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Kids’ Spring Fashion

Kids Spring FashionIt’s that time of year!  Spring is here for some of us and right around the corner for others.  We can all taste WARM can’t we!?  I’m sharing some kids’ Spring fashion with you all today.  Woot woot!  It’s always around March when I like to update my kids’ closets. :)

*This post is sponsored by Nordstrom/affiliate links used.


{Closet tips/tricks}

They are usually growing out of last year’s Spring/Summer clothes and it’s time to clean closets, purge, organize and then shop for a few new things!  (I love the whole process..) :)

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

{Slab Island Board Shorts/Lennox Stripe Board Shorts}

Our Spring Break is coming soon and we are heading on a fun trip so swimsuits were at the top of my list this year.  I have so much going on right now with the kids (honestly this Spring just might do me in!) so I made things really easy on myself and just ordered everything on-line from Nordstrom.  They have SO many cute things in right now for Spring.  (I shared a lot of my recent favorites in my last post!)  Plus with their free shipping/easy returns I don’t have to carve out time to go to the mall.  I got Kole the cute board shorts above.. one size down was perfect!  (He’s about to turn 8 and they are size 6.. he’s on the skinny side but I’ve found these types of board shorts usually run a little big.)

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

I also got him this white All Day Unity Rashguard that will go with any suit he’s wearing.  I’m all about making the sunscreen process is easier!  I have a couple more suits I’m sharing pics of below that are sitting in my on-line cart.  My kids’ summer wardrobe basically consists of swim suits so I try to stock up in the Spring when all the cute suits are out.  They get picked over quickly and then it’s hard to find something I like in the right size.

My favorite suits for boys..

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

Kole begged me to let him water to try out his new suit.  It’s one of his favorite things to do.. our plants love him. :)

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

Every Spring I pick up a couple more of these Tucker and Tate Ribbed Waist Utility Shorts for Kole.  These have been staples for years!  He likes things that are comfortable and these are soft and cinch at the waist.

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

He also loves these Dry Elite Basketball Shorts.

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

And of course every year he grows he gets a new SmartCare Dress Shirt for church.  WHY do they not make all shirts for boys/men like these!?  Absolutely no wrinkling.. it’s my favorite!  We also love these Woven Jogger Pants and these grey Chino Pants.  I like that both options can be dressed up for church or going somewhere nice or worn more causally with a shirt/sweater.  I’ll also link my favorite shoes for Kole!  These Vans and these Asics have been our recent favorites and I just ordered him these Adidas shoes to try.  Every Spring/Summer we get him a new pair of Natives.  So perfect for all water activities and just running around in the sun.  And of course time to stock up on socks and underwear. :)

Favorites for my little buddy..

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

Kole made a new little buddy at church who follows him around… the sweetest!

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

{Front Embroidered Sweatshirt (Ad’s favorite!)/Similar Hudson Jeans/Similar Leggings/Similar Uggs}

Ready to move on to girls!?  Oh my middle schoolers!  They are so much fun right now.  And so exhausting all at the same time.

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

{El – Similar Leggings here/here/Vans Old School Sneakers}

They are so full of personality.  And attitude (good and bad!).  And energy.  And laughter.  And tears.  And drama.  And quiet.  And carefree.  And stress.  And happiness.  And frustration.  The best way I can describe this phase with my girls is by comparing it to a roller coaster!  I always picture the grandma on Parenthood during the roller coaster scene.. enjoying the chaos while the dad is about to throw up.  I strive each day to be like that grandma!  To look at the big picture and not get caught up in the day to day exhaustion of the ups and downs.

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

Ad and I were so excited when we found this Kira Cover-Up Dress!  It’s a cover-up that she can wear over her swim suit all summer, but with a tank underneath it also makes a darling top for school.  Such pretty material and I love the color.

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

{Cover-up  Dress Shirt/Hudson Dolly Skinny Jeans}

Girls Favorites..

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

{Emoji One Piece Swimsuit/Smocked One Piece Swimsuit}

She picked out these two darling swim suits for our trip (love that emoji suit and the smocked suit fits her so cute!) and I have a couple more I’m giving the girls for Easter.  I could NOT get over the swimsuit selection at Nordstrom this year for girls!  They are all so darling!  Really hard to choose.

Favorite swimsuits for girls..

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

Nordstrom is also carrying some beautiful dresses for Spring!  I love getting my girls a new dress every year around Easter.  I got Ad this Print Handkerchief Dress last year (it’s back in stock!) and she has worn it so much!  We love it on her.

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

She often wears it with a cute little cardigan (similar here) to church or if it’s cooler outside.  Not sure why this is the chosen pose..

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

but if my kids will let me take a picture of them I’ll take what I can get. :)  Nordstrom also has so many darling sandals in for Spring!  I’m debating between a few paris for Easter and just can’t decide.  I want them for me too!

Favorite Spring dresses and shoes for girls..

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

She also wears a denim jacket over her dresses often and it always looks so cute.  Ad and one of her besties at a school presentation yesterday.  These two girls have big plans of going to college and traveling the world together someday!  They’ve planned it all right down to the furniture in their apartment.  Including the pictures of their moms over their beds.  That might have been my idea…

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

{Ad’s Favorite Jogger Pants/Coral Throw}

Dresses are fun, but my kids are just like their mom and want to be in comfy pjs or sweats the second their home!

I’ve been able to spend some one on one quality time with each of my three kids over the past month and have really enjoyed it.  They are growing so quickly!  I wish every day that I could freeze time with them.  So proud of all they are doing and who they are becoming.

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

If I look a little disheveled in this pic it’s because I was.. a field trip with a bus load of second graders will do that to you!  Worth it to see this boy so happy.  He hasn’t quite hit the age where mom isn’t cool so I’m living it up.  He has lots of “girlfriends” but tells me “don’t worry mom.. you’re still my favorite.”  Whew.  Not ready for that to change.

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

Dinner with my mini me.  Ad is starring as Ariel in the play The Little Mermaid soon!  I always wanted to be Ariel growing up so I’m vicariously living through her. ;)  So proud of how hard this girl works!  And of how good she is to help me with house work and her little brother.  She is always thinking of others.

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

Dinner with my other mini me!  El starts High School next year!  I just can’t even believe it.  When I stop and think about the fact that in four years she’ll be going away to college a huge lump starts to form in my throat and I have to push the thought aside and not let myself go there.  I can’t even begin to imagine not having this sweet girl in our home every day.  She is so full of creativity and love and kindness.  Parents are always telling me what a kind, thoughtful girl she is and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

When I was growing up my mom used to brag about me and my siblings to total strangers in random places like the grocery store.  She’d say to the checker “this is my daughter Erin and she got straight A’s last semester!”.. or “You should see this girl dance!”.. or “My daughter’s on the Homecoming royalty!”.. whatever was going on in my life.  I absolutely HATED it.  Like I wanted to crawl under a rock and die when she did that.  So I vowed that I would NEVER do that to my kids.

And I don’t.  I don’t brag about them to random strangers in the grocery store.

Nope.  Would never do that.

Instead I brag about them here.  To the handful of people who read my blog.

So MUCH better.


Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Spring everyone!

Kids Spring Fashion! (Sunny Side Up)Here’s to enjoying the roller coaster.

*Huge thank you to Nordstom for sponsoring this post!  So grateful for their huge selection and great customer service.  It saves me with my busy family of five. :)  


xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Kids’ Spring Fashion

  1. Such a fun and sweet post, Erin. Your kids look so happy and full of personality. But boy do I know about the rollercoaster! I like your perspective and the reference to Parenthood is a great one. I forgot about that scene! Good reminder for sure. :) You are such a good mom. They are definitely growing up so fast! Once high school hits, it feels like life hits warp speed. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! :) Thanks so much for sharing! :) Have a great weekend! Hugs

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I hear that all the time! That once high school hits it all just flies! We are already feeling that this year. The days are so busy and I can’t believe it’s already the end of March! Didn’t we just put Christmas away!? Crazy. A roller coaster for sure. :) I hope you enjoyed your weekend! xo

  2. Love hearing about your kids and what they are up to. I have 2 girls (16 and 13) and a boy (10) too. Thanks for sharing your cute wardrobe pics and fun photos.

    1. Thank you so much Jennie! Sounds like we are living very similar lives! You are just a couple of years ahead of me. I hope the teen years are treating you ok! :) xo

  3. Hey Erin! My little guy is the same size as Kole. What size did you order for the white rash guard? I’m about to place my order too but don’t know if I should get the size 7 or 8.

    1. Hi Brenda! I got Kole a size 8! It’s a little big on him, but I wanted room for him to grow. I feel like I can get away with larger tops, but the bottoms will slide right off of him if I don’t size down! You would probably be fine with a 7 or 8.. the 7 will just be more fitted. :)

  4. Last night Erin, I went into my 5 year old daughters bedroom to check on her before I went to sleep. And there she was, fast asleep 😴 But she had changed out of her pyjamas and was now wearing clothes. I smiled and thought of you and your son. When my daughter came out to the kitchen this morning, she announced, she was already dressed for the day and that she was a genius. I laughed and wondered if maybe she has been checking out your blog! Have a great day

    1. Carolyn! Oh my word.. this made me crack up! That is hilarious! Sounds like she and Kole would be fast friends. Ha! He still does that! I can get him to wear pj’s (with lots of bribing) during the holidays but that’s about it. I think the two of them need to meet up. Maybe they’re on to something.. ;) Thanks for telling me that! I told Kenny and we were both laughing about it.. :) xo

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