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Friday Favorites

world market popcorn bowls
Happy Friday everyone!  Made it through the week!  Which is always something to celebrate.  :)  Sharing a few of my recent favorite things today!  These popcorn bowls are from World Market and they make me smile every single night.  I always pop some popcorn after the kids go to bed.  A little ritual that signals time to sit down, chill with my husband and blog the night away.  My happy time.  :)  Technically these bowls belong to my girls.  I wrapped them up with some treats and American Girl DVD’s for them for Christmas.  I bought six little bowls (they are doubled up in this pic) so we have plenty if friends come over.

Especially love the inside of the bowls.  Too fun!
These are three things I’m using in my daily exercise routine that I am absolutely loving!  I mentioned two of them in December when I shared everything from my friend’s annual Favorite Things party (that post is FULL of so many great tried and true products btw so if you missed it check it out!).

On the far right is a Head Sweat Outdoor Sports Visor.  I bought it soon after the favorites party because after hearing how so many of my friends loved it I knew I needed one for running in our non stop sunny climate!  These visors keep the sweat away and are perfect for exercising or for moms who live at outdoor sports events.  They come in so many fun colors!   I bought this one in black but I’m going to order another colorful one too.  I wear it almost every morning.

The band under the visor is a Hip Sister.  It’s a fabric like yoga pants that you put around your waist when you walk/jog and it holds your phone or keys while you exercise.  Like a fanny pack but much cooler.  ;)  My cute friend Ann who threw the favorites party just bought if for me for my birthday because every time we exercise we get chatting and laughing and I drop my phone and we never notice and have to back track half the trail!  I laughed when she gave it to me.  :)  I was going to order one right after the party and just forgot.  Love it SO much!  No more searching for the cell phone.

Another birthday gift I’m in love with – this was my birthday gift from my husband – PowerBeats2 Wireless Headphones.  Wow.  Can’t say enough good things about these!  I have gone through so many less expensive headphones that ultimately break, fall out of my ears when I’m running, have poor sound quality, have the annoying cord, etc.  I guess my husband got tired of hearing me complain about them because he spent some time researching headphones and found me these.  LOVE them!!  A bit of a splurge but so worth it.  I know I’ll have them forever.  Now I just need to update my seriously sad workout playlist (a little Footloose anyone?) and I’ll be set.  :)
Just bought these indoor/outdoor stain resistant poufs for my kids to sit on!  My heart skipped a beat when I saw them sitting on a shelf at none other than.. wait for it… Target!  Oh Target.  Still my #1 after all these years.  :)  Not sure if I’m keeping them inside or putting them outside yet.  I just knew they had to be mine and their exact location could be determined later.  :)
don't push the button book
K I know I share so many books that my sweet 4 year old is in love with, but I have to share one more because he is having so much fun with this book!  It was given to me in January by a sweet friend of mine and we’ve been reading it over and over ever since.  When a book tells you NOT to do something you of course want to do it even more.  :)  So much fun for kids.  If you have a little one try out Don’t Push The Button!
the monster at the end of this book
It reminds me a lot of another favorite.. The Monster at the end of this book.  Same concept with Grover begging the kids to NOT turn one more page.  Kole’s little laugh and excitement when he reads these two books are priceless.  I love children’s literature.  :)  (If you are interested, I shared more of our favorite children’s books here.  Comments were accidentally deleted in this post when I switched my blog around so sorry if you left one and it’s not there now!)
I shared this as a favorite last summer but had to mention it again since it’s Spring and time for a little color!  Loreal Sublime Bronze is my favorite tanner.  I just put a little on my legs every few days to take away the scary white!
you are so loved print
Just bought this cute print from Paper Source for 5 bucks!  It’s going in Ad’s room, but I love it up against my office wall!  Maybe I need a “you are so loved” print too?  :)
I’ve had this page torn from a magazine forever now and I’m finally putting it to good use!  These are my favorite colors for decorating at the moment!  I’m incorporating them into our formal living room and can’t wait to see how it turns out!
west elm trey
A few favorite finds from West Elm!  Coral is popping up all over my house these days.  Love how it compliments all the blues.
insta copy
Speaking of West Elm, last weekend I was invited to a little blogger’s night out at the West Elm in Orange County.  Fun get together for southern California girls!  The event was hosted by Courtney from A Thoughtful Place and Danielle from Danielle Oakey Interiors.  I have been reading Courtney’s blog for years and was so excited to meet her!  I took my cute friend Gina (Living Solutions) and we all had such a great time.  This was the first blogging event I’ve ever attended and I have to say I really loved meeting and talking to so many other bloggers!  A favorite night to remember for sure.  It even ended perfectly with an impromptu stop at the Container Store on our way home.

Gina and I had to stop somewhere to use the restroom…


Enjoy your weekend everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Love that print! Could you possibly share a link for it? It would be so perfect in my daughters nursery! Loving coral as well, my daughters room is coral, blue and yellow, so pretty!

  2. Love your blog. I always smile when I see your feed in my inbox, but you are bad, bad, baaaaaad for my wallet! ;)

    Just ordered the visor, in hot pink. No matter where I am on the course you’ll be able to find me. :)

    1. Ha! You made me laugh Riley! My husband tells me the same thing! ;) You will be so stylish in your hot pink visor! Love it! Happy exercising cutie. :)

  3. Yay! A Friday Favorite post! I have to try that visor and those ear phones. I got the Hipster after your Favorite Things party post! I just need to remember to wear it :) HA! And I’m loving all the colors for your living room. It’s going to be gorgeous! Last Saturday was such a fun evening!!! Definitely a favorite of mine :)

  4. I LOVE coral and blue! My two favorite colors!
    Do you have any trouble with the Sublime Bronze rubbing of onto your clothes? I’ve been trying to find a self tanner that doesn’t do that. Do you prefer the lotion or the towelettes?
    Thanks Erin!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. No biggie Kimberly! Sorry I’m so slow to answer today! Finally have a minute now the kids are asleep. :) I haven’t had a problem with the tanner rubbing off on my clothes but make sure to let it dry for 5 minutes after you apply it before you put your clothes on! Then you should be fine. I really like the lotion and the towelettes! I use the lotion more just because it’s less expensive (a bottle lasts forever). The towelettes are nice if I’m traveling. Hope that helps! :)

  5. Those popcorn bowls are so fun! They make me wish I liked popcorn more than I do, just to have an excuse to buy them. Oh well, I most likely can’t get them in Australia anyway.

    On a different note, I have an idea for a blog post for you, if it’s something you’d be interested in writing – I’m getting married in August and we don’t live together currently, I still live with my parents. I would love your advice on setting up a home for the first time. Perhaps things you wish you’d done from the beginning, or household items to definitely buy straight away and what to leave till later? What you are glad you did then and what you would do differently looking back on it? Any advice at all would be great.

    I just love reading your blog, I can’t wait to see the formal living room once it’s all said and done, but also I hope that day doesn’t come too soon because seeing how you develop the plan and watching all of your ideas come together is so helpful.

    1. Hi Bethany! Congratulations on your engagement! That is SO exciting! Happy for you. :) That’s a great blog post idea. I’ll definitely think about that one! Thanks for your sweet comment. Makes my day that you enjoy my blog! And don’t worry about my living room getting decorated too quickly. I am SLOW.. ha! And still have a lot of rooms to finish around here. :) Thanks again Bethany! Good luck with all the wedding planning! xo

  6. Ha, Footloose is on my exercise playlist! It’s such a good beat for my pace that I’m reluctant to lose it off the list!!

  7. I love your popcorn bowls! They are going on my “need to buy ASAP” list.
    And we just checked out “The Monster at the End of This Book” from the library.

  8. Ah! Love seeing our photo! I seriously had the best time ever meeting you girls. I can’t wait to get together again. And that is my favorite bronzer, too. My Irish skin needs some serious help when shorts weather is upon us. Have a great rest of the weekend! xo

    1. Thanks again for hosting such a fun night Courtney! It was a blast and I loved getting to know you better! Hope we can do it again soon! xo

    1. You are a sweetheart Jennifer! Thank you so much. Made my day! :) And I know – I have GOT to take pics of my girls rooms! Kole’s has nothing in it but a bed and a bookcase. Things are still such a work in progress around here! xo

  9. I love those colors Erin!. We are remodeling our office and can’t wait to add coral to the nautical navy blue theme. I found the white lattice tray on clearance at Target this week! It was the last one. It is really a beautiful tray in person. Take care :)

  10. Love, love your new home. Can’t wait to see all the rooms once they are finished, I know a great home is never really finished. I love the rug in your living room, please tell me where you purchased it, it goes perfectly with my decor.

    1. Thank you Paula! So sweet of you! And yes.. I doubt we’ll ever be “finished.” :) My formal living room rug with the grey diamonds is from Restoration Hardware. Is that the one you meant? The family room rug is from Pottery Barn. Hope that helps! xo

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