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Organized Kitchen Utensil Drawer

Happy Monday friends!  Made a little progress on my to-organize list this weekend!  Still slowly making my way around the kitchen.
Having my silverware drawer nice and tidy inspired me to organize the rest of my kitchen utensils.
Yeah.  This drawer had seen better days.
Actually it hadn’t.  It has been a mess since we moved in and was driving me crazy!
A quick wipe down, a quick toss of things I didn’t need, a few organizers from Target,
and 15 minutes later…

we were back in business!  Guess the excuse of “I can’t find my cooking utensils so I can’t cook” isn’t going to work anymore.  No worries.  I’ve still got the “I haven’t had time to learn how to operate these new ovens” excuse in my pocket.  I figure that’s good for at least six more months.  Kidding!

Sort of.  :)

 Nothing too complicated about a quick project like this.  I just grouped similar things together.
And then placed my measuring cups and spoons on the side.
 I put my most often used spoons and spatulas in one of my white pitchers by the stove.
Then I cleaned out my fridge and wiped off the counters and snapped a few pictures.
Just for fun.
 Still a bit bare, but nothing like a clean kitchen.
With organized drawers.
One more thing to check off the list!
Take 15 minutes to organize your utensil drawer.  Instant pick me up!
Something a lot of us need on a Monday.
xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Organized Kitchen Utensil Drawer

  1. GORGEOUS kitchen. Two questions: what do you use to clean your counters? I think I have almost the same kind as you but struggle to find something that leaves no streaks, lint, etc. Second Q: Where did you get that great wooden fruit bowl!?

  2. I think I will go organize my kitchen drawers after reading this post. Love your kitchen. It is so clean and pretty! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. It’s so fun to see the decorating progress.

  3. Thank you Emily and Romi!

    Anonymous – my kitchen rugs are from none other than Target! :)

    LML – I’ve seen that kitchen before! Very pretty! Thank you for sharing it! I’m excited to find something for above my stove. A great place to add some color/personality!

  4. Thanks Navya! That is a cover for the grill. Grill’s get messy quickly so you can buy a cover for it so the stovetop always looks clean. :)

  5. Hi Erin, your kitchen is so inviting– I would love to cook in such awesome space! You are so right– a simple organization project does wonders for mental health! I actually have our silverware organized in caddies on top of the counters. It works better this way for us. I am learning that organization and decor should reflect how you use your house on a daily basis. That was one of my first posts a couple months back. We are still very much enjoying this system.

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