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Living Room Decorating Progress

Is everyone adjusting to the time change?  This one is always tough.  I feel that lost hour all day and STRUGGLE to get out of bed in the morning.  Yuck.  But so nice to pick my girls up from their dance class this evening and have it not be dark.  Spring and Summer are upon us!

I’m sharing where I’m at with decor for the living room today and I have a lot to cover so chop chop!  Time for me to stop rambling about the seasons.  :)

We’ve had a lovely empty room for over a year.

The kids are bummed we’re getting ready to put furniture in this room.  It has become a great place for gymnastic tricks, hula hoop practice and ice skating in socks.  :)  But mom is ready.  Are you excited to see the room now?  Drumroll please…
living room furniture placement_0171
Ta-da!  No longer just an empty room.  It’s now an empty room with blue tape all over the floor!

I know you’re all so impressed right now.

Not really but bear with me.
living room furniture placement_0173
This is my husband’s contribution to the decorating efforts going on around here.  As soon as I find furniture I think I want for a room he gets the measurements for everything and tapes out the furniture placement.  I am such a visual person and have a really hard time picturing things in a space so this is extremely helpful!  I’m always so grateful for his assistance.  He’s always so grateful that as soon as he finishes with the blue tape his assistance is no longer needed.  :)
living room furniture placement_0164
This is the furniture placement I’ve always envisioned for this room.  Pretty simple.  Couch, coffee table, two chairs so it’s a cozy place for people to sit and chat.  Maybe a console table behind the couch.  I didn’t type it in, but the large square is where the rug will be placed.
living room furniture placement_0176
I brought my striped chair in from our family room so that I could get an idea of where the chairs will sit and how much room they will take up in the space.
living room furniture placement_0174
I think the way we have it laid out the coffee table is a bit too far forward so we’ll move everything back a foot or two.  While we may just be living in tape at the moment I actually have made some purchases and am anxiously waiting for them to be delivered!  Here is the direction I’m going so far…
After months of searching for a couch I finally decided on the Chesterfield Upholstered sofa from Pottery Barn.  Kind of laughing that I went back to another PB sofa because I really wasn’t planning on that, but I debated so many and it honestly was my favorite!  I knew I wanted something more tailored in this room (family room has the slipcovered casual couch).  I also LOVE the deep button tufts so I was searching for a couch with this look.

Here are a few others I debated:
Found this couch at Ethan Allen.  Really fun look, but the sides were a bit too formal/modern for my taste.
LOVE this deconstructed sofa from Restoration Hardware (I would have chosen a lighter fabric because our walls are grey).  Definitely fun for a farmhouse vibe, but I was a little worried that it was too casual for such a dressy room and that it’s also a bit trendy.  I might not love it as much in 5 years and I’m planning on having this couch for the long haul!
I also really liked this Emerson sofa from Ballard Designs but I get really nervous buying a couch I can’t sit on first.  Even though the couch for our living room won’t be sat on as much as our family room couch, I still want it to be cozy and comfortable.
living room furniture placement_0166
I’ve been really impressed with our PB couch in our family room and like our first couch, this one is also SO comfortable to sit on.  The only thing I was bummed about is that it didn’t have nailheads.  So I’m going to add my own after it gets here.  :)  I snapped this picture with my phone in the store a week ago.  First the above picture of our couch…
living room furniture placement_0165
then this picture of a different couch but in the fabric I choose.  I really wanted a white couch in this room so that I could have lots of fun with pillows, drapes and accessories, but I have three kids so I know how completely NOT practical that is.  Looks like I get to have my cake and eat it too because PB just came out with a whole new line of perennial fabrics that sound AMAZING.  Bullet proof!  They have the look of linen and are so soft to touch but my kids can spill anything on it and it wipes totally clean.   I’m so excited about it.  And so completely bummed that they didn’t have this option when we bought our sectional a year ago!  You may remember how much fun it was when my 4 year old threw up orange gatorade on that couch ONE WEEK after we bought it!  You can still see a ring.  We just flipped the cushion over on the other side.  With this new fabric that would have been no biggie!  My plan is to let my kids be kids with the linen couch in the family room and then if I need to I can replace the slipcover with this new more durable fabric down the road.

Here is the rug I just ordered for this room!  Over the moon about this decision.
It’s the Diamante rug from Restoration Hardware.  I was looking at several options and knew I liked this, but it was my second choice.
living room furniture placement_0177
Until I brought the sample home!  SO soft and beautiful in person!  It had me at hello.  The small fabric samples are the color of our couch.  I hope it looks good because I struggle with rugs!  Hard to tell what they will really look like until they are there in the space.  I triple checked I could return it just in case but I’m hoping it’s a keeper because I really love the sample.
I also ended up going with a Restoration Hardware coffee table.  I know!  I’m boring that I get a lot from that store but I love so much of their furniture and love that everything comes in multiple sizes so you can get what you need for your space.  I’m pretty smitten with the white criss cross legs on this table.
And that wood top!?  AHHH!  Love this look so much!  It might not be everyone’s taste, but the thing I’ve found with decorating your home is that you have to surround yourself with things YOU personally love.  And I really love this table.  :)
Hoping that the white coffee table legs will make the living room feel like it flows with the entry.   A lot of white so far but color will be coming soon!
living room furniture placement_0172
I debated buying the console table that matches the coffee table for behind the couch, but decided I want to find something different that doesn’t match.  Still looking for a console table, two chairs and end tables.  (Let me know if you have any suggestions that might work!)
living room furniture placement_0162
With all that white in the room I’m also looking at colorful fabrics to liven things up!  So many choices it’s hard to narrow things down.  See the navy fabric on the bottom left?  Thinking of that for my drapes!  You might see a pillow or two pop up out of these options also but that’s still a work in progress.
So there you have it!  Where I’m at with decor for this room so far.  I hope I like it all when it gets here so I’m not back to square one!  We shall see.  In the meantime I’m itching to style that mantel and bookshelves.  I enjoy the accessorizing much more than making the big furniture decisions!  The accessorizing isn’t so much of a commitment.  I’m clearly not a fan of committing.  It’s amazing I’ve stayed married as long as I have.
living room furniture placement_0172

But when you have a husband who tapes out furniture placement for you?

You keep him around.


xoxo, Erin
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57 thoughts on “Living Room Decorating Progress

  1. Gaaaa!!!! Love all of the choices! I’ll take one of everything please! :) Love how you share the process! Have fun!!!!!

  2. Hi Erin. I’ve been following your blog for a while and I love it. Your living room is beautiful! I’m sure it will be exquisite once complete. I love your rug choice.

    1. Thank you Adilah! Such kind words. I really appreciate your thoughtful comment and I’m so happy you are enjoying my blog! xo

  3. I have white couches as well and people think I’m CRAZY with two messy dogs. But I’ve learned that I’m genius because I can bleach them and have a brand-new looking couch :) Plus, nothing looks better than a white couch surrounded by color.

  4. Erin. I fully object to your formal living room decor. This BEAUTIFUL formal living room screams for a piano! You NEED a piano in this room!!! Not putting a piano in this room is like blaspheme to formal living rooms. Plus, it’s a fact that kids who learn piano are smarter. Plus with those musical theatre living girls, they would LOVE piano lessons. And if not you can always hire a rehearsal accompniast to come practice at home with them. ;) It’s like how you don’t really need two ovens, but a beautiful gormet kitchen needs double ovens and a range hood. Not having them would not conform with the house. Same thing. That room just needs a piano. Kenny can buy you one for your birthday!

    1. Ha! I think you have been talking to my husband! He has talked about getting a piano before! But right now there is way too much going on to fit that in. They take singing lessons, does that count? :) I’m sure the kids will play instruments at some point… just not one that takes up my whole living room. ;)

      1. Well if they’re already doing singing lessons then logically they need one! I know so many moms who would love a pino and can’t afford one so their kids are learning on a keyboard. Or that have an upright and want a grand but can’t afford it. Erin a white baby grand would be STUNNING in that room! Get one!!!!! Forget the coffee table. I’m calling Kenny.

          1. Erin, a baby grand would look beautiful in there. No worries though, I will take the coffee table off your hands for you. ;)

          2. I agree that a piano in your home is a necessity. It is SO good for kids to have the background for any other music they are doing…especially voice!

            A 24 year veteran piano and voice teacher

  5. Hi Erin, I love the choices that you made. The couch is beautiful. The rug is amazing. But, when I saw that coffee table, my heart skipped a beat. I heard those angels singing…loudly! :) I can’t wait to see it all in place. It will be stunning.

    The blue tape is genius! I think Kenny is a keeper. :)

    1. Yea! So happy you like it Cathy! I know. I’m so in love with that coffee table! Hopefully everything will work together. The blue tape IS genius but I’m not going to tell my husband you said that or he’ll be telling me all week what a genius he is. ;) xo

  6. So maybe this is too much tufting/nailhead trim in one room (is there such a thing?) but I have had these chairs for a year and I LOVE them:

    They still look like new despite all five of my kids climbing on hem all the time, and they are so comfortable!! Easily my favorite seat in the house and my husband can vouch for them being very comfy napping chairs. :-)

    1. I’m excited to check them out Rachael! Thanks for the suggestion! And no – I don’t think there is such a thing as too much tufting/nailhead. ;)

  7. Love, love, love that sofa. Elie has the tufted headboard and it is gorgeous!! My choice if we should choose to swap ours out for upholstered. Love the direction you are going. The little bit of rustic added in with the coffee table is perfect. Oh, and we tape things out a lot around here too! Perfect visual. Especially when you see something you like in the store where it appears NOT SO BIG only to map it out at home and find it is GINORMOUS!!

    1. SO true Lauren! Everything looks different in your own space! So glad you like the couch. El’s headboard sounds beautiful! Thanks cutie! xo

  8. I love the navy fabrics to go with what you’ve chosen…. and yes- that room is PLEADING for a piano! The children would love playing and the way it would help them in so many other areas of life would be priceless.

  9. Taping out furniture is the best! What a great husband to do that for you!
    And the couch is totally you. Good choice! I think you’re going to love it in that space.
    So exciting to see the progress. Your ideas for this room seem to be consistent with the look you’ve already got going on in your home. Hope it all works out even better than you’re imagining!

  10. I’ve been following your blog for a looong time and I absolutely love it! I just had to comment because we literally just bought the exact same couch in a beige color last week! We are pairing it with these chairs (, the Balustrade Salvaged Coffee Table from RH and a large abstract (different shades of pale blue) art piece framed behind acrylic. I’m trying to decide on curtains too (probably in a solid color for us), and I can’t wait to see what you go with!!

    1. Oh my word – those are BEAUTIFUL chairs! Your room is going to be gorgeous! Sounds like we have similar taste. :) Thanks for sending me that link! I need to check out that site – FUN! So happy you enjoy my blog! Thank you! xo

  11. Love, love your choices! Just beautiful! I had to laugh when I saw the furniture taped out. My husband and I did the same thing when we moved into our house. Definitely a sign of a good husband!!!

  12. Everything looks really pretty. I have a question on the sofa though, is it firm? I am just asking because I like it so much I might want to get one lol. I like a really firm sofa.The only other thought I’ll put out there is that it might be nice to have some kind of swivel chairs so that you can turn the chairs and look out the window if you want. Even if a chair is isn’t a swivel chair per se, they have kits and you can turn any chair into a swivel type chair. You can typically ask them at the store where you purchased the chairs if they can make it into a little chair and they can usually do it for fee. Other than that, it looks really nice. Can’t wait to see it all done!

    1. Swivel chairs are a great idea! I think this sofa is the perfect firmness. Ha! Not too firm, but not really cushion-y. Is that a word? ;) Soft but firm? I think you’d love it! :) Thank you!

      1. Thanks, I’ll check it out. My favorite sofa is the Mitchell Gold Celia sofa in the pale blue but I like the lines of this one too.

  13. Dearest Erin,
    I found your blog while researching jeans last year you had the only blog that was truly helpful. I felt like I was sitting down having a chat with one of my friends. You have great taste and I just love your little quips and sense of humor. I am a mother of 4…2 boys, and 2 girls (in that order, hallelujah!) I absolutely love crafting with them. We take everyday items and turn them into useful household solutions or just really cute decorations, only a mother could love. I was thinking about your sofa table and had a thought to share. Make it yourself! You have so many great ideas and I would be really excited to see what you came up with. At our house we go by the thought, just because you have the money doesn’t mean you should spend it but rather share it. Find that piece of furniture you like and DIY it and whatever money you save give to a local charity, get your kids involved in the building and the giving…have them help pick a place to donate. By doing this your table will have a double meaning, you will love your table even more because you built it together as a family and then how you blessed someone else’s family. Just some food for thought. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Fun idea Crystal! I love making things with the kids! And we love supporting/donating to local charities. My girls feed the homeless at a nearby shelter once a month and it is such a rewarding experience for them! Furniture might be a little out of our skill set.. ha! But so cool you do that with your kids. Love it! Thanks for your sweet words about my blog! It means a lot to me that you enjoy it and it is helpful to you! Thanks again Crystal! xo

  14. Hi Erin! I’m in serious LOVE with the couch. But, alas it’s too dressy for my family room, which is the space I’m currently decorating.

    We are looking for family room furniture, and I wanted to see what you thought now that your other couch has been in use for awhile. Would you buy it again (but with the stain guarded fabric for those orange stains)? Is it comfortable? You seem petite (like me!) and I can’t have deep couches because my feet won’t touch the floor without lots of pillows behind me.

    Just curious since I’m looking at PB too!

    1. Hi Beth! Oh my word – YES YES YES!! I really love our Pottery Barn comfort sectional! It’s why I ultimately decided to go with another Pottery Barn couch! I have been so happy with our first one. It’s so comfortable! I didn’t got with the Restoration Hardware couch I liked for that very reason – my legs were too short for it! I’ll warn you though – this couch is still deep and I do put a pillow behind my back if I’m sitting up straight, but I usually sit in the corner with my legs up and it’s so comfy. :) Only thing I would change is the fabric. Not the look/style of fabric, like you said just the stain proofing. Our fabric actually has stain guard, but it’s a linen so you really can’t wipe things off of it. Their new fabric line is amazing! I had a hard time finding any couch that was perfect for my short legs but also roomy enough that we could all sprawl out on it. This was the closest I found! Would definitely recommend it. :)

  15. I just discovered your blog and LOVE your style. Beautiful! Would you mind sharing the name of the navy fabric in the bottom left that you selected? Thanks!

    1. Thank you Jill! So happy you found me! I’m not sure!? Ha! I’ll find out next Wednesday when I meet with my friend/designer who I’m ordering them from. If I forget to write you back in a few days ask me again! :)

      1. Hi Erin, just checking in to see if you were able to get the navy fabric name? Thanks so much!! Jill

        1. Hi Jill! I haven’t! So sorry. If you can shoot me an e-mail I’ll give you my friend’s name and number who I’m ordering them through and you can call her!

  16. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog & I have to say…your house is beautiful! I’ll have to try this trick w the blue tape! I’m such a visual person as well & it usually takes me forever to finally decide on something bc I have a hard time picturing it. Would you happen to know the brand & color of y’all’s gray walls???? I have a hard time finding the perfect gray & yours I love!

    1. Thank you Amanda! Yes! The tape trick is SO helpful for visual people like us. :) That paint is “Seattle” by Frazee. It’s my favorite grey! xo

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