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Fall Console, Pampas Grass, August Amazon Buys

Pampas Grass, Fall Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Friday!  I hope you had a good week!  We ended up traveling over the long weekend and then it felt like everything hit at once when we got back!  I’ve hardly had time to catch my breath.  But next week isn’t quite so crazy and I’m beyond excited to get into a somewhat normal schedule with kids back at school.  When I dropped Kole off on his first day I said “I’ll miss you today!” He answered “I’ll miss you too mom but don’t be sad.. I probably won’t think about that much because I’ll be having so much fun with my friends.”  Ha ha.. best answer.  He did just that and his last year in Elementary school is off to a great start. :)

Pampas Grass, Fall Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{brass lanterns/arched mantel mirror/seagrass basket/pampas grass/white Santorini urn/oval metal tray/tourmaline framed canvas/gold lamp (set with floor lamp)/similar console table/similar console baskets/chunky woven throw/roll arm sectional}

So is my Fall decorating! I’ve had so much fun bringing warm, cozy neutrals into my home.  I’m sharing my family room console table decor today because I’m slightly obsessed with this pampas grass I ordered!

Pampas Grass, Fall Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{pampas grass/white Santorini urn}

Isn’t it stunning!?  It instantly brought so much warmth and texture into this space.  The stems are tall and I ended up ordering more after the first six arrived. (I have around ten stems in this vase.)  I also learned the hard way (trial and error!) what to do with these stems to avoid a mess.  I didn’t read the instructions with the first set I ordered.  I opened the box, brought them in my house and fluffed them up instantly with my hands.  Some shedding is normal with pampas grass, but I caused A LOT of shedding.  Ha!  So much that I was worried everything would end up in my vacuum by the end of the night.  They stopped shedding after a while and then I read the instructions and realized I could have avoided the mess.  Note to self: read instructions more often.

Pampas Grass, Fall Decor (Sunny Side Up)

I ordered another set because I needed more for my vase and this time instead of opening them inside I opened the box outside.  The initial shedding didn’t seem so bad when it was on the grass!

Pampas Grass, Fall Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Then I set the branches in a vase in the sun and left them outside for a few hours.  They expanded so beautifully!  When I was ready to bring them in I fluffed them out a little more outside and then sprayed some hairspray on them (another tip in the instructions.. so smart.  Did I mention it’s good to read instructions?)

Pampas Grass, Fall Decor (Sunny Side Up)

I brought them in and they’ve hardly shed since!  So if you order them follow my lead.. the second time around. :)  Leave them outside for a few hours before you bring them in.  Your vacuum will thank you!  Other console table decor includes my cute little oval metal tray full of sticks, pinecones and acorns, this beautiful framed canvas, and my gold lamp that’s back in stock!  It comes in a set with my gold floor lamp. LOVE them.

Pampas Grass, Fall Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{hicks pendant/navy rugs/marble and gold tray/faux pumpkins/olive branches/candlesticks/dishcloth/artisan vase/mirror tray/anthro fall candles}

Last year I put real pampas grass in my kitchen window and loved the way it instantly brought Fall into my home!  My kitchen window looks similar this year but I ordered this pampas grass because I wanted something a little taller.  It’s also beautiful and doesn’t shed at all.  I’ll share a pic of it soon!  I also pulled out these go-to olive branches and ordered more this year.  They are so realistic and another beautiful option for Fall decorating.

Faux pampas grass (

1- dried pampas grass   2- white  pampas grass  3- faux taupe stem 

4- beige blush pampas grass   5- large pampas branches 

6- sunshine marigolds tall stems

I looked at A LOT of faux pampas grass before I ordered mine and these are my top picks!  The two I ordered were both from Amazon and I’m sharing my other Amazon buys from August below (better late than never!).

August Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

One of my favorite Amazon buys last month were these clear chair covers for my barstools!  I’ve struggled to find something to protect my floor from my kids sliding around on our barstools that doesn’t leave a sticky mess.  These have been perfect!  They work so well.  No scratching and they stay put.  They come in different sizes (square too!) and in a variety of colors if you want to match them to your barstools.  I just went with translucent.

I also ordered a new tape measure because the 5 we have seem to disappear!  This one is mine all mine and I keep it in my office.  I got some beautiful gold file holders (also for my office), another travel case charger for times I’m just taking my computer and phone chargers, a drip pad for all of the cooking I plan to do this Fall (always hopeful! ;)) and some OXO scoops to try in the pantry.  I only ordered 10 items this month and usually hit twelve so I included two favorites we use over and over!  My steamer and our power washer.  We love you Amazon. :)

August Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

1- bat die cuts & bat stickers  2- measuring tape   3- 3-piece scoop set 

4- file holder  5- clear chair covers   6- olive branches

7- large pampas grass  8- faux pampas grass   9- carrying case charger

10- drip pad  11- high pressure washer  12- steamer

Pampas Grass, Fall Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Signing off with two other Fall console table looks from the past two years!  I love this Fall by the Lake art.. so beautiful!  I have it on my entry table this year.

Pampas Grass, Fall Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{similar faux branches/white vase/dough bowl/mini velvet pumpkins/linen citris print/brass candlesticks/candles/similar console table/similar baskets}

This is how I styled my mantel last year and I still love this look too!  You just can’t go wrong with Fall colors/decor.  It’s all so WARM and inviting.  Such a fun season!  We don’t get to celebrate Fall outside in San Diego so I make sure to bring lots of it inside. :)

Pampas Grass, Fall Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Enjoy your weekend!  More decor is coming soon!  I’ve been decorating up a storm.

Just me, my messy pampas grass, and the air conditioner cranked to the max.

Feels like Fall.


xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “Fall Console, Pampas Grass, August Amazon Buys

  1. Haha, giggled at your last comment in your post. SO true of Southeren CA!! And this year of my neck of the woods. We broke a heat record yesterday while the weather people commented that this time last year it was cold and snowy! No sign of the white stuff yet. So happy your school year is off to a great start. Loved Kole’s response. Don’t you just love that honesty and independent thinking? Kind of giggled at your pampas grass escapades. Glad you finally read the instructions. Who’d have thunk you’d have to read instructions to use that item?? Crazy world. But honestly, they look beautiful. Thanks for sharing the other looks in the same space. All are beautiful and how fun that you can change it up so nicely. Thanks for sharing, Erin. I truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into your posts. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. You are so thoughtful Jeanne.. thank you! Isn’t this heat crazy!? I can’t believe you broke a heat record! I remember you having early snow last year. Such a difference! It has been so hot and humid here. We usually start to cool off in November and a few trees lose their leaves. We basically get a small Fall when everyone is trimming their Christmas trees. Ha. :) Stay cool and enjoy your weekend sweet friend! xo

  2. Thank you for always sharing new ideas and concepts. You have an amazingly beautiful house and a precious family. Blessing goes my way to you from New Jersey!

  3. Erin,
    This one will be short! ;-D
    WHAT!?! NO Pumpkin Spice candles????
    NO mention of your pumpkin spice candles!
    My fav, looks like it will be no more……..
    WoodWick.The candle that SOUNDS like a real crackling fire.
    Can not find them, the new scents for the seasons, in the stores anymore…..
    Amazon has had some of these candles but NOT any of the seasonal scents.
    My store told me the Co. is either no longer or has been sold :-/

    Take care and Kole looks so grown up-but in a GOOD way!

    1. Ha ha.. that WAS short for you! ;) NOOOOO! I hate it when my favorite scents go out of stock! I’ll look for WoodWick! I haven’t heard of that one. I went into Anthropologie last week and they didn’t have all of their good Fall scents out yet so I’m patiently waiting too! Luckily I have quite a few left over from last year. There will be lots of pumpkin spice talk coming! Ha! Kole really is so grown up.. my girls keep reminding me to stop babying him but it’s a struggle for me.. he has me pretty wrapped around his finger. ;) Enjoy your weekend Sharon! xo

  4. Those pampas grass look great although it scares me thinking how I’ll be able to store them without all the shedding. I do like the warm color of the fall leaves in the vase. Those colors always makes me feel like it’s really Fall. Is it really time to switch decors? Mixed feelings….

    1. Switch whenever it feels right to you Debbie! That’s the beauty of decorating.. no right or wrong way/time to do it. :) I’m going to store my pampas grass in a large sack. I don’t think they’ll shed too much because it mostly stops after the initial shedding when they open. I’ll share how I do it when it’s time to put it away!

  5. That pampas grass is so beautiful! I love it so much with the golds and rich fall colors! It’s probably extra beautiful in sunny/forever summery San Diego. :) Have a wonderful weekend, Erin!!

  6. Great recommendations, as usual! Quick question-did you cut the stems of the pampas grass before the final photo? Or is that just how they look after they’ve been completely fluffed up? They look pretty long on amazon so I thought that I should check before ordering. Thank you so much! =)

  7. Love your fall decor. There looks to be several color options with Amazon grass. What color did you order? Thank you!!

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