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Fall in the kitchen!

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Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{kitchen rugs/similar pendants}

It might not officially be Fall until Wednesday the 22nd (mid November for San Diego), but Fall has arrived in my home and I’m not one bit mad about it! I love adding a few Fall touches to my kitchen every September. Fall decor is so just warm and inviting isn’t it!? I always keep it simple in this space because (like in most homes) our kitchen gets trashed and then cleaned multiple times a day and too much decor combined with every day family clutter is just.. too much! But it doesn’t take a lot to welcome this beloved season. I started by adding some new inexpensive neutral rugs. I’m always drawn to neutrals for Fall!

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{woven tray/similar tray/similar crock/anthro candle/oil & vinegar set}

I love to add items with lots of texture to up the cozy factor and rattan is a favorite go-to of mine! I just set some of my often used kitchen items and a pretty candle on a rattan tray and my kitchen instantly felt warmer.

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{similar rectangle board/round board/gold mirror/similar wreath here & here & here/brass candle holders/ivory candles/pumpkins are real.. similar faux mini white pumpkins here & here}

I was a little torn on what to put on the shelf over my cooktop this year (I added garland and pumpkins last year!) and ended up just adding a simple wheat wreath over my mirror with my beloved candle holders on each side. Mini white pumpkins had to make an appearance too of course. It’s just not Fall in my kitchen without them. :)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{similar art here/here/here/here}

Adding vintage (or vintage looking) art to a more modern space has been trending for a while now. Something about that mix of old with new is so fun isn’t it? I’ve wanted to add some art to my kitchen for a while but just couldn’t find anything that really spoke to me until I came across this rooftop painting at a boutique in my hometown last time we were visiting. It was love at first sight because the rooftops reminded me so much of a favorite trip Kenny and I took years ago to Italy.  Also… GREEN! So many shades of my favorite color. I knew we were meant to be together the second I saw it. :) I don’t have a link for this exact canvas but I linked a few fun similar looking options. Flea markets, antique stores and etsy are fun places to find art like this too! You really don’t have to spend a lot.

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{hicks pendant}

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{olive branches here & here/navy rugs}

This is a picture from my kitchen decor last year.. sharing it because I didn’t get a pic snapped of this whole window and I kept it close to the same! Favorite faux olive branches in a crock next to candles on the left and then pampas grass in a vase on the right. The pampas grass I used last year was real.

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{dish towel/similar round rattan tray/artisian vase/faux pampas grass/similar pampas grass option}

This year I used faux pampas grass and I LOVE it! Unlike the pampas grass I shared in my last post this grass doesn’t shed one bit! It’s so realistic looking and I love how tall it is (easy to bend the branches to adjust the height for your vase!). The color is so beautiful too.. instant Fall!

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{antiqued metal decorative tray/smoked glass vase/vintage wooden tray – several options here}

I’m still playing around with my cabinet shelves but love my long metal tray below it. One of my favorite accessories for holiday decorating! Right now I just placed a pretty vase (works great with my green painting!) and a wooden tray on it. I might add some Fall flowers to the vase at some point.

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{round wood serving tray/white terracotta jar/brass candle holders/similar gourd}

My white terracotta jars are back in stock! They are perfect to hold faux eucalyptus branches (or any branches/flowers really!). I picked up this wood serving tray at the Nordstrom sale and couldn’t love it more. It’s hard to tell in this pic but it’s huge! Fun for a little Fall moment on my island. :)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

My fun fall dish towels are from Anthro a few years back.. they always have so many cute options! I’ll link a few favorites out new this year at the bottom of this post with sources!

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{platters & boards book/similar gold book stand herehere, & here/round marble & wood serving tray here, here & here}

I brought out a favorite cook book on a gold stand in my kitchen. Platters & Boards is actually more of a “how to style your food and make it look pretty” vs. how to cook it.. totally why it’s a favorite at my house. Ha.

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{similar trivet/round wicker tray/white terracotta jar/similar faux pomegranate branches here, here & here/similar velvet pumpkins}

Then I added some faux pomegranate branches to my other white terracotta jar. A few velvet pumpkins never hurt anyone either. :)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{flour/sugar canisters/marble & wood cutting boards/white ceramic pot/similar pumpkin here & here}

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Simple Fall kitchen decor! I’ll take it. :)


xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Fall in the kitchen!

  1. Your kitchen always looks beautiful, Erin, but decorated for fall, it looks even more warm and cozy. You’ve added some wonderful pieces to help make your heart of the home filled to the brim with warmth. I really like the wreath on the mirror and that whole area look lovely. The butler’s pantry is just wonderful. I like the textures and that art/painting is wonderful. Outstanding job! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring, Erin. I hope you have a beautiful fall season. :)

  2. Erin,
    100% agree about liking to make food look pretty ,so much more than cooking it!
    Anyway, WHO has the time to both cook the food AND “stage” it too?????? BUYING the book! ;-D
    I would much rather sit down w/a hot glue gun/velvet, stuffing and some tiny stems and make the velvet pumpkins!
    WHY does family NOT understand this better!?!
    In a perfect world we would all be working on tiny velvet pumpkins and styling/taking pictures of our TAKE away food………………..
    On BEAUTIFUL, raised platters, cake stands and boards.
    ANYWAY-it is a fact, is it not, that food made by SOMEONE else is ALWAYS tastier?????
    BTW, the Fall kitchen is fab! We, too,, in N.E. are still experiencing SUMMER! Beach day Sun.! I did put out my big white, ceramic pumpkin and a mum at the beach place, and another white ceramic pumpkin in the pool gazebo at home. I am ready even IF the weather is NOT!

    1. Ha ha.. love that you are ready for Fall despite your weather too Sharon! We’re good at pretending aren’t we!? And staging and styling. ;) Your ceramic pumpkin and mums sound like Fall perfection to me! Tis the season! xo

  3. Your home always looks so beautiful! I look forward to each and everyone of your posts and get so many ideas from your decorating ideas! I love your antique metal tray under your glass kitchen cabinets. I noticed you used it last Xmas too with the pre-lit birch trees. Could you tell me what size birch tree you used on the tray and where you got the other smaller trees on the tray?

    1. Thank you so much Katie! So sweet of you! That means a lot to me. I’m pretty sure I used the smallest size of the birch trees on my gold tray (the medium size was in my kitchen window). The other small trees were from World Market! They sold out but I’ll do round-ups soon of my favorite Christmas items popping up this year and I’ll look for something similar! :)

  4. Your kitchen is beautiful! I wish you could come to Virginia and design mine! I love the black countertops – they look like quartz? The close up looks like it has a pattern in it – is it straight up black quartz or is it a pattern?

    1. You are too kind Kimberlee! Thank you! I wish I could too.. I LOVE Virginia. We lived there for a few years and it’s absolutely breathtaking.. especially in the Fall! Yes! My countertops are quartz! The perimeter is actually a deep, dark grey called Raven (Caeserstone). There is a slight pattern. Not really a pattern.. just variations in how dark the grey is if that makes sense? I think you can go on-line to the Caeserstone quartz website and order a sample! :)

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