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Easter traditions and basket ideas

So Easter is this weekend!  I know you all know this.  I’m just reminding myself since I am NOT prepared this year.  The week has gotten away from me (I’m still on island time dreaming of tropical drinks in the hot tub) so tomorrow I will be scrambling.  Want to meet in the Easter section of Target anyone?  What?  You’ve already been there?  And picked all the best stuff?  Man.  I so remember the days when I had Easter planned and prepared a month in advance.  Three kids later and I now find myself planning our weekend the day before!  I sat down today and made a list of a few ideas for the kids’ Easter baskets.  Then I decided I should share my list with you too.  I also included some things I’ve done in the past when I’ve had a baby.  Because this will be my first year in ten that I haven’t had one age three or under.  (sniff)  So here are a few Easter basket ideas followed by a few of our annual Easter traditions.  You know.  Just in case there is anyone else scrambling at the last minute like me.  Anyone?  Someone?  

{For babies}

eggs full of cheerios or Gerber puffs
mini board books
sippy cup/bottle
stacking cups
teething toys

{For kids 3 and up}

chocolate bunny/candy
fishy crackers
crayons/colored pencils/water colors
flash cards
new socks
jump rope
gift card
hair bow/headband
chapstick/lip gloss
sidewalk chalk
letters/shapes/number sponges for bath time
bath toys
eggs holding small toys (legos, dinosaurs, polly pockets)
eggs holding coins
beach/sand toys
small stuffed animals

My girls always get a new Easter dress…
or new pajamas.  We all get the most excited about new pajamas.  :)
A few other past traditions…

I pretty much always decorate with Easter candy.  Mostly because it is my all time favorite candy.  Chicks Ducks and Bunnies don’t last long around here.

We have an Easter tin that I always pull out.  

Because my girls love to have snacks in it like they did when they were little.  

 And we always eat the tin snacks with toothpicks.  

Because toothpicks make everything more fun.
My kids still love to dye Easter Eggs.  
And they still remember our Easter trips to the flower fields.  

We haven’t missed a year at our annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  
 Kids run wild and moms enjoy a minute to chat.  

It’s friend and family bonding at its best.  
Growing up we always went on a picnic every Easter weekend.  
That’s another tradition I’d like to start with my crew.  
Sunday is a special day at church remembering our Savior and all we have to be grateful for.  
There now.  I’m suddenly feeling excited for Easter!  
And I’ll feel even more excited after a last minute Target run.  :)
Would love to hear some of your Easter traditions!  What does your family do to celebrate?  

Hope it’s a happy one.

xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “Easter traditions and basket ideas

  1. We love Easter here too! My favorite part is the newly green grass and buds on the trees. My kids always get a movie in their Easter baskets, along with spring necessities: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, and flip flops. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. My absolute favorite Easter tradition growing up would be a treasure hunt my parents would set up for me and my brother to find our Easter baskets. There would be a clue from the Easter Bunny on the top of the stairs with a short poem on it that would lead to another place in the house. This would go on and on until clue #10 that would lead us to where our baskets were hiding! It was so much fun and made getting our Easter baskets even more exciting ;)

  3. Flip flops! CUTE idea Jennie! Adding that to my list. :)

    Meg my dad used to write clues too! I forgot to add that. So much fun. We especially loved it when we were older because he’d make up funny rhymes about us. :)

    You too Lauren. Thank you!

  4. I am late getting started too. My little guy is 11 now so I tend to buy less candy and more things like movies, clothes, etc. This year I did buy the slushy maker at Williams Sonoma which I think he will love! Happy Easter and many blessings.

  5. As my little guy is now 11, I buy more things like clothes, movies, etc. rather than a ton of candy (although he does get plenty of that.) I am really happy about buying the slushy maker from Williams Sonoma this year and I think he will love that. Scratch off lotto tickets are fun too.

  6. I’ll meet up with you at Target – tomorrow, the DAY before Easter. That’s how behind I am. I always think that THIS is THE year that I will have all the Easter basket goodies shopped for at least a week in advanced, but nope – I’m always behind. And because of our newest addition last June, this year I have not 9 but 10 baskets to fill. Yep, large families are awesome…until you last-minute shop for the goodies to fill 10 Easter baskets ;)

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