No post today

Oh. my. gosh.  I was totally going to post tonight and now it’s after 11:00 PM and I haven’t even glanced at my computer screen.  It’s summer you know.  Which for us means it’s time to resume what we like to call:
Jack Bauer Power Hour 
Third summer watching 24.  We are on season 7 episode 6 and it is INTENSE!  The conspiracy is deep within the President’s administration (of course it is), a colleague Jack thought was dead has turned terrorist (naturally), and Jack has now kidnapped a deposed prime minister. Meanwhile the President’s husband is in grave danger (is there any other kind?).

My palms are sweaty, I am hanging off the side of my couch, and we just HAVE to keep watching


I can’t even take a bathroom break – but does JACK BAUER ever take a freakin’ bathroom break!?

This is not for the faint at heart.  It’s going to be a long night but I’ve got to be strong.  I owe it to my country.

Jack Bauer Power Hour baby.  Bring it.

In the last few days…

We went to So You Think You Can Dance! Third year we’ve gone and it just keeps getting better! Only bummer was that they wouldn’t let me take my camera in this year. Good thing I had my point and shoot around last year when Mary Murphy showed up. (I seriously scaled a wall to get that picture with her – and still have the bruises to prove it) Right now I’m in the process of creating a purse with a trap door at the bottom to hide my camera in for just such occasions. Next time – I’ll be prepared. My friend Ann had her camera and took the above picture of the two of us, along with the picture below of me and Kenny with some of our favorite friends from Southern Utah. So fun to meet up with everyone!

The TASTEE FREEZ background adds a nice touch, don’t you think? It’s making me hungry right now. Everything is making me hungry right now.

The girls ate breakfast upstairs and we broke into the Christmas movies…just a few.
I couldn’t wait.

I took Ellie to a 50’s themed b-day party.
Cool that she got to wear her Halloween costume again.

Also cool that she and her buddies rode to the party in a limousine.
Not cool that my five year old has ridden in a limousine and I haven’t.

And in the last few days, Addie and I have done LOTS and LOTS of laundry. On to the next few days which will include a lot of the same stuff. Except for SYTYCD since that’s a once a year thing. And except for the limo ride since that’s a once in a lifetime thing. And except for breakfast upstairs and Christmas movies since that’s a weekend thing.
On to the next few days which will include LOTS and LOTS of laundry.

Jack Bauer Power Hour

So what do you do when summer rolls around and you are a major TV junkie and there is NOTHING on TV? Clearly it’s time for JACK BAUER POWER HOUR! Kenny and I started watching the 24 DVD’s last summer and quickly decided it would be our new summer flick. Once again this summer they’ve kept us more than entertained. Right now we’re knee deep in Season 4 and it’s time to “Contact Jack Bauer or we’re looking at a Nuclear Holocaust!” I’m so in love with Jack Bauer (and it’s all good because my husband is too). The way he saves our country from complete and utter disaster time and time again. No crisis is too big, no situation too dangerous, no enemy too threatening. Every time he averts one catastrophe, a new and more ominous plot is uncovered. It’s compelling, never ending, mind boggling, thrill seeking action and we can’t get enough!

I have to go…Jack is dealing with a national security crisis and he needs my help. Jack Bauer Power Hour – Bring it.

Tune in!

It’s time for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! (said with a wicked British accent)

Hope everyone is tuning in tonight. Finally down to the top twenty…let the party begin! I’m so excited I had to re-post this pic of me and my BFF Mary Murphy, taken last year when SYTYCD came to San Diego. (she’s not nearly as annoying in person as she is on the show)

I’m so excited to see the dancers and choreography this year. So NOT excited to listen to Kenny’s theory that comes up every year about how “dancing for your life” should include machine guns and trap doors.

If you haven’t started watching yet, tune in tonight!

What we’ve been up to…

So you know all of those bikers flying around the roads of San Diego in their skinny tight bike lanes and in their skinny tight spandex pants and hideous neon shirts? (They’ve always driven me nuts because I feel like I’m going to run them over!) Well my husband is now one of them! Kenny took a Saturday morning biking class with some friends a few months ago and LOVED IT! He and his friends are now biking 30-40 miles every Saturday all over North County on various bike paths. Kenny really enjoys the exercise, time with friends, and just flying around on his bike. I love it because now I can take the kids to the gym Saturday mornings and hit my favorite aerobics class. Then my husband comes home in a great mood and is ready to do whatever I want because he has had some time for himself. Win win situation. So for you San Diego drivers – please don’t run over my husband! I am now a lot more cautious when passing the bikers and suddenly those neon shirts aren’t so ugly…they are merely a safety precaution…one I am extremely grateful for!

Kenny with his friend Elliot after a ride…matching shirts not intentional!

The girls are enjoying…

plenty of time at various pools, parks, and the beach!

As for me – if you see me walking around like a sleep deprived zombie with bags under my eyes now you’ll know why… Kenny and I have been staying up all hours of the night watching our new obsession – 24. We never watched the series on TV and everyone seems to love it, so we decided to start watching the DVDs this summer while nothing else is on. They are reminding me a lot of my other TV love – Prison Break. The end of each episode leaves you hanging enough that you have to watch JUST ONE MORE! (Very dangerous when you have that “one more” episode at your fingertips!) Aside from my usual organizing, I’ve also been taking an on-line digital scrapbooking class and am finally learning how to use my Adobe Elements program. LOVING that!

One last pic that melts my heart…

sleep after a day of sunshine and summer play!