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opinions please! (dining room rug options)

Popping in for a quick survey if you have a minute today!  I’m looking at yellow rugs for my formal dining room (I’ll show you pics of that room soon!).  I know it’s hard to give an opinion when you haven’t seen the space or my table yet, but just from looking at these rugs which one do you like the best?  I like them all three and am having a hard time deciding!  
Bazaar Wool Dhurrie rug also from West Elm 
OR the Octagon Trellis from Shades of Light

1, 2, or 3.  Do you have a  preference?  
Or have you seen another yellow rug you like other than these three?  
I shouldn’t ask that.  I’m indecisive enough as it is!  
Thank you!
xoxo, Erin
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142 thoughts on “opinions please! (dining room rug options)

  1. Wow … I actually like all three! #1 and #3 the most though … and out of those choices I would say if you need A LOT more color in the room, go with #1 … if you just need a bit more, #3. How’s that for probably not helping you at all!? lol.

  2. I LOOOOVE the first option. The color is stunning and it’s classical and modern at the same time – my ultimate goal in house decorating : )

    Good luck, though! I know whatever you pick will be beautiful!

  3. I love #3. It could be considered either formal or casual it seems less like a hotel carpet than maybe the #1. I like them all too but the one with a brighter and larger area of white, #3, will make all the annual decorating you do easier to mesh with. I hope that makes sense!

  4. Definitely 3! Its fun and bright and not overwhelming with too much yellow…plus it make me smile. We are one month away from finishing up our new house and I have used “does it make me smile” as a gauge in a lot of our selections. Good luck!

  5. I’d go with #1 as well. As others have said, you already have a lot of grey, so I think the nice shot of color would be great.

  6. I love #3, but as a dining room rug I’d choose my close second fave, #1. #3 has too much white to be safe with food!! Plus, #1 has such pretty curves, which I think would soften that room for you nicely.

  7. I adore #3 although I seriously can’t fathom having anything that light + kids + food.

    That would last all of 2 minutes in our house before some little one dumped a big ‘ol bowl of spaghetti on it:)

    I think # 3 is so ‘happy’ and gives a good pop of color to brighten up the grey.

  8. i think #3 looks the most “formal” if you’re going for that look in your formal dining room. i also think it’s my fav. but #1 is a close second. it would help if you could show us what table you’re using ;)

  9. # 1 has a more classic look and will not be out of style too soon. Also it won’t show the dirt as fast as one w/ a white background.

  10. Love love them all. But I am leaning more towards number 3. Of course it depends on the space but I think 3 gives a bit more flexibility with decorating. It is bright and cheery but being anchored in white with accents of yellow gives some flexibility. Plus I am just a huge sucker for a great geometric print.
    But they are all beautiful – you can’t go wrong!

  11. My favorite is no. 1! But if you’re really wanting to have a more “plush” feel underfoot, I would go with your third option.

  12. i vote for # 3 i think it’s really soft and formal at the same time. i think number one is a drop to yellow and number 2 is not as formal..
    just my opinion!

  13. I LOVE #3. You said this is for your formal dining room so I am thinking that you guys don’t eat every meal in there. So, I would feel safe with the white. I love the pattern. It is my favorite right now. I like # 2 because it is bright and adds a touch of gray. #1 is really pretty too. I don’t even know why I commented. I am so much like you. I can never make my mind up. If it wasn’t for my daughter, my master bedroom would not be done. I bought so many pillows and décor that I returned. I do love #3 the most. There…I committed.

  14. I already left my pick above, but I also wanted to mention that restoration hardware has a TON of rugs if your looking for one for your family room. I just checked out the website and wanted to suggest it to you.

  15. At first I thought #1, but now I’m going with #2, because the design is more subtle and better matches your other lampshades, etc. and the grey might help tie everything together! Can’t wait to see it all!

  16. For a formal dining room I would pick 3. Plus it is already on a dark wood floor like yours and can tell how pretty it would be. I love the yellow in #1. Maybe that rug would be pretty in your kitchen??

  17. I love them all, but I will give you a little advice. Google ‘my wool rug sheds’ and see what comes up. My niece just purchased a beautiful yellow wool area rug and it’s driving her crazy because it sheds. They also recommend you don’t use a vacuum with a beater bar on them. Do a little research on wool rugs (if you haven’t already)before you take the leap.

  18. #2 looks too much like a quilt. It’s nearly an exact match for the very traditional, antique pattern known as Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

  19. I always laugh when I answer your decor advice thread because believe me, I’m’ the last one who knows anything about decor BUT…

    I say #1 hands down!!!

    Don’t like #2 much and #3 doesn’t have enough yellow.

    When I saw the first one I thought, “Holy crap, Erin got a dog?!?!?” :)

  20. From the pics you’ve shared of your home so far, I think 2 or 3 would work well. My favorite is 3 because it gives color without being too in your face, and would work well with other colors if you change your mind down the road, it’s versatile and can be casual or formal, and I don’t think you would tire of it as quickly as the other choices because it’s more subdued. Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  21. Initially I said #3, and it is my favorite just looking at them. BUT, under a dining room table I’d avoid white being the main color for stain purposes, and pop of color purposes (or lack of). So my vote is #1, it’ll look better and hopefully hide those stains….if they are mustard, you’re good to go! :)

  22. Erin,

    I love #1. It has so much more richness than the other two and I also believe that it isn’t as “trendy” and could look lovely in your home now and many many many years down the road.

    Hugs from KS,

  23. As he owner of 2 west elm rugs of similar construction to the ones you’re looking at … Go a different direction. They don’t wear that great, and even the people at west elm have since told me that they themselves buy rugs at pottery barn because they know the quality of the west elm rugs aren’t that great. Just thought I’d share from experience.

  24. #2 and then #1. I agree with Cheryl B. Research wool rug care if you haven’t already. I like #2 because there is a little more contrast. Between those two, I personally would go with what will be easier to clean. Even if kids are not eating in there all it takes is one spilled glass of red one or filthy shoe.

  25. To me, #1&#2 seem too casual for a formal dining room, & I’ve seen them both in person and I don’t think they match the rest of your house in terms of how much detail there is and all the high end finishes. Of its a truly formal dining room(used for parties, special occasions, etc)& not meant to be used everyday, I would check out The Rug Conpany. They have BEAUTIFUL rugs! And if it’s right by your entry then it should be a wow effect ya know? First impression as u walk in the door should be elegant I think, to match your house. Casual elegance. Check out The Rug Company!

  26. #3! It’s subtle and pretty and adds that hint of yellow without being overwhelming. I also like the pattern. It’s pleasing to the eye.

  27. I like 1 & 3 the best but it looks like 1 would be easier to clean should there be a food spill.

    Can’t wait to see the dining room pics !

  28. I would go with #3, its more neutral yet adds color, so its easier to add more colors too. My second choice would be #2. I think #1 has too much yellow.
    Cant wait to see where its going!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. While they’re all beautiful, I’m thinking practicality here.

    1 & 2 don’t look like they’ll work well with all the chair dragging that happens in a dining room. I see a whole lotta bunching in your future.

    Go with #3.

  30. It really depends on your room color, if it is white or very light I would go with #1 if it is a grey or darker colors I would go with #3.

  31. Hi Erin,
    This is the first time I commen here but I have to say love your new house!
    We are planning a kitchen remodel soon and I just showed yor kitchen pictures to my husband… and it seems I will have to show him the laundry room pictures as well.
    My favorite is #3 but I think it is too light for a dining room where there is food involved :) so I would go with #1.

  32. Please not #3, it looks like a bathroom rug. I love #1 but it also depends on your formal dining room location. Do you need some grey in the rug to tie it together with other areas…in that case #2. But again I love #1!!!!

  33. My vote is for #1. Too bad there wasn’t a picture of one with turtles on it so you could see how it would really look in your house. ;)

  34. It is hard to know given we can’t see it with the rest of the room, but I love number 3.

    I think it picks up on the geometric theme you’ve incorporated throughout your new home best, plus to me it’s the most formal and sumptuous looking.

    The others look less substantial and informal.

    I’m really intrigued as yellow is not a colour I’ve associated with your home décor in the past. In fact I originally skipped over this post in my feed as I hadn’t realised it was your post!

    Hope you can show more pics of the space soon. Your new home is spectacular!

  35. I like number 3.

    I’ve a couple of different things about your new new I’m curious about.

    Firstly I noticed that your new home doesn’t have much in the way of soft furnishings and curtains. Was that a conscious decision that you wouldn’t jump in to quick with this and give yourselves time in the new house before choosing curtains, or will you just not have curtains? (I noticed a few rooms with shutters).

    I’m curious because it’s something I always struggle with myself – we’ve been in our home 20+ years and only now am I close to choosing a curtain fabric for our living room!

    Someone recently gave me the tip that you should choose curtains first then design a room (paint, flooring, fabrics, wallpaper etc) around it to match in with the chosen colour. Sounds intriguing as it’s an approach I’ve never taken.

    The other thing I’m curious about it whether you’ve had any issues with colour matching things. It’s another interiors issue I really struggle with – we seem to think we’ve chosen something as a perfect match only for it to turn out completely wrong (as an example, I wanted to paint our kitchen grey to tone in with our “grey” granite worktop, but every grey I tried made the worktop look really strange. Then I thought maybe we should go warmer – greige or beige and again worktop looked odd beside every single one.

    We’ve ended up with something on the purple/heather spectrum – not what we originally planned, but the only colour range (unless we went totally left field and clashed with the worktops) that didn’t leave the worktops looking like a (very expensive) mismatched afterthought!

    So I’m really curious if you’ve had any issues with colours? If you’ve had to totally change direction on something from your original thoughts/ideas?

  36. I hope it’s not too late, but definitely #1. #3 would be my second choice, but I like that #1 has more yellow with white as the secondary color. #3 is predominately white with less yellow and just sounds like it would be difficult to keep clean.

  37. LOVE 3 but 1 is pretty nice too. I would love any of them in my house but 3 is my clear winner. The only issue I could see is that since it is mostly white it could get dirtier more easily but I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see what you choose and how it looks!

  38. I’m going with #1. I really like the look of that one. It’s almost Bohemian. Please share photos of the room once you’re done with it!

  39. Erin, my favorite is # 3. There are also some great rugs with yellow or yellow/gray at in trellis patterns, and they are 20% off right now!

    I LOVE the combination of gray with yellow! Gray is such a great color that can be accented with anything! I’m so anxious to see your decor!! Have a great weekend!

  40. I like 3 the best. You could always put a towel under the chair of your youngest if you’re having something like spaghetti, but your girls are getting older and probably don’t spill as much anymore. 3 looks like it will lay nicer and not bunch up when chairs go in and out. Wool does shed though. I have had two wool rugs for 3 years and do still shed a bit. It is annoying as I have dark hardwood like you.

  41. #3 hands down. It’s the only one in my opinion that looks formal enough for that space. And it’s gorgeous!

  42. I swear I don’t want to be a downer, but PLEASE reconsider the wool rug. As others have stated, they shed. Like even the second after you are done vacuuming them. I’ve had pottery barn wool rugs too, same thing. And they all smell funky! Not that anyone will be sniffing a dining room rug, but still. And stains? They have to be specially cleaned and even then, if it was something bright colored, it is done for. You have amazing taste. I love your aesthetic to a tee, but wool rugs are the pits. Never again for me. I know it seems like all the pretty, fun prints are wool, but it is SO not worth it.

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