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Mudroom Q & A

Here are the answers to your questions about my new mudroom!  Finally.  Something is complete around here.  :)

What are the dimensions of your mudroom?

What is the overall length of your lockers?

What is the size of your bench?

What color of stain did you use on your bench and locker seat?  What color of white did you use for your cabinets?  

Sorry I’m not going to be much help on this one!  For the bench and locker seat I gave a sample of my floor to my cabinet guy and he matched it as close as he could.  It ended up a bit lighter than the floor.  I’m not sure what the shade of white is either!  I picked it from a variety of cabinet samples (all of my cabinets throughout the house are that same white).  It was the brightest white I could find.  It’s almost identical to the same white I used for all of my trim and molding which is “Arothane White” 001 by Frazee.

Where did you get the light fixture?

This fixture is from Kichler.  It looks even better hanging lower as a pendant, but my ceiling in this room is 9 feet so we had to shorten it a bit for tall people who might come in.  Not for the crew who actually uses this room.  We are all the height of the hobbit door.  :)  I really like this fixture and have debated hanging three of them in my upstairs hallway since I still haven’t ordered lights for that hallway yet.  But one word of caution with these clear glass fixtures since I now have a whole house full of them.  They are stunning in person – but they show dust so you have to be prepared to clean them from time to time.  Worth it to me because I love them – maybe not so much to others.


Where did you get the fun nameplates on the lockers?

The name plates are from Pottery Barn.  I was so happy when I found them because I had been looking for some sort of label for the lockers for months and couldn’t find anything that was big enough.  Then I was flipping through a PB magazine and saw these on some of their lockers.  I raced to my computer and found them on-line.  They were inexpensive and the exact color of my hardware.  That was a happy day.  :)

Where is your locker hardware from?

Locker hardware is from Restoration Hardware (Aubrey Pull) .


I used this same hardware in my laundry rooms and in the girls’ bathroom – just a different finish.  Chrome for those rooms…

and Oil Rubbed Bronze for the mudroom.

Where did you get the amazing hooks?  

You may recognize the hooks also from my girls’ bathroom – just a different finish.
I really liked this style of hardware so I used it quite a bit throughout my house.
We are using these hooks to hang coats and backpacks…
and bathroom towels.  :)

Where is your door hardware from (dutch door/garage door)?

Most of the doors throughout my house have white porcelain knobs on black plates.  I love this look.

I decided to mix it up for this door off of the garage because I knew I’d often have my hands full and you can’t open a knob with your elbow when you’re trying to balance four sacks of groceries, your purse, and your four year olds muddy shoes.  A handle works much better for that.  :)

All of my outdoor hardware is a nickel finish because the doors are black.  Silver for the black dutch door…
And black for the indoor white dutch door.
All of my door hardware is from EMTEK.

Where did you purchase the cute picnic style baskets?

Those are also from Pottery Barn!  Like I mentioned before, I tried several different sizes and styles of baskets from other stores above my lockers.  These were not what I originally had in mind, but they looked the best and were the perfect width for my cubbies.  These are the Day Trip Lidded Large Basket and are truly made for picnics!  I tried one in the space and loved it so I waited for Pottery Barn’s baskets to go 20% off (they do that from time to time) and then snatched up five of them.  When you love to organize you stay on top of basket sales.  :)

What do you use the baskets at the top for?

Well.  Now I’m hoping to go on a picnic or two with them!  :)  I had always planned to use them for our winter accessories (hats, gloves, scarves) that we only pull out two or three times a year for a trip to ski or to visit family in colder climates.  But currently I have all of our winter/ski gear together in a bin in our attic space.  I don’t know if it makes since to separate the accessories from the snow coats and pants?  So right now there is nothing in the baskets!  But I’m sure that won’t last long.  I’ll let you know what I end up storing in that space.  I still have A LOT of stuff in our extra room upstairs that needs to be purged and organized.  I will most likely be in this house a year before everything has a home.  I’m too busy typing blog posts to get completely unpacked.  ;)

What is the grey paint color called?

The grey paint in our mudroom is the same grey we used in the main living areas in our house – “Seattle” by Frazee.

What color are your hardwood floors?  

Our hardwood floors are a custom color.  I wrote a post all about our floors here.

I love the lanterns hanging outside.  Where did you get them?  

I can’t find my info. on these lights!  I have it somewhere!  I’m going to look this weekend and as soon as I find it I’ll update this post and add it.  Check back!

Did you choose pot lights or can lights?  Where did you get them?  

Aside from pendants and hanging fixtures we have can lights throughout our house.  We chose them all with our electrician.  Sorry that’s not much help!

Do you have additional basement and/or attic storage?  I’m on the east coast where everyone has basements, but I’ve heard that in CA many houses don’t.  

Yes – we have an upstairs attic and also a fun hidden storage space above our garage that has a secret ladder.  :)  I’m sure I’ll share our attic space with you once it’s all organized.  It’s a mess so don’t hold your breath on that one.  ;)  And you are right about California homes not having basements!  I’m from Utah and everyone there has a basement so it was strange to me too when we moved to CA that nobody has one.  There are several reasons why.  Not needed with our mild climate (in colder areas home builders dig a deeper foundation below the frost line), earthquake, water and soil concerns, property here is so expensive and it is usually cheaper to build up than down with our soil, etc. etc. etc.  It’s very rare to find a house with a basement around here!

I’ve always imagined a mudroom and laundry room combined.  Is there any benefit to having separate mud and laundry rooms?  

I think having a combined mudroom/laundry room is a great idea!  I think it really just has to do with how much space you have to work with.  I wanted pull out bins in my laundry room for dirty clothes  and a counter to fold clothes on.  We had the space to work with so that meant two separate rooms for us, but I think combining the two spaces would function great too.

I’ve actually seen a few rooms that function as a laundry room, mudroom, AND craft room.  I think you’d have to be pretty organized to make that work or that room would constantly look like a bomb went off.  :)

Could you share a picture of how there are two under the stairs storage units?  And how you chose to break it up rather than just have one door that lead to the whole staircase?  

Yes!  I will absolutely share our storage spaces under the stairs.  But that is a post all its own for another day.  :)

I hope this helped some of you!  I’m so ready for the weekend.  Crossing my fingers I can find time to finish a few of my half started projects around here!  Happy Friday everyone!

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xoxo, Erin
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43 thoughts on “Mudroom Q & A

  1. Thank you Nonny and Heather! So sweet of you both!

    Anonymous – Our outside doors are painted in “BLACK” by Dunn Edwards. Doesn’t get any easier than that. :)

  2. You are so awesome! Thank you for the detailed post.

    Your blog makes me miss California. Born and raised in Orange County. Started my family in a beautiful, newly-built house in San Clemente before we moved out of state. It is nice to see bits and pieces of my childhood home town. We spent our weekends in SD, had annual passes to Sea World and SD Zoo, and my fave Hermes store is the one in SD; many fond memories there.

    It is so much fun to follow your new home journey.
    Thanks again for sharing! :)

  3. The nameplates on lockers are so you, and I love them! I hope you are having a great weekend! Nonny(above) and I are at the NC coast enjoying some beautiful sunny weather! 😎

  4. Hi Erin, I just love your style! What type of paint did you use on your exterior black doors? Was it glossy or flat?

  5. Thank you so much everyone!

    Anonymous – thank you! I’m not sure! I think it was flat. It’s a Dunn Edwards paint and the color was called “BLACK.” I know – so original. :)

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  7. Hi Erin. I love your mudroom. Where did you get the lockers from? Are they custom build from your contractor or did you buy them somewhere? thanks

  8. Beautiful!
    Can you tell me how deep the lockers are vs the depth of the bench/drawers on the set of name plate lockers?

    Thank you!!

  9. Hi Erin,

    I am about to pull the trigger on a huge sunroom/mudroom project and am finalizing the hardware. I cannot find whether your Aubrey pulls are 6″ or 8″ ones? Please let me know, thank you so much! Your blog is full of beautiful pictures to inspire me when designing spaces at home.

    ~ Noelle

  10. Where is your Dutch door from? I’ve been looking everywhere and no one does custom Dutch doors, that I have found. In south oc and have been knocking on doors and no one seems to know where they got their doors.



    1. Hi Laura! My doors are all custom! I gave sketches of what I wanted to my cabinet guys and had them made. Sorry that’s not much help, but definitely consider having them custom made if you can’t find what you’re looking for!

  11. I love your lockers! I want them exactly like yours! but I’m debating on the bottom drawer or just open. Do you find the drawers get dirty? is it easy to clean them out? I’d prefer the clean look of the drawer to the outside eye, but I worry about my kids actually getting their shoes in the drawer or just kick them off and put them in the open area below. Has the drawer been a good choice??

    1. Hi Crystal! I LOVE the drawers! For me I wanted to be able to hide the mess so the mudroom looks clean. My kids toss their shoes in every day and they work great! There is always a bit of sand/dirt on the bottom of them from the shoes so every few weeks I have the kids vacuum them out. :) xo

  12. I found your blog when looking for mudroom ideas and yours was my favorite by far. Then I saw your picture and thought you looked familiar…I haven’t met you, but Erika G is my sister in law! I was wondering if you could give me some dimensions for your main cubbies. I wanted to know the height of the little bench, the depth of the drawers and cubbies, the height to the top of the cubby, and height of the open top cubby. Anything you would change about them? Ours would be where we would get shoes on as well without something separate to sit on, so I’m wondering if we should make the cubbies not as deep so we have a little seat. This information would be super helpful as we are deciding on measurements right now. Thanks so much!

  13. What is the individual width and depth of your mudroom lockers? I saw that the entire length is 9 1/2 feet in a post.

  14. Like Stephanie, I would love the know the width and depth of the individual lockers please. Getting down to business! Your mudroom is gorgeous. :)

  15. Erin,

    Do you have a rough floor plate sketch / width x height of the overall room?

    Looks amazing btw. Having a Mud Room isn’t really a concept in Australia but this is such a great idea.

  16. Hi , beautiful home . Could you please tell me the colour of your paint on the wallls and who makes it . Thank you

  17. Absolutely love this space! Could you tell me the height of the drawers and locker and cabinet/cubby above? And how deep did you make the lockers.

    Wish the nameplates were still available from PB. Those are the cutest I’ve seen.


  18. I can’t believe no one has asked the obvious question… Where did you get the Lockers from! lol :-)
    I am looking for something like this to flank my desk in my home office. Beautiful space by-the-way, love the simple white w black accents.

    1. Thank you so much Angela! I so glad you like this space. :) Most of my blog readers followed along while we built our house. Everything (including the mudroom lockers) I designed and had custom made. That’s why no one is asking where the lockers are from. ;)

  19. What is the thickness of your trim? Baseboards, casement and casing cap? Also, how much hang over is there on the top casing piece and the cap casing piece? Please and thank you!

  20. I love the 3 panel door. Do you know what brand you used? Also the black and white knobs, I won’t to the store you said you bought them, but I couldn’t find them. Can you share the model numbers or more description.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Shannon! My doors were made custom and I’m so sorry.. I don’t have any other info. on those knobs! I just picked them out on-line at Emtek. They might not carry them anymore? I wish I could help you more with that!

  21. Hello, Do the bottom drawers with the shoes in them get very dirty? Any tips for keeping them clean or do you clean them often? Thanks!

  22. The mudroom is amazing! I saw a bunch of people asked on this post and follow up posts about the dimensions of the lockers and drawers. I wasn’t able to find where you posted those dimensions. Could you either direct me to the post or send me an email with the dimensions? Thanks!!

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