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Shopping Fun

My iPhone has been busy lately.  Snapping pics of all sorts of things I’m seeing that would be fun for the house.  Like I mentioned I’m trying to take my time decorating.  I don’t want to buy stuff just to fill the house up.  I want to buy things I really love and will use.  So I’ve been doing a lot of “possibility shopping” as I like to call it.  :)  Finding things that may or may not work.  Considering all sorts of fun options!  Here are a few things I’ve seen and loved that I thought you might like too..
Oh be still my heart.  The Container Store.  I can’t explain the giddiness that pulses through me as I walk these isles.  Pick your bin.  Any bin!  Works of art.  :)  
LOVED these blue/green office products.  I seriously spent 10 minutes trying to figure out where I could make them work in my house.  I don’t need them.  But I wanted to need them so badly.  :)
 How much fun is this wall of colorful chairs!?  Crate and Barrel.  Such a happy wall.  

 I finally picked out address numbers for the house.  It’s been on my to-do list for I don’t know… a year?  Loved the style/finish of these sandcast numbers.  They work perfectly with the outside of our home.

 Not so sure about these???
 Or these.  
A little scary. 

This perfect for me table I found at Home Goods.  Fell in love with it.  Bought it.  Brought it home.  And then returned it.  :(  It was just too small for where I wanted to put it.  Several places I wanted to put it.  Then I tried to convince Kenny that we needed to keep it in our bedroom even though the color clashed with our paint.  We can re-paint, right I asked?  No he answered.  (Probably should have waited until we’ve been in the house at least a year before I hit him with that one.  Live and learn.)  :)

 Hard for me to pass up a good mason jar.  
You can never have too many in my book.  
Or in my cupboard.  

Spring time in Pottery Barn!
 Speaking of warmer weather, Target has really fun outdoor chairs!

 And colorful graphic place mats.  

 And these darling poufs! 

 Considering this Welcome mat for the front door but I need to look around a bit more. 

And yellow Nate Berkus drawer organizers!  
Because I wanted to end on a sunny note.
Happy Monday! 
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Shopping Fun

  1. Your shopping expedition just made my day! We don’t have a Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, a Container Store, or Home Goods in Springfield, MO. I order a LOT of things online from Pottery Barn, though, and of course Pottery Barn Kids! And Crate & Barrel’s children’s store The Land of Nod! I’m so excited to see what treasures you purchase to put in your new home! I agree – it’s best to furnish and decorate it with the things you LOVE!!

  2. How fun!! I have been loving on that pattern from Container Store, I think it’s called Kate. I have no use for it but it is soooo pretty!!

  3. My Elie would have loved to snag that aqua cabinet!! The Container Store is deadly. Ikea has great mats, plain but can be painted on…I love that they are a bit larger than the traditional ones and cheaper!!

  4. Love so much of this! I share your affinity for teal/turquoise, Target, Home Goods and containers! Thanks for making me want to run out and spend money and then decorate and organize! HA!

  5. I just found some cute Spring time welcome mats at Kohl’s. Fun flowers, chevron, and quatrefoil prints and they were 50% off. I loved going on your virtual shopping spree. You found so many fun things for your new house.

  6. I love the numbers for your house. Are you going to attach them to your front door or to some trim on the outside? Would love to see a photo when you have them placed. :) Thanks for sharing.

  7. Girl I see some custom pieces in your future… LOL…:) your rooms and ceiling heights are gigantic… I bet finding the right size/scale has been tough….I’m not sure if you are into ” antiques” or older furniture but you are in such a good area to shop the fleas and often that furniture is bigger and such great quality!! Just a thought :) the Rose Bowl Flea is on my bucket list… And Big Daddy antiques in SF…:)

  8. Hi, I’m a mom of 4 (5,2 and 6 month old twins) and I was hoping you’d share pics of your son’s room when it’s done. I’m moving my son into a big boy room and looking for inspiration. Thanks :-)

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