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Spring in the Powder Bathroom

Is everyone enjoying this time of year?  I can’t get enough of all of the beautiful trees and flowers and green green grass!  Plus rain is in our forecast tomorrow!  I can’t wait.  Rain means two things.  First it’s exciting news for us since we are in a drought here in southern Cal.  We need all the rain we can get!  Second, more of my house will get organized.  I LOVE organizing when it rains.  I don’t know what it is about cool, cloudy days.  They make me want to tear my cupboards apart and label everything in sight.  So tomorrow I will be busy.  :)

Sharing some pics I took of my powder bathroom a few days ago.  I bought some simple white tulips at the grocery store and they make me smile every time I walk in this room.

I have been looking for a round, mirrored silver trey for this bathroom since we moved into the house and finally found EXACTLY what I had in mind.  The best part?  I found it at Home Goods for 16 bucks!  Love it when that happens.
I did a little happy dance in the store.  :)  I had planned to put a few more items on the trey, but the tulips sort of stole the show.
I also found this fun patterned hand towel on-line at Pottery Barn and love having a pop of color in this otherwise neutral room.
To be honest, I’ve had a hard time decorating this space.  I’m still head over heals in love with this wallpaper but because of the busy pattern most things I try in this space don’t work.
I tried a few patterned colorful rugs and they all ended up going back to the store.  I’m looking for either a simple navy rug or a white rug with a navy border.
I’d like to hang some pictures on these walls too.
And I still need to decorate this shelf on the bottom.  K this post is quickly becoming a to-do list for me.
And I have enough to-do lists.  Four different running to-do lists at the moment to be exact.  Ha!
Let’s just go back to talking about the pretty tulips, shall we?  And the upcoming rain.  :)
instagram collage FINAL
p.s.  I’ve teamed up with three of my insanely talented Instagram friends and we are hosting a fun decor challenge!  You can find the details on my feed plus tons of decor inspiration under our hashtag #showcaseyourspace.

Enjoy your day everyone!  You all know what I’ll be up to.


xoxo, Erin
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66 thoughts on “Spring in the Powder Bathroom

  1. Two words that comes out of my mouth after looking at your powder bathroom is ‘ stunningly beautiful’ . It’s absolutely beautiful. The tray,the flowers ,the towel the color on your wall every single thing seems to be in sync with one another.

      1. In the process of remodeling my master bathroom and I came across your blog. Your home is gorgeous! I would love your friend’s email – I really like the wallpaper in your powder bathroom. Can you send it to me? Thanks!

      2. I am in the painting process of our new home and would love your friends info on the wallpaper! Thank you so much for sharing your home with us.

      3. Hello,
        I love the wallpaper in your powder room. Will you please let me know where you purchased the wallpaper?
        Thank you!

  2. You have a beautiful house!!! Have you shared and would you share the name of your hardwood floors? I love that color!! Also your countertop color?! Thank you so much!!! Just found your blog!! :)

      1. Erin,
        I had emailed you the other day and now want to apologize for the redundant question about your floors! I have followed your link and am happily well informed now. Thank you so much!

        (However, I am still looking for that wallpaper info, so don’t delete my email just yet!!)

  3. I just love your new mirrored tray! It is the perfect accessory in there. So classy and gorgeous with those white tulips! I think for the bottom shelf you could just roll up some white towels and that would look really nice or you could add baskets. I’d be more inclined to just roll up some white towels. I totally understand what you’re saying about the rug. I have travertine tile in my bathroom and when I tried to put a patterned rug in there, it looked awful. I ended up having to go with the solid as well and it looks much better. I couldn’t believe it. Your wallpaper is gorgeous. If it were me, I go with one of those large sheepskin rugs in white. All of that white fluff would be pretty. But I think I’m a little more frou frou than you lol. I don’t think that would be your style:) Whatever you choose, it will be beautiful.

  4. I LOVE the wallpaper. Could you please email me your friend’s info so I can reach out to her to order?

    1. I’m late to the party, but I too would love information on the wallpaper. Please share. Thank You

  5. Pure perfection! I love everything about your house and your blog. I’ve been following for a long time and think you are amazingly talented. I thought your previous home was so charming in how you decorated for the seasons and added splashes of color and it’s only gotten better with your beautiful new home on a grander scale. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. What a sweet thing to say Romi! I’m so touched you’ve been reading for so long. That means a lot to me! Thank you again. So flattered you feel that way and I feel extremely lucky to have someone like you reading my blog! xo

  6. I love this bathroom!. A simple white rug with navy border would look nice with the PB towel and beautiful silver tray. I have travertine brown and beige patterned floor tile and a busy light blue and cream PB shower curtain. I had matching brown and blue rugs, but it looked too dark in there. I have learned from you that gray is much more beautiful against blue. I changed the picture, purchased solid gray rugs & towels and it looks so much better! You just don’t know how much you have helped me with my! Thanks for sharing pics of your amazing home and all your decorating advice. :)

    1. I’m so happy to hear that Debi! Especially since I know all too well what it’s like to suffer from DMD. Ha! :) Thanks cutie! Your bathroom sounds beautiful and you made my night! xo

  7. Hi Erin! I just recently found your blog and boy oh boy am I hooked! You have a beautiful new home and I am looking forward to following along as you decorate these beautiful spaces – and hoping to find some much needed organizing tips along the way!!! :] The ceiling in your powder room looks like a pale tan? Do you know what color that is? It’s so subtle and pretty!!

    1. Thank you so much Katie! I’m thrilled you are enjoying my blog! I wish I could tell you that color! It’s the one paint color in my house I don’t have a name for. My painter gave me three choices of color on a stick for the ceiling and I just chose that one without knowing the name/brand. It’s on most of the ceilings throughout my house. Silly I don’t know what it’s called! Sorry I’m not more help with that one. Thanks again for your sweet words about my blog and house! xo

  8. Absolutely the most gorgeous powder I have ever seen! I love your blog and always look forward to your next post!! Where did you find the beautiful patterned wallpaper? Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! Shoot me an e-mail (address is on the blog) and I’ll send you my designer’s info. who I ordered it from! xo

  9. I also LOVE your powder room wallpaper. If you could forward me your friends info or let me know what the pattern is that would be great. I think it’s just beautiful.

    Thank you.

  10. Erin, I absolutely LOVE this bathroom. Would you please share the color of white you used on the vanity? as well as information on where to get that wallpaper? Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you Lori! I wish I had that white for you! It was a custom mix from our cabinet guys. But I can tell you it matches our trim and our trim is “Arothane White” by Frazee. E-mail me and I will send you info. on where to get the wallpaper! xo

      1. Just came across your blog today. Your house is simply beautiful. I would love the wallpaper information, too. Beautiful!!

  11. Came over from today’s post…I’m loving the light. Where is it from? I’m starting to collect pieces for a bathroom Reno & that light is the closest I’ve seen to what I’m looking for. :)

  12. Love the bathroom! Lusting after the wallpaper.. Can you let me know where I can order it??
    New to this blogging stuff but I’m hooked.

  13. Here’s a question I don’t think has been asked…who is the maker of the toilet? The base looks very simple but not plain. Thanks!

  14. Beautiful powder room! Your blog has become my new favorite. May you please share details re the wallpaper used here? It’s perfect.

  15. Hi! Beautiful powder room. May I ask what brand toilet you put here? I like the squared edges on the bottom. We are building a home as well!

  16. Hey Erin!

    Would you mind telling me the width of the board and batten you used? I want to do a navy one in my kids bathroom, but was wondering if I could get away with doing .5 mm underlayment or something thin like that. Trying to avoid taking off the base boards :) and what size at the top, 1 inch border?

    1. Hi Bonnie! Sorry I’m just getting to this! My powder bathroom sink is Kohler! I don’t have any other info. on it.. I picked it out at Fergusons. :)

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