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Sunday evening ramblings

I’ve been a bit emotional today. Today is October 10th — exactly six months since my post pregnancy scare. I think about that on the 10th of every month. How it has been one month, two months, now six months since it happened. It’s strange. Now that I’m totally feeling like myself healthwise and life is pretty normal again, in some ways it feels like it didn’t even happen. But it did happen, and in other ways I’m different. I think one of the main things that whole experience taught me was how much I love the mundane, sometimes boring, every day aspects of my life. While I was recovering and my husband, mom, and sister were basically being me for a spell I can’t even tell you how hard that was. How much I longed to be in my normal routine. I wanted to bathe my girls and wash their hair, to clean up their toys, to drive Addison to pre-school and sit with her during singing time, to do laundry, to run errands, to sweep the kitchen floor, to cuddle my new baby and tuck all of my kids in bed. Those are the things I missed. I missed feeling needed. I missed feeling productive. I missed feeling like a mom and a wife.

I think about that a lot day to day while I’m cleaning and taking care of my kids. How grateful I am to be doing the little things that I used to take for granted or even complain about. How grateful I am to be here. It helps me to be more patient with my kids. It’s hard to be upset over the little things — kids fighting, messes, household chores when you know how close you came to not being around to stop your kids from fighting, and clean up their messes and do all of the household chores.

I’m also emotional today because this weekend a close friend of mine suddenly lost her dad due to a heart attack. That makes three of mine and Kenny’s close friends who have lost a parent this year. And we just feel way too young to have friends losing their parents. My heart aches for my friends and their families and everything they are going through. Life really is so short and you never know what’s going to happen. And we hear that ALL the time. But it’s so true. And I’m thankful for what I went through six months ago because now I start each day with so much gratitude. I’m so grateful for my life. I’m so grateful for my Heavenly Father whose love I feel every day. I’m so grateful for my health and the health of my family. Those are the things that matter.

Ok. I’m really rambling, aren’t I?! Sorry about that. This blog is such a journal for me and sometimes I get carried away writing whatever is currently in my head and I forget that people are actually reading this. Maybe by now you’ve all stopped reading and are clicking on other blogs that are much more fun for a Monday morning. Except my mom. I know my mom is still reading because moms love their kids unconditionally. Even when they ramble. Hi mom. :)

On a lighter note…

The girls had a great time this weekend turning my living room upside down to create their “fort.”

Somehow they managed to not only squeeze themselves into this mini fort, but to also fit an army of my little ponies, stuffed animals, and polly pockets. I didn’t mind only because it kept them quite entertained all afternoon.

Saturday morning Kenny took the girls to Princesses on Ice. We go every time the princesses come to town because my princesses love it so much. Addison decided to be Snow White for the show and then had so much fun posing and modeling the dress that she also decided she wants to wear this dress up we’ve had for years for Halloween.

Makes life easy for mom! While they were gone, Kole and I did a little scrapbooking. He’s wild about my latest supplies. I’ll share his favorite layouts soon. :)

After the show Kenny and I hit the road and spent the rest of the day in minivan heaven and I think we’ve made a decision! We knew we wanted the 2011 Limited Toyota Sienna or the 2011 Touring Elite Honda. If you’re going to do the minivan thing, you might as well go all out and do it right! Right!? Both vans were cute on the outside (for a minivan) – and both vans were amazing on the inside. These things are so tricked out! The seats all pull out making all kinds of formations, kids push a button and doors open, a mini cooler fridge in the front, a dual screen TV so you can play two movies at once to appease all children, the list goes on and on. I got in the Honda after the sales lady had told us about all of the new features they’ve added this year and was surprised I had to buckle my own seat belt! I see why so many of you are saying you love your minivans! They really think of every convenience for moms. I loved different things about both vans, but right now we’re leaning towards the Honda only because it has the option to hold 8 passengers. The middle row has room for three where the Sienna middle row only holds two. I don’t think we’ll use all of the seats that often, but I like that we could fit all three kids in the middle row and lay down the back seats and have TONS of room if needed. What if I was shopping and saw a piece of furniture I loved and had to have? Or what if I wanted to take all three kids somewhere and let each of them bring a friend? I figure if it’s time to bite the bullet and go big we might as well go BIG. Right!?

The new Honda Touring Elites are just coming out so we’ll have to wait a few weeks for the color we want, but it feels good to have the decision made. Thanks so much for all of your encouraging comments last Friday! You made me much more excited about our little adventure and helped me to foucs on the very positive side of the minivan! :)

Now I’m rambling again.
Have a great Monday everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Sunday evening ramblings

  1. It is sometimes hard to enjoy the routine when you have little ones. Thank you for putting things in perspective this Monday morning!
    I enjoy your blog so much!

  2. I love me a good introspective blog post, so nice work! I, too, have been trying to appreciate the beauty of my sometimes mundane life ever since my friend Zoe died. It has caused me to slow down and pay attention to my blessings a lot more.

    I have serious van envy!

  3. HI Erin,

    I have to admit, when I discovered your blog I read a few of your older posts and I read what happened after Kole was born. I should have told you how sorry I am but I thought, is that weird, I don’t even know you and all of a sudden I read this very personal thing that happened to you?

    So I am saying it now. I just love your blog, and I feel like I have gotten to know you a little bit. I am so glad for you and your darling family’s sake that you are okay. I bet something like that changes quite a lot about your perspective on life.

    Here’s to health and the mundane everyday moments of being a mother! Cheers my friend. Glad you are here.

  4. Of course I read the whole rambling post and loved it. I’m so happy you’re still here to be my cute friend.

    And I’m so happy you’ve make your decision about your van! Are you going to make me wait to see what color you chose??? Come on, don’t torture me!

  5. I love how you said they are so “tricked out”! I’m cracking up! Glad you had such a positive shopping experience! I can’t believe you are really doing it, guess I wont really be able to believe it until I see it.

    So glad you are well and happy 6 months and counting!!! Today is Crystal’s b-day and also marks 2 months since Todd’s accident. Crappy birthday for her. Still so unbelievable. Life is hard, so glad you are still here with me!

  6. I stayed with you through the whole thing too- it’s nice to have a reminder to be grateful for the little things. I know I am very grateful to be the one who gets to snuggle my kids and put them down for naps, make their lunch and not send them off for someone else to do it.

    That oddysey makes mine look ancient. I really want the extra seat, the split third row, and built in entertainment system. Those are the only things I want to upgrade on my next one. You really are going to love it.

  7. it is amazing how things can be put into perspective when we go through really hard times. (((hugs))) i am so glad that you are leaning towards the honda. that would be my pick, too! and my oldests ALWAYS wants to be snow white for halloween. this year she’s saying she’ll go as something else, but we’ll see! haha!

  8. We have a mini van at work and I am amazed at what that thing can do!

    Confession: I wanted to go to the Disney Princesses this weekend! Sometimes we get tickets for work and I was hoping they’d come through this time. I don’t think you’re ever too old to put on a princess dress

  9. I need to take my kids to a Disney On Ice sometime. When I lived in Huntington Beach, we went a few times. That was a great childhood memory I still love! I’ll be honest, it took me three “chore breaks” to get through this post. Glad I did, ‘tho. It was a good way for me to get through the chores I dislike the most, namely…all of them;) Glad you’re getting the van you want. We got ours in 2005, which seemed tricked out then. These things now are just crazy cool. Congrats!!!

  10. Erin, I love your blog. Your happy, fun personality comes through, and it just makes me wish I could take you with me to try on jeans!:)

    What a scary time for your family 6months ago. I can only imagine the perspective it has given you. The weeks that follow child birth are hard enough without going through something like that.

    So excited for you about the van. You will LOVE it. You’ll feel like you have all the tools you need to get where you’re going with the least amount of stress.

    Here’s to a great rambling post!!

  11. Wow. What a lifechanging event. Thanks for sharing and it is all those special little simple things that we value and appreciate. Your post is such a reminder of putting it all in perspective. I love that you can pull off the beautiful, organized house and let your kids make a hut in the living room … while probably wearing a super cute pair of boots :>. Sending love to your friend at the passing of her father. So hard. My dad had a major heart attack five years ago and consider each day with him a real gift at this point. xoxo (sorry this ended up being SO long)

  12. Erin, I’m so glad that you’re still here! You are such a wonderful Mom to your kids & friend to many. Plus, how could we live without your adorable blog with all of its organization tips? :)

    Congrats on the mini van. Like yours, my hubby can’t wait to get one either. As for me, I think I can wait until baby #3…which is still a bit down the road for us. I’ll have to come to you for advice when the time comes.

  13. I love all your “rambling” in this post :) I love the “fort” your girls made — my kids enjoy building forts and tents in our house, too. Can’t wait to see your recent scrapbook pages! I posted some of my recent pages on my blog tonight. I went on my scrapbook retreat last weekend and got a ton of pages done! So much fun! I’m planning on going again in February — care to meet up there? You would love it at Christine’s scrap retreat. Apple Valley isn’t too far from you :)

  14. Ramble on…I love it! I’m glad you made the decision about the van…you’ll love it. I’m sorry to hear about so many losses going on around you…that has to be hard for your friends. How wonderful that you’re back to your old self with a greater appreciation for all that you do and are able to do. Happy Tuesday.

  15. hi,
    i just read your post preganancy scare and this current post, and i got the chills and cried. I am so glad that you are doing better. thank you for sharing that ver personal and scary moment with us.

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