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Organization.. how to START

Back in the swing of things!  How did re-entry go for you?  We’re still adjusting around here.

putting away Christmas (Sunny Side Up)

As you can see when you find me in this picture.. ha.  I FNALLY finished putting Christmas decor away tonight.  It only took me (and a friend) 3 days.  Seriously WHY do I put so much up!?  Well.. because I love it.  Until it’s time to take it all down. ;)  But it’s done!  My house feels so bare and empty!  Part of me is sad and the other part of me is happy.  Clean.. less stuff.  A fresh slate to play with. :)

Last week on IG stories I asked people what they struggle with when it comes to home organization.  I got so many great answers but two of them seemed to pop up the most frequently.  Where to START and how to KEEP things organized.  I think we all struggle with those two things!  In fact I was feeling overwhelmed with where to start when we got home from our trip.  There are so many projects I want to tackle in 2020!  Wondering where in the world to start when we have so much we want to do can keep us from doing much of anything.  Whenever I feel overwhelmed with where to start I write a list.  (Of course I do.)  Getting ALL of our ideas/wishes for our homes out of our heads and on to paper is the best way to START.  So I made us all a printable to help.  (Of course I did.  Clearly I’m not mixing things up TOO much in the new year.) ;)

home projects printable (Sunny Side Up)

I titled this printable HOME PROJECTS because I have some things I want to organize and some things I want to update/decorate.  In a way this is a bit of a wish list so dream big!  Walk through EVERY room in your house and think to yourself “if I could do anything to this space.. what would I do?”  

home projects printable (Sunny Side Up)

I snapped this picture with my phone yesterday because I did that very thing!  I walked though every room in my house and decided what I want to organize and what I want to update.  I filled out two full pages and was laughing that I pretty much want to do some sort of updating to EVERY space in my house this year!  Kole’s bedroom and our theatre room are the only two rooms that feel DONE (decorated and organized) at the moment because I tackled those spaces last year. :)

I only left us 5 spaces per room on this printable on purpose.  I don’t want us to feel too overwhelmed with this list!  So try to just pick your top 2-5 things you would love to do in each room in your home.  Maybe they are ALL organizing items.  Or maybe certain rooms are cleaned and just need to be updated with new paint, a new rug, some pictures on the wall.. whatever!  WRITE IT ALL DOWN HERE.  It really will take away a lot of that overwhelmed WHERE DO I EVEN START feeling.


Of course after you make your list you just have to START.  Pick a room and pick one thing in that room to work on.  Just START and once you’ve checked an item off of your list you’ll be motivated to keep going!

If you have bigger projects on your list this year my CURRENT PROJECTS Printable might be a better place for you to start.

home projects printable (Sunny Side Up)

This printable is helpful when you want to break big projects down into small, manageable, easy tasks and I use it all the time when I’m overwhelmed at the beginning of a project!

home projects printable (Sunny Side Up)

Last year I used this Monthly goal page to keep me on track each month.


home projects printable (Sunny Side Up)

And this Daily Habits tracker is a great way to help establish new habits.  You can read more about these last two printables in this post and download all of these printables HERE.

I hope my printables are helpful for you this year!  It’s time to knock some things off of our lists!

As soon as I get the energy to move off of my couch and sweep up the lingering glitter all over my floor.


xoxo, Erin
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5 thoughts on “Organization.. how to START

  1. Oh my gosh, Erin! That is a LOT of stuff you had to put away. 3 days! Well, I guess it makes sense since you do make your house so Christmas beautiful ALL over the house. I applaud you and your friend’s persistence and tenacity! You are a much stronger woman than I. I probably would have just chucked it all into my car and took it to the Goodwill. LOL Seriously though, I am majorly impressed at what you accomplish in setting up and taking down Christmas. Brava!! Thanks for the printables. You are very generous. Great ideas to help us get started, too. Win, win! Hope you recover sufficiently to have a great end of your week!

  2. I love your blog and all the ideas you share Erin. I have learned and implemented many of your tips. I had a question if you can share how you organize your kids school papers etc…. I find myself with massive amounts of art work and other papers between 3 kids so if you can share in a post how you keep your kids school projects/art work organized that would be great. Ive been trying to organize them by year in this file folder storage box but was wondering if there any other ideas you can share. Thank you so much.

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