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Fall Living Room Decor

Happy Thursday everyone!  I’m so glad my Christmas decor post was helpful for so many of you!  I got a lot of questions about my favorite Christmas trees.  I totally forgot to round up some good trees for you so I’ve added those to the bottom of my last post if you are looking for a new tree this year.  I’ve had my eye on a few of the trees I shared.  I do NOT need one more Christmas tree in this house.  But I figure once you get past a certain number of trees.. what difference does one more make?

Let’s not ask for my husband’s opinion on that question. ;)

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

As promised we are back to all things Fall today!  I kept my Fall decor really simple in our living room but have loved the dark, rich colors.

*affiliate links used

Summer Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

You can see pics of what this room looked like over the summer here.

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

I love that I can switch out my pillows and add a few seasonal items and get a whole new look in this space.   Change is good!  Well.. some change is hard and scary, but when the change I’m referring to is simply about new throw pillows in different colors.. change is good.

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

{Chesterfield Sofa/Fringe velvet Pillow Covers/Washed Velvet Pillow Covers/Pom Pom Throw – back in stock!}

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

{Madewell Balloon Sleeve Sweater/Tear Drop Earrings (that are so cute but hiding in my hair!)/ Jeans}

I switched out our Summer pictures for pictures in pumpkin patches and leaves.  Rotating family pictures is such a simple way to decorate for the seasons and my kids love seeing older pictures like this displayed.  I do too.  So many good memories.  I love getting our photos off of the computer and out where we can enjoy them.

Trick or Treat Halloween Banner (Sunny Side Up)

This Trick or Treat wall of Halloween pics in the hallway on the other side of our house is always fun this time of year too.  I have to admit that I don’t have it up yet this year!  My shiplap wall still looks like this.  Since Halloween is next week I think we are just going to bag it this year and move on to the next holiday.  October flew this year didn’t it!?  (You can see this shiplap wall through the seasons here.)

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

Sorry.. I keep getting sidetracked with other displays and cute earrings.  Back to pics of the formal living room. :)

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

{Chair/Navy Bliss Throw/Pheasant pillow (on sale!)/Faux Pumpkins (on sale!)/Similar mirror here and here}

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

{Similar Branches/Silver Tray/Cotton Wool Blend Sweater (40% off!)/ Jeans}

I was having the hardest time styling these bookshelves!  Sometimes they just come together quickly and other times they go through several hot mess stages before they come together.

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

I didn’t have time this month for several hot mess stages, so I just kept them really simple with books, doughbowls and mini white pumpkins.  “Busy mom shelf styling 101.”  I should write a book.

The only problem is that busy moms don’t have time to read books.  Ha. ;)

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

My O Holy Night Christmas sign is about to finally make sense in this room again.

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

Simple, cozy Fall decor.

Fall Decor Formal Living Room (Sunny Side Up)

The best.  You know what else I love about Fall?  Aside from the obvious fun things that come with this time of year.  It feels slower and calmer to me.  Not necessarily slow and calm.  I don’t know that you ever feel slow and calm when you have kids, right?  But slower and calmer than other months.  Kids are back in a good routine with school and it doesn’t feel as full of activities as the Spring and Summer sometimes do.  It gets busy over the holidays, but during the Fall there is this really nice calm before the storm.  I love that.  Do you feel that too?  We seem to have more time to just enjoy simple every day things and each other.  Maybe it’s just the way our schedule always seems to work out.  But whatever it is.. I’ll take it. :)


xoxo, Erin
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26 thoughts on “Fall Living Room Decor

  1. I think you posted the wrong cream sweater….could you please share details on where you found the one you’re wearing in this post? So cute!

    1. Hi Kate! Thank you! I just checked the links and they are right! I’m wearing 2 different cream sweaters in this post. The sweater I’m wearing in the picture next to the gallery wall might be sold out in cream! I have the link underneath it (it’s a Madewell sweater). You can also click on the picture of the sweater at the very bottom of my post! You should see pictures of both of the sweaters I’m wearing at the bottom of the post. Let me know if you are still having a hard time finding it! xo

  2. This room is SO beautiful and cozy…year round! I love how you can switch up pieces here and there and get a whole new look, as you said. Just gorgeous! Our master bedroom is gray, burnt orange, and navy and I am inspired to check out a few pieces you shared to use as décor in there. Thank you, as always, for sharing! Can’t wait to see Christmas in there!! :D

    1. Oh that sounds beautiful Genelle! You might need to send me a picture of that.. so pretty for a master! Thank you sweet friend! Your comment made me so happy. :) I’m thrilled you like it! xo

  3. Your home is so cozy and inviting! What lucky kids (and husband) you have that you’re so good at creating a warm, beautiful place for them to live!

    1. What a kind thing to say Michele! Thank you! I think it’s time I reminded them! ;) Seriously such a sweet comment.. you made my day! xo

  4. I love fall colors in your space! I have a question, since in my culture we don’t have two separate living rooms: do you actually use the formal one for receiving business guests, avon ladies etc., and family room is only used by your family? This really intrigues me so I would love to hear it first hand! Have a nice weekend! :)

    1. Thank you Sana! That’s a good question! To be honest when we built our house I didn’t want a formal living room! It doesn’t get used as much for sure. But we wanted our main living areas (kitchen, family room) away from the front door and not what you walk right into when you come into the house so we ended up adding it to the plans. We do use it for guests who come just to visit, but also sometimes our family splits up! The boys will be watching football in the family room so the girls and I will go in the living room to read or talk, etc. The family room is the main hang out and then this room is used once in a while. :) Enjoy your weekend too! xo

  5. I love how the colours of the pillows and the colours from the photos just pop together – every season!!
    Beautiful Erin!!!

  6. I really like how you mixed orange and navy together. I bought those soft throws based your recommendation and I use the navy during the summer and now switched to the orange throw for fall. The problem is my hubs and I fight over the throw whenever we sit down and watch TV. Even though there’s other throws in the room we both want that particular throw. So maybe I can have the navy and the orange in the room together during this fall and it will solve our selfishness problem. LOL!

  7. I’m so envious of your gorgeous home and decor!! Everything is beautiful, but still homey. I wondered if you could share where the frames on your Shiplap board are from. Thanks!

    1. Such a sweet thing to say Christen! Thank you! Those wooden frames were from a local San Diego store. I linked to some that are similar at the bottom of this post! xo

  8. Hi! Love your blog, but I’m having trouble subscribing. I’ve put my email in and it says I should receive an email confirmation, but I haven’t. Help! 😜

    1. Oh no! So sorry about that Holly! Have you checked your junk mail? The conformation might have gone there! Look and see and if not shoot me an e-mail and I’ll see if I can add you manually. :)

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