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Ellie and Addison

A little problem

So lately at our house we’ve had a little problem. A problem involving bedtime.

It has always been part of the girls’ bedtime routine to first tuck in their “friends.”

And then choose a few friends to join them in bed. (Ellie sleeping at grandma’s house)

Well. Ellie has taken choosing a FEW friends to a whole new level.

Are you kidding me!!?? Where is my daughter? We clean this bed off every few nights and I enforce my super strict rule — only FIVE “friends” allowed in bed! This time I mean it!!! But then the next night I hear “please just ONE more if I promise to go right to sleep?” or “but baby Minnie can’t sleep without baby Dumbo!” and five friends turns into six..and seven…and eight. And then the girls play on the bed the next day and eight friends turn into twenty. And then it’s the bedtime routine again. And Kenny and I are exhausted from a long day. And Ellie knows this. And she uses this little fact to finagle more toys. And then some more toys. And then even more toys until we reach the point of no return as seen in the pictures above.

We’ve also been having issues with the girls doing a little too much talking…

and a little too much playing. Talking and playing instead of doing what they should be doing — sleeping. (pictures above from a favorite post of mine)

So for now we’ve moved Ellie into the guest room. And are we are firmly sticking to an “only TEN “friends” allowed in bed” rule. A compromise.

And for now, my girls and their “friends” are getting a more peaceful and less crowded nights sleep.
xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “A little problem

  1. I laughed so hard when I saw those pics come up of Ellie and all her toys!!! Haha, sooooo funny. Well, funny for me, probably not so much for you, Erin ;)

    My girls share a room too (they are 5 & 2) and eventually we’ll have a similar bunk set-up….guess I should prepare myself for too much talking & playing.

    Love reading your blog, Erin. You don’t know me….but thanks for always brightening my day! :)

  2. did you read my blog before you posted this?! haha!!! my oldest wants to share a room with her baby sister, and i have been telling her that maybe when they’re older…but i KNOW they will stay up all night talking. so, we’ll see! haha! those dolls are hilarious!!! and too cute!

  3. I had to laugh because I read Erika’s blog before I read yours! So funny! My boys share a room but they are 3 and 10 months, so right now it’s just making sure big brother doesn’t put stuff in little brother’s bed. They don’t have any toys in their room other than stuffed animals and now I’ve weeded out all but those from Build-A-Bear. CJ can have all of those in his bed but nothing else. So far it works :)

  4. Okay, I can SO TOTALLY relate with this. We have been dealing with this exact issue!! It’s driving me crazy. In fact, just last night I said to Rob, I think I’m going to make Ryan sleep in the guest room so that they will go to sleep at night. It’s a never ending battle!!

  5. How funny and cute is that? I love that she is barely visible amongst the toys.
    I really think this is a girl thing, my son’s bed clear and sleep ready every night, my daughter’s bed covered in friends, and just one more book, and a few toys, and several animal families and the list goes on and on.

  6. It only gets worse when all of the friends need a sip of water, too. That’s when I start threatening major punishment if all those friends wet the bed!

    I’ve got three of my girls sharing a room and they do talk but do a super job of getting the littlest one (16 months) happily off to sleep. It’s memory building.

  7. So my question is…..and so far, I am the only one asking this….Where will Grandma sleep when she comes down? I could probably sleep with just Ellie…and maybe a friend or two…but NOT 10!
    Oh my, we better get this figured out soon. :)
    BTW….I don’t do bunk beds.
    It all brings back memories. They are both just like their Mother!
    Love you and can’t wait to see all of you.

  8. Poor Grandma!(too funny!) We’ve been through this before in our house too Erin. Just stick to your rules!! Consistency, that’s the key (I think, I hope):) Good luck.

  9. Oh my gosh Erin! And I thought my daughter was hilarious because she has to go to bed with one toy and one book every night. That really is so funny. You’ll be glad you took pictures to document that memory. :)

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