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Christmas Pajama Party

Christmas Pajama Party *affiliate links used
Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

{All Dining Room Sources/Snowflake Tree Sources/Chunky Wool Jute Rug *for more info. on my rug head to this post}

Sharing a few pics from my Christmas Pajama party I threw right before Thanksgiving break today!  I sat down with a few friends to discuss a date for my annual pj party in early November and our December weekends were already so busy that we decided to do it early.  It gave me a deadline for getting my house decorated which I loved because without a deadline I’ll just keep decorating right up until Dec. 24th.. ha. :)

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

The tables were set and candles were lit the afternoon of the party, but the rest of my house was a mess because my family had been home all morning.  I finally sent Kenny out the door with the kids two hours before the party because trying to get things clean with everyone living and eating in the house was proving to be a challenge.  I know you know what I mean. :)

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

{Seagrass Rug/Faux Fig Tree/Basket/Table Runner}

I set up extra seating in our dining nook.  I love all of the red.  So festive!

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

{Dining Nook Table Sources/my Eucalyptus Berry and Pine Garland is 40% off!}

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

I was also still doing some last minute wrapping right before the party.  Butter socks for everyone!  They are my favorite. :)

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

{Kitchen Rugs/Similar Basket}

I wrote on all of the tags “Happy Holidays Cutie” as a little personal joke.  Some of my friends give me a hard time for calling everyone “cutie.”  They always say they love it, but they love to tease me about it!  Addison has always given me a hard time about it too.  She always says “mom.. it’s fine when you call my friends cutie, but when you call your friends cutie it’s just weird.”  Is it weird?  I don’t know.  I can’t help it!  It’s just what always comes out of my mouth!  Ha ha.  So “Happy Holidays Cutie” to everyone out there. ;)

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

Two of my friends came early to help with the party prep!  My friend Katy who is an amazing cook did all of the food.  She just took right over in my kitchen slicing and dicing while I was running around fluffing pillows, lighting candles and turning on Christmas lights and music.  (The really important stuff.. ha)

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

We were so excited to try our first Charcuterie board!  (I found inspiration in this favorite book.)  Katy did an amazing job pulling it all together.  I got this farmhouse serving board from Magnolia.  Some of the reviews made me a little nervous, but I couldn’t find anything else as long as I wanted.  It is really rough!  I had to wash and oil it before we used it, but I think after a lot of use it will smooth out.  I’ll link other boards I considered and also love below.  (Shorter, but smoother boards!)

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

Katy sent me a list of things she used so I’ll add that in case any of you want to try a board like this with some of the same things.  I’ve never heard of a few of the items, but it was all so delicious!  {Cheeses: aged roth cheddar black, gouda van kaas red, triple cream brie, humboldt fog goats milk cheese, manchebo sheeps milk cheese.  We also added fig jam, dried apricots, spanish marcona almonds, mini toasts, baby sour gherkins, roasted marinated greek olives, pitted marinated green olives stuffed with blue cheese, cheese bread straws, toscano salami, calabrese salami, thin sliced prosciutto, blackberries, green apple slices, and a french baguette!}

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

A few friends started arriving so I asked Kenny to take a quick picture of us with the spread before it disappeared!

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

Which didn’t take long. :)

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

My favorite thing about this party is that it’s so low key.  Good friends, good food, lots of time to chat and catch up.

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

{Dear Santa Shirt/Striped Joggers/Butter Socks}

And of course the fact that we’re all in comfy pj’s.  That’s my most favorite part of all. :)

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

Dinner was delicious too!

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

Chef Katy is in the black star pjs and I’m making her start a cooking blog!  She is so talented when it comes to food.  We make a good party planning team because I just want to decorate and organize all the details except the food.

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

{Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Sign}

We ate, we talked, we laughed, we decided we’re starting a book club, we shared holiday traditions, we laughed and talked and ate some more.  Love these sweet friends of mine.

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)

And my sweet Kenny who was such a good blog husband and took both a horizontal and a vertical group picture.  He has been trained well and knows.  Having options is key. ;)

Christmas PJ Party (Sunny Side Up)My friends even all stayed to help clean up!  And to eat more cake.  We didn’t want the night to end.

Because Christmas pj parties are the best parties.  If you don’t believe me, host one!  You’ll see.


{Favorite Christmas PJ’s}

{Bread/Cheese Boards}

{Home Decor}

{Table Decor}

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Christmas Pajama Party

  1. Oh fun! You all looked great in your pjs and those appetizers looked delicious. So many things I’d never heard of. But then, I’m not very cultured. LOL Your tables looked amazing. You do well with your skill set and your friend with hers. You two should start up a blog on party foods and decorating! So happy for you to have been able to get together with all your cuties!

    1. I’m not very cultured either Jeanne! Kenny always laughs at me when we go to fancy dinners for his work. I’m like um.. what on this menu can I order and why can’t we just eat at Outback? Ha! It was a fun night for sure. I wish you lived closer and could join! Thanks cutie! ;)

  2. I love your blog always, Erin!! But this one is especially fun because I recognize all those beautiful faces at your party!!! And I love that you show us the “real” behind the scenes look at things!! (Makes us feel like you’re relateable!! 😉. Things get messy when you’re prepping for fun!). Thanks for the pereeks into your life and your amazing suggestions!! I’ve used them many times!! ❤️ Merry Christmas!! 🎄🌟

    1. Yea! I’m so happy you liked this post Susan! Thank you! Oh my word yes.. lots of messes before, during and after the party. That’s part of the fun right! :) You are such a sweetheart and your kind words made me so happy this morning. Thank you again and enjoy the holidays with your family! xo

    1. Thank you! We had two different soups and two different salads. I’ll have to get together with Katy and share the recipes on the blog! They were so good. Fun January post idea! xo

  3. Your party looked like so much fun, Erin! And I think it is very endearing that you call everyone “Cutie”… even call me Cutie when you respond to a comment, and I love it!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!
    Warm hugs,

    1. Ha! I do don’t I!? Cutie just comes out. ;) Thank you so much Carol! You are the sweetest and hearing from you always makes my day. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season! xo

  4. I need to do this along with your favorite things Party! Love the board spread!!!! What salad did you have for dinner? Any soup? Love all your blog posts! And Christmas gift ideas! After my own heart ❤️! Keep them coming! Merry Christmas Erin! You are so cute!
    Amy in Wisconsin 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Amy! I need to have Katy share how to make those salads and soups! I don’t know what they are called but they were all delicious. Thinking that would be a fun upcoming January post! Thank you so much for the sweet message Amy! I’m thrilled you are enjoying my posts! That makes me so happy. :) Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! xo

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