Back on track

Thanks so much for sharing in our Annie happiness everyone!  I had such a good day reading all of your sweet  comments.  I had such a good week actually.  It felt wonderful being back in our routine.  I printed the girls’ chore charts to help get them back on track and scrubbed our house from top to bottom to help me get back on track.
couch-corner coral-roses
Order and a clean house is always my best medicine!  You guys – I have SO much to post.  I had a full month of things scheduled to share that got shoved to the side with the play craziness.  So I will definitely be making up for my recent lull in blogging!  Thanks for hanging around despite my not so reliable posting schedule.  You are all the best.  :)  I was going to dive into an organizing post tonight but then remembered I had to watch the series finale of Parenthood!  Did you all watch it?  Such a great show.  I was about to prepare for it earlier today by tearing up because I knew that’s what would be coming.  Good grief I’ve teared up enough lately to last a lifetime!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who cried during that show.  It will make me feel better.  I’ve decided that red/puffy eyes are the new look for 2015.

Are you all excited for the Superbowl?  We are cheering on the Seahawks although when the Chargers aren’t involved we aren’t too invested one way or another.  I might even get festive and make the same treats I did last year.  They were such a hit!
My kids devoured this cheese and cracker football platter before the game even started.
And my 6 layer refried bean dip didn’t make it to half time.  So easy and always a crowd pleaser.  Go Hawks!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!  My fingers are crossed we will get a little rain.

Someone at our house is anxiously waiting and ready.



Hello everyone! I’m back. Fell off the social media planet for a bit.  We have had quite a month!  I know most of you come here for organizing/home decor, etc. so I’m giving you a pre warning that today’s ramblings are more of a personal/family post.  I need this recorded in my blog books!  I don’t have time to keep up two separate blogs, so until I do, you all know that once in a while the family stuff gets sprinkled in-between.  :)  Plus this is pretty much all we’ve been doing for the past three months and it has just been too much fun not to share!  Two more pre warnings: #1 – this will be a long post (a lot I want recorded!) and #2 – I’m going to be shamelessly bragging about my girls.  I know – so annoying that I’m about to be one of THOSE moms.  But I can’t help it.  I’m just so proud of them I could burst.  :)  Regular organizing and decorating posts are right around the corner!

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Over 20 ways to organize your home and life!


How is the organizing coming along everyone?  Did you all make a year plan?  I’m seriously so excited about my plan (you can see it all here!).  It feels so good to know that everything I want to get done this year will eventually get done.  I’m just tackling my house in small bite sized manageable pieces.  :)  The month is quickly flying by and I’m almost finished with my January spaces (attic/extra room/play room).  Hoping to take pictures and share them soon!  I thought I’d pull up some of my past organizing projects to give us all some motivation.  I know I can use some right about now!  Some of these pictures are from spaces in our previous house and some are from the new house. Hopefully you will find something in this round-up that will help you with the spaces you are currently working on.  (Click each link for the full post!)
Organizing shoes/coats/backpacks in our previous house.  My makeshift mudroom.  :)
Organized mudroom in the new house.
Tips for getting your inbox under control.
Organized wrapping supplies.
Tips on keeping your purse organized.  (Yikes!  I just cleaned mine out today and it was a mess.  Clearly I need to follow my own advice.)  :)
Inside the purse organization.  
Similar solution for organizing your recipes.
 Pantry organization in my previous house.  This is still my top “pinned” post!  (btw – many of you have requested pics of my new pantry..  they are coming at some point!  The new pantry is currently having a label identity crisis – ha! ;) – so as soon as I get that straightened out I’ll share it with all of you.
Organized bathroom drawers.  I’m so anxious to tackle my drawers/cupboards in my new bathroom!  They need a serious deep cleaning.
Our organized craft cupboard in our previous house.  (One of my favorite organized spaces!)
And organized craft supplies now in the new house.  Same system.  If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.  :)
 Organizing kids’ outfits for school.  Makes mornings so much easier!
organized-school-outfits organized-childrens-closet
How my girls are currently organizing their school outfits each week.
Short on space?  You can fit quite a bit in a small closet if it’s organized well.  This is a closet in my previous house that I organized to hold both toys and clothes.  
Tips for organizing kids’ school work.
Time Management Binder – stay on top of your to-do’s!
Organized medicine/spice cupboard.
 Organized Linen Closet.
Did you see my mom’s laundry room overhaul from this past summer?  Quite possibly my favorite organizing project to date!  Took me three days.  And nights.  And you need to see the “befores” to fully appreciate it.  Here are a few more pics from that project…
organized-cleaning-supplies organized-laundry-room-drawers
Lots of organized eye candy in that post!  Full post on my mom’s laundry room makeover here.
Organized art caddy.
And organized art/school supplies again.  :)
Organized camera equipment.
Organized junk drawer.
Organizing pictures on your computer.

Whew!  I don’t know if this post was motivating or just exhausting!?  :)  That’s a lot of organization.  Remember if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be organized in your home this year, you don’t have to tackle everything at once!  Make a year plan and just take it one space at a time.  Baby steps to an organized home!  We can do it!  Who’s with me!?  (cue the Rocky music playing in the background…)


2015 planner/handprint calendar

Happy Monday everyone!  We’ve had such a fun and busy week with our kids.  Lots of good stuff going on around here that I’ll share at some point!  But first I wanted to tell you all about my new planner for 2015!  You guys – I’ve finally gone digital.  I have tried countless times to use my iPhone for a planner/calendar and just couldn’t do it.  I love paper so much!  But my husband and I were spending so much time e-mailing each other back and forth all day about things to add to our calendars… cancel this and add that and we can’t make it to this and call and change that appointment…  Then we added a few new activities for the kids to our schedule and had so much going on that we quickly realized we needed a new system.  So we did a little research and discovered the app COZI.  Have you heard of it?  It’s a family organizer and we are in love!  It’s so user friendly and I love the way it lays out your day, week and month.  Kenny has my calendar synced up with his work calendar so we can both add things and notify each other.  Perfect for families with older kids too – the whole family can use it.  I could write about all I love about Cozi for an hour but you can check it out for yourself here.  So many neat features.  I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to a paper planner and for me that’s saying a lot!  (Not advertising for them btw – just love this app and wanted to share it with all of my fellow planners.)  :)
I still use my Time Management Binder (full post here) to organize everything else going on.  This binder has always worked so well for me.  There are places in Cozi to write out to-do and grocery lists, etc. but I still prefer to do that on paper.  I’ll always love making a list and checking things off.  :)

K now I have to show you this adorable handprint calendar Kole made for us in pre-school!  This would be such a cute idea for a Mother’s day or Father’s day gift.  Or for grandparents at Christmas/birthdays.  Each month has a picture with his handprints in it…

Is that not the cutest thing!?  Such a keepsake.

It’s hanging in my pantry and out of all of the calendars I’ve used over the years, this one takes the cake.


Happy Planning everyone!

Displaying and Saving Christmas Cards

Ok.  I have to start this post by saying that I was so touched by your sincere comments after my 2015 goals/word post!  Honestly some of them made me tear up.  So kind of you all.  I have an e-mail folder full of blog comments and e-mails I’ve saved over the years that have meant a lot to me.  I call it my “rainy day folder” and I turn to it whenever I’m having a bad/hard day for a little pick me up.  :)  Most of the comments on my last post are now in that folder.  Thank you!  Truly.  Your love and support mean the world to me.
butler's-pantry-christmas-cards Talking Christmas cards today!  Do you still have yours up?  I might be a little crazy, but I usually keep my cards on display until after January (sometimes through February!).  They make me so happy and I’m never ready to part with them right after Christmas.  Here are a few pics of how I displayed them this year.  I had grand plans of displaying them in a fun way on a blank wall near my office and then just ran out of time to put it together (maybe next year..).  Instead my kitchen pantry door frame became the landing spot!  I used painters tape to hold the cards up and they’ve all stayed in place.  YEA.

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