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Shiplap Dining Room Progress!

{Shiplap Dining Room Progress} *affiliate links used
Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

Popping in quickly today with an update on my dining room shiplap walls!

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

Quick recap for anyone tuning in for the first time!  I mentioned in a previous post that even though I loved the gray paint on these walls, the lighting in the front of our house where this dining room sits isn’t great and this room always looked and felt so dark to me.

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

{Sweater/Black Jeans/Booties}

Time for a little shiplap to save the day!  It’s a known cure all. ;)

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

Here’s how it looks now after some fresh white paint!  I don’t have any progress pics of the paint going up because we were in the hospital with Kole when our painters came.  I told my painter the night before that I’d leave a door unlocked for him while I was picking up kids from school and be home soon after he got there.  He called me that day at around 5:00 to see if I was coming and I was like “oh my word!  Totally forgot about paint!  We are in the ER.  Just make it look good!”  Sometimes your day just take a minor detour!

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

Luckily our painters are great guys who we know well and trust and they checked on Kole and did an amazing job.  So happy with how the paint turned out!  Honestly these pictures don’t do this room justice.  In these pics it just looks like white walls.  I know. :)  But in person there is so much texture…  the thick wide planks add so much to the room.  They stand out more than these pics show.  Plus it just brightened this space up immensely.  I wish I could have you all over to see it in person!  We need to have a shiplap soiree. ;)

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

You can see in this pic that our dining room is to the side of our front entry.   I’m going to do some walk throughs of parts of our house on IG stories as soon as I get it all decorated for Christmas!  I get a lot of questions about our floorplan so I’m hoping that will give some of you an idea of how our house is laid out.

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

So my bestie Chuck was back at our house again this afternoon!  This is an awful iPhone pic I snapped quick but I wanted to share the progress real time.  I was so excited to see these mirror frames go up today!  I’ve had my eye on them for a while.  I knew I wanted some sort of a mirror on this wall (again trying to add brightness to this space) and out of lots of options I finally decided on these Aiden Large Wall Mirrors.  I kind of laughed because I looked at SO many mirrors from so many different stores (my cute friend Tritia even found some fun options for me!) and of course I ended up choosing the one option from PB.  Not intentional!  I just can’t help myself with that store.  Admitting my problem is the first step right?

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

Talk about a transformation having mirrors on this wall!  I’m so excited about them!  This mirror actually comes in a panel of six so I bought three of them and had Chuck hang them together.  The mirrors are still filthy so better pics of this room decked for the holidays will be coming soon!  But I was too excited to show you all the progress to wait. :)  I’m keeping everything neutral for now so that I can add Christmas red and green, but after the holidays I’ll bring in some color.

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

I’m getting my table ready for guests (hosting a Christmas pajama party this month!) and I’m going to use this beautiful Euculyptus Berry and Pine Garland I shared earlier for the table.

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

I also ended up ordering two of the matching wreaths for this room.  They just came and are so pretty in person!  I’ll try to share them on IG stories soon too!  I’m trying to be better about getting on stories.  I just get so caught up doing all the things that I usually forget to film all the things. :)

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

Here’s a pic of this space last year around this time.  Off to a good start but definitely not complete!

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

{Halloween/Fall Porch}

I recently took down all of our pumpkins.  This stage is always so funny to me when my house is 50% Fall and 50% Christmas and 100% mess.

Family Room Fall Decor (Sunny Side Up)

If you are like me and have a lot of pumpkins around your house that you hate to waste I’ve always loved taking them off the porch and mantel, etc. and using them as a tablescape.

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

Toss them on your dining table with some leaves and candles and you are ready for Thanksgiving!

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

Or for just a Fall lunch/dinner with friends.

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

You can find more details on this tablescape in this Fake it Don’t Bake it post I wrote last year.  You can also find a quick easy dessert that was obviously faked and not baked. :)

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

Getting so excited for Thanksgiving!  I love spending time at my moms with family and look forward to it for months.  My mom and I wait to watch all the good Hallmark Christmas movies together while the guys are watching Football.  My mom watches them all first in Oct/Nov and weeds out the cheesy ones and after some back and forth discussion on the phone she records the best picks for us.  And I know.  ALL Hallmark Christmas movies are cheesy.  But some are a little less cheesy and more enjoyable than others and we have our favorites.  I might need to make a spreadsheet to share with you all.  We take our Hallmark Christmas movie watching marathon pretty seriously.

It’s intense.

Shiplap Wall Dining Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

In fact we take all of our Christmas festivities pretty seriously around here.  I woke up to this scene today.  Someone was up at the crack of dawn (hello time change!) and got into the Santa hats and stamps to keep himself entertained until everyone else woke up.  Made me smile.  :)

It also reminded me that while I miss certain things about having little kids.. having older kids who entertain themselves early in the morning instead of waking mom up is pretty awesome.

Almost as awesome as shiplap and new wall mirrors and Hallmark Christmas movies.



xoxo, Erin
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40 thoughts on “Shiplap Dining Room Progress!

  1. Thanks for sharing the progress, Erin. It’s looking really good. You have a great eye for design. It’s going to be fun to see how your decorating comes together this year. :) Love the picture of Kole. What a good kid and hopefully, he is fully recovered from what caused his trip to the ER that day. As for Hallmark Christmas movies…I don’t think I’ve seen too many yet. But my most favorite one so far is called The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and it has Henry Winkler in it. I just love his character and the chemistry he has with the mail lead. Please share your favorites! Good luck getting your house ready for Christmas! I know you can do it. :)

    1. Jeanne that is hands down one of our favorites! I totally agree.. it’s such a fun one! I have it recorded and watch it all the time! Good background when I’m working on a post. ;) Thanks cutie! My house looks like a bomb went off today but it always gets bad before it gets good with Christmas decor.. right? :)

  2. Please post a Hallmark Christmas movie list!!! My sister and I do the same thing with weeding movies out for each other!

  3. Love the walls! The dining room will be perfect for the holidays! Question about your built-ins…we have similar ones in our 1920’s house and I’ve always wanted to add lights in there but are your shelves glass so the light trickles down or are there multiple lights in the cabinet? Ours are wooden shelves so trying to figure out the best way to light them and hide the lights and wires! Thanks!

    1. Thank you Caroline! So happy you like it! Our electricians put in these small round lights underneath the top of the cabinet shelf! Kind of hard to explain. If you want to e-mail me your cell phone number I’ll text you a picture of them! :)

  4. Your “new” dining room just looks SO festive Erin with all of the greenery and your new mirrors on the shiplap wall! Eeek! Love!

  5. Oh my, that is such a precious pic of your little guy! LOVE LOVE LOVE the shiplap….your dining room is looking amazing, and I cannot wait to see it in all it’s Christmas glory!
    Warm hugs,

  6. It looks amazing Erin!! I wish I had a fraction of your mad decorating and design skills! Excited to see it in person some day! LOVE the pic of Kole, so cute
    He got out the Santa hat! Let’s get dinner over Thanksgiving on the calendar! Text me and let me know how long you’re here for, we should be pretty open!

  7. The room looks so much lighter I love it!! I also love seeing Christmas coming at your place I’m feeling totally justified in pulling mine out too now! ;) Who wouldn’t want to start the most wonderful time of the year early?!! Thanks for your blog you always brighten my day. As a fellow organisation addict I always love your ideas and seeing everything so cute and sorted! Have a great day :)

    1. Abby your sweet comment made my day! Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you like the dining room and yes! I say pull that Christmas stuff out if it makes you happy! Most wonderful time of the year can’t come soon enough over here. :) Thanks again! So sweet of you! XO

  8. Brilliant to leave the gray color in the tray area. Really defines it! And those mirrors…..I’m dying. My entire house is gray and white with some shiplap so I love seeing what you’re doing in yours.

  9. Oh Erin I can already see your dinning room all deck out for Christmas with all of that shiplap. I am in love with the mirrors. Wish I could be there to watch Hallmark movies with you. They are one of my favorite things about this season. Tell your mom I said hi. So glad to see Kole doing so well! xo

    1. I will Cathy! Thank you! I wish you and your sweet daughter could come over for a Hallmark movie party! I have no doubt the 4 of us would get along famously. :) xo

  10. Erin everything is coming together so nicely. Just live what you have done with the shiplap to this room. How many times can I say “I want this”? 😆. Where did you get your charcoal chairs at the office table?


    1. You are the sweetest Melessia! Thank you! I’m so happy you like it. :) Those office chairs were from Home Goods years ago! I originally bought them for our kitchen counter but it was too much grey with my grey islands so they moved to the office. :) I’ve seen some that are similar at Crate and Barrel if that helps! xo

  11. Its looking so pretty Erin! I get the obsession with PB. Lol! I could live in that store. There products are great quality,unique and beautiful. Its the first store/catalog/on line I browse when decorating any room! I love ALL their sister stores too.
    We may need a PB anonymous group. Lol

  12. Love it all! Could you please ask your carpenter the exact kind of material he uses to create the planked wall?
    Thanks in advance!

  13. Wow, I love the addition of the shiplap!!!! Your dining room was beautiful before, but now it’s stunning!!!! I can’t wait to see your dining room and the rest of your house decked out for Christmas. Your house is my design inspiration for our house. Would you share the details/specifics on the shiplap? I want to add it to our house somewhere, but I don’t even know where to look or what to look for.

    1. Hi Katie! Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you love it all! The shiplap is MDF and I went with 7 inches wide on these walls. I think my carpenter got it at Dixieline but I know you can get planks at places like Home Depot too! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  14. Hi Erin! I been following since you leave in your other house. I love your house!. I know for what you mention ed you live in San Diego Is it possible you could give me your carpenter phone number . I would love for him to do some work in my house. I live in Santa ana and maybe he could be interested or recommend me someone else. i will appreciate it.

    Liz Puccio

    1. Hi Liz! Thank you for reading for so long! That means so much to me! Unfortunately my carpenter isn’t taking on any new jobs/clients. He had a bad accident last summer and is slowing down because of it. So sorry about that!

  15. Hi Erin,
    I have looked through your website/blog and can’t find the source for your high back chairs at your dining table.
    Any chance you could quickly share with me please? This is exactly what I’m looking for :)
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!
    xo your biggest Canadian fan!

  16. Can you please share your shiplap paint brand, color and finish please? I love it and have always wanted to replicate it. We just had our home built and am looking forward to having a few shiplap walls too. Thanks.

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