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Saturday morning chore time

I’m so glad I spent all that time/money designing this lovely mudroom so that my kids can toss all of their shoes and backpacks on the floor.

Oops.  One pair of shoes belongs to me.

The struggle is real.


Happy Saturday friends!

xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Saturday morning chore time

  1. Oh how I love this…shows your life is real and your kids are nice and normal. And so are you! :) Thanks for sharing this. We are all dealing with the same things no matter where we live. Now my corner of the house where our shoes and backpacks congregate is almost just like yours. I am not alone. Hee, hee. Happy Weekend!

  2. Hi Erin
    I love your post with just one photograph and few words as much as I love it with many photographs and many many words. Love it equally.

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