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Recent Fashion Favorites

Outdoor deck (Sunny Side Up)

{3-piece patio set}

Hello hello!  I hope your week is off to a good start!  I’m sharing some recent fashion favorites today, but before I do I wanted to let you know that this cute little patio set I put on our outdoor deck last summer is back in stock!  It sold out quickly last year and I kept getting questions about it so I wanted to mention that it’s back. :)

Outdoor deck (Sunny Side Up)

{best choice umbrella – on this deck/cantilever umbrella – around our pool/similar stripe rug}

Adding a little furniture set to our back upstairs deck last summer was so rewarding!  We’ve used our deck more this past year than we did in the 7 previous years we’ve lived in this house.  Our deck still looks like this other than the pillows are a little sun faded and minus the real flowers of course.  Those babies are long gone.  Ha.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

You can tell how much we’ve loved this space by Kole’s expression in the picture above.  Actually I don’t know what you can tell by Kole’s expression in the picture above.  Is he happy?  Sad?  Laughing?  Crying?  Trying not to spit out his drink?  Thinking his drink is too sour?  One of life’s mysteries we may never know.

What we do know is that it’s clearly time to move on to fashion.  (I really need to stop writing my posts after 11 pm..) 

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{picnic graphic tee/similar jeans here & here}

You all know my deep love for graphic tees and this strawberry tee that recently showed up on my doorstep is too cute for words!  I always want to put it on because it’s just happy.  Like a summer day.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{reanna slide here & here/bedroom rug}

I’ve been loving these cute slides and they are perfect with skirts, shorts, jeans, graphic tees.. any and everything.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{picnic graphic tee/similar jeans here & here/tory burch mcgraw bag/reanna slide here & here}

They also work great with my every day purse that holds all the things so winning there. :)  *Purse organization details here.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{plant your love graphic tee/similar jeans here & here/reanna slide here & here}

This is the other graphic tee I recently ordered (I think I shared these in a collage a post or two back?).  Keeping real plants alive?  Not my thing.  Wearing plants on graphic tees?  Totally my thing. :)

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{plant your love graphic tee/ag jeans/similar swift run sneaker}

I’ve already worn this twice this week!  Felt ok about it since I mixed up the jeans.  Ha.  Here are a few other Anthro graphic tees I’m pinning over below..

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{zella romper/flip flops}

As soon as our sun decides to peek out (so cool and cloudy lately!) I’ll be sporting my suit with this cute romper over it.  Just like a good graphic tee I’ve never met a black romper I didn’t love. :)  Zella is a go-to brand for me in the summer.  I really like their leggings, shorts, jackets, tanks, sports bras.  GOOD stuff for exercise and lounge wear.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{eyelet sleeve tee/zella live in joggers/slippers}

These are the Zella joggers I wear the most and they are back in stock!

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{crop henley/zella live in joggers/adidas swift run sneakers}

I have two pairs of them in black because I wear them so often and just ordered the grey.  I’ve shared this crop henley before but it’s another item that has been on repeat.

I linked all of my Zella favorites below.. most of these I own and love!

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{flutter sleeve dress/flip flops}

This flutter sleeve dress is another fun and easy to slip on item for summer.  It comes in lots of colors/patterns and could be worn dressy with heels or casual with flip-flops.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{flutter sleeve blouse/ag jeans/similar tory burch purse herehere}

I’ve always loved flutter sleeves!  This blouse is beautiful and I always get compliments on it when I wear it.  Like the flutter sleeve dress it also comes in other colors and patterns.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{moonlight dream pjs/slippers}

Do you have a “just got out of the shower” outfit?  Because I do and it’s these moonlight pjs. :)  They are so soft and comfy!  I always put them on when I get out of the shower while I get ready.  I’ve never liked going straight from the shower to my clothes.  Especially if I need to blow dry my hair.  Drying my hair is a process (which is why it usually happens only twice a week) and I like to be in something cool and comfy.  Obviously these are great summer pjs too but if you haven’t tried a “just got out of the shower” designated outfit to get ready in, I would highly recommend both the ritual and these pjs. :)

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{stripe flutter sleeve top/similar madewell necklace/ag jeans/reanna slide here & here}

Loving this flutter sleeve top for summer!  It will be so cute with jean shorts too. (Still so cool and cloudy here!)

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{stripe flutter sleeve top/linen beach pants/paily heels here & here}

I wore it a couple of weeks ago with these white linen pants and felt so nautical.  I instantly thought of What About Bob.. “Ahoy!  I sail!  I’m a sailor!”  Ha. One of our favorites. :)

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{flutter sleeve floral print/ag jeans/similar peep toe booties/similar tory burch purse here & here}

Floral tops are always fun this time of year and I almost didn’t order this because I don’t wear a lot of bright pink but I’m so glad I did!  It’s beautiful.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I love the neck tie and feminine sleeves.  It looks cute with a black pencil skirt too.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{daisy print tie front top/similar jeans here & here/paily heels here & here}

And last but not least is another recent favorite floral blouse.  You can adjust the neck tie on this.. so cute for summer!  It would look really good with white shorts too.  Fashion is so fun this time of year isn’t it!?

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Since I know you’re sick of seeing mirror selfies at this point (I certainly am!) I’ll share some pics from Mother’s Day I want to document.  It’s one gift my kids give me every year.. a picture with no complaining. :)

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{gold lanterns/candles/mirror/basket/pink pillow/floral pillow}

I actually have one child who never complains about pictures.  As soon as we finished a family shot she asked if we could get a picture with just the two of us.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

“And can we shoot lots of different pics and see what we like best mom?  Then you should take some with just El and just Kole too!”

Addison is so like me that sometimes it’s scary.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

“Great idea Ad!  Kole.. you’re up next.  Come and get a picture with just me.”  

I laughed out loud when I saw this pic.  His face tells it all!  I didn’t realize Kenny was snapping pics during our conversation.  He got everything on camera..

Not feeling another picture with mom AT ALL and just wants to get out of his church clothes.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I know your smile is in there bud.  It’s Mother’s Day.  You can do this.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Suddenly realizes this is a great opportunity to bribe mom.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Evil laugh when after serious negotiating mom finally caves on extra iPad time.

Recent Fashion Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Mutual smiles because we both got what we wanted.

And Ellie?  “Ellie.. Ellie.. my sweet 17 year old.. where are you?”

Poof!  Gone.  No chance of another picture.  Bribery isn’t even an option with that child.  Good thing I know she loves me. ;)

Motherhood!  It’s an adventure.

Every single day.



xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Recent Fashion Favorites

  1. Fun post, Erin. I hear you about the weather. I think some of your gray May migrated to my neck of the woods. It’s been pretty overcast and rainy (and snowy once) for several weeks now. Looking forward to some sun, hopefully soon. I’m not complaining too loudly as we need the moisture to ease our severe drought. You have the most fun wardrobe! The tees are great for summer. I like your flutter tops, too, especially the striped one. It looks fabulous on you. So does that pink floral top. Not that the others don’t look good, but those stood out a teensy bit more to me. Great photos with your kiddos. Especially the non posed moments. haha. Life of moms for sure. Thanks so much for sharing, Erin. I always have a smile after reading.

    1. Thank you so much sweet Jeanne! Sorry about the clouds! It is good for moisture but definitely not as fun as warm summer days! Hopefully coming soon for both of us. :)

  2. So cute… I STILL squeeze my boys’ cheeks!!! They are in their 30’s and dads themselves!! They KNOW I won’t stop. But now that they’re dads…. they get it and no longer complain !!!!
    Hang in there and KEEP SQUEEZING!!!!❤️

  3. Oh my gosh, the pics of Kole! Too prefect! And EXACTLY what Jens would do! I laughed At that first pic too, I know that look! Super cute though. I’m impressed with Ellie’s smile, and she almost got that hoodie off! So close. It’s even light gray instead of black, she is spreading her wings! Haha, love you El! She looks so cute in her darling dress. On second thought she should leave the oversized hoodie on everyday until she is 25! And of course Ad looks darling! What show does she have coming up?
    Pierce and Madi just auditioned for HS Musical! Waiting for the cast list is killer!

    1. Oh so fun Josie! Is that a summer play? We would love to see them in it! So funny.. I told El to lose her jacket for the picture and she wasn’t budging. That child has never met an oversized hoodie/jacket she doesn’t love! She cracks me up and you guys know her well. Ha. Ad is playing Belle in Beauty in a couple of weeks! She has a few she’s looking at for over the summer.. they are finally going to start performing live so we are thrilled about that. Everything has been on zoom this year. I can’t wait to see you all this summer! xo

  4. Such cute pictures with your kiddos on Mother’s Day. Addison is definitely your mini me, from the looks and personality. Question on the flat slide – do they make that floppy noise when you walk? That’s the only thing I can’t stand with slides. This one is pricey though, but definitely cute.

  5. You inspired me to switch out my Livingroom rug to the exact one you have (Nuloom Ivory with gray lines) and I can’t say enough positive things it has done for the room. It inspired me to start switching out all the rugs and what a refreshing change it has made.

    Thank you and I love your blog

    1. Oh your sweet comment made my day! YEA! I’m so happy to hear that! It’s crazy the difference a rug can make right!? Thank you for letting me know Sherilynne! It means so much to me that you enjoy my blog. :)

  6. Your family is adorable! Where did you get the dress that you wore for Mother’s Day? It is really cute.

  7. Omigosh, Kole’s face in that first pic with you had me laughing! I’m the same with putting something on straight out of the shower – I’ve always worn an “old lady” zip up short terry robe. Then I can slip in and out of it without messing up my hair or makeup, don’t get too hot, and don’t have to keep re-tieing it like most robes. Handy!

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