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New chair!

You guys.  I’m in love.  The chair I ordered for the family room finally arrived!
It’s the Thatcher Upholstered Wingback Chair from Pottery Barn.  And it had me at hello.
And at good-bye.  And at everything in-between.

I was torn about what to put in this corner of the room but when I first spotted this chair, I knew.  Suddenly everything was clear.  I can honestly say it is my most favorite piece of furniture I’ve bought for the house this far.

Those stripes!  Those nailheads!
It’s too much.  I can’t take it.

A few shots of it in the room.  You can choose from lots of fabric choices for this chair.  Easy decision for me because I have always loved stripes.  And I know even though this chair has stripes, it’s white and grey and technically another neutral item.  But here’s the thing with my thus far “neutral” purchases.  I know me.  This room will never really be decorated.  None of my rooms will.  I get tired of things quickly and like to switch them up.  So I wanted all of my larger, more expensive purchases to be neutral.  Then I can mix up the less expensive accessories with the seasons.  Picture this room with blues/greens/yellows in the spring, pops of red at Christmas, and warm colors in the fall.  Options are endless!  Even with my striped chair.  Did I mention I adore the stripes on this chair!?

This is a pic I snapped of it at the store with my phone the day I fell in love.  It looks good with this grey blanket and beige pillow, but I am going to look for a pillow with a little more personality.

Right now you’re wondering “how many pictures did she take of this chair?”
A lot.  :)
At some point I need to re-style my shelves and I really need to find something for above my mantel.
But for now I’m just happy to gaze at my chair.
 The rest of the fam approves of it too.  I kept trying to take pics of the chair to share with all of you but these two thought it was so comfortable they didn’t want to get off of it.
Can you hear me as I’m snapping this picture?  KOLE NO!!  STOP RIGHT THERE!!
I flew with lightning speed, scooped him up, and grabbed a tissue before that hand left his face.
My beautiful chair was saved!
Life with kids.
Sometimes we break things in a little too quickly around here.
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xoxo, Erin
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45 thoughts on “New chair!

  1. I love that chair. I love the bones of it, the stripes and the color and the nail heads. I love everything about that chair. I love stripes. Always have. I agree with you on the neutrals. The possibilities are endless. I think some large scale items on your mantel would look amazing. Your living room is really coming together so nicely. You Rock Erin!!

    I laughed out loud when I got to the picture of Kole. To cute!!!!

  2. Love that chair! It goes in the room great! I can’t wait to see how you change up the shelves and pillows for each holiday. I love doing that when I can in my own home. I can see some kind of large art piece or large glass plate or maybe a sunburst for above your mantel. I’m sure you’ll figure out something great!

  3. I think the chair was a good choice, especially the striped upholstery. My one tiny suggestion is that it needs to be pulled in closer, so it looks like part of a conversation grouping with the sectional. Its current position makes it look a little lonely and off by itself. I’d also consider adding a small round side table next to it.

  4. I love the chair and the room is really coming together. I have been ‘redecorating’ or refurnishing our living room the past few months and finally got the couch, rug, and ottomans set. I am on a hunt for a chair too (to replace our current chair, too much leather in the room) but it’s on a ‘wish list’ versus a ‘must have now’ kinda thing, you know? I have a baby coming in five weeks to that can wait.

    I wanted to tell you how much I love the room because you have it equally centered around the TV AND the fire place. So you can sit anywhere and enjoy both spaces. I’m not a fan when the TV is the center of the room but you balanced it perfectly. Well designed!

  5. Thank you so much everyone!

    Jamie – I think you’re right! Thank you! I moved the chair in a little and it looks better. And I have been hunting for a little side table! :)

    Mrs. Semel – thank you! For validating the hours I spent agonizing over this space. ;)

  6. Love the new chair Erin!! Too funny about that picture with Kole. Every mom can relate. I love that you are taking your time finding things you love.

  7. Forgot to mention…have you thought about a canvas of your sweet kiddos for above the fireplace? I know how much they mean to both of you. We had one done of our girls before Elie’s senior year and I have loved it ever since!!

  8. I love all that you have done in your house. Can you please tell me what kind of fireplace you have. It is gorgeous! Is it a wood burning, gas, or electric fireplace? Thanks!

  9. Oh Erin, this is just amazing!! Will you keep us posted as to how the sofa and chair fair in a house full of young-ins? Will and I are toying with new furniture purchases and are still under the mindset that we can’t get nice stuff yet because of our incredibly adorable, but incredibly messy children. If you give us permission though, I’m all for that!

    Happy weekend!

  10. I discovered your blog recently and spent the past month reading your posts from inception to date. I have to tell you seeing the progression of your kids and home in weeks (not years) was so cool! In particular I want to commend you on your photography skills. It’s evident you’ve worked so hard on that and the results reflect your efforts. Thank you for providing a fun place for me to read and follow along. My one complaint is now I’m hungry for more!!! I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful spaces (even if unfinished) and hear more details of the build process and decisions involved.

  11. Oh my word you are all so sweet. Thank you!

    Lauren – a canvas of the kids is a great idea! Something to consider for sure. Thank you!

    Anonymous – thank you! It is a gas fireplace.

  12. Lucy – I will FOR SURE update you after we’ve lived in the house for a bit and see how everything is holding up. A little nervous myself… :)

    Casey – wow! I can’t believe you read so far back in the archives! I’m truly touched you enjoyed my blog enough to do that! Thank you! My kids grew up right in front of your eyes. :) I will post LOTS about our building process and decisions made. It has taken me a few months to recover from it all and to get settled in our new house but more is coming! Promise. :) Thanks again for the sweet comment!

  13. Erin, I LOVE the wide gray stripes on the chair!! Perfect choice! Looks great in the room! I admire you for being patient and waiting on just the right piece for each room! Great job!

  14. So pretty. That chair needs a pouf! I ordered a few and we have loved them in our family room. Kids can pull them up to play games around the coffee table or can be used with a chair like that. West Elm, Overstock, even Target has them now.

  15. I LOVE your living room. The chair is adorable!! Youve done such a great job. Could you tell me the colour of your grey paint?!

  16. Beautiful living room!! And LOVE the chair! What color is the paint? Both the gray and white? Would love to know. Thanks!!

  17. Hi! A floor model of this chair is 50% off at my local PB store. It’s in a velvet-y fabric. Question – Is it comfortable to sit in?? Thanks!!

  18. Hi! I loooove the thatcher in your living room! It looks so great. I’m considering it right now for my nursery but unfortunately my local pb stores don’t carry a floor model. It makes me so nervous to buy a custom fabric chair without ever sitting in it. The one review I found online says it was those ladies’ least favorite when they test drove the different nursery gliders/rockers at pb, they thought it was too small (their favorite was the “grand” comfort glider, which is laughably large for my
    NYC apartment). I actually need a smaller footprint, so for the room it would be perfect, but as a been there done that mom and owner of the thatcher, do you think it would be comfortable in a nursery? I’m 5’8″ and my husband is 6’2″. Looks like the height of the back of the chair is similar to the ones we test drove in store (of what was available in store, we found the modern tufted wingback to be most comfortable). thanks for any insight!!

    1. Hi Brittany! Our thatcher is comfortable! I haven’t sat in it for long periods of time like you would in a nursery, but I can tell you that my kids sit in it all the time and really like it. It’s not one you sink into, but it is a comfortable chair! Hope that helps. :)

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