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The time has come

So. Guess what’s first on our agenda this weekend?

We’re test driving minivans.

Yup. You heard me right. The time has come. You may remember when I first announced my third pregnancy that Kenny and I had a little squabble about getting a minivan. Kenny thinks they’re so cool. Seriously. He has wanted one for a long time. Because my husband is all about smart purchases and a minivan is smart. We travel to Utah a lot – best gas millage on the road. We live in a busy city with tight parking – sliding doors. We now have three children and are entering the “carpool” years – room for everyone and then some. I tend to overpack for trips and then shop at whatever location we’re at, causing even more of a packing problem – did I mention room for everyone and then some?

We’ve been over and over the perks a million times and I’m still having a hard time with this. I don’t do smart purchases. I do stylish purchases. And fun purchases. I say let’s buy a sporty Lexus and figure out the kid situation later! HA!

Deep down I know that once I drive one of these things and feel the convenience they bring while hauling my crew around that I will be hooked. We wanted to wait until Honda came out with their new model so we could compare all options. Well, the new model is out and the time has come. And I have to admit that things aren’t going so great with three in our current SUV. It’s a little tight to say the least.

So wish me luck! And think of me Saturday. Picking out my very own “Swagger Wagon.”

Yo! Where my kidz at?

xoxo, Erin
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31 thoughts on “The time has come

  1. woah!!! again, it’s like you read my mind! my husband has wanted to get a minivan for years now- and i just don’t want to do it! if we are lucky enough to have another baby at some point, i think we would have to do it. but i like my car…it’s just “me” and i have a hard time seeing a minivan as “me”- but…there may come a point when i just have to bite the bullet and do it. with 3 kids, i think it’s one of those things you gotta do…

  2. I think you’ll love your minivan! You’ll wonder how you ever did without. Of course, with 4 kids and numerous friends and gear in tow–a Suburban is a must for me. The thing may be 10 years old, but it is beautiful, fun and roomy (not to mention great on icy Alaskan roads). Best part? It’s paid for. :)
    Enjoy and be sure to post pictures!

  3. I was in your position two years ago and finally caved to the dreaded minivan. I have to tell you – it was the best decision we’ve ever made! I have a Swagger Wagon that is fully loaded with any amenity you could think of (laser guided cruise control – what’s that???). The automatic doors are my favorite part of the car especially when I have my hands full. I push of a small button and the entire car is open. They ride like a cloud and can hold all those extra packed and newly bought items on trips :) Enjoy your new Swagger Wagon.

  4. You will LOVE a mini van. We got a Honda after I had Hank and it was the best purchase ever! I love that I have room for friends, strollers, seasonal needs, and tons of room for those trips home to St. George. I can’t wait to see what you decide on.

  5. What a great post! My hubby was a mini-van family when he was younger, and now – he convinced me! Shortly before baby #3, we had to do it. The power doors, hatch, stow-in-go, and dual dvds are GREAT! I don’t ever admit that I kind of like it to him!! ;)

    Love reading your blog – scrapbooking, family, and organization! All my favs!

  6. Duuuuuude! That commercial is HILARIOUS! I’m totally gonna steal it to post on my blog when we enter minivan land sometime next year.

    And no, I wasn’t making an announcement. With as much as Dan is gone with his new job, it’ll be a miracle if I get pregnant in the next year!

  7. Do it. You will LOVE it. Do it this weekend and not a minute later. Do it for me. I am giving you your favorite babysitter, after all. :)

    That commercial rocks.

  8. That commercial is too funny.
    You can totally rock the minivan!
    They do make them pretty nice nowadays. Have fun buying your new swagger wagon!!

    PS- hair suggestions… seriously your hair is so cute. I wouldn’t change it. Do you highlight your hair? I just learned some really neat techniques for a more natural subtle highlight. Something like that is always fun, new but not too much of a big change. :) Good luck.

  9. My Alison (who is only two), always says “Where my kids at?” when she’s looking for her brothers! We love the swagger wagon song! Good luck with the mini-van thing!!! You’ll make whatever you choose stylish because YOU will be in it!

  10. I swore for 12 1/2 years that I would NEVER drive a minivan. NEVER! I drove a Suburban for the last 5 years until I could no longer stand it. It was WAY too big!!!! I hated that thing. We went car shopping last week and I was determined to find an SUV that would fit all my kids and have plenty of storage. Long story short….I have a brand new Honda Odyssey!!!!!! And guess what? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I love, love, love driving it all around. My kids love it. It has ALL the bells and whistles and I cannot believe I held out for so long. You will love it!

  11. I would totally have a minivan if I could. Just do it. My friend Emily got one this year and is wondering why the heck she didn’t do it sooner! You’ll love it I’m sure.

  12. No, seriously where are the kids…I love the little video. Um, you will LOVE it. The sliding doors are the best and I have a ton of storage in my Honda. LOVE it!!!! Get red or something cute like that to spice it up.

  13. Okay, your posts are starting to scare me a little! We are doing the exact same thing tomorrow! We’ve been waiting out the past few months for the new Odyssey too! Rob has been totally against getting a mini-van but he stopped by a dealership last night (after they had closed) to look up close at them and he said he is really surprised at how nice they look…..”not so mini-vanish” He was looking at the new Topaz color too and really liked it.
    Good luck!

  14. WAHAHAHAHA!!!! A MINI VAN!!!! (pointing my finger at you and laughing) JUST KIDDING!!! Have fun car shopping!!! I know you’ll post pictures when you’re done!!!!

  15. My cousin avoided the mini van as long as she could but it’s the only thing that will fit all of us on a shopping trip with some room to spare for purchases!

  16. Erin you will love a mini van! With the third child it made my life so much easier. I’m ready for a new one, but the husband says we wait until this one’s broke beyond repair! He’s one of those smart purchasers too (darn it!)

  17. We got a Dodge Caravan, love it!! If you can afford it take one with automatic doors and leather seats. Cloths seats with kids get really messy really fast!! Also, don’t take one with a DVD player. Buy your kids each their own portable DVD player, it will save you a lot of hassle when the kids fight about who watches what movie and who’s turn it is. My kids are pretty good now, but in the beginning they were always fighting about the dvd player. But I have to say I never thought I would drive one either, I hated minivans, but i would not trade mine for the world. Mine has seats that disappear into the floor. So awesome!! Or you can fold down part of the third row or all of it. The second row is 2 separate seats, great for adults to still sit comfortable. You will love having a van!! Trust me!

  18. minivans and mammograms…just something you gotta’ do. nobody wants to no matter how cool they make them look or how cute they try to make the gowns you wear…just get through it. And soon you can be like me and be looking (soon) for the day to be done and driving a real car again. ahhhh.

  19. It took my husband a long time to convince me to purchase a minivan instead of an SUV but now that we have a van, I love it. We are on our second Toyota Sienna…. I highly recommend them. We drove our 1999 model until last year. :) When that model finally bit the dust, we shopped for other makes/models but decided to stay with Toyota since our first one was so dependable. We now own a 2008 and are loving it.

    Hope your shopping experience goes well. :) Welcome to the world of “Minivan Moms.”

  20. So I hear that my new assignment is to help you decide.

    I have never actually driven a Toyota, only been a passenger. I have driven a Honda though.

    If I had to choose, based on that…
    it’s the Toyota all the way.

  21. That video is sooooo darn funny! I’ve seen it a few times and still laugh through the entire thing.

    Okay, if you think a mini-van is bad (or something you thought you’d never be caught dead in) just think about ME and what I have to drive. With nine kids, a mini-van is not an option. Do you know what I drive? I drive a shuttle bus. You know, one of those 15 passenger vans. Yea, that’s a super cool vehicle, don’t you think? I doubt even a funny commercial could make it appealing.

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