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Favorite Christmas Decor!

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

Happy weekend everyone!  Does this picture above make you excited or scared or annoyed?  Ha!  I find that when I start sharing Christmas decor early I usually get one of the three responses. ;)  Don’t worry!  I’ll be back to pumpkins in my next post.  Lots of them. :)

Today I’m sharing my annual round of up my favorite Christmas decor with you!  I usually put up this post after Halloween but I’ve had so many requests to do it earlier this year!  And I totally understand.  The good stuff often sells out quickly!  Some of the things I’ve ordered for Christmas this year are already backordered.  So today I’m sharing some favorites I have that are back in stock and some new things I’m loving this year.  Yea!  BRING IT ON.  Clearly I fall into the “excited” category.  I could talk Christmas decor ALL year long. :)

*If you’re in a hurry I’ve linked LOTS of favorites at the end of this post.  A lot of this stuff is on sale this weekend.. yea!  (Affiliate links used.)  

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. one of my most asked about items last year and they sold out FAST.  These little lit birch trees that light up are back in stock!

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

I put them on my mantel and on end tables.. they look darling however you use them and look so cozy lit up at night!  Another item I get so many questions about every year are these striped stockings and I found some that are so similar!  Aren’t these Candy Cane Striped Stockings adorable!?  A great price too.

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

Of course I’m a huge fan of these little plaid reindeer and can’t wait to pull them out again!  I also picked up this Cozy Knit Ivory Garland last year and love the texture it added to my tree.

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

This Magnetic Santa Advent Calendar was one of my favorite new decor items last year and it’s back in stock.

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

And you guys!  My Fa-la-la glitter garland banner is finally back!  I can’t even tell you how many people ask about this banner each year and right after I bought it a few years ago it sold out and I haven’t seen it since.  It’s finally back in stock!  So excited about that because I know so many of you wanted one.  You can get it here and it’s a great price.  YEA! :)

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

An oldie but goodie is back in stock!  Every year I think I’m going to do something different with my range for Christmas but I just can’t quit my favorite It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year sign. (On sale right now!) :)

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

Here are a few things I ordered for this year that just came in!  I’ve wanted these jumping reindeer sheets for years and am so excited to deck out one of our bedrooms for the holidays with them!   I also got the Merry Bright pillow cases and this red Cable Knit Fringe Throw that’s on sale (comes in grey and cream too!).  Cozy red throws are my favorite for the holidays. :)

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

I was searching for some new garland this year and found and ordered three favorites.  This Faux Mixed Pine and Cedar Garland, this Faux Lit Garland (that’s backordered and hasn’t come yet) and I ordered two of this Eucalyptus Berry and Pine.  I’m kind of picky with greenery and these three past the test.  Love them all!

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

My magnolia garland is so beautiful and is back in stock!

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

Can’t wait to deck my staircase again.  My kids need to start cutting snowflakes!

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

My favorite Merry hand towels are back!

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

So are these cute red stockings that hold silverware.  Love little details like that. :)

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)

This fur stag pillow has sold out quickly the past two years so if you want that one I wouldn’t wait!  My Hamilton Plaid Pillow, Pom Pom Knitted Throw and this faux fir tree skirt are other favorites I’m excited to pull out again.

Favorite Christmas Decor! (Sunny Side Up)The McKinley Plaid Pillow and this red Merry Lumbar Pillow are other favorites.  There are so many cute new Christmas pillows out this year!  I’ll link some of my favorites below.  I told myself last year that I couldn’t buy one more Christmas pillow.  EVER.  But I also told myself last year that I couldn’t buy any more purple skittles and that I would start cooking healthy meals 4 nights a week.  You can all guess how that went.

This year I’m not making myself any promises.

Alright friends.. here is a round-up of my favorite Christmas decor that I’ve seen so far.  I hope it’s helpful to those of you planning your holiday decor.  Happy almost decking the halls!














xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas Decor!

  1. I’m in the it’s wayyyyy too early camp, but I totally understand if stuff gets sold out that fast, you gotta do what you gotta do. Your house always looks amazing and it must be fun to shop for! You are great at coming up with lovely ideas. Thanks for sharing some of the fun items you will be using again to deck your halls. Merry Hallomas! ;) Your house and now some of your readers’ houses are going to be totally LIT!

  2. Very cute decor! I’m excited for Christmas too. How do you hang the paper snowflakes on the wall safely? My kids would love this project.

    1. Thank you! Such a fun time of year isn’t it!? We use painters tape for the snowflakes! My kids get so excited for projects like this too. :)

  3. I love that PB sign so much! I have always wanted one. I keep hoping I can nab one after Christmas!
    You do a beautiful job of decorating!

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! That sign usually sells out every year before Thanksgiving! Honestly right now is the lowest price I’ve seen on it.. makes me wonder if they are discontinuing it this year? I hope not! Enjoy your weekend cutie! xo

  4. I love it Erin! I’m definitely in the excited camp! I so love shopping early! I actually just ordered that Red merry lumbar pillow and was so excited because I waited too long last year and it sold out! I was so excited I was going to text you a pic! I totally want one (or 4) of the PB Pom throws but haven’t splurged on that yet but it’s at the top of my wish list! I wish I had your decorating talent, especially at Christmas! Love you friend!

    1. Which Pom throw do you want Josie? Let me know! I’m so happy you got the merry lumbar pillow.. I love that one too! I know – the cute stuff always sells out! I think that’s why so many people e-mailed me to get this post up sooner. Crazy how quickly it all sneaks up on us but I don’t mind because I LOVE this time of year!! :) Thanks cutie! Always so fun hearing from you. Lunch over Thanksgiving this year for sure! xo

  5. Such a helpful post! Thank you! Love seeing all of your beautiful Christmas touches. I was wondering, do you remember how many cable knit garlands you used to wrap your tree? I love that idea!

    1. I’m so happy this post was helpful Danielle! Thank you! I’ve had a few people ask me that and I’m trying to remember but I want to say 6 – 7 of them! It’s a large tree. :) xo

  6. Thank you so much for your post on Christmas Decor! I’m trying to be ahead of the game since I have gone to buy things to find them sold out 😕
    Quick question: What size pillow inserts do you use?
    I bought the stag 18” and pillow insert 18”. It’s more of a slouch look. I read that you should buy one size bigger insert than the pillow cover size. What do you do? Thoughts?
    Thank you so much for you help!!

    1. Hi Angela! I know! I felt a little silly posting this so early but the good stuff always sells out SO fast! Some things last year sold out before Halloween! Crazy! You are smart to think ahead. I use the same size insert as the pillow so you should be fine with the 18″! Happy decorating! :) xo

      1. Yea! Im in Fl so I always jump at the chance to decorate with fresh greenery as wel!l is there a good way to keep it fresh? How early in advance do you get it?

        1. If there is I haven’t figured it out! ha! I spray water on it with a spray bottle every other day but it still only lasts about 2 weeks. I usually buy it at the beginning of the month and then when it dies I either buy more or I put some faux garland up. I always wish it lasted longer! xo

  7. I get so many fun ideas with all of the decorating you share. Thanks for letting us have a peak in! How do you hang the garland on your stair rails? I would love to do that in my house but don’t want to damage the banisters. Happy holidays to you!

    1. So sweet of you Mollie! Thank you! I just use some green twine from Home Depot and wrap it around the rail and garland every 12 inches or so! It doesn’t damage anything. I’ll have to take a pic of what I use and share it in a post this month! Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  8. Love the way you decorate for the holidays! I just got my Fa La La La banner in the mail! SO excited. I have a spot over my kitchen sink I will be using, as well. What do you use to hang it?

    1. Thank you so much Chelsea! YEA! Love that banner. :) I just stick mine the cupboards and close the cabinet door and it holds it! But another option is painters tape or putty!

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