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Back on track

Thanks so much for sharing in our Annie happiness everyone!  I had such a good day reading all of your sweet  comments.  I had such a good week actually.  It felt wonderful being back in our routine.  I printed the girls’ chore charts to help get them back on track and scrubbed our house from top to bottom to help me get back on track.

couch-corner coral-roses
Order and a clean house is always my best medicine!  You guys – I have SO much to post.  I had a full month of things scheduled to share that got shoved to the side with the play craziness.  So I will definitely be making up for my recent lull in blogging!  Thanks for hanging around despite my not so reliable posting schedule.  You are all the best.  :)  I was going to dive into an organizing post tonight but then remembered I had to watch the series finale of Parenthood!  Did you all watch it?  Such a great show.  I was about to prepare for it earlier today by tearing up because I knew that’s what would be coming.  Good grief I’ve teared up enough lately to last a lifetime!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who cried during that show.  It will make me feel better.  I’ve decided that red/puffy eyes are the new look for 2015.

Are you all excited for the Superbowl?  We are cheering on the Seahawks although when the Chargers aren’t involved we aren’t too invested one way or another.  I might even get festive and make the same treats I did last year.  They were such a hit!
My kids devoured this cheese and cracker football platter before the game even started.
And my 6 layer refried bean dip didn’t make it to half time.  So easy and always a crowd pleaser.  Go Hawks!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!  My fingers are crossed we will get a little rain.

Someone at our house is anxiously waiting and ready.


xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. Looks like you are definitely prepared for everything. Yummy food, beautiful home and adorable rainmaker! (fingers crossed for the rain for you guys) Those coral and gray colors look fantastic together. Sigh…sometimes it feels so good to get back to the normal everyday stuff, doesn’t it? I’m a Bronco fan, so am not emotionally invested in the upcoming game at all. I’m watching for the commercials! ;) Your snack food looks so yummy. I can see why it doesn’t last long.

  2. You are not alone in crying! I cried for the whole hour last night. No spoilers, but the series finale did Parenthood justice.

  3. Erin….NO! Please don’t tell me you are rooting for the Hawks. We are Packer fans and the nightmare from that game still haunts us. Marty is a Charger fan also. I will be watching along side of him for the commercials too.

    That picture of your little guy is adorable. Hope we get the rain so that he can enjoy his rain gear. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Loved Parenthood too! Am going to re-watch the early shows on Netflix! Also love your chore charts and definitely making one for my girl and my hub! :) Have a fun weekend! Gooooooo Seattle!

  5. I think it is so smart to chores for children to do. I always had a chore chart that was hung just outside our children’s bedroom, & they got to put stars on it when they finished a task. Number of stars added up to something special at the end of the week. I truly think they are better parents today for having had the experience of being responsible for certain things.

    I hope you have gotten some rain by now, Erin! We have had non-stop rain since last evening, and it’s suppose to continue through Saturday. The rain doesn’t seem to be deterring the golf fans at the big Phoenix Open or those crazy Super Bowl fans who have been hanging around and partying all week! I guess it’s a good thing the U of A Stadium has a retractable dome! Despite “Deflate Gate,” we are rooting for The Patriots — Hubby, I don’t know why; me, because Tom Brady is such a cutie!

    Have a great weekend! Your snack ideas look delicious!


  6. I cried all the way through Parenthood and watched it again today and cried again. I love the Bravermans I’m not ashamed to admit! Such a big, crazy, forgiving, loving family.

  7. I have cried so many tears watching Parenthood. It was such a great show and I’m so sad it ended. (Who knew a soufflé could make a person cry!?)

    I loved your last post about the girls being in Annie. As crazy as theatre life is, it’s such a great thing for kids to be involved in. It brought back so many fond memories of when I acted as a child. Thanks for sharing that with us!

      1. It was an incredibly sad loss for the Seahawks! They had the game won and then made that bad call. So disappointing!

  8. Hello, question on the chore chart: if they don’t complete all in, let’s say after school routine, how much money or points get discounted? Do you make a difference on money depending on their age? I have an 8 and 5 year old so I was wondering if it is fair to give them the same amount. Thank you.

    1. Hi Vicky! I make it an all or nothing deal! You can obviously do this how you want, but I’ve found that if it’s a night they get homework done and help with one thing and that’s all we have time for I don’t pay them (because some of that stuff they should just be doing anyway). If they work really hard and get it ALL done, that’s when I reward them with allowance. I pay my girls the same! They are two years apart but I think it would be hard when they are both doing the same amount of work to pay my older daughter more. If your 8 year old is doing a lot more work, which might be the case then maybe you will want to decide on an amount that reflects that. Hope that helps! :) xo

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