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Family Room Decor Update!

YEA!  Friday is here.  Best day of the week.  Sometimes the anticipation of the weekend is even better than the actual weekend.  Right?  I’m so excited to share how our family room is coming along with all of you!  I have slowly been chipping away at it. I have to tell you I am no where NEAR done decorating this space so I know it looks very bland at the moment.  We are working on getting the big pieces of furniture in place and then the fun, colorful accessorizing can happen (most excited for that part!).  
We looked at SO many couches the last few months we were building.  Our previous couches in our old house we had for 11 years and they were literally holding on by a thread.  Like I seriously had a safety pin or two in various spots.  :)  So I knew this next couch would be with us for the long haul and I wanted to make sure it was the look I wanted and really comfortable.  The Pottery Barn Comfort Sectional fit the bill.  I love the feel of the cushions and the slipcover look.  These pics were taken soon after it was delivered and it really needs to be ironed!  Or steamed.  Or something.  Ignore the wrinkles.  :)  
I made a stupid brave decision to upgrade to a fabric that is mostly linen.  I can’t remember the name of it – I’ll have to look for my swatch if anyone wants to know.  It’s an oatmeal color that has grey tones in it.  
I mentioned earlier that I wanted something that matched my light fixture and this is exactly what I was picturing.    

We almost put two smaller couches in this room with an end table in the middle, but decided on this sectional to maximize seating space.  So glad now because the corner is the spot we all fight to sit in!  I’m sitting in that corner of the couch blogging as we speak.  Or as I type I should say.  I feel like we’re all just chatting, don’t you?  :)  This couch was also great for the space because we had to find something that left the main walkways open.  You can see the walkway from the kitchen on the left in the picture above.  
And this walkway on the right so that the french doors are easy to access.  We must have measured over 50 times to get the exact size figured out.    
So I have to tell you a quick story about my couch.  I talked myself into the nice, not so easy to wipe off fabric (because I loved it!) telling myself “we’ll be careful.. my kids don’t eat in the  family room.. we never had major spills on our old couches..”  One week after we bought this couch Kole got sick and threw up ORANGE GATORADE all over it!  I kid you not.  We were all sitting on the couch talking and out of the blue he just threw up!  ORANGE!  I about died!! I stood up and said in shock “that did NOT just happen!”  Then Kole started crying and I forgot about the couch and rushed him to the bathroom and while I hugged and loved and took care of my sick little boy Kenny took off the slipcover (thank goodness I had enough sense to at least get the slipcover!) and rushed it to the dry cleaners.  It mostly came out but there is a slight orange ring around one part of the seat so we flipped it on the other side.  Can you believe that!?  11 years and three babies with my old cheap couches and nothing like that ever happened.  We buy this nice new couch and BAM.  One week later – orange Gatorade.  Never fails!  Fully aware now that I was an idiot to not get the everyday suede that wipes clean.  Alas.  Beauty over function never wins when little people are involved.  :)
K.  I’ll stop rambling.  On to more decor!   
I bought this teal ottoman from World Market for a coffee table.  SUCH a great deal and I love it!  But it didn’t work at all.  We tried it turned the other way and it just wasn’t long enough.  It obviously doesn’t look right turned this way either.  (Can you tell my kids are in the zone in this pic?  Must have been a good episode of Paw Patrol.)
So I tried moving it to the right side of the fireplace.  

and then the left side of the fireplace.  
Didn’t like it in those spots either.  
LOVE the splash of color, but way too small and short for those spaces.  
I am keeping it and still trying to figure out where in my house it will work.  
So I searched high and low for weeks on-line for a coffee table I loved that fit the space better and decided on the Dutch Industrial Coffee Table from Restoration Hardware.  

It wasn’t slid in the exact spot here yet – they had just delivered it when I took this pic.  And the lovely plastic floor guards will be moved once we get a rug.  But it fits the space perfectly!

I love the rustic, reclaimed wood, farmhouse vibe so this look really appeals to me.  Not so much to my mom who pointed out when she was here last that my coffee table might give her slivers.  :)

This is also a much better solution for us because every night after the kids are in bed our coffee table is piled high with papers, magazines, laptops, my lemon water, Kenny’s Coke Zero, stuff we are working on.  We needed something flat and durable.  :)

I haven’t started styling my media shelves yet.  I’ve just been rounding up a few things I might use…

These beautiful blue glass bottles were a Christmas present I relentlessly begged slightly suggested Kenny could get for me.   I’m not sure if I’ll use them all together like this or split them up.

 I may use a few of the silver containers I’ve been collecting. 

I found this beachy sign at Home Goods for 10 bucks and put it up debating if I should bring some orange in the room with the aqua.  Not sure about that one??

Also at Home Goods I picked up these beautiful lanterns!  Love them.  I especially love that one of them has a silver handle and one of them has a rope handle.  They won’t go in this space – I don’t like the white against the white.  But I know they will find a happy home somewhere!

 I loved the dutch coffee table so much that I also ordered the console table that matches it for the right side of the fireplace.

I wasn’t sure about this console table at first, but now I have fun plans for it so I think it’s a keeper.  Unless I change my mind tomorrow.  Maybe that’s why I shop at Restoration Hardware so much.  They are really good about returns.  Which makes them really good for indecisive people like me.  :)

I ordered something for the left corner of the room that I’m so excited about!  I’ll show you as soon as it gets here.  I’m dying to figure out something big and tall to use as a backdrop for my mantel – a mirror?  Reclaimed wood?  Not coming up with anything for that yet.  My mantel is hard because it’s so big and deep.  Everything I put on it looks too small and out of scale.

So here are a few pics of my family room in its current, incomplete state…

It’s a start!  Progress.  I’ve chosen curtain fabric for the french doors and some of my pillow fabric too but this post is quickly turning into a novel so I’ll share those swatches later.  Would love to hear what you think so far!  Unless you hate it.  And think my coffee table will give you slivers.

Love you mom.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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62 thoughts on “Family Room Decor Update!

  1. It’s looking lovely. I’m not usually a fan of orange but it really pops fantastically here. Excited to see more updates! For your mantel, I’d go for a large wide framed rectangular mirror in a mercury silver or brushed metal similar to your light or a really dark wood toning with the tables. Then I’d attach something like a starburst mirror directly onto the mirror glaas, which you could then swap out with a wreath at holiday times.

    I’m not sure how readily available for the US, but has som beautiful decorative accent pieces that I think would be lovely in this room.

  2. Hi Erin,

    I absolutely love everything about your home! We are in the process of deciding on a new couch for our family room as well. I am really loving the PB sectional and was wondering if you bought the down blend cushions or the poly wrapped?

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your ideas :)
    Thanks, Joy

  3. Hi Erin!

    I’m not really into that style of furniture, but I have to admit that you did a goog choice, because it fits perfect in your family room!

    And a question: you have plugs on the floor?? Is that another typical thing there that we don’t have in Spain?

    I love how you are building up your house! ;)


  4. it looks fabulous! we have that pb couch and i swear we almost fight for that corner spot! i recently learned that you can order replacement cushions (should the need arise down the road- you have to call in order to do it – they won’t do it online or in store). our’s is looking a little too well loved in some sections – so i plan to order them and she should look as good as new! it’s a great couch! :)

  5. On the Restoration Hardware website I spotted inspiration for your mantel – they have oversized clocks, antiqued maps, what looks like a giant framed letter… not suggesting these literally, but they might give ideas?

  6. I can totally relate to your throw up situation! We just bought the same couch with the same fabric, after much debate on whether or not to go with the everyday suede. We had only had it for a week or so when my son threw up on it too! This had never happened with our previous couch. I’m trying not to dwell on the fact that we probably should have gotten the everyday suede…oh well! Still love the couch, and it will definitely be with us for years to come!! Love your house and your style :)

  7. Gorgeous!!!! I love it all! I have three little ones like you, so I’m still stuck with my brown leather couch, but I cannot wait until I can buy one like yours. That is EXACTLY what I want. With colorful pillows! I think Pottery Barn picture frames of your cute kiddos should be all over those built-ins by the T.V. Along with all your other cute stuff. Do you read thepleatedpoppyblog? Her house is also gray and white. She always has fun ways to decorate with a lot of color. Have fun! I love these house updates!!!

  8. Thanks so much everyone! So fun to wake up and hear from you all this morning. :)

    Mags – I will check that site! Thank you!

    Joy – I chose the poly wrapped because I’m not a fan of how the down looks and feels after a while. We looked at the down couches in Restoration and almost bought one of them but every time I went in the store they were fluffing the cushions up because the down ones go so flat. I personally like a little more bounce back in my couch. We have loved the look/feel of the poly wrapped so far!

    Alba – we did put a plug on the floor in this room and in our formal living room in case we want a lamp or something plugged in and hiding under the rug. :)

    Jenny – so smart! We’ve actually thought of that very thing! Or buying some extra slip covers for the seats that get worn the most. Clearly with the kids we will need to do something like that! :)

    Anonymous – GOOD ideas for my mantel! I will check out Restoration on-line today!

    Rhonda – I’ve seen Pleated Poppy! Really cute, colorful home!

    Thanks again everyone!

  9. Perfection! The room, couch and tables look amazing.I am loving this whole look. Great minds think alike.
    I was looking into the linen fabric couch, 3 single couches instead of the sectional from Rest. H/W. My room is small and have to utilize the space. And I can not get enough of this burnt oak coffee table and console with metal legs. The console table would look great behind a couch as well. But your walkway would not be kept open. I could see a few agates as book ends and a vase with branches in it for the top of your console. So Rest. H/W. That place just makes me giddy. ;) I had a fireplace mantel that went two stories and put two very large square frames with art in it, about a foot and an half apart going up the fireplace. Even two large black and white family photos would look so nice. I could see some of the burnt oak frames from Rest.H/W with family pics in your hutches on each side of your tv to tie in with the wood pieces you have from Rest/ H/W. I am the one who emailed you and bought the linen counter stools in the sand color. Lol, I almost croaked when my cat wanted to nap in it. My Mother told me to scotch guard them. I think I will do that so I can breathe easy. Until the kids spill something on it. And they are not washable. But, it looks so nice, Haha! You have incredible style and vision. Everything looks so great!

  10. I really love your choices so far. Too funny about the Gatorade! Can’t wait to see more, although we’ve been in our house a year and I think you’re further along than me! Haha.


  11. K, it is so beautiful! Just an idea, what if you ordered another teal ottoman & flanked both sides of the fireplace with them? I think that would be so beautiful too. Maybe not :) I LOOOVE your house!

  12. It’s looking fantastic!! And I have to tell you that we have the exact same couch. Mine is more of a taupe color though. I got talked out of buying white, which to this day…I WISH I would’ve gotten because you can bleach a white slipcover so easily. Taupe…not so much! :) Anyway…we LOVE the sofa. And the funny thing is that we were dying for a sectional. We used it as a sectional for about 3.5 years and now I have them separated into 2 separate sofas (mostly because my boys wouldn’t stop running around the sectional and jumping from corner to corner!!!) and I love it too. It’s nice to be able to change it up when you get tired of the layout :)

    What about a ginormous black and white canvas of your beautiful kiddos for over the mantle?? It would look so good with the gray walls too. Just a thought!

    House looks incredible! I’m taking notes and using a lot of your advice for when we build in a few months! :)

  13. Love it Erin! Can’t get enough of your new house, loving all your choices. If you’re into the Restoration Hardware style, there’s a few UK online stores I like: Rockett St. George (which is a similar style, although maybe a bit more dark/gothic), Heals, Cox & Cox and Dwell.

    I know there will be plenty of inspiration from US stores but I thought maybe you would get some decor/styling ideas you hadn’t thought of,, as our home trends can be a little different. Hope you find the suggestions useful, whatever you choose I know it’s going to be stunning, you have great taste.

  14. Felicia! We clearly need to meet at Restoration Hardware! :) Thank you for your fun comment!

    Kierstin – that was my original plan for the fireplace! Two long benches or ottomans on both sides of it. But one space is larger than the other and it just didn’t look right when we tried it. Loved that idea though!

    Thanks everyone! Love hearing your great ideas and suggestions!

  15. Oh Erin! The orange throw-up… I too have couches that I’ve had forever, and they’re barley hanging on. I want new couches so bad I can’t stand it. But my husband insists we wait until Kade is 5 for that very reason… throw up. So sorry that happened to your new couches, but sounds like it’s all worked out. I love seeing the posts about your new house, it is beautiful!

  16. Absolutely love the couch!! I can’t wait to see it all finished and your decor you find for your mantel. So fun! I am curious will you be placing things on top of the entertainment part and the shelves?

  17. Oh, good luck with that couch. My husband and I have a similar sectional (basically the same color, linen-like fabric); and it has been destroyed by the kids. I loved it when we first bought it 6 years ago. I loathe it now. :)

  18. I’m NOT a designer, but I love this kind of challenge. I think you should put something round or oval above the fireplace. It would echo the light fixture and the cool round window, and provide a counterpoint to all the angles, squares, and rectangles in the room. :) Good luck!

  19. Oh, how I LOVE your house! The coffee table isn’t my typical style (seems like its not yours, either) but somehow it fits into the house PERFECTLY. I think some pops of orange with the teal would be gorgeous! It might be good to bring in a warm color with all the beautiful cool colors you have going on in your home. I absolutely love the World Market ottomon and can’t wait to see where you put it. Hurry up and decorate everything so I can swoon some more, haha!

  20. I love the sectional. I have a sectioanl right now that is about 25 years old but doesn’t get alot of use and I am on the hunt for a replacement. I would like to get this but not with slip covers. I will have to get on the PB site and look. Love your tables too!!!

  21. Hi Erin! I was so glad to see your latest post! I love your style of decorating – the Pottery Barn sectional and the industrial-style coffee table & console are amazing together! (I thought the tufted teal bench was a little too formal for the couch.) I love that your coffee table and console table match, and the items that you strategically place on your new tables will be so interesting, and I can’t wait to see – also the rug you choose to go under the coffee table!

    I love Sara’s idea of a large black & white canvas photo of your children/family above the fireplace! Also, there are some beautiful LARGE lanterns that would be perfect on your mantel from Pottery Barn – they are the Kingston lanterns. The large size is about 30″ tall, so they are larger than they look online.

    Your light fixture is such a beautiful focal point for your room – I just LOVE It!

    Your family room is a dream-come-true room, especially since it is all open with the kitchen and dining area! It couldn’t be more perfect!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  22. Hey Erin,

    I love your blog. We have the same couch, just one cushion shorter though. It’s my favorite and I feel so blessed to have it, and love snuggling with my girls on it. If I remember correctly ours was a little wrinkly too, but it’s not anymore. Have had to pop in the dryer for many chocolate stains, and the covers had come out clean every time. Enjoy your new couch and your new home. Jodie

  23. Love your couch but yeah that was a brave decision! Your second coffee table/ottoman is a thousand times better than that first. Glad you went with that one. :) Can’t wait to see the rest of the room come together!

  24. I bought a teal rug for Christmas that I am so in love with. At least I was, until my son pulled a Kole and threw up RED Gatorade all over it!!! Knowing we are giving this to sick children, I vote Gatorade release a clear option and spare our poor home furnishings!

  25. Yes Yes Yes to adding a pop of orange!! I’m not usually an orange person, but I love it with aqua that you have chosen. I think it would be so cute to have a mix of aqua and orange pillows on the couch.

  26. Erin! We have such a similar style! I am in love with your new house. I bought a white couch about a year and a half ago from PB. It is in our formal living room and my husband said I was completely crazy since we have 2 very little boys. But, we don’t use it much and I’m very strict about no food or drink in there. About every six months or so, I spray the whole thing with scotch guard. It is pretty amazing stuff! You should check it out!
    Also, my dining room table is very similar to yours! RH is my favorite store! Glad to hear their return policy is good! (I haven’t returned anything yet, so I had no idea :)

  27. I think the orange pops and looks great in the room. Have you tried the teal ottoman on the left side of your fireplace but put it sideways?

  28. Perfect couch! Do you ever shop Joss and Main? I sure have loved buying stuff from them lately! It reminds me of Home Goods only way more selection and tons of furniture choices. Super awesome customer service too. I have gotten some pretty amazing deals. I think it is right up your alley! With all those rooms and shelves to fill, man you could have some fun!

  29. Hi Erin,
    Im new to your blog but am loving it so far!! I was wondering what paint brand and color you used in your family room and did you carry it through into your other rooms?
    Thanks! janice

  30. Thanks everyone! So fun hearing from you all! :)

    Janice – thank you! The paint is “Seattle” by Frazee. We used it in our main living spaces, hallways, and entry. Love the color! It’s a great grey. :)

  31. Hi Erin

    The RH Dutch Industrial Coffee Table ROCKS! Nice choice. Am curious, did you go with the 55′ or 67′?


  32. Hi, I am in the same boat as you in regards to the RH Dutch industrial console. I’m so glad to find your site because I have been trying to find non-RH issued pictures to see what the wood actually looks like.

    What combination did you go for – natural elm or espresso elm? I have to match it to another table I have and the combination you purchased will go perfectly for me. Thanks! Pam

  33. Hi Pam! I honestly can’t remember! But I looked back at their site and I think it was the espresso. It’s a lot darker than some of their pictures.

    Hope that helps! Thanks!

  34. Hmmm is that the fabric ‘Textured Basketweave Flax’ ? or is it a different fabric they don’t have online ..

  35. I checked it out and I don’t think that’s it! I think you have to find it in the store. They have TONS of fabric samples in three ring binders to choose from.

  36. I love the mirror in your Family Room. Where did you find it?

    I have the sectional or order now from PB in the Velvet Buckwheat.

    I am inspired y your style.

    Love It!

    1. Thank you so much Kelley! Our family room mirror is also from Pottery Barn but they discontinued it! :( You will love the sectional!

  37. I love your blog !! & follow you on Pinterest :)
    I’ve searched for your mirror info and don’t seem to be finding it. Can you tell me where it’s from? (Black mirror with the cool wall hooks) thank you sooooo much!! You’re the best !

    1. Hi Yolanda! Thank you so much! That mirror was from Pottery Barn but it has been discontinued. Such a bummer. I love that mirror too! xo

  38. Are you still happy with your PB Comfort sofa?
    Do you remember the exact material name and color?
    Love your house and style!


    1. Thank you Christina! We are! It’s the PB comfort sectional and we got “Flax” but I would recommend going with one of their performance fabrics instead! I love the look of our linen couch but it’s so hard to keep clean with kids! xo

  39. Love your sofa! And your home! Is this a custom PB comfort? I don’t se this one on the PB website. Thanks!

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