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Spring in the kitchen

white craftsman kitchen_0032
Happy Friday friends!  I’ve done a few things around the house to welcome Spring!  There is still a lot I want to do (isn’t there always!?) and a lot of areas in my kitchen need some sprucing up, but I decided to show you where I’m at anyway.  If I wait until things are “complete” like I want them to be I’ll be showing you Spring pictures in November.  :)

white craftsman kitchen_0018
I decided to channel my inner Joanna Gaines with this simple centerpiece.  Not sure if I pulled that lofty goal off but I sure had fun trying.  It’s so simple, but I think that’s what I like most about it.  Lately I’ve been feeling like less is more.  Especially when it comes to decor.
white craftsman kitchen_0033
white craftsman kitchen_0024
I have lots of little groupings in the kitchen that are making me smile.
white craftsman kitchen_0019
white craftsman kitchen_0023
To the left of my cupboard you can see my pop out window is sitting empty.  My plants died.  Twice.  First I think I under watered them and then I think I over watered them.  Such a bummer.  I tried.  Currently looking for something green and fake to replace them!
white craftsman kitchen_0021
Oh and I got a new sign that I just couldn’t love more!  Enjoy The Little Things.  My life motto.  :)  Aside from the message I love the simple black font and wood frame.  Isn’t it fun!?  I originally bought it to be part of a gallery wall in another room, but it’s living in my kitchen for now and it may need to stay a while.  It’s from an etsy shop I discovered called The House of Belonging.  They have such beautiful signs!
white craftsman kitchen_0020
Ignore the butler’s pantry to the left.  Another area that’s a mess since I took half the stuff off of it to use on shelves in another room.  My decor has been playing musical chairs lately.  Sometimes I feel like I’m taking one step forward and three back when it comes to decorating this house.
white craftsman kitchen_0029 white craftsman kitchen_0030
My scale was full of lemons and looked so pretty!  But I used them too fast.  Three left when I took this picture.  Only one there now.  :)
white craftsman kitchen_0028
white craftsman kitchen_0027
This tray is in another room at the moment.  I moved it right after I took these pictures because I realized I had too many trays!  Clearly I can’t resist a good tray.  Or a good lemon.  Or cookie dough for that matter.  I ate two spoonfuls an hour ago.  Felt like I should tell you that since this post is all about full disclosure.
white craftsman kitchen_0031
So there you go!  A few simple Spring touches in a house that’s about 30% decorated.  But I’m having fun working on the other 70% and that’s what matters.  At this rate I’ll be able to give you a full house Spring tour in oh.. I’d say 2017.  Don’t make other plans.  It’s coming.  ;)
white craftsman kitchen_0025
Enjoy your weekend!
p.s.  It’s Friday!  Are you all trying my “week ahead prep?”  Give it a chance and watch it change your life!

Kidding.  It won’t change your life.

But it will insure you have clean clothes on Monday.

And that’s a step in the right direction.


xoxo, Erin
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68 thoughts on “Spring in the kitchen

  1. You have lovely taste when it comes to decor. I like the simple, less is more approach. The table looks gorgeous with those big jars! You’ve got a great eye for what looks appealing, that is for sure! And a fun sense of humor, which is awesome. :)

  2. I love love love your Kitchen! My heart goes pitter patter every time I see you post about your kitchen. One day I too will have a cool kitchen! Have you ever posted about your outdoor spaces? I would love to see what you have done outdoors. I can see a tad bit through your kitchen doors :)

    1. What a sweet comment Heather! Thank you! So happy you like my kitchen. :) I haven’t posted about our outdoor space yet! I need to! I’m looking for a rug for that area right now so I’ll definitely share more pictures of it when I finish decorating it! xo

  3. Erin, I love all your spring touches. What I love most is that you don’t mind having some blank space nor feel the need to decorate and fill your home immediately with stuff! I love that you are taking your time making your house a home you will all enjoy. And let’s face it, spending time with those precious kiddos is far more important right now.

    Can I ask where you purchased your pretty little bowls in your cupboard? You may have said before and I missed it. Anthro? West Elm? They are pretty. We could use a few new small bowls for cereal and such.

    1. Thank you Lauren! This was so good for me to hear! Sometimes I feel like I’m moving SO slow around here. :) But yes – kids always come first! Those bowls are from Anthropologie and Marshalls but I have several from West Elm too! (In the dining room)

  4. Love your kitchen table and love Fixer Upper! Where did you get your centerpiece ‘pieces’? Love them! Happy Friday :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! The kitchen table centerpiece is from all over – wood tray from a local store, clear jar and flowers are from World Market, and the blue jar is from Marshalls! Is that the one you were talking about? :)

  5. Where did you find your trays at? Love them!
    Also, where is a good place to find the flowers at? Like what you have in the first picture.
    Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Thank you Kimberly! Trays are from different places! Tai Pan in Utah and Pottery Barn. The flowers on my table are from World Market. They have good flowers that don’t look as fake! :) xo

      1. I think I found the flowers. They come in 3 different colors. It is really hard to see them online. Which ones do you have? They have ivory, white and green.
        Thanks so much Erin!

        1. Hi Kimberly! I looked them up and the ones I bought are the “green velvet plum.” Which is funny because they don’t really look green. More of a white with a creamy yellow/green center. :) Love the white too!

  6. Your spring touches are so pretty. Spring and summer are my favorite time of year!! I love that teal tray and that wire one. In a few days my spring touches will consist of brown boxes from the moving company. If I don’t change my mind by tonight. I have until 4:00 tonight to change my mind. “”What is wrong with me!?!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Ahh! Did you sell your house Cathy!? SO exciting! Nothing is wrong with you. Things like this are so stressful and exciting at the same time! xo

  7. You have a great taste…simple yet elegant!

    P.S. What are those gorgeous pink flowers in your “Week Ahead Prep” post pic? I vaguely remember seeing them in my grandma’s garden as a kid.

    1. Thank you Thelma! Oh my word – I’m blanking on the name of them and I know it! We planted them along one wall in our back yard. It’s going to come to me! When it does I’ll let you know. Promise! :)

  8. Where did you get your cute scale?? I need one, and because I will be using it everyday I want it to look cute sitting on my counter.

    1. Hi Andee! It’s from Nordstroms – the home department. But I’ve had it for a couple of years so I’m not sure if they still have one??

  9. Definitely feeling like spring in your kitchen! I love that sign. I could have any one {or like 5!} of her signs in my home! And I love that you ate cookie dough, too. A girl after my own heart ;)

  10. Everything looks so pretty! I especially like your turquoise tray and your new sign. I agree less is more in décor. As for your trays, I think I would move the tray with the scale on it over to your butler’s pantry area. I agree that three trays are too much, but I loved the texture of the one to the right of the stove and think it should stay. Of course, I have no say in the matter but I love to give an opinion, lol. As for small changes, it’s definitely the way to go; there’s not enough time in a day to do everything at once. Your house is coming along beautifully. Everything looks very cheery! P.S. Kind of miss Kole’s photobombing.

  11. Erin,
    It looks great, very Joanna Gaines! I just revisited Magnolia Market and there were lots of blue jars, wooden trays and almost the exact same flowers. I have pictures of inside the shop that I wish there was a way I could share them with you!
    I recently walked into my ‘treasure shop” a.k.a. Goodwill and found the light aqua bowls you have in excellent condition. They have a small bird stamped on the bottom, Anthro maybe? I snatched up all 4 bowls at .79 each. I have them proudly displayed in my glass cabinet. Thank you for all your inspiration and beautiful decor ideas.

    1. Such a sweet comment Debi – thank you! SCORE on those bowls! Love finding deals like that. I wish I could just go with you to the Magnolia Market! That store would be dangerous! I just ordered their signature magnolia wreath on-line. Next best thing to the actual store! :) Thanks again! xo

  12. Oh, Erin, you are so cute and funny! I think your little Spring touches look terrific, especially anything that’s turquoise. I have to be the last person in blogland to have started watching “Fixer Upper.” Even though I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, I’d say you are channeling Joanna Gaines pretty darn well. It’s our favorite DIY show now; and yes, even my hubby really likes it! You have such a beautiful kitchen and have the perfect backdrop for any pops of color you might want to add. We just posted about painting our builder-basic oak kitchen cabinets a soft, warm gray, and it makes such a huge difference in my color options for decor. I think I may now be channeling Joanna and Erin…! Love that sign, too!

    1. Carol! Just checked out your post and your cabinets look AMAZING!! What a transformation. And so impressive you and your husband did it yourselves. Love it all! Thanks for the sweet comment! Always love hearing from you. :) xo

  13. I love how bright your kitchen is! I also love the spring colors you incorporated with the white theme as well as the “Enjoy the Little Things” sign. Thanks for sharing!

  14. The 30% you show us looks amazing!!!! I feel like I have so much to decorate, but getting the itch too. We put it on hold for a few years while the twins were small. Now they are almost 6 and I feel like we have more time, but also that they won’t mess things up the instant we get something new, LOL.

    1. It’s a nice feeling isn’t it Heather!? This is the first time in my life I can actually style a coffee table! For so many years we had to have them completely empty. :) Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you are liking it so far! xo

  15. I just discovered your blog through House of Turquoise and spent 45 minutes reading back posts : } Your home is lovely. We also built a new home and moved in 8 moths ago. The decorating is a slow process here too. I’m looking forward to following your progress and getting lots of inspiration! I would love to know where you found your coral rug, please share.

    1. Hi Shelley! Thank you so much! So happy you found me! :) My coral rug in the dining nook is from Home Decorators! I can’t remember exactly how much but I remember it was a great price too. Nice to “meet” you!

  16. I am in the process of building a new house and I keep coming back to your site every day for a little inspiration. Every room in your home looks so inviting and gorgeous! Your choice of colors is perfect for your home. I am going to just continue to gush, so I will get to my question! Can you tell me where you purchased the gray rugs in your kitchen? I just love them as well as everything else in there. :)

    1. You are so incredibly sweet Jennifer! Thank you! Such a kind thing to say. Made my day! Those gray rugs are from none other than Target! They hold up great and I toss them in the wash when they get dirty and they come out good as new. :) xo

  17. Hi, we are about to start a remodel in out kitchen and I was hoping you could tell me what the dark grey counter top you used is and also the hardware (specifically the cup pulls) on your cabinets.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Ashleigh! The counters are called Raven – they are quartz – Caesarstone. The hardware pulls are from Restoration Hardware.
      Good luck with your remodel! xo

  18. Love your kitchen! Can you please tell me about the backsplash and where you purchased it?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Cathy! It’s Carrara marble subway tiles and I bought them through a store in southern Utah (my hometown) but you can find them at any tile store or on-line. :)

      1. Hi– can you please tell me if the Carrara marble is Jeffrey Court Carrara 4 in. x 12 in. Honed Marble Wall Tile and did they come in a three pack? This would help so much in my search. I love your backsplash but when I goggled “Carrara” many different colors and versions came up.
        Thank you so much.

  19. Hi. Your home is beautiful and has inspired me to redecorate. ?
    If you have the information and don’t mind sharing, can you please tell me about some items in your home that I’d love to track down?
    Coral kitchen rug
    Powder room wallpaper & light fixture
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you Renee! Did you see the post I did this week on all of the rugs in my house? There was a link to the coral rug in that post! The powder bathroom lights are from Jeremiah (Craft Made) and the wallpaper I ordered through a local designer/friend. Shoot me an e-mail if you want her contact info.! :) xo

  20. LOVE your kitchen. Can you tell me the color of the island cabinets color? I love that grey and would like to know the paint color of it. Thank you so much!!

  21. Hi Erin,

    Beautiful kitchen! We are in the process of building. Can you share the brand of your kitchen faucets please? If you posted a source list, I’m not seeing it, sorry Thanks!

  22. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Will you tell me where your table is from and what your table top is made from? Thank You!

  23. I love your decorating! I am in the process of building a home and I am loving all your lighting. Can you tell me where you purchased your drum shade lighting above your dining table? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ashley! Thank you so much! Oh my word.. I am racking my brain and can’t remember! I want to say Candelabra. I think that’s right! xo

  24. Your colors are perfect. I saw the color of the island in another comment and was wondering if you could share the white cabinet color as well as the light gray on your wall? Thanks! Your home is lovely!!

  25. Hi Erin! What is the finish on your kitchen hardware; faucets and pulls? Is it polished chrome or PN? I’m trying to decide between the two. While I prefer the look of the PN, I’m concerned about the upkeep. If you have PN, what is your take on maitanance? Thanks.

  26. OMG your house is beyond gorgeous!!! Could you please share the color quartz you used ? Specifically in the kitchen ( both dark and light color) and in the craft room ? Any upkeep? How are they holding us? I have 5 kids and they are not the neatest bunch of boys! Thanks in advance. I have to pick them out asap!

    1. Thank you! Oh my word.. LOVE quartz. It’s indestructible! Best choice with 5 kids for sure! No upkeep and they look amazing. The white quartz in my kitchen is the same in my craft room and it’s called “Organic White” (Caeserstone). The quartz around my kitchen perimeter is “Raven.” Hope that helps! xo

  27. I love the beautiful details of your kitchen. I have no imagination so I am just going to flat-out copy you :)

    t I am having no luck finding the perfect metal tray you used to hold your scale. Where should I be looking? What brand is it?

    I am a newcomer to your blog but expect to be haunting it regularly as I work to make our new house feel like our home.

    1. Thank you so much Connie! Copy away! ;) That tray was from a store called Tai Pan in Utah and I bought it years ago. Sorry that’s no help! So nice to “meet” you! xo

  28. I just found your blog today and I love your home. You have done an amazing job decorating! Can you tell me the name of the pendant lights in your kitchen – the one over the island and the sink?


    1. Hi Kristin! Thank you! So happy you found me. :) I don’t remember the name of them but I got them on-line from Capital Lighting. Hope that helps! xo

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