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Butler’s Pantry Shelves (decorated!)

Happy Monday everyone!  So excited to share my butler’s pantry shelves with you today!  I’m finally starting to decorate my new kitchen.  FUN.  I’m sure these shelves will be constantly changing but here’s what they look like for now.  :)
A closer look.  I’ve noticed as I’m decorating that the same types of things are appealing to me.  White pitchers (have loved them forever), glass bottles and jars, woods, and of course anything blue/green.   
Pantry door is on the right.  This is a fun little spot in-between my pantry and formal dining room.  
Side view of my pantry door.  

I have to share these fun new mixing bowls I found a few weeks ago!  I have been on the hunt for new mixing bowls for a while now.  I had a set I loved and one of the bowls broke!  I really wanted a set that wasn’t glass.  I’m notorious for breaking things.  :)  I also wanted them to be aqua so that I could keep them displayed and they could also function as decor.  I walked into Crate and Barrel one day and couldn’t believe my luck.  This set was EXACTLY what I was looking for!  After months of searching on-line I was thrilled when I landed on these.  Perfect sizes and I love the unexpected pop of red for the little bowl!
All stacked up.  
 Right now I have them displayed with just the three largest bowls showing.  

I’m kind of obsessed with wood cutting boards lately.  So fun to decorate with them!
I think they really warm up white kitchens.  
My other recent fun find are these cute striped dish towels from West Elm.  
 I also bought a set in grey but I love how the yellow dish towels look next to my lemons.  
Fun to see things I love displayed on these open shelves.  I think that’s one of the most important things about decorating.  Your home should showcase your personality. 
 And now I have a touch of my personality in the kitchen.  
xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Butler’s Pantry Shelves (decorated!)

  1. I love it Erin. The thing I love the most is that it is so you!!! The bowls were a fantastic find. I am using a bit more of that color in my kitchen since picking out fabric for my drapes.

  2. LOVE the mixing bowls. I have an obsession with bowls. But, I hardly have any. I might just have to buy some from Crate and Barrel. I really should start buying stuff like that. That department makes me cringe though. ;)

    Looks fantastic Erin!!!!

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Ann – I really like them! They are a grayish black and only around the perimeter (my islands get the most use!) so I haven’t had any complaints! :)

  4. Love your new kitchen and love the pops of aqua you’ve added…very eye catching. I think a pop of yellow would look great too like the lemons you have on the counter. Maybe a few sprays of forsythia or a fun yellow plate or two?


  5. Where did you purchase that neat wooden tray/basket that your lemons are pictured in on the counter? So cool!

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