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Thursday night

Ohhh…Thursday night. What a treat! When Kenny and I woke up this morning he looked at me in bed and smiled and said “It’s Thursday – The Office is on tonight.” Of all the shows we record and watch this is the only one that gets our full attention. No laptops during The Office. We pop popcorn and settle in for a good laugh. Love Thursday nights.

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Thursday night

  1. You guys are hilarious! You know I have heard soooo many things about this show but do you think I can EVER remember to watch it??? Can you remind me to do that next week?? :o)

  2. Ok, the picture was coming into focus before the whole page of your blog, and my mind saw Phyliss on the left and I was thinking, Who is that? I know that lady too in Erin’s picture. She is my weird friend! And then I realized they were all my weird “friends” at the office. Erin, you are funny! But not quite as funny as Michael Scott:).Wi

  3. K erin I seriously think you have the cutest blog EVER!!! I love checking it! I love the table, Ellie Bowling, and of course my favorite of you and Koni! You two seriously are such cute friends…I just love all of the old pictures! SO Fun!!! Hey about the office we LOVE IT too! We stayed up last night to watch it HURRAY!!!! I love that the strike is over and our shows can begin again!!!! So CUTE!!!

  4. Gotta love Office! Austin gets the credit for getting us all into it. Now we all look forward to Thrusdays all week. I want a Dunder Mifflin tee shirt.:)

  5. OK Erin,
    Deal’s on!! I may not know much about “The Office” but I just wanted to prove to you that I DO check your blog. Ha!!
    This is called “baby steps” toward your food storage…
    Love ya

  6. The Office–was that the funniest episode on Thurs night? The fam was all busy so I watched it by myself in bed. Not nearly as fun as with the fam. So, Haylee and I watched it yesterday and we LOVED it. Haylee has a crush on Jim, but swears she would never try to steal him from Pam.

  7. I was looking forward to the office all week and then our DVR did not record it. How frustrating. I guess there is always this week!

  8. Hi Honey!
    Love the new blog look….PEERFECT!!!! It has all your favorite colors…and the green print is so easy to read. Great job!
    Love mom

  9. OK – love your stylish new blog paper and love the Office! Did you love the last episode when they all had to list one eligible female for Michael to date and someone listed a “spicy redhead” and then gave the number for a Wendy’s restaurant? I thought of that in the elevator this morning on the way to MY office and laughed out loud! Wish I worked next to Dwight in real life – wouldn’t mind hearing more about his Beet Farm on a Monday morning!

  10. Hi Erin…
    I love your blog…I haven’t checked it out for awhile! I am addicted to “The Office”!!!! I finally got to watch the recorded ones a couple of nights ago, so when Carly commented on the “Wendy’s” episode, I had to laugh out loud! Was that the funniest thing or what??? I just laugh when I think about it! I keep telling Dave and Gretchen that they have GOT TO WATCH IT!!! They just don’t know what they’re missing! Your kids are darling and getting way too big! Love ya!

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