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Spring in the Family Room

Happy May everyone!  Oh my word.  Are your calendars/planners going to blow up?  :)  My friends and I joke every year that May has become the new December.  Such a busy month for so many!  All the end of the year projects/parties/activites/gifts/graduations.  But such a fun time of year too.  Lots going on to celebrate!
Speaking of parties, I have a couple of different events scheduled at my house in May and June and they have been great motivators for me to kick it in gear and get things done around here that have been lingering on the old to-do list for way too long!  For starters I added some Spring touches to the family room so I thought I’d share some updated pictures of this room.  YEA Spring.

I usually rotate fresh flowers in this spot on my console table, but I also like fresh flowers in a few other spots in my house and it just became too much to keep up with.  Reality – half of the time it was drooping dead flowers greeting you when you walked in the room.  I found a larger vase to hold these fake but real looking blooms from Pottery Barn for Spring/Summer and I’m so happy with them!
No drooping half dead flowers and I like that they add more height to the table.
I kept our same family pictures here and most likely won’t switch this table up again until Fall because I’m focusing on several other rooms in the house.
Another addition is my Magnolia Wreath over the fireplace.  Every Fixer Upper episode I watched this year made me want it more and more until I finally broke down and ordered it for my mirror.  I think Chip and Jo would be proud.  :)  This fireplace mantel has been such a challenge for me because of its size.  I still need to find something for the right side of it, but until I do a simple basket will have to work.  Luckily the wreath steals the show so my lack of decor on the rest of the mantel isn’t as obvious.
View from the kitchen.  I gave my husband a hard time about that over the top large TV when we were building but I have to admit that I love turning it on and watching the news while I cook every evening.  By “news” I mean HGTV.  And by “cook” I mean while I heat up the microwave.
The baby in the flowered sunglasses is Kole.  That picture always makes me smile because it reminds me of how my girls basically treated him like he was one of their dolls when he was a baby.  Poor kid.  Now he’s 5 years old and his favorite show is My Little Pony.  He didn’t stand a chance growing up in this house.  ;)
Still loving my indoor/outdoor poufs from Target!  I keep them inside and we pull them out often for kids to sit on.
Most of our toys are in the playroom, but I’ve found with younger kids it’s nice to have a few things in every room.
That said, I don’t love toys taking over the house so this coral basket from Home Goods has been a great place to hide my little buddy’s latest stash.
I can’t get enough of fresh Hydrangeas lately!  I’m patiently waiting for the Hydrangea bushes I planted in my yard to take off, but until then it’s fun to pick some up at the grocery store to add more Spring on the inside.
planked-ceiling copy
K.  This is about the time this post should be wrapping up but I clearly was so impressed that my house was clean for a New York minute that I kept snapping pictures.
So more of the same room from different angles.  :)  I get a lot of questions about our couch.  It’s the Pottery Barn Comfort Sectional and we upgraded to one of the nicer linen fabrics.  We are SO happy with it.  It’s honestly the most comfortable couch I’ve ever owned.  My kids love it and it’s big enough for all five of us to comfortably crash on daily.  The cushions get a little slouchy looking but I don’t mind that at all.  Just makes it look that much more inviting.  We all fight over the corner seat and usually Ellie and I end up not backing down and sharing it.  :)
Still have a crush on coral.  Such a fun color for Spring!  I can’t wait to add it to my front living room.
You can see some of our outdoor furniture making an appearance through the french doors.  Almost done with all we are doing this season in the yard.  YEA.
So that’s it!  Our family room right now.  Well.  Right now fake snakes are living on my chair, half of the couch pillows are on the floor, there are puzzle pieces all over the fireplace hearth and my husband moved my beautiful hydrangeas on the rug so he can see the TV better.
At least I’ve got pictures.  Proof it DID looked like this.

For a New York minute.


Happy May everyone!

**For those of you who are new and popping in from Instagram hello and welcome!  Here is a list of sources:

Light is from Jeremiah by Craftmade

Console table and coffee table are the Dutch Industrial from Restoration Hardware

Rug is the Chunky Wool and Jute rug from Pottery Barn (couch, striped chair and floor lamp are also from Pottery Barn)

Grey paint is “Seattle” by Frazee and our white trim/cabinets are all “Aro-thane” white by Frazee

Lamp on my console table is the Apothecary glass Jug table lamp from Shades of Light

Frames are from Antique silver from West Elm

xoxo, Erin
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94 thoughts on “Spring in the Family Room

  1. i love your house i could quite happily live there i love all your little touches, i found your blog by chance a year or so ago when i was looking for project life storage, i read back throu practically all of your blog and now i stop by when you post because one i love looking at your home and two i love listening {reading} to you i like blogs that have a lovely person behind them and are full of personality and yours has it in spades

    Charlie Camp {cambridge, uk}

    1. Charlie that was the sweetest comment and seriously made my day! Thank you so much! It means so much to me that you enjoy my blog and the personality behind it. :) Thanks again! xo

  2. It looks so pretty! Love the chandelier in the family room. The whole house seems like it’s really coming together now. Family room pics were great since it showed the layout of the rooms. Laughing at moving the hydrangeas to watch t.v.. .. happens at my house too!

    1. Thank you Sue! Glad my husband isn’t the only one moving my flowers around. :) This room IS coming together. Everywhere else in my house is half done. :) xo

  3. Fantastic, Erin! I adore the coral touches in the room. What a pretty color. You’ve created a space that is so very pretty and so very inviting at the same time. You’ve got a great eye for sure. Wow! Thank you for sharing.

  4. HOLY MOLY, ERIN!!! That room seriously looks like it should be on the cover of “Better Homes & Gardens”! It is so, so beautiful. I just want to get a cup of coffee and a good (aka trashy) magazine and sit in there and relax. Maybe I’d even turn on an episode of “Real Housewives” to make the relaxation complete – ha ha! Seriously, though, you should be an interior decorator with your eye. That room is gorgeous. All of the nice stuff in my house has been ruined by either my dog or my son (or, let’s be honest, my husband!). I swear – as soon as I clean – it takes a whole 5 minutes for it to get ruined. How do you do it? And what do you do when your kids have friends over? Do they ever mess it all up? That happens all the time to me… but we also don’t have a playroom, which we DESPERATELY need! Anyway, sorry for the rambling. My main point was that your room rocks!!! Hope you have a great Tuesday.
    Shannon in PA

    1. You are so sweet Shannon! Thank you! When my kids have friends over they play outside or in their rooms/playroom, but Kole messes this room up daily. Like I said, at least I have pictures to remember it looks this clean once in a while! Once in a great while. :)

  5. Love the addition of the Magnolia wreath. I actually like the mantle as is. Simple with the basket, as the right side has so much going on already with your beautiful console table. Balances out.

    1. Thank you Lauren! I think you’re right! Every time I try to add something there it looks too busy with the console table. Less is more! :)

  6. Love the coral! Your home is just gorgeous :) I had to laugh at your statement about news being HGTV and cooking being heating up the microwave. That is so me too!

  7. Absolutely love it but the only thing that makes me pause is the ski lift sign. Ski lift=winter=cold! Maybe freshen that up with a more seasonal sign? I mean, what do I know, the whole room is amazing, but just my thought! :)

    1. Oh my word Lindsey! Such a great idea!! I hadn’t even thought about that! I’ll have to look for something a bit more Springy for that spot.. ha! Thanks again! xo

  8. I am just in love with your home every time I see it! You did a great job & I love your style. You have so many pieces that I would just LOVE to add to my home, especially the table with the You make me happy sign! LOVE IT!!!!!

  9. Your home is SO gorgeous!! But also so cozy & inviting which I LOVE!! Being mommy to 5 young children, I appreciate a home that can be “lived in” :) And try to decorate accordingly ;) Can you tell me where you got your jute type rug from? Also your coffee table & console table are AMAZING! Where are those from? Thank you in advance!!


    1. Thanks so much Shawnel! I know! That’s the hardest thing about decorating. Making it pretty and also very kid friendly! :) I just added all the sources at the end of the post!

  10. Hi Erin! I love this room! Do you mind sharing the paint color name and brand? I’ve been looking for a color just like this!! Thank you!

  11. It looks fantastic! Bright and inviting :) Love your taste in vases and the branches and flowers look great!!!!

  12. Erin, I have loved watching your home evolve! I started following as soon as I found a picture of this room on Pinterest over a year ago. It’s absolutely breathtaking with or without anything in it, but of course I love what you have decorated it with here. Looking forward to seeing your formal living room when it’s done! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. What a sweet comment Iris! Thank you so much. I’m so happy you found me and have stuck with me. :) You made my day! xo

  13. The room is coming along great, I love it Erin! I love coral. Where did you find the larger size mercury glass vase for your Pottery Barn flowers? I need one for my faux blue hydrangea stems from Pottery Barn. Hydrangeas do not grow here in Texas very well. The Magnolia wreath from Magnolia Market looks great, you picked a great spot for it!

    1. Thank you so much Debi! That vase was from Home Goods! I bought some of the Pottery Barn Hydrangeas too! So pretty.

  14. Hey Erin, You know how much I love your decor. Everything looks amzing. I was trying to look back to find out where you got your orb chandelier. I found one at World Market but not sure if I should order it or not. I really love the one you have. We should be moving late next week. Fingers crossed. Thanks in advance. Seriously can’t wait to see your formal.


    1. Hi Cathy! My orb was from Restoration Hardware! But they discontinued the chrome finish I have right after I bought it. Love World Market. Did you end up buying it? SO excited for you!! xo

  15. Erin, your home is AMAZING as always!! I especially love the CORAL ACCENTS you have added in your family room! Coral has always been a favorite of mine, and it looks so fresh and fun! I have a question for you – the greenery branches you ordered from Pottery Barn – how many do you have in that cute vase? It looks so good, and I need to know how many to order!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog and photos – it makes my day!!

    1. You are such a sweetheart Jane!! Thank you thank you. It always makes my day to hear from you. I have two branches in that vase! I bought three but that just looked too bushy. Two was just right. :) xo

  16. I love your house!!! You make me want to get all our house projects done to make things feel more homey. And yes, our May schedule is totally filling up. There is so much to do! Especially with off-season field hockey and their tournament at the end of the month! Our daughter is going into high school next year and she’ll be the JV goalie.

  17. Lovely space! Are you pleased with the area rug from PB? Is it soft enough for bare feet or to sit on? Thanks, Katrina

    1. I think I answered you on Instagram? But yes!! SO happy with the rug! Definitely soft enough for bare feet and to sit on. :)

  18. Hi Erin!
    I absolutely LOVE your house… it’s been such an inspiration for me in decorating our new house. We are in the process of purchasing the PB comfort slipcovered sectional as well – comfort is also a big deal for us. We were just wondering what colour of linen fabric you upgraded to ?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you Nikki! You will love that couch! I’m traveling and don’t have my notes with me and I can’t remember what the name of our fabric was! I’ll get back to you as soon as I get home after the 4th! If I don’t shoot me another e-mail or comment to remind me! :)

      1. Hello,
        I’m obsessed…. So much so that I’m totally re-doing my entire living room. Can you please tell me the fabric type and color you upgraded to on the PB sofa? Also, I’d love to know the color combo on the RH coffee table as there is a few choices on that as well. like I said, I’m obsessed :)
        Thank you,

        1. You are too sweet (and funny!) Kristina! The PB sofa we upgraded to Grade D “Flax” (textured basketweave)
          The RH coffee table is Reclaimed Elm and Rust Metal.
          Hope that helps with your living room re-do! Thanks cutie! ;)

  19. Hello! It is my first time visiting your blog and I am in love!! What a beautiful home! Where is your couch/ sectional in the family room from? I am currently shopping for one… Thanks!!

    1. Yea! So happy you found me! Thank you so much. :) Our sectional is from Pottery Barn! It’s their comfort sectional and we love it! Hope that helps! xo

    1. Oh you’ll love it Deb! Our PB couch is SO comfy. We upgraded to a fabric grade D “Textured basketweave Flax but it’s a linen that is hard to keep clean! If I were doing it over again I’d go for one of their perennial fabrics that have the same look but are easy to clean. That’s what we did for our living room couch. Happy couch shopping! xo

  20. Your home is gorgeous! This post served as an inspiration for our living room. I ordered the console table from RH and already had the WE frames. Would you mind telling me where you got the baskets?


  21. Hi Erin,

    I always come back to your house when I am looking for home inspiration. Where did you get your hanging mirror above your mantel from?

  22. Just discovered your blog and am in love! I hate being the person that asks “where did you get that from?!” but I’m dying over the striped chair! Any leads on that?

  23. Just recently found your blog and I love what you have done with your new house! I’d like to know where did you find the table lamp next to your PB Thatcher wingback chair? I’m totally in love with it!
    Have a fabulous day!

  24. Your house is beautiful!! Just happened about your blog and now I am pinning everything :). I have my eye on the same jute rug for our family room (similar set-up to yours) – is it a challenge to keep it clean? We have a baby and a dog so I want something comfortable but still nice. Thanks!

    1. Hi Helen! We upgraded to a fabric D Textured Basketweave “FLAX.” I absolutely love the look but wish it was a performance fabric so definitely look for that! Especially if you have kids. It’s holding up fine, but we have to be really careful around the couch and that’s a pain when it’s our main hang out. :)

    1. Hi Jen! They were custom made. Shoot me an e-mail and I can send along my friend/designer’s contact info. if you want to have her make some for you! xo

  25. Hi Erin!

    Beautiful home, great style! Love your colors. Can you please tell me where you got your hardware for your cabinetry?

  26. Hi Erin! Just found your blog – adore your home! I can’t see anyone asking about that great piece above the fireplace – the mirror that appears to be hanging from large hooks? Was that custom or is it available somewhere? It’s just a perfect piece! Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! Happy you found me. :) That was a mirror I ordered from Pottery Barn two years ago. It’s out of stock now. Bummer! xo

  27. Hi Erin! LOVE your house!! I just finished building a new house and moving in so I’m going back through your blog looking for great ideas! Thank you! Question: How did you mount your Magnolia wreath on the mirror?

    1. Thank you so much Tiffany! I just hung it from my mirror! If you look close there is some thin burlap string attaching it to the black hardware on my mirror. :) xo

  28. Your house is gorgeous! I absolutely have the same taste as you and love every room you’ve decorated. That’s one of the reasons I love looking at your blog on a regular basis because I’m in love with everything you do!
    I know your curtains are custom made in your family room, can you lead me to the fabric you used and if you remember what kind of pleat they used at the top. I have a 2 story family room that I’m looking to have curtains made for and my walls are very similar in color to yours and my style is also very similar. I’ve brought home numerous fabric swatches, but can’t seem to find exactly what I want. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tiffini! Thank you so much! So sorry I just found this comment! Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send you my friend/designer’s info. who I ordered the curtains from! xo

  29. LOVE LOVE LOVE your house. You have a true gift girl!!! Can you tell me what color your jute rug in the family room is? I am going for the same look and can’t decide what color I should order. Thank you for helping those of us who are lacking in creative/decorating skills!

  30. Love your family room. I am looking to buy a new sofa or sectional (maybe with a chaise?) If you had it to do over again would you still go with the slipcovered sectional and would you do the light linen color again? Love the way you switch it up with your accents.

    1. Hi Sandy! I would buy the exact same couch but with one of PB’s performance fabrics! When we bought our couch they didn’t have the linen look I wanted in a performance fabric, but now they do and I wish I had it because the linen I have has been hard to keep clean with kids. But yes! I would do the exact same light linen color.. just in a performance fabric. We actually might buy new slipcovers in the performance fabric at some point. Maybe when the kids have trashed them a bit more. ;)

    1. Thank you Chestine! All of my pillows are from different places and some of them are custom. If you e-mail me about a certain one I can tell you or give you the designer’s info. I got them from if it’s the custom pillows you are asking about! xo

  31. Hi Erin!
    Love your house! Random question, are your door hinges oil rubbed bronze or black? Trying to decide and would love to hear what you went with!

    1. Hi Chelsea! They are black! We went with black finishes whenever we could and just used oil rubbed bronze when black wasn’t available. They look so similar! Hope that helps. :) xo

      1. Erin,
        First, thank you so much for responding to my question! We aren’t building a new house, but have completely gutted a house that I am trying to make every decision for! I’m constantly looking at your house. You really have a beautiful home!
        I had originally chosen oil rubbed Bronze hinges, then changed it to black last minute. I agree they are so similar, but my obsessive eye would be so annoyed by it!! ;).
        Thanks again!

  32. Love your home and looking through your blog (I recently found…probably through instagram…). I am just wondering how you like your Pottery Barn Sectional? Is it the PB Comfort?? We are about to pull the trigger on a couple of Pottery Barn sofas and I really need some real feedback after finding plenty of not so great reviews online. How long have you had yours? Do you feel like it is flat/frumpy a lot and you have to constantly fix it? Do you feel like you are happy with the quality? Ever had any stains you could or could NOT get out?

    I’m sure you are busy but I would so appreciate any info on that you might have!


    1. Hi Jen! Thank you! So happy you found me. :) We do have the PB comfort and we’ve loved it! We’ve had it 3 years and while you do need to fix the back cushions from time to time we’ve been really happy with it. I upgraded to a linen fabric so it has been harder to keep clean, but we just ordered this same couch for a room upstairs and I ordered a performance fabric that will be easier to keep clean. I hope that helps!

      1. Hi Erin, Your home is truly beautiful! I am in the middle of moving and have been scouring the internet for ideas. I currently own the PB comfort sectional and agree it it THE most comfortable couch money can buy! I actually now have to get a sofa and trade in my sectional because it won’t fit in my new space (so sad). I am currently staring at 20 different swatches from PB and really like the color of your couch. Do you happen to know the name of the fabric? Is it possibly Washed Linen in Stone or Silver Taupe?? I am thinking of ordering one of those or possibly going with the Performance Slub cotton in stone… if you could pass along the fabric/color of yours that would be super helpful!
        Thanks so much!

        1. Hi cutie! Thank you! Love that couch! :) Our fabric is “Flax.” It’s mostly linen and I wouldn’t recommend it! It has been really hard to keep clean and we will be replacing that slipcover soon. Definitely go with a performance fabric! We just bought that same couch for our theatre room so I’ll be sharing pics of it and the performance fabric I chose as soon as it is delivered. Check back if that will be helpful and good luck! xo

  33. I love your home! I was wondering if you could tell me where that grey striped chair is from? Thank you!

  34. Waiiit!!! This room, ITS AMAZING! I commented a bit ago about your living room, but this is the room I meant! Thanks for this post, its giving me a visual goal for our house! I have such a hard time envisioning 2D plans as a 3D house! Do you have the dimensions of this family room? Also do you know how high the guy highest point on the vault is!? Thanks Erin 😄

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