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The two of us

Me and my little man.

The two of us are so in love. It’s really quite ridiculous. Soon after this picture was taken he spit up all over me. I said “Kole! Really!!? All over my new sweater from Anthro? Not cool buddy.”

Then he flashed his irresistible smile. And immediately all was forgiven.

My little Kole brings me so much happiness. Every single day.

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “The two of us

  1. I knew you’d fall head over heels too. :)

    Remember those warm fuzzy feelings when he’s leaving tire tracks on your walls, pees all over and around every toilet in the house and steals every kitchen utensil you own to dig for treasure in the backyard. :)

  2. Oh I know the feeling! I don’t know what it is about little boys, but they’re awesome! I think God makes us fall in love hard so we can handle all the craziness that Shari said! :)

  3. Every once in a while I pull out pics of my boys when they were little and hang them on the fridge. They wonder why; moms with old boys know. Mom-boy love is undeniable and so big I can barely hold it in my heart. (But I still wish you had the spit up sweater pic…that would have been fun to see:)

  4. Oh, so sweet and so beautiful that he feels so loved. Our boys are so precious! I just gave my ‘little boy’ (sorry, Kendall – pretty safe that you won’t read this) a hug because every one of his favorite football teams lost this weekend. A great excuse for him to get a hug from his mom, I thought.

  5. Becky and I have somethings in common. My son’s favorite team also lost…the Broncos….and Kennys favorite team lost too….the Chargers! So sorry about that boys.
    Next Sunday will be a better day.
    Love the pictures of you and sweet Kole. Who took them? :)

  6. Erin I love to see your enthusiasm over your little guy. As a mother of one boy and a TBD on the way I just love seeing a mother gush over her son. Many of my friends say they can’t wait for me to have a girl but I know that I’m truly blessed to have a wonderful little man in my life. I think your children are very lucky to have a mom who gushes over them all. Thanks for making us moms of boys feel like someone knows what we’re talking about.

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