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Jack Bauer Power Hour

So what do you do when summer rolls around and you are a major TV junkie and there is NOTHING on TV? Clearly it’s time for JACK BAUER POWER HOUR! Kenny and I started watching the 24 DVD’s last summer and quickly decided it would be our new summer flick. Once again this summer they’ve kept us more than entertained. Right now we’re knee deep in Season 4 and it’s time to “Contact Jack Bauer or we’re looking at a Nuclear Holocaust!” I’m so in love with Jack Bauer (and it’s all good because my husband is too). The way he saves our country from complete and utter disaster time and time again. No crisis is too big, no situation too dangerous, no enemy too threatening. Every time he averts one catastrophe, a new and more ominous plot is uncovered. It’s compelling, never ending, mind boggling, thrill seeking action and we can’t get enough!

I have to go…Jack is dealing with a national security crisis and he needs my help. Jack Bauer Power Hour – Bring it.

xoxo, Erin
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5 thoughts on “Jack Bauer Power Hour

  1. I had that love for the show Alias before it ended. I was in love with Alias. I dreamed in Alias. The show’s finale was a tad hokey, but I got over it since Sydney and Michael finally were together at the end and Isabelle, their daughter, started to display signs that she too could be a future CIA operative and that the world would, indeed, be in good hands. :)

  2. I should give it a try again. Todd and I were obsessed with the first season and then the second was so violent (I have a very low tolerance for scarey!) we didn’t watch it again. Maybe I should try it again. I have not even turned the TV on in the evening for weeks this summer. Better check when the new shows start!

  3. I’m with Katy. We had to stop watching it. Guess we’re wimps!

    I’m so happy that you’ve found something to keep you occupied during Kenny/Erin TV time for summer. What ever will you do when you’ve watched all the 24’s?

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