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Formal Living Room Decor (take 2)

Friends.  Progress has been made!  I’ve turned over a new leaf when it comes to decorating and I’m knocking things off my list right and left.  Still not a ton to share because things ordered will take time to get here, but at least I’m making decisions with lightning speed!  Compared to my usual speed that is.  :)

When I last shared our formal living room it was a blank slate.
living room furniture placement_0173
Well – aside from the tape my husband lovingly placed on the floor to help me visualize furniture placement.
I’m happy to report that when you walk in our front door you no longer see an empty room or blue tape!
We now have a rug!  And a coffee table!  The Restoration Hardware truck came last week.  Happy mail indeed.
It’s funny the difference this simple addition makes to me.  I know it’s just the start of this room, but it feels SO good to see this when I walk in the door.  Makes the house feel warmer.  More lived in.
I wish I could have you all over to step on and feel this rug!  The pictures just don’t do it justice.  It’s so soft and beautiful.  Clearly I’m loving the diamond/criss cross pattern since it’s repeated several times in this room (entry floor, rug, table top and drapes have it too).
Might be a bit redundant but I’m going to break it up with different patterns in the pillows and accessories.
Can we all just have a moment of silence for the top of this table!?  Seriously.  I’m so in love with it.  I can’t walk by without gawking.  {Mom – I know it’s not your cup of tea and yes you might possibly get slivers if you put your feet on it.  But I also know you care about your daughter’s happiness and you can rest assured that this table makes your daughter really happy.  Slivers and all.  ;) }
Still waiting on our Pottery Barn couch.  It’s at least a month out.
In the meantime I have been working on bringing some color into the room.  I shared this picture in my last Friday Favorites post.  I’ve saved it for years because I love the colors so much.  This room was the perfect chance to incorporate them in a space!
These are the fabrics I chose following my color scheme.  Do you like them!?  I hope so.  I really do, but it’s always nice to know my blog besties agree.  I show this stuff to my husband and get a “sure – looks great babe” while he barely glances my way.  Totally reaching out to all of you (my decor loving friends!) to oooo and aahhh with me.  ;)

The far right fabric (navy diamond/criss cross pattern) is for the drapes and the other three patterns are for couch pillows.  I even went out of my comfort zone and picked a floral pattern.  Progress!  The colors in that fabric brought everything together so beautifully so I took that as a sign.  Plus it’s Spring and I’m in a flowery Spring time mood.  I also have two other pillows in a different fabric (a coral greek key) picked out for the chairs.  CHAIRS.  That is what I’m trying to figure out next.
I can’t decide between two that I like and I would LOVE your feedback!  Let me know if you have a favorite.  But you guys. You can’t be split down the middle all saying different chairs.  That just makes me more confused.  Ha!  ;)  I’m using different fabric (more of a grey) so just look at the structure.  This chair is from Ballard Designs.  I like the nailhead and I like that it’s a different look – more formal – than what I usually go for.
This chair is from Restoration Hardware and is a lot more “me” (love the fun legs) but might be too casual for this room?
Plus it looks A LOT like the chair I already have in my family room.  At least I’m consistent.  :)  So the Restoration chair is probably my favorite chair, but I’m wondering if the Ballard chair will look better in the more formal room.  Thoughts?  Opinions?  Suggestions?  I have to decide by Friday (giving myself deadlines) so let me know if you like one better than the other.  Cause you know.  You have nothing better to do today than make my chair decision for me.  ;)
That concludes my decorating progress for the day!  When I was talking pictures of the rug and table I snapped a few of the entry looking up.  Just because I don’t think I’ve shared this before.
Kind of hard to take pictures from this angle, but it shows the upstairs railing we have above the entry.  This is where my girls stand and yell “MOM!!  I need … ” (fill in the blank with any and everything you can think of.)
Still so much to do in this room and area of the house.  Someday I’ll actually have pictures hanging on these walls.  Baby steps…
Until then I’m just going to celebrate my happy little rug and table.  Progress made.


xoxo, Erin
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92 thoughts on “Formal Living Room Decor (take 2)

  1. I like the Restoration Hardware chair! It mimics the lines if your sofa and it looks like it’s more comfortable to sit in.

  2. Definitely go with your gut feeling on this one! The restoration hardware chair is really neat, and would look great in a smaller more intimate space, such as your bedroom :)
    I love your fabric choices. The floral is PERFECT! Love. Love. Love!

  3. Yep, the Ballard chair-definitely!

    Love the colors Erin! Everything you are doing looks amazing, like something out of a magazine!

    But I need to know, how on earth do you keep those wood floors so clean?’! Mine are always footprinted and dusty, I swear!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!!!!

    1. Thank you Jenny! So sweet of you! I’m thrilled you like everything! :) Oh my word – dark floors – the constant battle! I do have some help with the cleaning so the floors get mopped regularly, but STILL I have to go over them a lot. Do you use Bona? I LOVE it for my floors! I just squirt a little and mop whenever I see dust getting out of control! But I have learned to let a lot go too and we often see the footprints and dust. :)

  4. Yay for progress! That room is just lovely with the built ins and the fireplace. The rug and coffee table are unique pieces for sure and the fabrics look very pretty. They are all eye catching to this untrained eye. When I saw the two chairs I was more drawn to the second one because it looked more comfortable to sit in. I have found, as I’ve gotten, ahem, older, if I don’t have a comfortable seat to sit in I can literally have back pain for a week or more. So sad, I know, but my reality. So I go for comfort over formality. Good luck with your decision!

    1. I hear you Jeanne! Wish I could sit in them both and then decide! If the one I order is totally uncomfortable it’s going back! :)

  5. I personally like the Restoration Hardware chair. It looks more fun and inviting to relax in. Who says you can’t mix a little bit casual with formal. For some reason the chairs designed like the first one seems stiff and uninviting to me – like it’s saying, ‘I’m just for looks, don’t touch.’ Just my opinion.

  6. Hi Wrin!
    I personally like the top chair best, but that’s me. I do wonder if that bottom chair is tall enough to be comfortable for a tall person? And my other thought is, are either of them comfortable?
    Just a couple of suggestions!
    I LOOOVE your style – go with your heart on this one!
    Natalie :)

    1. GOOD points Natalie! I don’t know! I can’t sit on them because they are just on-line! So hard. But I can’t find a chair I like better so I’m hoping they are comfortable! At least a little or they are going back! :) xo

  7. I’m so glad you updated us on the room. I love that table and have been considering it for our family room. However, I was concerned about whether it was sealed and if it would splinter. Sounds like it’s not our best option for a family room with small ones. But it’s just gorgeous in your formal living room!

    1. Thank you Melissa! I have to say I don’t think I’d get this table if my kids were still little! It’s just like the one in my family room and I LOVE the look but they aren’t smooth on the top. My kids are past the age that I worry about it but it sounds like you are still in the padded ottoman stage? :) I miss those days with my kids! Exhausting but so much fun. xo

  8. If your blog besties split down the middle in their choice of chairs, it’s not meant to be confusing. It’s means that either chair will work.

    Basically the two chairs are the same silhouette: tall back, wings, no skirt, wood legs. The arms are the big difference. The Ballard chair has much thinner arms, which to me, look like they would be uncomfortable. The Restoration chair looks much more comfy.

    And as far as the formality goes? I would be hard pressed to put your coffee table in the formal category. A wood top (especially one that might share its splinters) does not say formal to me. Again the Restoration chair seems the better fit.

    I really like the rug. Assume it’s Restoration Hardware?

    Great job on your decorating. I enjoy your blog so much. Your style and mine are very similar so any time I see a feed from you, I know I’m going to see something wonderful. :)

    1. So sweet of you Riley! Thank you! That means a lot to me. Such good points! And yes – rug is from Restoration Hardware. :) xo

  9. You sound so happy and excited in this post and I LOVE it, and the progress you’re making with decorating!! I’m thrilled to see your house evolving and you’re clearly putting a lot of thought into the designing – makes it even better. I’m a fan of the Ballard Designs chair :)

    1. Thanks so much Olivia! Such a sweet thing to say. I AM happy to finally see some furniture in this room! Ha! I don’t think I realized the difference it would make in how I feel when I come home! :) One more for team Ballard. Thanks again! xo

  10. Erin, I love the fabrics you have chosen. The room is really coming together. I love the bit of rustic the table adds. I personally would go with the Ballard chairs, but my main reason would be that hardwood floors and casters DO NOT play well together…trust me, I know!! I don’t think the lines are too different between the two, and I do love the nailhead trim.

    1. GOOD point Lauren! I have casters on a table in the family room and have to have ugly plastic things under them so they don’t hurt the floors. I hadn’t thought of that!! xo

  11. Wow — love the rug and table!! So pretty and your fabrics — gorgeous!! On the chair vote –I’m voting for the Ballard Designs chair — both are beautiful — but I like that one a teensy bit more. Good luck!

  12. Your home is just so beautiful! I love all of the natural light. I hope to have lots of that in our next house :) I haven’t commented before, but just wanted to say I love all of your posts. I personally like the first chair- I think the style would go really well in that living room. Now a question for you – the photos you take are always so gorgeous – what lens do you use?

    1. Jamie you made my day! So happy you are enjoying my blog. Thank you! My husband splurged on a nice camera for me a couple of years ago for Christmas. It’s the Canon 5 D Mark 111. The lens is a 24-70 mm and I love it! I don’t use anything else anymore. It’s so great for getting wide shots of my house! Hope that helps. :)

  13. So pretty!!! I love all the fabrics. My vote for the chair is the Ballard Design one ;) It looks a bit taller, which would be good, and I love the slightly more dressy feel to it. It’s my vote for what it’s worth!!! Can’t wait to see it all together!

    1. K your opinion means A LOT! :) Thank you Gina! I was going to text you for an opinion if you didn’t give me one on the blog! xo

  14. Your house is gorgeous! I have been following you for a while, but never have commented. I can swoon for hours over your beautifully crafted home!!
    I love the chair from Restoration Hardware!!!

  15. Ok, so I LOVE the Ballard Designs chair. I think it will go great with your sofa and I’m really like the chair back design. My first thought on the Restoration Chair was “NO!”. Cool chair, but I didn’t think the legs were formal enough. I love all of the house and decorating updates. Good luck with your decision. :)

  16. I LOVE restoration hardware, but on this choice I actually prefer the ballard design chair. I think it’s the wheels on the RH chair that throws the “formal” look for me. Good luck choosing!

    1. That is what is making me doubt those chairs too! Even though I love the wheels – definitely more casual. Thank you Mandy! xo

  17. Definitely love the Restoration chair! The lack of nail heads make it different from the chair in your other room. It’s perfect! :)

  18. Erin, you should totally go with the one that is more you! And your coffee table is a little informal and looks good in there. Just as long as you don’t chose any glass bathtubs for the house it’s all good. ;)

  19. Hi Erin!
    Love the progress on your living room. Maybe it’s just me but I actually think that the Ballard Designs chair looks more like the chair in your family room. Go figure :). But that said, I like the Restoration Hardware chair better. Quick question for you – love the planked wall in the back of this room, do you have plans for that yet? A gallery wall would be so pretty there!! Can’t wait to see it completed!

    1. Thank you so much Kim! That is exactly what it’s for – a gallery wall! I have been collecting things for it but I wanted to get the furniture/colors figured out first. :) xo

  20. I think the Ballard chair would look amazing in your formal. I love your grey and white stripe in the family room but I think the Ballard one brings just enough formal to your living room. Can I just say that if you were to just leave that rug and table in that room it would still look stunning. I’m still loving that table!!!

    Your color choices are beautiful and I can’t wait to see it all done. I’m sure you can’t either. I think the navy and coral is going to complete the room.

    1. AHHHH! Jen is commenting on my blog! I’m so excited! :) SO fun to hear from you. I can’t wait for you to get your new blog up and going! Thanks cute Jen! xo

  21. I’m picking the Ballard chair and here is why: when you come in the house you’re going to see the back/side of the chair closest to the door. I think from that angle the Ballard chair has more visual interest with the nailheads. I also think the seat looks a smidge wider/deeper which will allow for more cushions and lap cuddles (which is good because the other chair might get some bottoms on the arms which is bad for it). So there is my vote: #TeamBallard

  22. I love the Restoration Hardware chair! And I don’t think it’s bad that it’s similar in style to the striped chair–it adds an overall cohesiveness to your house, and it’ll be different enough with the castors and the solid material. Oh, and the shape of the chair can be formal or informal–the coffee table is not super formal, and I think the chair will go well with it. Love your blog!!

  23. It’s looking great so far. I really like your new rug. I wouldn’t worry about repeating the pattern-the key to all good design is repeating the patterns throughout a space or in a landscape, you’d repeat the bushes, etc. As for the chairs, I like the first chair best (I think that’s the Ballard chair.) I think the lines are pretty and elegant but not over the top traditional. My personal style leans towards traditional and formal so not sure if I am helping:) I don’t care for the other chair at all, just doesn’t seem right for some reason. The only concern I have, and it’s hard to tell from the photos is that the sofa back looks low and all of the chairs look pretty tall. I’d be inclined to get the sofa in the room first and then order the chairs. I guess my fear is that the scale will be off and the taller chairs may look oversize in comparison. Like I said, it’s really hard to tell from a photo but I love the Ballard chairs a lot. I also like the look of the sofa table in the Pottery Barn photo a lot. Not sure if there’s enough room for that. Love all of the fabrics for the drapes and pillows. It’s going to be beautiful!

  24. I love the ballard chair!! Can’t wait to see who wins :) Maybe you’ll have to post the poll results, lol.

  25. Hi Erin! I recently found your blog again and I have enjoyed catching up! I love the rug, love the coffee table, and love the color plans for the room! I personally like the first chair best. The sofa you’ve chosen has a low profile back and I think that the chairs needs to offset that a bit with some height. I am also not a fan of leg casters. They are a bit too industrial for me, even if they are on a formal piece. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  26. Hi Erin, I would go with the first chair, just because it has the height. The RR chair looks to short. Hope it helps.

  27. Hey Erin,

    I was going to say Ballard chair, because nail heads make everything better and my girlfriend has those exact same chairs and they are gorgeous. Then I saw the Restoration chair with those unique little wheels. Ive never seen that design before! Restoration for me. I feel my DMD kicking in, so I’d better sign off. I can’t wait to see what you pick :)

  28. I have that magazine page pinned. I have the same colors in the living areas of my house. :) I’m drooling over your fabric. The floral is so pretty and ties it all together. I would go with the restoration hardware chair. It looks more comfy for book reading. And it doesn’t seem as trendy, more of a classic shape. You’ll love it for longer. I love your plan. It’s looking beautiful!

  29. ooohhh ahhhhhh!!! I totally want to come step on your soft rug and get slivers from your table but I won’t care because your gorgeous fabrics will be distracting me :) can’t wait to see it all done! I kinda vote chair 1 but I love chair 2 too. I’m not sure you can go wrong! And florals are hard for me too, why do they feel so crazy out there? I have 3 floral pillows and I’m constantly rearranging them bc they freak me out..

    1. Ha ha.. your comment made me laugh! Florals ARE crazy! I just didn’t even put one in my family room. Totally freak me out too. K- you SO need to make this chair decision for me because I’m so torn! Hoping the fabric swatches coming soon will make the decision easier. I hope you know you are welcome to come and visit and get slivers anytime Kelly! ;) xo

  30. Love your house and blog! Have been reading for a long time. We are in the middle of picking paint what is the paint color you used for this room? Is it a grey? Thanks so much!

  31. Love, Love, Love your home….
    I think I like the Restoration Hardware chair the best. I think the picture of your sofa that is on the way doesn’t look real formal to me and I don’t get formal from your table at all. Not that I don’t LOVE it, I absolutely do, but it doesn’t say formal to me. I think the wheels are unique and unless they will wreck your beautiful floors, I think that chair would look great with your other pieces. I think that chair looks like you hand picked it to “fit” the room. I love your fabric choices too…

    1. Loved hearing your input! Totally agree – the table is more casual so those chairs work! I need to look into what to put under the wheels.. :) Thank you so much!

  32. I say one of each chair, be wild! :D. I do like the second one easier to reposition if you have a lot of people together wanting better views and such. I like the rounded design of the cushions.

  33. Hi Erin, love both but I choose the Ballard chair. The silhouette is so pretty and it appears that the seat is wider which makes for a comfier spot to curl up your legs on it when sitting. I love your style, we have very similar tastes!! Also, your husband sounds like mine, he has built us 3 homes and I choose everything right down to the roof shingles! Matches made in heaven. :-) a Good luck doll – can hardly wait to see the final reveal! xx

    1. Love it Colleen! 3 homes!? You must be quite a pro by now. :) Thank you so much for your advice! Very good points and I think that’s the chair I’m leaning towards. Waiting to get the fabric sample to make sure. :) xo

  34. Both chairs are simply wonderful. However, my first and my final thoughts (after much flip-flopping) are that the Ballard (first) is a smart choice for the room! I can’t bear to think about the casters being accidentally rolled across the floor. Although it’s a darling look, that risk wouldn’t be worth it in my book! I too, am in love with the nailheads and think that is what is going to provide the cohesive look throughout your home, Then the difference in shape provides some interest.

    That said, pick the one that speaks to you! You can’t choose wrong, they are both darling!!

    1. Thank you Lis! I know! Both cute chairs so it’s hard to choose – I’m sure either one will work and look good. But leaning towards the Ballards chair. Tonight! Ha ha.. :) Great point about the casters! Thanks again. :) xo

  35. Hi Erin! Oh how I LOVE your house and decorating taste! I absolutely love this rug, but can’t find it on the website. Is it an outdoor rug, or can you point me in the right direction? Thanks so much!

  36. Oh my gosh, I love your house! The ceiling in your living room is fabulous. Love your Restoration Hardware choices. We have their outlet here in Denver, and it’s So fun to shop there.

  37. Erin, do you do your own sketches? Or does your designer do it for you? I’m talking about the sketch of your living room against all the swatches in one of the pics. Thanks!

    1. Hi Melanie! When we were building I sketched some things, but now that I’m decorating I don’t do sketches.. that one you found is the only sketch I have and my designer had an assistant who just did it for fun. :) xo

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