Favorite Christmas Decor!


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So I’m exhausted!  Had a fun day doing a little Black Friday shopping with the girls!  I only lasted a few hours because I’m recovering from Bronchitis.  Yuck.  Not fun to be coughing non-stop during a holiday!  But I’ve also been able to rest a lot too (thanks grandma and grandpa!) so it’s all good.  Are you all decking the halls!?  I picked up a few things to add to my decor today!  I’ve got to stop at some point.  I’ve been decorating for a month!  It’s too much fun for me.  I thought I’d share some of my favorite Christmas decor that you’ll see popping up in my house this year.  Some of these items we’ve had for years.. some of them are new purchases I recently made.  Of course a lot of it is from Pottery Barn (I just can’t quit that store!) but a few things are from other random places.  A lot of decor is on sale this weekend so it’s a fun time snatch up a few favorites!  Christmas decor/items are fun gifts for friends and neighbors too.  One year I gave neighbors a Christmas book at the beginning of December (you can see our favorites here) and another year I gave neighbors Christmas towels at the beginning of December.  The nice thing about giving Christmas decor/items is your gift giving is done early!

Excited to show you how I’m using these items in my house soon! :)

sunny side up favorite things 2015
p.s. If you missed it, I just shared my Favorite Things for 2015 if you need some fun gift ideas!  Enjoy!

K – I’m off!  I have a date with a good dose of NyQuil. ;)

My favorite things! (2015)

sunny side up favorite things 2015
Happy Thanksgiving friends!  I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing day with loved ones.  I’ve rounded up my favorite things from 2015 to help with Christmas gift giving! Several of these are things I’ve mentioned on my blog before, but there are also a few new things I haven’t shared yet.  These are my absolute favorite things and what I’ll be giving friends and family for gifts this year. YEA for favorites!
REVERSIBLE FAUX LEATHER TOTE – You all know I’ve loved this bag.  Great price, looks expensive even though it isn’t, and you can reverse it for a new look.  I use it almost every day!
nordstrom reversible bagLove that it comes in so many different color combos!
LEIGHTON STRIPED BAG – Two bags have my heart and this is the other one.  Absolute perfect size for tossing all sorts of odds and ends I need for my kids every day.  Plus it’s adorable!  I get compliments every single time I take this anywhere.  (It’s on sale right now btw!) Of course my GRAY HIGH GLOSS HUNTERS are also a favorite and so are the TALL KNIT CUFF SOCKS.  So comfy on a cold rainy day.  Hoping we have more of those in our future.
JOHNSON PURSE – I haven’t shared my new favorite purse yet and I’m so excited about it!  Isn’t it adorable!?  It looks so much more expensive than it is!  I’ve had this for a few months and absolutely love it.  A fun gift for your mom, sister, friend.. or maybe a little early Christmas gift to yourself?  :)
sole society

{Outfit:  plaid top/navy vest (similar)/ jeans/ purse/ boots}

I had my mom snap this picture yesterday of me quick just to show you the size of this purse.  I love that tassel!  So cute.
UGG CLAUDINE TALL BOOTS – My Ugg boots are also a favorite.  On sale right now!  Aside from the look I just love how comfy they are.  Heeled boots that feel like slippers.
LAUREL PEEP TOE BOOTIE – Another favorite pair of shoes!
fringe infinity scarf

{Outfit: Scarf/shirt/jeans/boots}

FRINGE INFINITY SCARF – I’ve shared this scarf before.. love it!  I wear it at least once a week.  I also have my eye on this scarf and this scarf.  Hope Santa is reading! :)nordstroms infinity scarf

{Outfit: scarf/shirt/jeans/}

world-market-popcorn-bowlsPOPCORN BOWLS – This was a favorite gift from last year.  I gave them to my girls with some DVD’s and we use them all the time. popcorn-bowl
PJ SALVAGE PAJAMAS – My favorite new pj’s!  PJ salvage pj’s are so amazingly soft.  I never want to take them off!  A little more than I usually spend on pj’s but if you try them on you’ll see why!  Every girl needs a pair.
VOLCANO CAPRI BLUE CANDLE and KRUMPETS ROOM SPRAYS – A couple of favorite scents.  Absolutely love this candle and the room sprays make your house smell so good!  The cinnamon (on the right) is my favorite!
VINTAGE WOOD PADDLE CUTTING BOARDS – Love them for decor and every day use!  They area also great for entertaining.  I usually spread cheese and crackers out on them.
‘RAYNE’ STONE TASSLE PENDANT NECKLACE – Love this necklace.  A great gift!  Giving a couple of these away this year.
girls at fidels
Wearing it with this dress from Banana Republic with my cute sister and sister-in-law.
Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.09.50 PM
KENDRA SCOTT EARRINGS – Kendra Scott earrings are also a favorite of mine.  LOVE this pair.
tanner small bar necklace
TANNER SMALL BAR PENDANT NECKLACE – This necklace has become my every day favorite.  It looks good so good with everything!  Simple and understated and really feminine.  It just adds a little something to most outfits.
GEO BANGLES – Love these bracelets.  I picked up a few for friends last week!
QUILTED FIELD VEST – One of my favorite things to wear!  I find myself reaching for it so often.  On sale at Banana right nowblack and white stripe top
MIXED MEDIA JACKET – Another every day go to!
BP SOCKS – Socks from Banana are my favorite.  Perfect for boots and aren’t these patterns adorable!?
HEAD SWEATS VISOR, POWER BEATS HEADPHONES, and HIP SISTER – my go to workout gear!  Love all three of these items for running or walking with friends.   21-day-fix
21 DAY FIX – Have you all heard of this eating/exercise plan?  I could write a whole post about this (and maybe will at some point!) but for now I’ll just say that I have a friend who had done this and loved it so I thought I’d give it a try.  I absolutely LOVED it too!  If you follow the eating plan and do the workout DVD’s you really will lose weight.  As far as maintaining, I love this program because it taught me a lot about portion control and how many proteins, carbs, fruits and veggies I should be eating in a day so even if I don’t follow it to the letter, I still eat better than I did before.  Plus I LOVE the workouts!  Love them.  Only 30 minutes a day and they work everything.   Like I said, I could go into so much more detail.  For now I’ll just say it was one of my favorite things this year!  A great gift if you are setting a goal to be healthier in 2016 (who isn’t right!?).  :)
ELTA MD TINTED FACIAL SUNSCREEN – We all know the best thing we can do for our skin is to wear sunscreen everyday, but I never liked to wear sunscreen under my make-up because of the smell – plus it was always so shiny or greasy.  My neighbor (a facial plastic surgeon so when he talks I listen – ha!) told me about this facial sunscreen and I have been hooked ever since!  It goes on so smooth and you don’t even feel it’s on your face.  Plus it’s lightly tinted so it adds a bit of color to your face (just a bit!).  I love that because when I’m exercising outside (wearing no make-up) I just put a little on and my face doesn’t look quite so pale.  Kind of like a touch of foundation.  I love this so much I bought several for gifts and will most likely take it to my friend’s annual favorite things party.  YEA!  It’s a fun favorite!
I’m off to hang with my family, eat more turkey and read about more favorite things in two of my favorite magazines!  Love this time of year.  I’m so grateful for all of your friendship and support this year.  Making so many connections with all of you is the reason blogging is a favorite thing in my life.  Wishing you all love and happiness this holiday season!

Our Christmas Tree

We have a bit of a tree decorating tradition at our house.  For starters we never make it past mid November.  We try.  But the kids and I just get too excited and can’t wait.  So I guess we don’t try too hard.  :)  We all change into our pj’s (usually Christmas pj’s from the year before), we turn on our favorite Christmas with the Chipmunks CD (a fav from my childhood) and then we start decorating.  Then I stand back and watch because it’s fun seeing  my kids so excited.  Then I snap 40 pictures to get one good one.  Then when my 5 year old goes to bed, the girls and I tweak a few things.  Then when the girls go to bed I tweak a few more things.  ;)  Ready to see our tweaked tree in all its glory? [Read more…]

I Spy Design Series and Christmas Past

ispydesignseries pin graphic

Happy Sunday everyone!  I don’t usually post on the weekend but I wanted to pop in quickly today to tell you about a fun Instagram series I’m a part of in case any of you want to join or follow along!  Months ago I joined a group of my friends on IG for a series called the “ISPYDESIGN” series and it was so much fun!  These series are a great way to share your decor with others and to get so many fun ideas.  It’s also a great way to get your picture/account featured.  SO much inspiration on Instagram and I love it because it’s all so real.  Not just pinterest perfect pictures – real decorating ideas for real homes.

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Christmas Inspiration Galore!

Hello friends!  I hope your week is off to a good start.  I have been so sad and in a bit of a funk after hearing about France.  Last Friday’s events were beyond devastating and I’m so heartbroken for all of the people suffering right now.  They have been in my thoughts and prayers nonstop.  Today I decided I needed a little cheering up.  Aside from spending some quality time with my kids (they always bring out my best smile) I also spent some time on Pinterest getting lost in Christmas inspiration land!  Time with my kids, wasted minutes on Pinterest, home decor, Christmas.. my best cure for the blues. :)  I thought I’d share some of my fun finds in case you need a distraction and some cheering up too. [Read more…]