feathers pillow/ cable knit pillow/woven plaid pillow/bluma chunky knit tassel throws

I especially love how well the new barstools work with everything going on in my family room.  Fall neutrals are giving me life this year!  So beautiful.  I paired a couple of more expensive pillows (the two on the left) with some inexpensive options from Amazon and Target and got a cozy, updated look!

Fall decor and new barstools (Sunny Side Up)

sectional/wool jute rug/rattan-wrapped stool

I also love the way it all works with the rattan-wrapped stool I bought this summer.

Fall decor and new barstools (Sunny Side Up)

I love creating a new look in my home to welcome a new season.  Especially living in San Diego since we don’t really get the seasonal change outside.

Fall decor and new barstools (Sunny Side Up)

Fall decor and new barstools (Sunny Side Up)

boho triangle pillow/tassel knit throw/gold lamp/large tote basket/gold feathers pillow/boho gold and white diamond pillow

These are my Amazon pillows that are so cute and cozy for Fall!  All under $20 each!

Fall decor and new barstools (Sunny Side Up)

Don’t be fooled by all of the sunshine, flip-flops and Christmas trees around here.

Our pumpkin spice game is STRONG in this house.




xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Trees, sales, pillows and more

  1. Looking good, Erin. You ordered some pretty things. Got a good chuckle over your story with your husband. Hope you make it to your next anniversary. The rooms look just beautiful. Love the textureed pillows and your new barstools. Does your husband still follow the Chargers? I saw Sunday’s game and was rooting for that rookie quarterback! That was a fun game to watch. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! Oh my word.. sadly no. He’s not a Charger fan anymore. Feels pretty betrayed after they left us and went to LA! ;) He’s into the Colts because he loves Philip Rivers! I’ve been cheering for the Broncos. :)

  2. Erin, you have amazing taste. The barstools look amazing! Those are on my wishlist when they are back in stock. I love everything McGee! Love the way they warm up your kitchen. Stay well! Sharon

    1. You are the sweetest Sharon! I’m so happy you like them! Thank you! I agree.. McGee is just TOO good isn’t it!? Let me know if you end up getting them! xo

  3. I love your Fall decors Erin! I had to laugh at your Christmas tree story. Good luck on that with Kenny. This is exactly how I feel about the temptation to buy some of your recommendations here. I like the new barstools, but I can’t remember what the old ones looked like.

    1. Thank you so much Debbie! Happy you liked our Christmas tree convo. ;) I’ll have to share a pic of the old barstools soon! They were white with silver nail heads. :)

  4. Hi Erin, I love your Kenny story…priceless! My hubby and I are married 23 years in October! I will try your approach with my hubby! Lol! I cannot think of Christmas right now but I love your ideas!! Yeah for Way Day!! Who won the blanket giveaway? I missed that one! Still working on fall decor at our house!

    1. Ha ha.. good luck with that one Michelle! Some purchases I just have to mention quickly and move right on! ;) I love that you have been married the same amount of years that we have! Happy early anniversary! I should have announced the blanket winners on my blog! I just did on IG. Anita, Jess and Jessica. :) I’ll try to do another giveaway soon! xo

  5. LOL! I followed you down the rabbit hole :) I’ve never shopped Wayfair before, but now I have two (tabletop) Christmas trees winging my way – one pre-lit and one with little pinecones and flocking – so I grabbed a string of warm white fairy lights on sale too!
    I’ll be super prepared for the holidays thanks to your inspiration <3

  6. Those trees are gorgeous! And your conversation with Kenny made me chuckle – I can’t help but wonder how that would go in my household, not as well I fear! Wondering if you do discuss home decor spending and budgets, etc. Might be helpful for us all! Of course, it’s kind of your job, so there’s some differences from others, I’m guessing.

    Anyway, always enjoy your blogs!

    1. Hi MaryJo! We definitely do have a budget for home/spending and yes.. it’s a little different (and bigger than normal) because mine is all tied to my work too. But new Christmas trees weren’t ever really agreed upon this year.. ha! Really he’s fine with whatever I get because I monitor things and he trusts me when it relates to our home decor spending. I just knew I’d have to slip that little tree purchase past him quickly! They will look beautiful this December and he will love them! I’ll just keep reminding him of that. ;)

  7. Where did you buy your FR drapes? They are lovely. Thank you for sharing your fresh uptakes on decorating.


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