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Favorite Faux Flowers, Plants and Vases

{Favorite Faux Flowers, Plants and Vases – affiliate links used!}
holiday organization (Sunny Side Up)

Well!  Not sure how we’re already at Thursday this week but here we are!  Kenny has been out of town and Kole has been sick so I’m blaming my boys this week for the crickets chirping on the blog when I have so much to share with you all!  Good thing they’re both worth it. ;)   I got my Christmas decor organized and put away (no small feat!) and for those of you who have been asking for more details I gave a video tour of my small attic space off of our theatre room in IG stories.  I saved it to highlights so if you head to my IG page and click on the top highlighted story titled “theatre” you’ll can see all the details about my theatre room, DVD organization and how I organize all of my Christmas decor in my attic.  I hope it’s helpful. :)

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

Last year I gave my guest bedroom a little re-fresh and when I went to put everything back in its place this year after Christmas I was looking at the blue rug (which is honestly one of my favorites!) and I started thinking about how hidden it is in this room.  It’s mostly tucked underneath the bed and aside from the few times we have company, nobody spends time in this room other Kole.  (It’s my 9 year old’s favorite spot to watch TV and when he suddenly disappears I can usually find him under the covers in this room with his latest Netflix Pokemon show going.)

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{Inhale/Exhale Prints}

I don’t think Kole notices my beautiful blue rug much either.

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{Distressed Arabesque Blue Rug}

So I decided to move it into my dining room.  And ahh.. I’m loving it this space so much!  Isn’t the blue pretty!?  I love how it ties in with the blue from our outdoor/pool furniture and adds some life to this space.  Wondering about the books on my new/old rug?  Those would be some of Kenny’s old law school books.  They are PERFECT for smoothing out my rugs when there are bumps from having them in other spaces underneath things.  Nice and thick and heavy.  These books have saved my rugs countless times.  Good old Contracts and Constitutional Law.  Happy they are finally being put to good use. ;)

Speaking of adding life to our spaces.. I feel like that is what we are all CRAVING after the holiday decor comes down isn’t it!?

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{Loving this beautiful new white vase!  Similar white flowers here (on sale!) and here/faux pink peonies}

The BEST way to add some life to your home after the holidays (and always really!) is by adding flowers and plants throughout your home.  Of course real plants and flowers are great and I always try to add a couple here and there, but with so many beautiful realistic faux options (and limited time to water and maintain plants!) I find myself using and loving faux options more and more.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite vases, plants and faux flowers and how I’ve used them in my home if you are looking for some fun ways to bring back some life and color into your spaces!  At the end of this post I linked a round-up of old and new favorites I’ve found on-line.  Some of them I may have kind of/sort of added to my own shopping cart while I was working on this post.  Hazard of the job.  That’s also a perk. :)

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

Last Spring I fell hard for these beautiful faux pink peony bundles.  Closest I’ve seen to the real deal and they are beautiful in small groupings on their own OR put together with other bundles to create a fuller look like I did by my kitchen sink.  They come in white and light pink too.  I have all colors but the bright pink are my favorite because they add such a fun pop of color for Spring!  I also love these cute little faux basil drop-ins next to them and my stripe hand towel is on major mark down right now!

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{Butler’s pantry sources}

You can see on my butler’s pantry shelf how I just used one peony bundle in a smaller vase last Spring.

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{shouldered clear glass vase (on sale!)/pink peonies/clear jar options}

I also put together a small group of peonies in a clear vase on my island next to some real hydrangeas.  That is one of my best flower tips!  *Use a mix of real flowers with faux flowers and your faux items look even more real.  Also clear vases like the two I linked above I use again and again.

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

Here is that same pretty clear vase holding real tulips.  *A tip when buying vases – look for vases that taper smaller at the top because they require less faux flowers/branches.

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{faux potted boston fern /  kangaroo paw fernfiddle head fern}

Three of my favorite faux plants!

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

The fiddle head fern houseplants are so cute for Spring/Summer!  I used them above my range last Spring…

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

and placed others in random spots around my house.  They look so real and I love the light shade of green that seems to say “time for a new beginning!”

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{charging station}

The kangaroo potted fern also has such a realistic look to it and has been all over my house.

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{theatre room and all sources}

It’s currently living in my theatre room and I love it in my striped pot on this counter so I’m ordering one more to keep downstairs.

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

You can’t go wrong with a great set of tall white faux flowers!  I’ve had these for years and linked multiple very similar options below.  These faux dogwood branches look very similar and are on sale!

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

They look good everywhere!  These are some of the soft pink peonies in the smaller vase and my chevron vase is a long time favorite.

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{faux tree/basket}

Faux trees are another great way to add some life to your home and make great Christmas tree replacements. :)  I’m buying a new faux tree this year for my dining room and linked all of the options I’m considering right now below!

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

A great coffee table book is perfect to set next to a pretty vase and flowers on tables and shelves.  Last Fall I bought Patina Farm for a fun coffee table book and I’ve loved looking through the beautiful, inspiring pictures.

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

I found Patina Living and just got it for Spring!  Such a pretty coffee table book!  (Cut Flower Garden and Peonies are two other favorite Spring coffee table books I love.)

Favorite vases and faux flowers (Sunny Side Up)

The pops of hot pink in the book cover look so good next to these pretty peonies!  I might have to move this arrangement next to the book on my coffee table.

Nothing is safe in one spot for long in this house. :)




xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “Favorite Faux Flowers, Plants and Vases

  1. Such a pretty post! Love all the vases, greenery and flowers tucked all over your house! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing all the beauty. The rug under the table is lovely, too and look how smart it will get! ;) I sure hope Kole feels better soon. I’m finally getting over my cough, still have it some, but not near as bad. Thank goodness! Healing thoughts headed your way.

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! Ha ha.. smart rug for sure. ;) I’m so happy you are feeling better! Seriously EVERYONE is sick right now! Kole had 9 kids missing school in his class this week! Mostly the flu but luckily he just had a cold. Tis the season for rest and tissue! Hoping you are all healthy and well from here on out Jeanne! xo

  2. Everything looks beautiful and fresh after the holidays. I need to purchase some faux flowers because my kittens eat the real ones and lots of flowers can be toxic to them. How many bunches are in your arrangement over the sink?

    1. Thank you Donna! Feels nice to start with a clean slate after holiday decor doesn’t it!? That crock I’m using by my sink is really wide so I probably have 5-6 bundles of peonies in it (they come with 4 peony stems in a bundle), but normally I use vases that are smaller on top and put 2-3 bundles together. :)

  3. Gorgeous faux flowers and vases! I like how you used small baskets for the smaller faux plants. I’ll have to hunt for those. Erin, can you do a blog about how you store your Christmas beddings, throws, etc.?

    1. Thank you Debbie! Watch that IG story I mentioned! I show how I store my pillows and throws. Christmas bedding I keep in a linen closet in my bedroom. :)

  4. Erin, that rug is so beautiful! I loved it in your guest bedroom, but it is striking in the dining room. Wow! Whole new space!! So pretty. Have a great Monday!

  5. Hi, Erin! How many bundles of peonies do you have in both the kitchen vase and the table vase? Ditto with the white flowers, Thanks ever so much!

    1. Hi Laura! Ok.. every peony bundle comes with 4 stems and I have 6 stems in the navy vase on the table (so a bundle and a half!). I probably have 4-5 bundles in the large crock in my window (it’s big!) and then I have 4 stems of the white flowers in the white vase on my dining room table. I hope that helps! :)

  6. I love this post. Can you share where the wooden tray in your kitchen is from? The one with the beaded handles? Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie! Thank you so much! Unfortunately I don’t have a link for that. It was from a boutique that went out of business. If I ever see something similar I’ll for sure share it on my blog! xo

  7. I love the crock by the kitchen sink. The brown rim is such a nice contrast with the colors. Any idea where you got it.?

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