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Organized kitchen drawers and fridge

Well.  As promised I’m posting and not a stitch of laundry was done today.  :)  But I did manage to unpack everything and get groceries (with all three kids in tow – hyper from traveling all of yesterday and this morning and functioning on about 5 hours of sleep).  That was an adventure.  That I don’t want to repeat anytime soon.  But I’m still calling today a success!  Kauai pics are still sitting on my camera card so for now I am sharing a few more kitchen drawers I tackled before our trip.

One thing I’ve really been focusing on this year is helping my kids to be more independent.  I tend to be a bit of a control freak around the house (bet that’s news to you) and I’m working on not being as big of a control freak around the house.  Sounds simple, right?  So I organized a separate kitchen drawer that just holds the “kid” plates/bowls/cups, etc.

Now my three little soon to be chefs can easily access everything non-breakable and they can whip up snacks and get drinks all on their own.  And if the drawer doesn’t stay quite as organized as the picture above, I’ll be ok with that too.
(If I keep saying it, I will eventually mean it.  Baby steps.)

I also organized all of our Glad containers together.  I put some of the smaller containers/lids in a glass bread pan.  Because I’m not the bread making type and it needed to feel useful.  

I love using the Glad containers to hold leftovers and our cut up fruits/veggies for the week.  I mentioned when I showed my fridge in our previous house that I wash and cut our fruits/veggies soon after I get groceries.  I’m more likely to reach for something healthy if it’s already washed and ready to eat.  So are the kids.  

Not that everything in my fridge is healthy.  But it does stay organized.  :)  
I want to find some containers to separate a few things in this drawer, but other than that, I’ll just do my usual – try to keep similar things grouped together and wipe the shelves down each time I buy groceries. I’ve found that if I spend 5 minutes cleaning out old things and wiping off the shelves each time I put new groceries in the fridge it keeps everything clean.  That way I don’t have to do a massive fridge clean out that would take much longer than 5 minutes.  
 The new kitchen is about half way organized at this point!  On its way to being finished.  

Wish I could say the same for my laundry.

xoxo, Erin
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25 thoughts on “Organized kitchen drawers and fridge

  1. I have a drawer like that for when the babies come over. The two older ones are pretty good about keeping it straightened. The baby loves to go in that drawer and play with it all. Trust me, It is good to know that he is in one spot for awhile. I let him play with it all for as long as he wants. When they leave. I clean everything and put it all back neatly.

    Sounds like your trip was fun. The laundry will get done and put away. Your memories will last a life time. :)

  2. Erin, a post about your kitchen seems like a good time to ask you, can you believe Bran Chex were discontinued!!?? You got me started on those and I ordered them from Amazon every time we ordered anything else. I loved them and suddenly, they were gone! So sad….. What are you eating now?! P.S. Love your new house!

  3. Oh my, this is so fabulous! The kitchen for some reason is my hardest place to keep organized. What do you use to keep your shelves in your fridge so clean?? I feel like everything I use in there leaves it either streaky or foggy! Thanks!

  4. I LOVE the big fridge. Looks great! I wanted to know where did you get those lovely pendent lights hanging down above your kitchen islands? They look great! You just motivated me to clean out my fridge. Thanks again.

  5. Sally! Oh my word. I’m BEYOND sad about the Bran Chex! Can you believe that!? We must have been the only 2 people eating them! I have been floundering every morning ever since my last box. Some mornings I eat an egg, some mornings Wheat Chex (which do NOT taste as good) and some mornings I eat Honey Oat Simple K. But nothing compares to my Bran Chex! Such a bummer!

    Anonymous – thank you! I just wipe them down with a wet wash rag and then dry them immediately after. I think drying them fast is the key to keeping them from streaking.

    Missi – Kenny can’t survive without Coke Zero! Good for you for trying to cut back. Sorry about the tempting picture! :)

    Thank you Mary! I ordered the lights from Capital. Here is the link:

  6. Wow, Erin. That is an awesome fridge. Lots of storage and room. What color did you paint the fridge panels? Love that color. And where did you get your fridge hardware for it? Absolutely stunning. Love those huge drawers in your kitchen too. Did you line your drawers with paper? Everything is just fabulous!! You go Erin. Thanks, Amanda

  7. Erin – Wondering – Did you line any of your drawers or cabinets with shelf paper? I am also just finishing a house build and trying to decide to paper or not. Thanks!

  8. Love it Erin! I too wipe our fridge down once a week prior to shopping. Makes the task that much easier and then I know what we are in need of. I too am trying to find dividers for our large 3rd drawer. I tried the ones from the Container Store but they slide around too much.

  9. I also have a drawer for the kid’s cups, bowls, and plates. I put a tension curtain rod in there to keep thinks from sliding around. I like this because it does not harm the drawer and it will be easy to take out when the kids get older and I use the drawer for other things.

  10. Hi Erin,
    What a nice and neat fridge! I also did the transfer to my kids plates and bowls and cups a couple years back for the same reason, however looking at yours I have waaaaaaayy too many! Where did you get those cut drinking cups at? See what I mean I’m addicted, now I will go buy more!!! lol! :-)
    Thanks for sharing, always look forward to your posts!!!

  11. Thank you Amanda! The panels and fridge are painted the same color as the rest of my cabinets and I’m not sure what the color is! It’s a shade of white I selected. The fridge hardware is from Top Knobs.

    I haven’t lined my drawers with paper yet, but I’ve been considering doing that at some point!

    Stacie – thank you! All of the kid stuff is from Target. :)

  12. I can’t stop staring at the pictures of your fridge…I’m practically drooling, and not at the food ;)

    I live in an apartment with three roommates using an old fridge of our landlords and it is so ugly and dirty it makes me sad every time I cook. I’m going to spend the rest of the day daydreaming at your big, clean and organized fridge! I’m jealous ;)

  13. Hi Erin, Not to put too much of a downer on the comments, but are you aware that all the cut up fruit and vegetables are rapidly using nutritional value due to being cut up? So they are not quite the healthy snack they seem to be as the nutrients are leaching out of the excessively exposed surface area. Might be worth thinking about…

  14. Hi Erin~
    I LOVE love love your blog… I’ve been reading (lurking) for about 2 years now… I love all your organizing ideas and I can’t wait to see how you handle the scrapbook (Craft) room..I’m an avid scrapper and my room is a disaster…But the main reason I’m commenting is to ask what kind (model) of fridge is yours? I just love it and it doesn’t look like there is a freezer section, or ? Thanks ahead of time for your answer… Keep up the great blog~!! Becky from Minnesota

  15. You are too cute Meg! I SO remember being in your exact place – apartment with crappy appliances. Good memories from those days though. :)

    Anonymous – Good point! We aren’t too worried about that around here. A lot of the snacks aren’t cut up – just washed. And I figure the ones that are cut are healthier snacks than a lot of other things regardless if they’ve lost a bit of nutritional value.

    Hi Becky! Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you have enjoyed my blog for so long. :) Our fridge is a Thermador and there is a freezer next to it (same size as the fridge). I will do a post some time all about my appliances because I get a lot of questions about them. My craft room organization too! It’s quite a work in progress. :) Thanks again! Your comment made my day!

  16. I organized a kid drawer similar to yours and it’s been wonderful. The kids can get their own plates, bowls, and cups. It really has been one of the best organizing decisions I’ve made. Hope you have success with it.

  17. Wow! Your fridge looks amazing! I wish mine was as organized as yours! I should definitely do something about this! I hope that I will find some time because it is hard for me- I work at two places.

  18. I love the way you’ve organized your fridge and the drawers! I think you’ve made an amazing job and I hope that I will find time to make that in my own kitchen!

  19. I love the look of your fridge. Are those freezer drawers under the freezer section? Can I get a link for the fridge please!


    1. Hi Courtney! Thank you! My fridge is Thermador and the drawers are actually just for looks! Our fridge/freezer is a side by side set up. I had the fridge/freezer doors made custom and designed it to look like drawers. :)

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