Fun 4th of July ideas!

It’s the 4th of July this weekend!  So excited.  We have fun plans with family and I can’t wait to be together with everyone!  I made some 4th of July Pretzel Hugs a couple of weeks ago to get us in the mood.  Same Pretzel Hugs I’ve made for Christmas and Valentines Day for years.  I just switch out the m&m color.  Now there’s a versatile holiday treat!  :)  **Picture sources: scale is from Nordstroms – I can’t find it there anymore but their other home decor is adorable! Rolling pin is from Anthropologie, cake stand is from World Market – looks like they only have ivory left (kind of want this marble/wood stand too!).
Place the hugs on the pretzels on a baking sheet and then place the baking sheet in the oven at 200 degrees for about 7 minutes. Just watch for the Hugs to barely melt.  Take them out and place red, white and blue m&m’s on top and let them cool!  Patriotic and delicious.  A great combo.

I rounded up some other fun ideas for the 4th in preparation for our weekend and wanted to share them all with you.  So many creative ways to make this holiday memorable!  Here are a few fun ways to serve food on the 4th..
{Source}  Love all these flag ideas!
{Source}  This is so simple and adorable!  All you need is a star cookie cutter and kabob skewers.
{Source}  I love this fruit salad because it’s so simple and looks delicious!
{Source} And my favorite!  How adorable is this simple S’mores Bar!?

Usually I’m out of town over the 4th of July, but as soon as we celebrate the 4th at my house these are a few home decor ideas I’ve been saving!
flag jars clock
{Source}  Aren’t these painted mason jars adorable!  Definitely going to get my craft on and make these at some point.
{Source}  I just added a chalkboard to my house!  Excited to switch it up for the holidays.  I love this simple 4th of July shelf/chalkboard.
Uncommon 4th of july Burlap banner 1 2011
uncommon 4th of july burlap banner 2 2011
{Source}  I want to make this American Flag Burlap Banner for my front porch!  I don’t sew but my girls do (thank you sewing summer camps!) so this is a fun project I want to do with them before next year.
{Source}  Having people over and not a lot of time to decorate?  You can’t get an easier more festive centerpiece than this!
{Source} Another simple and stunning centerpiece.  That’s just blue food coloring in the water!

Because my kids are going to be staying up past their bedtime each 4th of July for fireworks I always like to give them a little down time during the day.  I try to get them to nap but of course they are excited and that never happens.  So I decided I’m going to be prepared this year with a few fun 4th of July quiet activities!  Check the original source to print these out!
{Source}  Fun 4th of July crossword!
{Source}  Cute activity sheets for younger kids.  I’m printing a few of these out for Kole.
{Source}  How adorable is this scavenger hunt?  So fun if you’re having an outdoor BBQ or picnic.

I was going through some old 4th of July family pictures and I can’t believe how fast my kids are growing up.
El about 7 years ago.  This is another fun treat I make most years.  Simple cheesecake out of a box!  Dressed up with blueberries and strawberries.  It’s a family favorite.
El a few years later on the 4th with Kole.  (Tear!)
e and k
And El on the 4th last year with her dad.  Pre-teen!  I can’t believe it.
That baby in the car seat is now my little stud on the left in this picture from the 4th last year.  This picture of him and his cousin is one of my favorites!
And I can’t forget my curly headed little firecracker.  :)  Addison about 6 years ago.
And Addison a few days ago.  Time is flying and I want to cherish every single 4th of July with these three kids who are getting too big too fast for their mom!  I just bought this fun 4th of July tank top for my girls from Justice.  It’s getting harder and harder to find clothes my girls love that I approve of so when they fell in love with these tanks I was thrilled!  Because I love them too.  :)
And no.  She hasn’t lost her curls!  I promised her we could straighten her hair when we got to Utah (at my mom’s now!).  The dry air with no San Diego humidity makes the two of us very happy.  Good straight hair days are guaranteed.  :)
me, dad and K
My hair never goes this straight in San Diego!  This was taken on Father’s Day.  My two favorite dads.  Lucky me.  :)  I’ll probably wear this outfit again on the 4th because it’s the most patriotic thing I have!  I need to find a red necklace or something.  I have to admit I LIVE in Gap skirts every summer.  They are comfortable and lightweight so every year I buy a few more to add to my collection.  The one I have on is knee length (from last year but this one is similar).  I also love this similar maxi skirt that is full length.
One more of my girls with one of my mom’s cute friends!  We are having so much fun but it is so HOT in southern Utah right now!  Trying to adjust but San Diego weather has spoiled us.  Thank goodness for swimming pools and air conditioning!
{Source} One last fun 4th idea I want to try!  Isn’t this adorable!?  Hoping my girls aren’t too old to let me experiment with their hair.  But knowing me, that star will end up looking like a blob so maybe I better not.  Ha!
Well!  I rambled on enough for now, didn’t I!?  Happy 4th of July planning everyone!

Living room update and a new favorite shop!

First of all, I can’t thank you all enough for solving my plant/stool dilemma!  Industrial won hands down!  YEA!  Love it when you all agree and there is an obvious winner.  My fiddle leaf fig thanks you too.  DMD (decision making disorder) is cured!  For today anyway.  :)

Quick update on my formal living room progress!  Houston we have a couch!
It’s Pottery Barn’s Chesterfield Upholstered Sofa and I couldn’t be happier with it in this space.  Yes it’s white and yes I have children.  But I chose Pottery Barn’s new Perennial Performance fabric.  Totally kid proof!  You can wipe just about anything off of this couch.  YEA.  I love it so much!
We also have a mirror!  From Restoration Hardware.  Fell hard for it just like I did the coffee table.
It comes in two sizes and the smaller size fit perfectly inside my mantel molding.  Love it when that happens.
It’s so much fun seeing furniture in this space!  Lots of neutral going on (I love a neutral foundation!) but that won’t be the case for long.  My girls are the only ones less than thrilled with the new look.  They lost their ice skating/dance party/gymnastic arena.  :)
I have to share my latest obsession with you all.  Have you heard of 25:40 LOVE?  It’s an on-line shop with so many fun homemade items!   Chalkboards, frames, barn wood signs, etc.  I discovered their site one day and fell in love with it!  I was checking out all of the fun things they sell and my jaw dropped when I saw the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on this sign above.  It’s one of my mom’s all time favorite quotes about the meaning of true success.  She had me and my brother and sister memorize it when we were kids!  I still repeat it in my head to this day.  I knew it would be a perfect birthday gift for my mom.  When it was delivered I set it in my living room and then my jaw dropped a second time because it looked so good in my space!  So I’m thinking I need to order another one for me.  For my mom’s sake you know.  After all, she did want me to always remember it.  :)
What I did order for me was this adorable trellis framed chalkboard.  Isn’t it so fun!?  Oh my word.  Love that grey and white rustic wood frame!
I originally bought it for my playroom.  This room needs to be decorated so badly!  I thought my new chalkboard trellis frame would be a good starting point.
But then I set it in my downstairs laundry room and I’m kind of loving it there!  Another space that desperately needs some decor!
The grey ties in so nicely with my tile floor!  Thinking I might hang it on a blank wall in this room.

So I have to tell you the other reason I adore 24:50 Love.  The darling couple who started it had the goal of funding the international adoption of their little girl for whom they are anxiously waiting for.  They now are serving other worthy causes as well.  If you purchase any item from they donate 15% of the purchase price to the charity or cause they are featuring.  I love that!  Shopping and giving back.  Two of my favorite things.  :)

Sweet Jessica from 24:50 Love is offering a discount for all of my readers!  When you check out, enter the code sunnysideup and you will receive 15% off of your purchase!  This offer expires Friday night at 11:59 CST so don’t wait!  They have so many beautiful things!  Check out their site.  I know you’ll love it!  I’m seriously tempted to buy half of their inventory. :)
Next time I show you this room there will be a splash of color!  Drapes and pillows are right around the corner.  And maybe a new sign or two.


Fiddle leaf fig – with some DMD on the side

fiddle leaf fig fail
Alright friends.  My DMD (decision making disorder) is kicking in.  You might remember last Fall I bought a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree for my family room.  But as much as I loved it, it just didn’t feel right in the space.
fiddle fig fail
It was too big and covered half of my bookshelf.  Made things look too cluttered. Plus I was pretty scared about attempting to keep something this big alive.  I mean.  Seriously.  I’ve killed every real plant I’ve ever bought.  Eventually they all die.  Under watering.  Over watering.  Just enough watering.  Doesn’t matter.  Somehow my plants all bite the dust.  That’s why I like real flowers.  They last a week and die because that’s what they do.  Not because of something I do.  :)  So sadly, I took my fiddle leaf fig back to the store.  I think he was happy about that decision.
Then last week I bought another one.  Much smaller.  More manageable.  He just sort of called my name as I was passing by.  But after living with him for a week I decided he might be too small for the corner and he needed a stool.
Like this one.  My stool shopping trip to Home Goods was a success!  I tried this wooden stool out and loved it.
Fiddle leaf was higher and just right.
But that wasn’t the only stool that caught my eye.  And I sort of love this one too.  More of an industrial vibe and a little taller.
From this angle of the room you can see the actual stool.
The wooden stool is shorter and more hidden from this view, but elevates the plant.
So I’m sort of leaning towards this one.. but can’t decide.  Opinions?

You know what’s funny?  When it’s something important.  A really big decision I have to make.  I can make it and move on.  It’s these little insignificant decisions that bring out my DMD and stop me in my tracks.  Do I want a red popsicle or an orange one?  Should I wear the black dress or the navy?  Do I like the industrial stool or the wooden stool?  I’ll ask my husband to choose between two pictures every other night for a post I’m working on and they look almost identical.  But I JUST CAN’T PICK ONE.  He always answers “that one” and doesn’t even look up from the TV.

What would I do without him?

Anyway.  This decision doesn’t really matter since my new plant most likely won’t last longer than a month, but humor me.  It makes me feel better about myself if I pretend my new fiddle leaf fig and stool are here for the long haul.

It also makes me feel better to have all of you say “that one.”

Whether you’re looking up from your TV or not.


Friday Favorites (for summer!)

kids summer fun list
Summer time!  What a great week we had with NO school.  We haven’t made our summer to-do list yet this year but it’s pretty much the same as last year’s list so we may just cheat and use it again.  No rules for us this summer.  :)
loreal tanning lotion
Sharing some of all time summer favorites!  A few of these I’ve shared before like this Loreal Bronze tanner.  Definitely time to start using this on my legs every few days!  I’ve tried lots of tanning lotion and this is by far my favorite.  It goes on really evenly and doesn’t have much of a smell.
havaianas flip flops
Havaiana’s!  These slim flip flops are another favorite and I love buying a new pair every summer.  They are really comfortable and inexpensive.  Perfect for pool days or the beach!  Nordstrom always has several cute pairs and right now a lot of them are on sale.  Yea.
tommy dress
Speaking of shoes, I’ve had these Michael Kors wedges for several years and love them so much!  You can dress them up or down and they go with everything.  I seriously live in them.  Especially in the summer.



I just found this similar pair at Nordstroms for 35% off!  Thinking I need to update mine because they are starting to look like I’ve lived in them for several years.
I’m horrible at taking selfies (ask my friends.. we have some real winners!) plus I always feel like a dork when I attempt them, so you won’t see me posting many on the blog, but I took one for the team and snapped this a few days ago to show you my all time favorite sunglasses.  I bought these Kate Spade Aviators last year and haven’t taken them off since!  I love them so much.  They fit great and are a fun look for summer.  Or for fall, winter and spring when you live in San Diego.
I’ve shared these faux flowers I bought at Pottery Barn.  They make me so happy.
I was using real flowers on this table and it just got too hard to keep replacing them.  Pottery Barn flowers cost a bit more than what you’d pay in a craft store, etc. but I think they are worth it because they look so real.  I’m loving these faux white Bougainvillea branches!  Might need to find a place for them soon.  Btw I have been getting a lot of questions lately about my frames on this console table.  They are the Antique Silver Frames from West Elm.  Not a summer favorite, but a year found favorite for sure.  :)
A few months ago I bought this gorgeous Classic Drink Dispenser (also from PB) and it has been so much fun for entertaining!
I wish I had a good picture to share, but I just have this from my friend’s baby shower I recently hosted.  Horrible lighting and the ice was melted, but you can see I bought the large dispenser and then the turquoise rhodes dispenser stand (the stand comes in multiple colors).  I just fill it with ice, water and lemon slices whenever we have people over and I look like I know exactly what I’m doing in the kitchen.  ;)
We use our plastic veggie tray year round, but especially in the summer!  I love filling it with with healthy snacks for me and the kids so we aren’t grazing on junk all day.  Now we only graze on junk part of the day.  ;)  I get lots of questions about where I bought it.  I found it at my local grocery store years ago.  Random I know!  But I just found these fun colorful plastic trays on Amazon that are similar.  A set of six for only $12!  Great for parties or entertaining kids all summer.
Other items that are becoming fast favorites of mine from Pottery Barn are my Vintage wood Pizza Cutter and Cheese Board.  (I couldn’t find the long cheese board on-line but linked to a similar one.  And no I’m not working for Pottery Barn, but clearly I should be!  ;)  Love that place.)  Not only do these wood boards look great for kitchen decor, but they are also fun for entertaining.
outdoor entertaining
I just toss some cheese and crackers or other snacks on them.  When you have a cheese board out it officially becomes a party.
And last but not least!  Seeing my kids’ swimsuits hanging from their laundry room drying rack.

My #1 summer favorite hands down.


Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Girls’ bathroom decor

Hello friends!  Sorry about the crickets chirping on the blog last week!  Things were a bit crazy around here finishing up the school year but I’m happy to report we made it!  Today was our first official day of summer and it was WONDERFUL.  We slept in until 7:45, didn’t get out of pajamas until around 11:00, played at the park, swam in the pool, take out for dinner.  I loved every minute of it.  I am being really selfish this week and keeping my kids all to myself.  No playdates or get togethers.  We love them, but there is plenty of time for that and more than anything I have been craving some time with just me and my three kiddos.  We have a lot of fun together when we don’t have to be anywhere doing anything other than what we want.  Imagine that.  :)
Anyway!  Lots of time for future summer ramblings!  This post is supposed to be about a touch of decor I added to my girls’ bathroom so I guess it’s time I steer back on track.  So here you have it.  A touch of decor I added to my girls’ bathroom.  See.  I can stick to the point.  :)

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