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Simple Spring Decor Updates

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  Ours was nonstop.  Had a birthday party for my son (my baby is 8.. cue the tears!), dance classes for El, theatre for Ad, a Costco run, dinner with friends, packed for an upcoming trip, got the house ready for guests and took these pics and wrote this post… ha.  I’m tired!  But happy.  All good exhausting things. :)

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Spring Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

I’m joining blog friends today for some fun Spring decor!  If you’re visiting from Krista at the Happy Housie (love her!) hello and welcome!  I’ve been slowly adding simple Spring decor updates throughout my home.  I love getting things clean, organized and updated this time of year!  Spring always feels like a fresh start doesn’t it!?  I usually fall into a bit of a slump after the holidays (this year was especially bad with my knee surgery!).  March is always the month I feel more like myself again.  I get motivated to tackle projects and get things done!  Spring feels like a fresh start doesn’t it?

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)My powder bathroom got a few small updates starting with a new coral rug!  And yes.. it’s the same rug as the navy and grey that I rotate through this bathroom.  I absolutely love it (so soft!) so when PB came out with it in coral I was all over it. :)

 (I get lots of questions about keeping these white rugs clean – I do wash them in my washing machine and they come out spotless!  I have a large washer/dryer and the largest size rug so just make sure your washer can handle the size, but they do wash well!  I lay them out to dry.)

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

I usually keep fresh flowers in this bathroom during the Spring/Summer, but because this season is especially busy for our family I’ve had “low maintenance” in mind while I decorate.  Which usually means faux flowers vs. real. :)

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

I shopped my house for a few things and ended up going with all white vases.  I love white decor in bathrooms and kitchens!  Makes everything feel clean. :)  The trick when decorating with a lot of white (or any time you repeat the same color) is to mix up the textures.  The texture on these vases add so much to the room and keep things from looking bland. The faux cherry blossoms are long time favorites that you’ve seen rotate around my house a time or two. :)

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

Still in love with my Anthro towels and ladder.

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

Simple updates.  Always fun to mix things up for a new season!

Spring Tour! (Sunny Side Up)

I’m sure we’ll be back to the navy rug and fresh flowers for Summer. :)

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

My shiplap display wall got a little Spring update too!  I was so torn on what to do on my planked display wall for this season and finally just decided to print random 8×10 family pics.  Our birthdays are all stacked this time of year (El in Jan.. me and Kole in March.. and Ad in May) so at one point I was thinking I’d highlight each child with their own wall of pictures.  But then my “low maintenance” mantra kicked in and I decided to just fill the planked wall with family pictures that represent us all and call it good!

I’m kind of liking the new low maintenance me. ;)

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

I get so many questions about this shiplap wall so I’m going to do a post with all of the details soon for those of you who are newish to my blog!

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)


Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

Here’s a closer look at the pictures.  You guys!  I’ve been having quite the weekend with Kole’s birthday party and going through so many old pics.  I’ve teared up more times than I want to admit!  I remember all of these moments like they were 10 minutes ago.  I know a lot of you do too!  Some of you have been with me since Kole was born or before.  Seeing my kids grow up on this blog is aging us all. ;)

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

{Bosworth Printed Wool Rug (on sale!)/Coral Celine Throw/Woven Araya Pillow/Embellished Shape Pillow}

The mudroom got a few small Spring updates too!

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

I loved this coral throw and these pillows so much from my family room that I decided to do the same thing in the mudroom.  I always buy multiples of things I really love!  Can’t seem to kick that habit but it’s all good because I’m not sure I really want to. :)

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

We got this Bosworth runner soon after Christmas and I have loved it so much!

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

Perfect for a high traffic area because it hides dirt so well.  It’s really soft, completely low maintenance and it’s marked down for a great price right now!

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

I’m tempted to buy it in a larger size for another room in my house.  #doublesagain #cantstopwontstop

Simple Spring Updates (Sunny Side Up)

My kids love it too.  Wanna know what else we love?  SPRING BREAK!  That’s right Addison.. empty and hang up that backpack.  We are DONE with school for a week.  Such a nice feeling.  I need a break from the homework!  El and I wrote a seven page history paper last week that about did me in..

(On a sidenote.. Ad walked into the mudroom mid photoshoot today and hung up her stuff and I just kept taking pics and then she walked out of the room and didn’t even look at me or think a thing of it.. ha!  #blogkid)

If you are new to my blog I shared my family room and kitchen decked for Spring a couple of weeks ago!

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

And good news!  MY NEW FAUX FIG IS BACK IN STOCK!  It sold out so quickly.  Great price on a very real looking faux fig tree.  I bought it originally for my husband’s office, but liked it so much I put it in our family room and moved this one I also love into his office.  Perfect if you’re all about low maintenance this Spring too. ;)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

You can see lots of pics of these spaces and all sources HERE.  And if you’re ready to update your wardrobe for Spring (or your kids!) I’ve got you covered too. :)  {Favorite Spring Fashion/Favorite Kids Spring Swimsuits and Fashion.}

You can also download a printable with ALL of the paint colors throughout my home HERE.  (Thrilled with the e-mails coming in that it is helping so many of you btw!  It’s like one big paint party.) :)

Next up on the Spring tour is Bre at Rooms for Rent!  Such a treat!  You’ll love Bre and her stunning home.  I’ll add links to other fun tours at the bottom of this post.  I hope you enjoy all of the Spring decorating inspiration!  Such a great time of year to update our homes.

Wishing you a slump free low maintence Spring!  In my opinion.. that’s the very best kind.




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xoxo, Erin
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48 thoughts on “Simple Spring Decor Updates

  1. Looking awesome! Happy birthday to Kole. Saw your IG story about his party (don’t really comment on IG stories, although, I guess I could). I think he was a toddler when I started following you. And I never commented at first. Just enjoyed quietly-maybe you wished I quiet down again, haha, with some of my silly comments, haha!). Hard to believe he’s 8 already! So grown up! The photo wall looks wonderful. Great family photos. Your updates look wonderful. I love how shiny your counters are. :) The faux flowers in the bathroom look gorgeous. Heck, your whole house looks gorgeous. I could admire it all day. :) Enjoy your spring break! You’ve earned it. Hopefully you get some down time. We had a competition on Saturday, another one next Saturday and have to work Bingo on Wednesday night. Other than that, no school obligations! Whoo to the hooo! :) Have a fantastic week!

    1. Yea for a break from school! Thank you so much Jeanne! Nah.. I like hearing from you! Your witty commentary always makes my day. :) I could go for some Bingo Wednesday night! Sounds like a party. :) Enjoy sweet friend! xo

  2. Oh, Erin, I love love LOVE all the touches of coral sprinkled around your gorgeous home! It’s just stunning against the soft grey tones. And that bathroom countertop – omg I’m drooling!

  3. Erin, I love these spring updates! Your home is so gorgeous and your mudroom is to die for! I love that photo art you made too. Such a great idea!
    Hugs, Jamie

  4. Looks so nice and springy! It is so cold here it’s crazy! I am so over winter and snow. I want to open my windows and feel warm air. Spring is almost here hopefully. I love the coral accents it looks great! It’s just enough color. You always do such a beautiful job! I always enjoy all of your posts! 🌺

  5. I love your fresh and chic home decor and I’m running to check out that faux fig tree! It’s gorgeous! Everything is lovely! Enjoy your week off of school. We are out this week too and I’m so glad for some free time.

    1. Thank you Laura! So thoughtful of you to stop by! I feel the same way. Beyond ready for a break! I hope you enjoy your free time! It never lasts long enough does it!? xo

  6. It’s beautiful! I always enjoy your shiplap art wall and your kitchen and breakfast nook are my favorites , too. I get the kids aging part. Christmas 2017 we had our first boyfriend spending the holidays at our home and it wasn’t just the four of us. As I went to pick up Old Chicago pizza for a Christmas Eve gathering, I cried in the car. I felt so stupid. I mean we really like both of our daughters’ boyfriends, but I said goodbye to Christmas with just our family. And that’s life…

    1. Lisa! Hearing about your Christmas Eve breakdown made me want to cry! Not stupid at all and I would have felt the same way. The end of an era. Life for sure but that doesn’t make it any easier. I wish I could give you a hug! I might be calling when we are going through the same thing. No doubt it’s right around the corner. Thank you for your sweet words about my shiplap wall and kitchen/breakfast nook! So sweet of you! xo

  7. Beautiful spring updates, Erin! I absolutely love your home and your pops of coral and blues for spring are gorgeous! So glad you could join us, and enjoy Spring Break!

  8. Love the Spring home tour Erin! I actually just got a chance today to do a much needed deep clean around the house & pull out my Spring decor. Like you, I basically shopped the house this year except for a few small additions. Happy belated birthday to Kole! It’s hard to believe that he is 8 years old. I started following your blog when he was born and the very first post I ever read here was actually written by your husband. So glad to have spent the past few years keeping up with you and your family. Your home and organizational skills are #goals for me. :) Take care!

    1. Thank you so much Shannon! Nothing like shopping the house for a few new additions right!? Sometimes just using old things in new ways makes all the difference. :) And I know! I seriously can’t believe Kole is 8! Time really flies doesn’t it? It means so much to me that you have been with me that long! Thank you!! People like you who started reading so early feel like family to me. :) xo

  9. So beautiful!! I was wondering where the coral flowers are from? And where you got the grey/white striped wingback chair for your family room? Thank you!

    1. Thank you Kristen! Those flowers were from Crate and Barrel last Spring and the chair was from Pottery Barn. I’m not sure if they still carry either of those items though! xo

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