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Valentine’s tablescape (and organized built-ins!)

formal dining room 1
Is everyone’s week off to a good start?  I had a good Monday!  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you saw that I had painters in my house today re-painting my master bedroom.  Ahh!  So excited about it.  And so much more to tell!  Coming soon.  But first I need to share my Valentine’s table.  Because I put together a Christmas tablescape and took pictures and then got busy and never posted them.  I do this sort of thing more times than I’d like to admit.  :)

So before another holiday passes me by.. I present.. my Valentine’s table.  With a yellow rug that totally doesn’t work.  But let’s all look past that shall we?
After I decorated my table for Fall I decided that I loved it so much I was going to always decorate this table in seasonal decor.  That way if I want to have people over, I’m ready.  If not, we get to enjoy the table all month.  Win win.  This tablescape was so easy to throw together!
I used my favorite Hyannis Lanterns and filled them with a little fake snow (left over from Christmas) and these cute hearts from Pier One.   The snowflake candles I’ve had for years from Pottery Barn.
Aren’t the snowflake napkin holders fun?  (They were also from Pier One.)  They work great for Christmas or Valentines Day.  My red rimmed plates were a fun Home Goods find.  They are Kate Spade and I love Kate Spade dishes so much!  I was thrilled to find some marked down.  Chargers are from World Market.
You might recognize my heart pillow from my formal living room Christmas tour.  The pillows say “santa” below the heart but I just slid the chair under the table to hide it.  Wa-la!  Valentine heart pillow.  I’m tricky like that.
I still haven’t decorated these shelves because I’ve been too busy organizing!
I cleaned out my dining room cupboards and drawers.  They hold holiday items and were so stuffed.  I got rid of a lot of things I didn’t use this year and just kept my favorites.  And yes.. I re-use my candy canes every year.  How’s that for recycling.  ;)
Top drawer holds more Christmas dishes.
The right cupboard holds a few holiday dishes and then some everyday stuff.
organized-dining-drawers-2The top right drawer is empty!  Feels so good to have just my favorites in these built-ins.  I am really trying to only keep things I use often and love.  Everything else is going!
So that’s it!  Nothing earth shattering.  Just a festive Valentine’s tablescape and organized cupboards and drawers.
I’ll take it.  :)
Here’s an outtake I found that shows my house shoes I live in and the chair I stood on to take the previous picture.  Yes.  I risk my life daily to get good pictures for you all.  A couple of weeks ago I was standing on a chair taking a picture and fell off!  I kid you not.  I just stepped to the side and toppled right over.  I managed to hold my camera up high so it didn’t come crashing down because.. priorities.  Never mind that I about broke my leg.  And my hip.  Ha!  All in a day’s work.

At least I got a good shot from above.


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xoxo, Erin
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23 thoughts on “Valentine’s tablescape (and organized built-ins!)

  1. Darling!! And I actually like the yellow rug….it’s like a promise that Spring is just around the corner. (Can you tell I’m in Indiana?? We’re currently getting snow.)

    1. Thank you Melissa! Oh my word I know! I’m so excited for Spring! And I always love my rug right around March/April. :) It’s coming! YEA! xo

  2. Your dining room looks so pretty! The red accents look beautiful with the white and gray. Even your cupboards and drawers look great with the red. Such a good feeling to have everything so organized. Your home is beautiful. Thank you for sharing! Now I’m off to do more organizing today.

  3. Thank goodness you didn’t hurt yourself getting that shot! Your tablescape looks fabulous. I really like those hearts in the lanterns! I also like how you combined a bit of winter and Valentine’s colors. So pretty! Thanks for sharing your drawers. Oh gosh, that doesn’t sound right! Thanks for sharing the fabulous results of your organizing efforts. :) I also really like that you keep things real. Have a great week!

    1. Ha! I swear one of these times I’m going to break my neck! Your “thanks for sharing your drawers” comment made me laugh out loud! Ha ha.. Too funny! Thanks for the smile this morning Jeanne! xo

  4. Love your cute Valentine ideas as always Erin! Your table looks beautiful! And awesome job getting the built-ins organized :) You’ve been busy!

  5. Beautiful table, the red accents look so nice in your home. The colors even look nice in the drawers and cupboards,so organized! Looks great thank you for sharing all of your ideas. It really gets me motivated to get more things done!

  6. I love it all Erin! I especially love the mix of Winter & Valentine, it’s exactly what I do! Using the Santa pillow with heart is genius❤️. I can’t wait until Spring! I’m all ready picturing in my head. All the red out & yellow in :)
    Thank you for all the amazing decor ideas!

  7. Oh my goodness, you poor thing! I hope you heal up ASAP… This all looks absolutely beautiful though, and your photos are amazing, but don’t risk your life anymore, k? ;) LOVE the drawer pulls on your built ins!

  8. I’m not much of a tablescaper but you are inspiring me! The Valentine’s Day table is gorgeous. Every year on Valentine’s Day my family has fondue in the dining room. (I may need to go shopping today!) Just beautiful!

    (P.S. I do the same thing with my candy canes!)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing the link to The Pier one hearts! I have almost identical glass décor and have been wanting something I could put in it around Valentines Day! I ordered two sets! Share if you have any ideas for Easter– that’s the next holiday I sprinkle for!

    1. YEA! I know.. aren’t they the perfect thing to put in clear vases!? So glad you love them too! I’ll let you know if I find anything fun for Easter this year. :) Thanks Heather! xo

  10. Love your Valentine’s table scape, Erin! And thank goodness you didn’t break your hip!! Always getting so much good inspiration from you dear❤️😘

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