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Game Day Snacks (6 layer refried bean dip)

Superbowl is over and what a bummer of a game!  For Bronco fans anyway.  Technically Charger fans in this house but for today’s game we figured if you can’t beat em’ – join em’.  Except when they play like they just did.  Bad call on our part!  Oh well.  We had a fun afternoon anyway.  My parents were in our area with a group of friends/co-workers and they all came to our house for the game.  It was our first official grown up party in the new house!  And I should have taken more pics of all of us because we all looked so cute in our game day attire!  Even though mine was a Charger jersey.  Football is football, right?  (Hopefully my husband won’t read this.)  I did snap pics of a couple of appetizers I made before our guests arrived…

I found this fun football shaped cheese and cracker platter on pinterest and couldn’t wait to make it myself.  So easy and fun for game day!  Have you seen this before?  Darling.  Did I just call a football snack darling?  Again hoping my husband doesn’t read this.

I don’t know that mine turned out quite as good as the inspiration pic, but it resembled a football and people ate it so I’ll consider it a success.  :)

I also made this 6 layer refried bean dip.  I know there are many 7 layer bean dip recipes and they are all similar, but the way Kenny’s mom makes it has always been my favorite.  So I thought I’d share her recipe with you today.  You know if it’s something I can make it’s SUPER simple.  And seriously, this never lasts long.  It’s so delicious!  Set this by a bowl of tortilla chips and watch it disappear!


1st layer:    Refried Beans
2nd layer:  Mix together 1 T lemon juice, 1 to 3 avocados, 1/2 t salt, 1/4 t pepper, 1 cup sour cream,
1-2 T taco seasoning mix
3rd layer:  1 cup chopped onions
4th layer:  1 cup chopped tomatoes
5th layer:  1 cup chopped olives – I added more than that – I like olives.  :)
6th layer:  1 to 2 cups shredded cheese
Superbowl is over but these treats were such a hit tonight they may just be popping up again soon.  El asked if I can create a panda head with cheese and crackers next time.  
I’m up for the challenge.  Should be interesting.

xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Game Day Snacks (6 layer refried bean dip)

  1. Love your dip platter very cute. I also watched some of the Super Bowl here in Melbourne (Aust) today, but only so that I could see the half time entertainment. Long time fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Would love someone to actually explain to me the game that all you Amercians love.

  2. I love your cheese & cracker ‘footballs’!! How clever is that? And the 6-layer dip is a favorite of mine, but I am going to use your recipe the next time I make it. I made oven-fried wings, slow cooker teriyaki chicken tenderloins over jasmine rice, guacamole dip with chips, party mix, and popcorn! What a combination.

    I think El has a great idea of making a panda cheese platter!

  3. Oh, a couple more things…..
    Being from Missouri, we are Kansas City Chiefs fans, so we didn’t really have a preference on who won the Super Bowl. We thought that Bruno Mars did a great job at halftime – he is such an entertainer!

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