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Weekend Sale Favorites!

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Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Friday!  I hope you had a good week!  I’m so grateful for the long weekend ahead.  We are limping across the finish line this school year.  We still have a week and a half left and without this little break I don’t know if we would make it.  Ha.  We need this long weekend to finish up end of school projects and rest from the craziness!  I also just love Memorial Day.  Such a special time to remember and honor those who have served our country.  I found these pics from Memorial Day weekend in 2013 and I remember my kids at that stage like it was 20 minutes ago.  This summer we will be doing some traveling to visit college options for Ellie.  One more year with her home.  Pass the tissues.. I seriously can’t believe it!

The sales are SO good this weekend and I’ve already ordered a couple of big items I’ve been patiently waiting to buy.  20% off at Mcgee & Co and I’m so excited about this Eileen coffee table!  It has been on my wishlist for a while.  I’ve been wanting a new coffee table for our family room for a couple of years and knew this was “the one” the second I saw it on-line.  I always wait for sales to purchase Mcgee & Co items because they are pricey, but I will say that everything I’ve ordered from them has become a favorite.  Here are a few other Mcgee favorites that I own and love..

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{mumbai rug}

My mudroom runner.  I still love this so much.  My dress was from the Nordstrom sale last year.. another great summer sale to look forward to!

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{malta woven wool rug}

The rug in our playroom is another favorite that has held up beautifully!  I wish I had more progress to share in this space but it looks pretty much the same.  I need to prioritize it but there are always so many other things on my to-do list!  Most of the other items in this space are also on sale!

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

My white terracotta jars are back in stock and I know these won’t last long so don’t wait if you want them!  I get asked about them all the time and they have been out of stock.  They come in two sizes – tall and short – and are up on the shelf over my range in this picture holding my favorite faux peonies.

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

This is the short jar holding eucalyptus on my gold tray.  Some of my decor I rotate but these jars are always on display somewhere!  They are great basics that are easy to style and always look good.

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{stetson table lamp}

Of course you all remember my stetson lamps!  LOVE them.

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{summer tablescape/dining room sources}

Thank you for helping me find them a permanent home. :)

Below are other favorites from McGee & Co!  I have and love most of these items and along with the coffee table I also ordered that cute clock!

McGee and Co (
1-arched mirror   2- bjork mirror  3- doormat

4- faux basil  5- woven wool rug   6- fern 

7- cross hatch object  8- terracotta jar  

9- mumbai rug   10- table lamp   11- coffee table 

12- white lined pot  13- lilac stem   14- counter stool 

15- wall clock  16- fiberstone planter 

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{similar square black planters/faux lemon tree options herehereherehere/lemon tree baskets/another basket option/my rug/similar rug options hereherehere}

Remember my stunning trees from Home Depot?  WOW.  They were so gorgeous for about a month!

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Now they’ve lost their blossoms and aren’t doing quite so hot.  The front is ok.. the backside of them (not getting any sun) is dying.  Plus they are SO high maintenance!  I’ve had to water them every day to keep them alive and the water is staining my flagstone.  Aside from that I’ve been dealing with such a mess on my porch every day!  I kept sweeping the dirt and then the next day dirt and leaves were all over my rug.  I finally got to the bottom of what was causing the mess and couldn’t believe it!

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Sweetest little bird nest full of new babies!  I found them like this so soon after being born.. you can see that one egg hadn’t even hatched yet!  I know you aren’t supposed to touch them or the mom can smell trouble and won’t come back so I’ve left them alone and just peek at them here and there.  We all crowd around Kenny’s office door (it’s to the side of our front porch) and watch the mom fly in and out all day feeding them.  Isn’t that the cutest thing ever!?  So these trees are staying put.  Once these babies can fly and are off on their own I will plant my trees but for now.. I don’t mind the mess and maintenance so much anymore. :)

I have decided though that once my trees are gone I’m ready for faux plants for this porch!  What do you think of these hydrangea potted plants from Frontgate?  I love the look.. I’m just wondering if I need something a little taller.  I linked some Frongate favorites below because everything is up to 40% off this weekend!

Frontgate sale (

1- float holder  / pool float    2- shaped poolside seats  

3- hydrangea potted plant   4- surrey hill sofa set  

5- handpainted planter   6- calhoun chaise 

7- surrey hill chaise   8- calhoun sofa set 

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{eyelet sleeve t-shirt}

Then there’s Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale!  Not as anticipated as their Anniversary sale, but still some great deals on really cute things.  This fun summer top is marked down!

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Also my beloved T3 hair tools are on sale!  Every hair tool I own is now T3.  I especially love the blow dryer and curling iron.  Long time favorites at our house!  I linked other favorites on sale below.  I have a lot of these items and just ordered #9 and #10.  That throw looks so beautiful and is such a great price!

Nordstrom Half-yearly Sale (

1-eyelet sleeve t-shirt    2- lace accent bell sleeve top

3- minidress   4- graphic tee. 5- zip hoodie

6- high waist leggings    7- slide sandal   8-  cura luxe hair dryer 

9- throw blanket  10- seam detail jogger  11- curling iron set 

12- react infinity running shoe  13- weekend joggers

14- v-neck sweater  15- leather crossbody bag

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{similar pink cherry blossom branches/Quin white vase/similar round tray/Abbott table/similar chairs/Arabesque rug}

In other news.. my beautiful pink petal plates are back!

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

So is the cute petal cake stand that goes with them.  I used them on my Easter table last year and got so many questions about them but they had sold out.

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

These plates also make great decor when we aren’t using them!  They look so beautiful in a glass kitchen cabinet or stacked on a counter, open shelf or on a tray like I have them styled at the moment.  I ordered these beautiful petal dinner plates to go with them too!  (Mine are the salad plates.)  Below are other RP favorites that are in stock.  These items aren’t on sale, but I didn’t want to wait to share them because I know they will sell out!

RP Home Favorites (

1- frayed stripe table runner   2- petal dinner plates

3- set 4 drinking glasses   4- set 4 petal plates

5- wood serving board.  6- petal cake stand.

7- frayed cotton napkins

Anthropologie has so many cute items marked down and some are up to 40% off!  I rounded up my top picks below including our playroom light fixture.  Their candles are always a treat and one of my favorite gifts to give.  I just ordered this cute blue tassel pillow for Ad’s bedroom that I’ve had my eye on and the pineapple tee.  Only slightly obsessed with Anthro graphic tees and planning to live in them this summer.  :)

anthro sale (

1-floor lamp   2- calloway mirror   3- bungalow chandelier

4- lorde sconce   5- ruffled top  6- rica top  7- flatwoven yara rug 

8- lulang rug   9- tassled pillow   10- perennial pillow 

11-pineapple tee    12- basket   13- capri blue candle 

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{westerleigh 1 – drawer nightstand/wool jute rug}

I snapped this pic quick with my phone and it’s not the greatest but Kenny just put together these cute nightstands for Ad’s room and I wanted to share!  I LOVE the look and the quality seems great!  I’ll let you know after we’ve had them for a while, but so far I’m very happy with them.  They look like they have 2 drawers but it’s actually just one deeper drawer.  They come in lots of colors and are on sale!  I linked other Wayfair sale picks below.  They have some great options for kids’ desks and outdoor items marked down.

Wayfair Sale (

1-market umbrella   2- pot planter  3- side table 

4- light lantern  5- pillow cover and insert 

6- plant stand  7- planter box  8- fiberclay pot planter 

9- shaded flush mount  10- drawer nightstand 

11- alake desk  12- L-shape desk   13- colm chair 

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{fringe & texture pillow/montecito pillow/addie stripe tassel pillow}

Serena & Lily is also having a huge sale with 20% off of everything!  S & L is another store I always wait to shop on sale day.  Their pillows are so beautiful and amazing quality!  I’ve found that if I splurge on one or two really nice pillows I can fill in the rest of my couch with less expensive Target/Walmart/Amazon options and still get a high end look.  I linked my favorite S & L pillows below!  They are pretty much all navy. :)  Also how cute is that scallop tray and the lemon wallpaper!?

Serena & Lily Sale (

1-bell pendant   2- scallop tray   3- montecito pillow 

4- topanga pillow   5- stripe tassel pillow   6- ryder demin rug 

7- verona pillow cover   8- cobble hill pillow   9- corfu pillow 

10- counter stool   11- woven square bin 

12- somerville wallpaper   13- round dining table   14- vase 

Weekend Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Colleen Rothschild is also having a huge Memorial Day sale!  You can find details on my skin routine in this post.  (The hair mask is GOLD!)

Pottery Barn also has some fun items on sale and I didn’t get my favorites rounded up from PB in time to share.. hopefully coming soon!  I also hope this post helps you navigate if you are shopping the sales this weekend.  Sometimes when so many fun things are marked down it’s hard to land on what you really want/need.

Kenny will be the first to tell you that I don’t have that problem at all.  Ha. ;)

Enjoy your weekend and if you are traveling drive safe!  We are celebrating Addison’s 15th birthday this weekend!  Other than that and some cleaning I’ll just be over here shopping sales on-line and watching our baby birds.

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.


xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Weekend Sale Favorites!

  1. The first pictures you shared are precious! You sure are good at sharing the sales, my friend. Wow! Lots of shopping to be done if you are in the market for the goodies. That eyelet shirt looks great on you. Yay for one last little break to gear up for the end of the year mad dash. Enjoy. Hope your weather cooperates. LOL Here…after a few nice days, they are predicting…wait for it…rain! LOL At least it’s not the white stuff, so it’s all good. Guess cleaning out the garage will have to wait another week or two. Haha! Hard to believe that you are investigating colleges already. Good luck with and have fun on your search. Exciting times. And new little babies to watch grow and thrive. So sweet. Mama bird thought that tree was a nice safe spot. Awww. Enjoy your weekend, Erin. Hope you get a second or two to relax and reflect. :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! So sorry you are getting rain over the long weekend but you’re right.. always a silver lining. Your garage comment made me laugh! You are very justified putting that chore off a little longer. ;) Sounds like a cozy weekend reading or watching movies is in order. The best. And isn’t that nest full of birds the sweetest thing!? I love that they are cozy in my tree. :) Enjoy your weekend too Jeanne! xo

  2. I love all the things you featured.
    I love Pottery Barn so much, too. I get excited around August when I know their fall things will soon be on their website:)
    I’m also excited for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! Oh my word.. same! PB Fall decor is so much fun isn’t!? And you can’t beat the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Now you have me excited for Fall! :) Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hi Brenda! Thank you! They were from Pottery Barn but they don’t carry them anymore! I’ve had them since we built the house (almost 8 years). I wish I had a link for you! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Wow Erin, HUGE post…. so many fun ideas! You work so hard to provide so many options! Thank you so much! The Front Gate hydrangeas are beautiful but pricey even with the 40% discount….😬
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Jodey! I’m just happy this post was helpful! I agree on the faux hydrangeas.. definitely pricey (even on sale!) and they aren’t as tall as I want them to be. I’ll be looking for other options for sure this weekend. Happy Friday! xo

  4. Erin, OHMYGOSH………
    I have THE BIRDS NEST too! Mamma Bird built the nest in one of my high family room windows, under and overhang!
    She sits on the eggs quite a bit, but as of yet, no baby birds! sleeps with tail up, head in nest. We have a “BIRDS EYE VIEW” ;-)
    Years ago, in another house, I had been quite ambitious at Christmas and made a REAL evergreen wreath for EACH window on the front of the 2 story house.
    I had procrastinated (child Num.a 3 on the way)and not taken them down in a timely manor(well, actually my husband was SUPPOSED to go up the ladder for second floor, and did not)It was an early spring and then the mama bird chose to nest and SOON all the tiny babies! IN THE WREATH!
    It was WELL Past Easter when the fledglings fledged and the wreath could come down! Thank goodness that was the year I went against the grain of red and green and did soft, vintage pink bows. So kinda “Easter-ish”!
    Wish I could add a picture of the NEW nest, now, in this house w/Mamma patiently waiting!

    Erin, as far as the Frontgate trees go-they are beautiful, AND pricy, but my neighbor at our beach place, always uses that company and says the price is more than worth it for the quality and years of usage. Also, height, not that much of an issue. You can “plant” them in a footed outdoor urn. They now have the resin ones, so not so heavy and they look like cast concrete or plaster. THIS would give you many inches of height. I have one from Lowes on line, in Charcoal color. Amazon and wayfair has a selection, also.

    Happy Memorial Day to you and the lovely family!
    I just hung my flag to honor my Dad and grandfather and all who have served out country!

    1. Sharon! Oh my word.. laughing out loud about the bird in the wreath! Ha ha.. definitely good you went with Easter-ish colors that year! Love it. :) I’m so happy that you have a birds nest to watch too. We’ve had so much fun checking on them! That mom is in and out all day. And so good to know about the Frontgate trees! I don’t order a lot from Frontgate but always hear it’s good quality. Smart idea to raise them too. You are the sweetest and I love hearing from you! I hope you had the best weekend! xo

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