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Half way there…

THANK YOU for all of the sweet comments on my blog and Facebook about my new mudroom everyone!  Loved hearing from so many of you and I’m thrilled you like the space!  Just popping in to let you know I’m working on answers to your questions.  But I keep getting sidetracked.  With the usual happy distraction — my kids.  :)  And a few other things.  Like my playroom closet that is half way organized, my stair pictures that are half way edited, my bathroom rugs that are half way selected/ordered (so over standing on towels!), my 50 million forms that are half way filled out for K’s therapy/preschool, a house that is half way cleaned,  thank you notes that are half way delivered, and summer camps that are half way signed up for.  So far I am doing a fabulous job at starting everything and finishing nothing. 
So what did I do about it today?  
Ran to Staples and bought Martha Stewart page dividers of course!  

Now I have an updated Time Management Binder that is half way completed.
But it sure is going to keep me organized once it’s done.  
At least half way.   
xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Half way there…

  1. This post made me laugh out loud … I hear ya sister! I find myself in very much the same boat right now, with about 50 people coming over on Sunday for a big family event! Decorations half bought, menu half written, house half-cleaned … yikes!

  2. I’m so glad I’m not alone in the “halfway done” department!! I just feel swamped lately! I didn’t even clean my kitchen last night – I chose sleep instead. We are remodeling our master bath right now and it is making my head spin – one minute I’m elated to have made a decision and the next minute I’m hyperventilating and hoping it was the right decision. We are only as far as the shower portion. Not a good sign if I can’t even handle the shower. Haha! Bless us all to keep our sanity. :) Oh, and I LOVE your mudroom as well!

  3. Erin, You are a precious Mama. I love your blog and have reallllly enjoyed watching the whole building process! You INSPIRE me. You researched, you saved pictures, you waited patiently and BOY did ALL OF THAT PAY OFF!! You literally THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING! Every time I check in on your blog I am amazed! I can’t implement all of your great ideas, but you know what my husband just brought home and installed?? A DOORSTOP for my kitchen door that goes to the garage! Genius I tell ya!

    Keep the great pictures of your unbelievably GORGEOUS home coming!! I can’t wait to see the transformations!! xoxo

  4. Thanks so much everyone!

    Cortney I will for sure share it when it’s finished!

    Momofgirls – Oh my word! What a sweet comment! I just e-mailed you. Made my day!! Thank you so much. xx

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